[DNS] domain name news - 10 March

[DNS] domain name news - 10 March

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Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 15:49:07 -0800 (PST)
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Popular New Zealand Domain Expert Elected As ccNSO Councillor

Singing lebrechuan starts fight - typical bloody Irish

Australia's .au Internet domain celebrates 2 million registrations

Two Million .AU Domain Names Registered

What happened in Brussels? A wreck by Milton Mueller

Governments, ICANN Still Deep In Negotiations Over New Internet Domains

Governments press ICANN over new domain rules

Porn Stars To Rally Against .XXX At ICANN San Francisco

Could the UK Government shut down the web?

au: ASIO sets up unit for cyber espionage

au: New cyber espionage unit revealed

Facebook says it will replace websites

Facebook Wants Companies To Ditch Websites And Domain Names

AusRegistry International to support internet expansion in Oman

International Internet Governance: A Field Guide to 2011 by Gregory Francis
If an important debate of our age is going on right now but you don't know where, no one can blame you. Part of the intrigue surrounding discussion of how the Internet will be governed is deliberate; the current process and forums were conceived by parties who want to make sure that if their agenda fails in one place that they can claw back ground in another. Part of that plan is the byzantine "commitology" of the UN system, which is now frighteningly relevant to the broadband industry and civil society. What follows is an effort to make this clear what, where, when, and how it all will happen in 2011.

Letter from Peter Dengate Thrush to Heather Dryden
Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) Report Recommendations

Apply Now to Join the ICANN Board, the Councils of GNSO and ccNSO, and the ALAC
This is an update on the progress of the 2011 ICANN Nominating Committee. ICANN's Nominating Committee (NomCom) began its work in December 2010 following the ICANN Annual Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia.

ICANN Signs Accountability Framework with ccTLD Manager for Luxemburg (.LU)
ICANN has announced today that it has signed an Exchange of Letters with the ccTLD manager for .LU (Luxemburg), Fondation RESTENA, on 22 February 2011.

Popular New Zealand Domain Expert Elected As ccNSO Councillor
One of New Zealand's most well-known people on the international domain name circuit, Keith Davidson, has added another string to his bow by his appointment to a key position within ICANN, being elected unopposed as a Councillor on ICANN's ccNSO Council (the Country Code Names Supporting Organisation). Davidson's new role is as one of the three people representing the ccTLDs in the Asia Pacific region.

Kiwi appointed to Icann, the organisation that controls the internet. Kinda
Keith Davidson has been appointed to a key position in Icann ... under a US Commerce Department contract, to ensure they are unique.

Keith Davidson takes new role at ICANN
Former InternetNZ president Keith Davidson has been appointed as a councillor on the ICANN ccNSO Council.

ICANN Really Needs A Clue
I am normally not a vocal critic of ICANN. Like any organisation it has its issues, but this latest thing regarding an event at ICANN's upcoming meeting in San Francisco has really annoyed me.

Singing lebrechuan starts fight - typical bloody Irish
Everyone loves St Patrick's Day. A terrific excuse to drink lots of Guinness (or dye your lager green if you don't like Guinness), get trashed, wear green clothing and stupid hats, and talk up vague connections with the homeland.

ICANN Party Hosts Feature Old Stereotypes
Plans to host a party at the ICANN meeting in San Francisco with an Irish themed night has been treated with derision by popular domain name identity and regular ICANN meeting attendee Michele Neylon, owner of Blackknight Solutions.

ICANN hires weight-loss guru as vice president
ICANN has quietly hired a new vice president with a very peculiar r?sum?. Elad Levinson, a psychotherapist with a distinctly Buddhist bent who has previously specialized in weight loss, joined the organization in early January as Vice President for Organization Effectiveness.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Australia's .au Internet domain celebrates 2 million registrations
Australia's Internet community celebrated a significant milestone last night with the registration of the two millionth .au domain name.

Two Million .AU Domain Names Registered
In the last 24 hours, the Australian ccTLD passed the two million base registrations landmark, the registry announced overnight Australian time.

Aussies lap up the web addresses
AUSTRALIA has notched up its two millionth home-grown internet address. The significant milestone was expected to have passed overnight with the registration of the latest .au domain name.

Web names hit 2 million
WHEN Lloyd Borrett set up a website in the mid-1990s for a local computer company, he had to move overseas to find a suitable domain name - well before it was fashionable to do so.

There's 2 million .au websites out there
The two millionth website with an Australian domain extension was registered last night, in what is being hailed as a milestone for Australia's online presence.

Aussie .au domain registrations hits 2 million
Australian registrations of the .au second level country domain has hit the 2 million mark, putting it into the top 10 worldwide country codes worldwide. Despite a preponderance for businesses worldwide to go for TLDs, Australia has remained one of the countries where businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations have largely opted to retain the local flavour that the .au domain imparts.

Australia registers 2 millionth domain name [AAP]
The internet community has celebrated a significant milestone with the registration of the 2 millionth Australian domain name.

Australian domain hits 2m registrations [sub req'd]
Australia?s ?.au? internet domain hit 2 million registrations last night, cementing its place as one of the 10 largest country codes in the world.

Australia cracks the two million .au domain name mark
The digital economy received a boost this week with domain regulator, The Australian Domain Administration (auDA), marking the two millionth .au domain name registration.

2 million Australian domain names (and counting)
Last night the two millionth .au domain name was registered. According to domain wholesaler AusRegistry, .au is one of the top 10 most popular country domain suffixes in the world.

Two million .au domain names registered and growing strong
Domain name regulator, .au Domain Administration (auDA), has announced the two millionth .au domain name registration.

Australia registers two millionth domain name as prices for established sites take off
The number of domain names registered as a .com.au URL has now reached two million, and the market is heating up, with nearly 25% of those having been sold within the last 12 months.

Why two million .au domain names might not be such a good thing
The existence of two million .au domain names for the first time is being heralded as an achievement. It's certainly a milestone, but I think that Australia - apart from the domain name industry - would be better off with a smaller number.

Australia reaches 2 millionth domain name
The internet community has celebrated a significant milestone with the registration of the two millionth Australian domain name.

Accuracy key in domain names
The number of registrations on Australia?s country code domain has hit two million, with internet entrepreneur Fred Schebesta urging start-ups to register multiple domain names as competition grows.

.AU Passes the 2 Million Domain Mark
auDA, the Australian Domain Name Administrator, announced today that the registry had passed the 2 million registration mark last night.

More Than 2 Million .au Domain Names Have Been Registered
A brief note to mark a historic moment: late yesterday, the 2 millionth .au domain name was registered.

.Au Hits 2 Million As Rogue Sites Continue To Invade
The 2 millionth Aussie website has just been registered. The milestone follows strong growth in registrations over the past 10 years and places .au in the top 10 largest country codes in the world, says AusRegistry, the registers operator for designated second level domains.

Australian Registrar Breaches auDA Code of Practice
An Australian registrar has been found to have breached the .au Domain Name Suppliers? Code of Practice (2004-04).

.au websites reach the two million mark
It has been announced recently that the number of .au website registrations has now reached the two million mark, which goes to reflect Australia?s growing online presence.

Australian domain name registrations hit 2 million 
Around two million .au Australian domain names have now been registered, according to new research.


.eu Q4 2010 progress report available
EURid, the .eu TLD registry, issued today its quarterly progress report for Q4 2010, revealing 6% annual growth in .eu web address registrations for 2010 compared with 5% annual growth in 2009.

.eu Terms and Conditions and Registration Policy updated
Updated versions of the .eu Terms and Conditions and Registration Policy documents will come into effect on 7 April 2011.

40% of UK Websites Get No Visitors
A survey has today revealed how cyberspace can be a lonely place for 40% of UK businesses ? who get absolutely no visitors to their websites.

What happened in Brussels? A wreck by Milton Mueller
After 13 years of ICANN and the putative ?privatization? of DNS governance, we are still having fundamental debates about the role of territorial governments in ICANN. The significance of this debate goes well beyond the governance of domain names, and implicates governments? role in Internet governance more generally. The February 28-March 2 showdown between the ICANN Board and its not-so-advisory Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) in Brussels resolved very little, except to demonstrate that conflict over this issue is hardwired into the structure of ICANN. It is a big problem and it is going to continue. This article provides our take on what happened.

Governments, ICANN Still Deep In Negotiations Over New Internet Domains
In an arm-wrestling exercise, governments and the Board of ICANN last week tried to reach common ground on intellectual property rights protection and governments? ability to intervene with applications for new TLDs that they see as ?sensitive? or ?vulnerable? like .nazi, .gay or .bank.

Governments press ICANN over new domain rules
A rare rift has developed between national governments and the nonprofit organization that oversees Internet domain names, with neither side showing signs of backing down in a dispute that includes trademarks and free expression.

FSC Update From ICANN-GAC Meeting in Brussels by Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Diane Duke
Monday?s meeting between the ICANN Board of Directors and the GAC consisted primarily of a clarification of the items about which the GAC and the Board are at odds, as well as an agreement on the process to consider those items. Issues addressed at the opening day meeting involved ICANN?s proposed introduction of gTLDs, and included procedures for reviewing sensitive strings, market and economic impacts and protection of rights-owners.

Porn Stars To Rally Against .XXX At ICANN San Francisco
All adult industry professionals and supporters of the adult entertainment community are being encouraged to protest against the proposed .XXX sTLD at the ICANN meeting in San Francisco next week.

Adult industry planning .XXX domain boycott
The Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry lobbying group, is to protest at an ICANN meeting next week, where it will rally against the proposed plans to partition off adult websites on to a .XXX domain.

Pr0n stars to demo against .xxx
Porn stars are set to rally against the proposed .xxx TLD outside ICANN public meeting in San Francisco next week.

Governments Put Presssure on ICANN Over gTLDs
ICANN has listed 23 areas of continued disagreement over proposed rules for new gTLDs.

Will ICANN Lose Its Power Over The New gTLD Program?
According to several reports the GAC/ICANN meeting is Brussels went so poorly, ICANN?s entire existence may be in jeopardy.

New TLDs conference calls for speakers
The newdomains.org conference on new TLDs, scheduled for September 26 and 27 in Munich, has put out a call for speakers.

Start-up plans .bank and .secure TLDs
The first applicant for ?.bank? and ?.secure? TLDs has revealed itself. Domain Security Company, a start-up based in Wisconsin, is behind the proposals. It?s currently seeking funding for the applications, according to its web site.

Could the UK Government shut down the web?
A huge cyber attack or mass civil unrest would give Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt powers to shut down the web. But how is it even possible?

European agency warns of botnet dangers [IDG]
The battle against groups of hacked computers known as botnets is suffering from a lack of coordination, resulting in a cybercrime industry worth more than US$10 billion worldwide annually, according to a report from a European Union security agency.

Facing the cyber-zombies - EU Agency gets tough on Botnets [news release]
The EU?s ?cyber security? Agency, ENISA today published a comprehensive study on the botnet threat (networks of ordinary computers controlled by cybercriminals),and how to address it. The report looks at the reliability of botnet size estimates and makes recommendations for all groups involved in the fight against botnets. Alongside the main report the Agency sets out the top 10 key issues for policymakers in- ?Botnets:10 Tough Questions?

au: ASIO sets up unit for cyber espionage
The spy agency, ASIO, has set up a unit to deal with cyber attacks on security and business computer systems by foreign agencies and criminals.

au: New cyber espionage unit revealed
ASIO has created a unit to combat cyber spying, in the latest move by government to protect Australia's online networks.

Cyber attack on France targeted Paris G20 files
The French finance ministry has confirmed it came under a cyber attack in December that targeted files on the G20 summit held in Paris in February.

French gov't gives more details of hack: 150 PCs compromised [IDG]
The French National IT Systems Security Agency has released further details of the recent attack on French government computers, saying they were targeted by cyberspies.

France hit by cyberattack with G20 focus
The French finance ministry revealed today that it has been the victim of a major and sustained cyberattack.

France's G20 plans targeted in cyber attack minister
France's finance ministry was subject to a cyber attack in December targeting information related to its presidency of the Group of 20 nations, officials said on Monday.

'Spectacular' cyber attack hits French government [AFP]
The French finance ministry has shut down 10,000 computers after a "spectacular" cyber attack from hackers using internet addresses in China, officials and reports said.

Judge Favors Microsoft in Cybersquatting Lawsuit Against Amish Shah and Jay Styles Over Magic Bullet System
Instructing people to register a trademark-infringing domain name may be just as unlawful as registering a domain name that infringes someone?s trademark, according to a ruling by U.S. Federal Judge Ricardo Martinez.

Mistakenly Seized Sites Should Sue Government, Says Congresswoman
Rep. Zoe Lofgren stated that websites which were mistakenly seized by ICE and tarnished by child porn-related accusations should sue the government for defamation. She questioned the IP Czar about "due process," the First Amendment and even scoffed at "chicken poo" reports.

WIPO Launches New On-line Tool to Facilitate Brand Searches
A new on-line tool launched by WIPO on March 8, 2011, will make it easier to search over 640,000 records relating to internationally protected trademarks, appellations of origin and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems as well as the names, abbreviations and emblems of intergovernmental organizations. The Global Brand Database allows free of charge, simultaneous brand-related searches across multiple collections.

WIPO launches global brand database
The World Intellectual Property Organization has opened up a free, searchable web-based database of over 640,000 trademarks.

Facebook says it will replace websites
A day might be coming when the power of Facebook means that major companies no longer bother with their own websites.

Facebook Wants Companies To Ditch Websites And Domain Names
Could the day be coming when companies want to ditch their own websites, and domain names, and rely on social marketing pages to promote their products or services? That is what Facebook is hoping.

AusRegistry International to support internet expansion in Oman
AusRegistry International, a leading provider of Domain Name Registry Services, was today contracted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman to provide Domain Name Registry Software and supporting services for the establishment of a new Domain Name Registry System.

AusRegistry International Spreads Registry Wings To Include Oman
AusRegistry International has spread its registry wings wider, having been contracted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman to provide registry software and supporting services for the establishment of a new Domain Name Registry System in the Sultanate.

AusRegistry chalks up third Arabic domain win
AusRegistry International has announced it has been picked to provide the back-end registry for ????., the Arabic-script internationalized domain name for Oman.

Nearly 1,000 Charlie Sheen Domain Names Registered in a Week
Lots of new domain registrations seek to take advantage of Charlie Sheen?s news making ability.

Parents help kids mark digital footprint early with domain names, email accounts [Canadian Press]
It will likely be a few more years before her children will send out emails, instant messages and tweets, but Michelle Branco has already given them a head start in establishing their digital footprint.

Sedo Announces Expansion of SedoMLS
Intoducing .co, .it, and .nl into SedoMLS Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced the expansion of its SedoMLS beta program to include domains with the .co (Columbia), .it (Italy) or .nl (Netherlands) extensions. SedoMLS is Sedo's global instant-transfer domain sales network, which allows SedoPro members additional exposure for their names listed for sale.

Premium .TV Domain Auction Underway
SnapNames and Moniker have teamed up with Verisign to auction a number of premium .TV domain names in an auction that concludes on 23 March. 

New TV and social media trend among the youth - study
Young Britons have taken to a new television and social media trend which could have far-reaching consequences for the worlds of broadcasting and advertising, according to a new study.

Under 25?s swap remote controls for iPhones as ?Social TV? trend takes over
How young people watch television is rapidly changing according to a new study of UK mobile internet users below the age of 25.

Korean online game limits inch forward, but glacially
South Korean efforts to battle online game addiction among teenagers, a move set off by the death of a baby whose game-playing parents neglected to feed her, are advancing -- but at a glacial pace.

Facebook to start showing Warner Bros films
Warner Bros has announced it will stream some of its movies on Facebook. It's the first major Hollywood studio to work with the social networking giant in this way. Executives hope it will be a new way for the entertainment company to make money.

Facebook flicks in online race
Facebook, Amazon and Apple are preparing to compete fiercely with cable and internet TV services for a slice of Australia's fast-growing movies-on-demand online market.

Facebook adds Samaritans suicide risk alert system
Facebook is launching a system that allows users to report friends who they think may be contemplating suicide. The feature is being run in conjunction with Samaritans, which said several people had used it during a test phase.

Facebook links up with Samaritans on suicidal friends alert
A facility allowing members of Facebook to sound the alert about friends they believe may be suicidal has been launched as part of a collaboration between the social networking site and the Samaritans.

Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say US lawyers
When Facebook gets involved, relationships can quickly fall apart ? as Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi have discovered. But dictatorships are not the only ties being dissolved by social networking sites: now Facebook is increasingly being blamed for undermining American marriages.

Attention Facebook: Foursquare is still going places
We checked in today with Foursquare, which has rolled out a new version of its social networking service that lets people check in on their smart phones everywhere they go.

us: Michigan Town Split on Child Pornography Charges
People in this economically pressed town near Lake Michigan are divided into two camps: Those who think Evan Emory should pay hard for what he did, and those who think he should be let off easy.

Obamas Address Bullying In Facebook Video, Prepare For Conference On Prevention
In preparation for the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention, the president and first lady released a video urging Americans to participate in helping to end bullying in schools and communities nationwide.

au: Government to censor iTunes app store
Australians will soon be able to complain about mobile game apps they take offence to and get them removed from app stores such as Apple's iTunes if they're deemed "refused classification".

TV's Next Wave: Tuning In to You
Data-gathering firms and technology companies are aggressively matching people's TV-viewing behavior with other personal data?in some cases, prescription-drug records obtained from insurers?and using it to help advertisers buy ads targeted to shows watched by certain kinds of people.

Lime Wire and music publishers settle copyright case
The operator of LimeWire, a once-popular file-sharing service shut down last year for copyright infringement, has settled a lawsuit brought by music publishers.

Lime Wire settles copyright suit with publishers
Lime Wire has settled a copyright lawsuit brought against it by several music publishers.

Microsoft Is Said to Pay Nokia More Than $1 Billion in Accord
Microsoft Corp. will pay Nokia Oyj more than $1 billion to promote and develop Windows-based handsets as part of their smartphone software agreement, according to two people with knowledge of the terms.

Google takes heat over Android app security
A major software attack on mobile phones has put pressure on Google to do more to secure its online store for smartphone applications.

au: LTE pull is capacity, not speeds: Telstra
Key Telstra executives this morning emphasised that its newly announced Long Term Evolution (LTE) roll-out was about freeing up capacity on its flagship Next G network, rather than just boosting top-line speeds.

A WiFi wolf in Firesheep's clothing
Worms, hacks, viruses, zombies, spam -- there's always something to worry about in the personal computer arena, especially for the security-minded.

High-tech criminals outsmarting the law
Computer crime investigations are facing a major upheaval as the shift towards a new type of hard drive technology allows criminals to cover their tracks and outsmart digital forensic specialists, Australian researchers have found.

au: Online fraudsters score over $1b a year: report
Australians are still falling victim to online scammers who promise instant wealth but then steal hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars from their target.

Internet scam victims open to prosecution
The old adage "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" still rings true, according to a Federal Government report on internet scams which make up part of Australia's $8.5 billion fraud 'industry'.

Aussies still being caught out in scams [AAP]
Australians are continuing to fall victim to online scammers who promise instant wealth but then steal hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars from their target.

Facing the cyber-zombies - EU Agency gets tough on Botnets [news release]
The EU?s ?cyber security? Agency, ENISA today published a comprehensive study on the botnet threat (networks of ordinary computers controlled by cybercriminals),and how to address it. The report looks at the reliability of botnet size estimates and makes recommendations for all groups involved in the fight against botnets. Alongside the main report the Agency sets out the top 10 key issues for policymakers in- ?Botnets:10 Tough Questions?

Could the UK Government shut down the web?
A huge cyber attack or mass civil unrest would give Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt powers to shut down the web. But how is it even possible?

Paris court fines Google for copyright breaches [AFP]
A Paris court has found Google guilty of four counts of copyright breach, ordering the Internet search giant to pay out hundreds of thousands of euros, court records seen Tuesday showed.

Trade, civil liberties groups urge cybersecurity incentives [IDG]
The U.S. government should look to incentives as a way to encourage businesses to adopt better cybersecurity practices, instead of creating mandates, recommends a new paper from four trade groups and a civil liberties group.

French gov't gives more details of hack: 150 PCs compromised [IDG]
The French National IT Systems Security Agency has released further details of the recent attack on French government computers, saying they were targeted by cyberspies.

US lawsuit tests use of private e-mail for public business
A lawsuit filed against the mayor and city council of Austin will test whether public officials in Texas can use their private e-mail accounts to hide communication about government affairs from public scrutiny.

Plastic Surgeon Figures in Google Face-Off in Spain
In 1991, the Spanish newspaper El Pa?s published an article centered on a dispute between Madrid plastic surgeon Hugo Guidotti Russo and one of his patients over an allegedly botched breast surgery. The headline: "The Risk of Wanting to Be Slim."

New net rules set to make cookies crumble
How websites track visitors and tailor ads to their behaviour is about to undergo a big shake-up.

Governments 'not ready' for new European privacy law
European rules aimed at giving consumers more control over how their web browsing is tracked will not be enforced come May, experts have said.

eu: Government working on browser solution for new cookie law, says spokesman
The Government is working with browser manufacturers to create new settings that will help businesses comply with a controversial new EU law on cookies that is due to come into force in May.

uk: Why video may kill self-regulation of the press
Who regulates the internet? If you think the answer is "nobody", think again. There is a land grab going on and the web turf being fought over is audiovisual content.

UK ISPs to outline stance on net neutrality
BT, Sky and Virgin Media ? along with the rest of Britain's leading internet service providers ? will next week outline an industry-wide "code of practice" on how they explain controversial "two-speed internet" policies to customers.

Microsoft's lack of a tablet strategy will lose it $1bn in profits this year
The 'post-PC' world ? where smartphones and tablets become a more important way to interact ? means fewer PC sales. And it turns out you can calculate how much that will cost very directly


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