[DNS] domain name news - 24 March

[DNS] domain name news - 24 March

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Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 12:59:30 +1100
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ICANN Leaders Say Internet Community Will Support June Launch of New Generic Top Level Domains - CEO and Board Chair Wrap-up Historic San Francisco Meeting

Interest in .XXX Grows With Over 300,000 Pre-Registrations

.XXX Spells End For ICANN Says Australian Sex Party

'Serious' cyber attack on EU bodies before summit

CDT Warns Against Widespread Use of Domain-Name Tactics To Enforce Copyright

Avid Life Media, Inc. v. Melody Carstairs - Case No. DAU2011-0001

GM Holden Ltd v. Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

ICANN Leaders Say Internet Community Will Support June Launch of New Generic Top Level Domains - CEO and Board Chair Wrap-up Historic San Francisco Meeting
Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICANN, said a June 20 launch date for expansion the Internet?s gTLDs, beyond the familiar ones, such as .com, .net and .edu, will receive broad backing from the Internet community.

Community Comment Opportunity Extended on: Proposed "Process for Recognition of New GNSO Constituencies"
The ICANN Board is working to improve the process for evaluating new GNSO Constituency proposals by streamlining the procedures and according a larger role to community Stakeholder Groups. At the direction of the Board, ICANN Staff opened a 30-day public consultation forum, from 2 February through 4 March 2011.

ICANN and the GAC - Lessons Learned Since Cartagena by R. Shawn Gunnarson
Experience is the best teacher. In the interest of capturing lessons learned (and avoiding the repetition of hard experiences needlessly), it is worth highlighting what the interactions between the ICANN Board and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) since Cartagena have taught.

Bill Clinton Busts Hotel Workers? Boycott
You would think former President Bill Clinton would have more sense than to bust a boycott at the Westin St. Francis, one of the swankest hotels in San Francisco.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
OpenRegistry to operate the .SX country code Top Level Domain
At ICANN?s 40th meeting, OpenRegistry and SX Registry SA announce they have entered into an exclusive agreement with the government of the autonomous territory of Sint Maarten to manage and operate its .SX ccTLD.

Interest in .XXX Grows With Over 300,000 Pre-Registrations
With .XXX almost a certainty to come to life in the next few months, the registry must be happy with the interest in the new TLD. As of today there are almost 310,000 .XXX domains pre-registered despite opposition from the adult entertainment industry.

.XXX Spells End For ICANN Says Australian Sex Party
ICANN's approval of the .XXX sponsored TLD last Friday spells the beginning of the end for it and their system of apportioning domain names and numbers says the Australian Sex Party, a fledgling political party down under dealing with sexual, moral and censorship issues.

New .XXX Domain Represents Huge Censorship Push [news release]
The world has a new place to park porn on the world wide web. And according to the Australian Sex Party, the new .XXX domain which was approved by ICANN on Friday, spells the beginning of the end for that organisation and their system of apportioning domain names and numbers.

Brand owners brace for potential launch of a .xxx domain registry
The January 2011 issue of Mass Media Headlines addressed the likely release in late 2011 or 2012 of customized gTLDs such as .eco, .movie, .wine, .film, .radio, .brand and many more. Recent public comments by the Chair of ICANN suggest that the new gTLD application process may be delayed slightly, but most observers believe that ICANN is determined to open the application process prior to the end of 2011.

ICANN Aims For June Launch of New gTLDs
ICANN has announced they believe they will garner support from the internet community and be in a position to launch the new gTLDs on 20 June at the beginning of their 41st public meeting to be held in Singapore.

AfTLD seeks mandate to manage .africa
The African Top Level Domain Organization (AfTLD) has become the second organization seeking to manage the .africa domain, in a process that is likely to be lengthy.

Canon?s sexy reason for .canon?
Canon made headlines and gave a small amount of momentum to the idea of ?.brand? TLDs when it announced, a year ago, that it would apply to ICANN to manage .canon.

OpenRegistry.com announces its fully flexible and licensable new gTLD solution at ICANN 39
In a week that should be a milestone in the road towards new Internet extensions, OpenRegistry launched a complete Registry system at the 39th ICANN meeting. Created by a team with years of experience in the domain name market, this flexible solution offers an a la carte service to brand owners, communities, and registrars aiming to join the new TLDs era.

'Serious' cyber attack on EU bodies before summit
The EU has reported a "serious" cyber attack on the Commission and External Action Service on the eve of a summit in Brussels, a spokesman told the BBC.

EU victim of eve-of-summit cyber attack: official [AFP]
Cyber-attackers hacked into the European Commission on Wednesday, hours from a sensitive summit of EU leaders debating the military campaign in Libya, the euro debt crisis and nuclear safety, officials said.

DNSSEC Deployment Reaching Critical Mass by Ram Mohan
Less than nine months after the DNS root was signed, the rollout of DNSSEC across the Internet's TLD is approaching the tipping point. Thanks to the combined efforts of registries around the world, the new security protocol will soon be available to the majority of domain name registrants in almost a quarter of all TLDs.

GoDaddy: We're ready to secure .com names with DNSSEC
With more than 47 million domain names under management, GoDaddy has a huge DNS infrastructure that it has upgraded to support the emerging Internet security standard known as DNSSEC for DNS Security Extensions.

CDT Warns Against Widespread Use of Domain-Name Tactics To Enforce Copyright
A major current topic in the online copyright debate is what to do about "rogue websites" ? that is, websites that exist for the purpose of enabling illegal activity, especially copyright infringement and counterfeiting. One prominent idea lately is to have law enforcement authorities seize or block the domain names of such websites.

Cybersquatting Update: New Protections For Brand Owners
Brand owners have recently been given new weapons in the never-ending battle against cybersquatters. One court expanded the scope of brand owner enforcement by ordering what amounts to a self-policing mechanism. Another court refused to dismiss a "contributory cybersquatting" claim thus giving credence to a new cause of action. These decisions, described briefly below, reflect a new trend favoring brand owners and should be of great value in enforcement proceedings.

Avid Life Media, Inc. v. Melody Carstairs - Case No. DAU2011-0001
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Avid Life Media, Inc. (being the parent company or Cougar Life Inc.) of Ontario, Canada, represented by SafeNames Ltd., United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Respondent is Melody Carstairs of Victoria, Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name <cougarlife.com.au> (?the Domain Name?) is registered with TPP Domains Pty Ltd. dba TPP Internet (?the Registrar?). ... 7. Decision: For all the foregoing reasons, in accordance with paragraphs 4(i) of the Policy and 15 of the Rules, the Panel orders that the domain name <cougarlife.com.au> be transferred to the Complainant upon the Registrar (or Registry for .au, being the Australian Domain Name Administrator (AUDA)) being satisfied of the Complainant?s eligibility under any relevant eligibility criteria for .au domain names. If the Complainant?s eligibility be not so established, the Panel orders that the domain name <cougarlife.com.au> be transferred to Cougar Life Inc. upon the Registrar being satisfied of that company?s eligibility under any relevant .au eligibility criteria. If Cougar Life Inc.?s eligibility be not so established, the Panel orders that the domain name <cougarlife.com.au> be cancelled.

GM Holden Ltd v. Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
1. The Parties: The Complainant is GM Holden Ltd. of Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia represented by Piper Alderman, Australia. The Respondent is Publishing Australia Pty Ltd. of West Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia, represented by Cooper Mills Lawyers, Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name <holdendiscounts.com.au> is registered with IntaServe. ... C. Registered or Subsequently Used in Bad Faith: Given the conclusion above regarding the Complainant?s failure to establish that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the disputed domain name, it is not necessary for resolving the outcome of the Complaint to determine if the Respondent has registered or used the disputed domain name in bad faith.

ICA Legal Counsel Phil Corwin Joins Forces With Noted Domain Attorney Stevan Lieberman at Greenberg & Lieberman + AfternicDLS Announced Major Expansion 
Washington, D.C. based firm Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC where noted domain attorney Stevan Lieberman has a thriving practice. Corwin has joined G&L in an Of Counsel capacity.

No excuse for not having a website
If you've been procrastinating about setting up a website for your business you've now got no more excuses. Google has just launched a free service for small businesses that helps them set up a basic website in 15 minutes.

New York Times's Online Pay Model Was Years in the Making
At issue was the biggest strategic leap in a generation for the 159-year-old New York Times: would readers be willing to pay to read its journalism online? ... The risks were manifold. The company might jeopardize its huge online reach, and no one could predict what would happen to digital advertising, which had gone from being a drop in the bucket to more than a quarter of The New York Times Company?s overall advertising revenue.

YouTube sensation fuelling trade in an endangered species
They are the adorable, furry little creatures with the big round eyes who almost purr in delight as they are tickled into a stupor. They are also an endangered species whose stardom on YouTube is fuelling a trade built on cruelty and abuse.

Millions download latest Firefox browser
More than five million people have downloaded the latest version of Firefox since its release a day ago.

Facebook privacy chief defends cybersafety measures
Facebook's head of privacy has defended the company's record on removing underage users and ensuring young people do not access inappropriate material.

Social media and the law: what businesses should know
With more than 600 million Facebook users around the world, social media sites are fast becoming major communications platforms for businesses. But relatively few companies are aware of the legal ramifications of using social media. Before starting social media activities, like setting up a Facebook profile, businesses should consider a number of important legal aspects.

Facebook Removes 20,000 Underage Users Every Day
Facebook's privacy policy states that users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. Nevertheless, scores of underage users allegedly skirt the social network's rules by listing false ages.

Blocking Social Websites At Work Is A Losing Battle, Tech Consultant Says
Rather than blocking access to social media websites, organizations from businesses to federal agencies need to tap the value of social media, technology consultant Jesse Wilkins said Wednesday.

40% of Social Network Users Attacked by Malware
The newest battleground for malware attacks? Facebook and Twitter. And, according to the experts, it's one of the most productive for the attackers. Why? Well, people can't help but click social links.

au: Facebook leads attack on internet filter
FACEBOOK and three of Australia's largest web companies have criticised Labor's planned mandatory internet filter, saying it is not the answer to protecting Australians from the web's worst excesses. The comments - by security experts who are employed by Yahoo, ninemsn, Microsoft and the social networking pioneer Facebook - were delivered during a hearing of the joint select committee on cyber safety, formed to inquire into how best to protect Australian children online.

au: Filter encourages complacency: Microsoft [AAP]
Cyber safety will not be delivered by an internet filter alone, a series of high-profile internet companies have told a parliamentary committee.

Facebook, law, hinder child abuse probes
Australian Federal Police (AFP) high-tech collection and capability manager Grant Edwards told a joint select committee this morning that the mutual legal assistance treaty with the US is outdated and not designed to allow for a rapid response to online crime.

Mobile phones get better reception at school
MOBILE phones, the ubiquitous accompaniment of youth, have broken through the resistance of schools, gradually taking over the playground and preparing for a final assault on the classroom.

au: Six teenagers investigated over 'sexting' and webcam 'porn'
A dangerous "sexting" trend seems to be on the rise among minors after six teenagers were probed by police over explicit images sent over the web or mobile phones, police said.

au: Review of National Classification Scheme starts [news release]
The Gillard Government today launched a comprehensive review of the National Classification Scheme to be conducted by the Australian Law Reform Commission. Attorney-General Robert McClelland has referred the Scheme to the Australian Law Reform Commission and asked it to conduct widespread public consultation across the community and industry.

nz: Kiwi Product Immobilises Phone Monsters
A New Zealand couple goes global today with a product to monitor children's cellphones and prevent phone bullying, sexting and grooming.

us: Cyberbullying discussion part of teens? day at D.C. Superior Court?s Youth Law Fair
The courtroom at D.C. Superior Court was packed with teenagers, and they rose to their feet when Judge Anita Josey-Herring ? and her 19-year-old, robed stand-in ? came in to begin the mock ?cyberbullying? trial.

Study: LimeWire demise slows music piracy
In what will surely be music to the ears of the major record labels, research firm NPD Group says that illegal file sharing of songs via peer-to-peer services has dramatically dropped off since Lime Wire shut down.

uk: Filesharing curbs face high court delays
Government plans to curb illegal filesharing could be delayed for at least a year as its most contentious measures are battled out in the high court.

Piracy: are we being conned?
Is piracy really sending the entertainment industry broke or are the claimed hundreds of millions of dollars in annual losses and thousands of job cuts just a load of hogwash?

us: Judge orders Jobs to answer iTunes antitrust questions
A federal judge has ordered Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs to answer questions relating to an antitrust lawsuit that says the company's iTunes software maintained a monopoly in portable digital media players and music downloads.

Apple sues Amazon over 'Appstore' name
Apple is suing Amazon in a bid to stop the online retail giant from using the name Appstore. The California-based firm, which makes iPhones and iPads, claims that the name is deliberately similar to its own App Store.

Apple sues Amazon over 'Appstore' name, alleging trademark infringement
Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon accusing the Web retail giant of copyright infringement over the name "app store." The complaint, filed Friday, is over the name of Amazon's new store for mobile phone applications: It's called "Amazon Appstore."

Apple Sues Amazon.com Over APP STORE Trademark
Apple Inc has sued Amazon.com Inc in a bid to stop the online retailer from improperly using Apple's APP STORE trademark, according to a court filing.

UK risks trailing in high-speed mobile internet race, warns Ofcom chief
The UK risks being a laggard in the race to build high-speed mobile internet unless operators drop legal threats over Britain's digital infrastructure, the communications regulator has warned.

au: Mobile users ring up $150m online tab
Australians used their mobile phones to shop online for about $150 million worth of clothing, books, gifts, tickets and music last year, but many are worried about security, a survey shows.

Apple pulls 'gay cure' iPhone app
Apple appears to have pulled an iPhone and iPad app promising "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus" after coming under fire from gay rights activists.

Apple pulls 'gay cure' app from iTunes
A group that advocates "curing" gays of same-sex attractions said that its iPhone application had been yanked from Apple's online iTunes shop.

China mobile subscriber total rises to 863 mln in Feb
China Mobile, China's largest mobile carrier, said its total mobile subscribers in February rose to 594.9 million, including 24.5 million 3G subscribers.

au: Bush communities lobby for fibre optics
The government faces warnings that the National Broadband Network could perpetuate the digital divide by putting the most remote bush communities on slow satellite services.

us: Federal Judge Rejects Google?s Negotiated Deal to Digitize Books
Google?s ambition to create the world?s largest digital library and bookstore has run into the reality of a 300-year-old legal concept: copyright.

US judge writes unhappy ending for Google's online library plans
Google's controversial plans to create the world's biggest online library have been shelved by a US judge.

US judge rejects Google book deal
Google Inc.'s six-year struggle to bring all the world's books to the Internet suffered another big setback at the hands of a federal judge in Manhattan.

Google books agreement torpedoed by US court
An agreement between Google and publishers over the web firm's publication of books online has been blocked by a US court. The web giant has scanned millions of books and made them available online via its eBooks platform.

Judge slaps down Google's digital library settlement
A U.S. judge on Tuesday rejected a $125 million (76 million pounds) settlement between Google Inc and authors that would have let the company publish millions of books online to create the world's largest digital library.

'Serious' cyber attack on EU bodies before summit
The EU has reported a "serious" cyber attack on the Commission and External Action Service on the eve of a summit in Brussels, a spokesman told the BBC.

EU victim of eve-of-summit cyber attack: official [AFP]
Cyber-attackers hacked into the European Commission on Wednesday, hours from a sensitive summit of EU leaders debating the military campaign in Libya, the euro debt crisis and nuclear safety, officials said.

fr: France fines Google over Street View data blunder
Google has been hit with a fine by France's privacy watchdog CNIL over the personal data it mistakenly gathered when setting up Street View.

Google Faces French Fine for Breach of Privacy
Google?s privacy problems mounted Monday as French regulators fined the company for violating data protection laws and accused it of continuing to flout the rules even though it acknowledged mistakes in collecting data for an online mapping service.

French panel fines Google $142K for Street View collection of Wi-Fi data [IDG]
Google must pay a fine of ?100,000 ($142,000) for the unauthorized collection of information about the location of Wi-Fi hotspots in France by its Street View cars, France's National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL) has ordered.

France fines Google in Street View data case
France's data protection regulator has fined Google 100,000 euros for collecting private data from wireless networks when its camera-equipped cars gathered footage for its on-line map service Street View.

fr: Google hit with record $140k fine
Despite the Australian Federal Police decision to not pursue Google for collecting private information while compiling its panoramic Street View service, France's data privacy regulator said on Monday night that it had imposed a record fine of 100,000 euros ($141,022) on the search engine giant.

German court rules Google Street View is legal
Perhaps no Google product has spawned a better blend of quirkiness and scandal than Google Street View--cameras pranked with staged sword battles, naked men emerging from car trunks, unsavory snapshots of dead bodies, and the ire of multiple governments, primarily in Europe, who believe that it's an invasion of privacy.

Berlin court rules Street View doesn't invade privacy [IDG]
Google won a civil lawsuit in Germany lodged by a woman who contended its roving camera cars that shoot photographs for Street View violated her privacy.

us: Editorial: The Right to Sue Over Wiretapping
Federal authorities have always made it difficult to bring a legal challenge against the government?s warrantless wiretapping enterprise that was set up by the Bush administration in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Because the wiretaps were secret, no one could know for certain if they were being tapped, so the government urged judges to throw out lawsuits for lack of proof of real harm.

Sudan to unleash cyber jihadists
Sudan's ruling National Congress Party has warned that its "cyber jihadists" will "crush" internet-based dissent. It follows an increase in anti-government campaigns organised on Facebook and Twitter.

Google spends $1 million on censorship and throttling detection
Google has awarded $1 million to Georgia Tech researchers so that they can develop simple tools to detect Internet throttling, government censorship, and other "transparency" problems.

BBC World Service to sign funding deal with US state department
Low six-figure investment will aim to help combat censorship of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China

China Tightens Censorship of Electronic Communications
If anyone wonders whether the Chinese government has tightened its grip on electronic communications since protests began engulfing the Arab world, Shakespeare may prove instructive.

Google Objects to China's Acts
Weeks of government disruption of Google Inc.'s email service and of services used to circumvent Web censorship is fueling frustration among Internet users in China and raising concerns the curbs may be long-lasting.

Google Blames China for Gmail Problems
Google Inc. blamed Chinese government efforts for problems accessing its e-mail service from China, following reports from users in the country in recent weeks that authorities have stepped up Internet censorship efforts.

Google Accuses Chinese of Blocking Gmail Service
Google has accused the Chinese government of disrupting Gmail in the country, making it difficult in the last few weeks for users here to gain access to the company?s popular e-mail service.

China dismisses Google accusations on Gmail
China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it did not accept accusations from Google Inc that the Chinese government was making it difficult for Gmail users to use the service in the country.

au: Journo shield laws now cover bloggers and tweeters
Bloggers and tweeters will enjoy the same shield law protections as journalists under newly amended laws that passed through federal parliament today.

au: Google should be regulated: survey
Nearly two-thirds of Australians believe internet search engine Google should be subject to government regulation on issues such as personal privacy.

S'pore mulls copyright governing broadcast content
Singapore's move to abolish radio and TV license casts uncertainty on consumption of free-to-air broadcasts, with government agency saying it's reviewing potential impact on Copyright Act.

In Britain, Curbing Lawsuits Over Libel
Some tourists head to London to visit Big Ben or the Tate museum. For wealthy individuals or celebrities who feel that they can sue the news media under Britain?s libel laws, the Royal Courts of Justice have long been a popular stop.

Opinion: Teaching to the Text Message
I've been teaching college freshmen to write the five-paragraph essay and its bully of a cousin, the research paper, for years. But these forms invite font-size manipulation, plagiarism and clich?s. We need to set our sights not lower, but shorter.

S'pore unveils Web app to monitor arthritis
The government has developed its first Web-based application, which can be accessed via mobile browsers, to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis monitor their condition.

au: CSIRO pushes digital dividend in face of NBN spectrum buyout
CSIRO?s hopes of commercialising its Ngara fixed wireless broadband technology for use in the National Broadband Network (NBN) may be hampered by radio spectrum recently purchased by the network wholesaler, researchers have warned.

13 ISPs sign up to sell NZ fibre services
A total of 13 retail service providers have signalled their intention to provide services over the New Zealand Government's NZ$1.5 billion Ultra-Fast Broadband fibre network.

nz: Groups object to broadband legislation [NZPA]
Consumer groups are calling for changes to proposed telecommunications legislation, which they say will lead to higher broadband prices and less choice.

Consumer groups combine to call for Telco law changes in New Zealand
The Chief Executives of four consumer groups have today released a joint supplementary submission to Parliament?s Finance and Expenditure Committee, making a joint call for changes to the telecommunications legislation it is currently considering.

nz: Leaked Govt broadband plan comes in for criticism
Leaked documents show that New Zealand's new ultra-fast broadband network will come with a variety of options and moderate prices, with connections starting at an estimated $47 a month.

nz: ICT Minister confident Telco Amendment Bill will pass
Despite vocal opposition at the Finance and Expenditure select committee hearing last week on the Telecommunications Amendment Bill, ICT Minister Steven Joyce is confident it will pass into legislation.

Lobby groups push for changes to Telecomms Amendment Bill
InternetNZ, Federated Farmers and TUANZ have written to the chairman of Parliament?s Finance and Expenditure Committee, Craig Foss, proposing major changes to the Telecommunications Amendment Bill.

nz: Telco law could run up against WTO deal
Proposed telecommunications law would breach international trade agreements and could see New Zealand face action at the World Trade Organisation, says an industry lobby group.

Spectrum at the heart of AT&T?s bold move
Randall Stephenson, AT&T?s chief executive, has been casting around for a big acquisition since he took the top job at the US telecoms company in 2007.

AT&T, T-Mobile at Odds Over Spectrum Issue
While merger partners AT&T and T-Mobile have been talking up their supposed "synergies," they're actually lobbying against each other on a critical matter involving spectrum for first responders.

T-Mobile Sale May Close Tough Chapter for Deutsche Telekom
In agreeing to sell its T-Mobile USA unit to AT&T for $39 billion, Deutsche Telekom will finally shed a subsidiary that has caused the German telecommunications giant considerable difficulty.

uk: Ofcom to launch next-generation 4G consultations
The telecoms regulator is to launch consultations later on how best to sell off the rights to the next generation of mobile wireless networks.

Ofcom to sell off 4G licences [PA]
Telecommunications regulator Ofcom today announced plans to auction off licences for fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone services.

Ofcom cues up 4G mobile phone auction for 2012
The communications regulator Ofcom is planning its largest-ever auction of mobile phone spectrum in 2012 with the aim of enabling high-speed internet connectivity around the UK while also guaranteeing competition.

Ofcom prepares for 4G mobile auction [news release]
Ofcom has today announced plans for the largest ever single auction of additional spectrum for mobile services in the UK, equivalent to three quarters of the mobile spectrum in use today and 80% more than the 3G auction which took place in 2000.

nz: Teen sentenced over child porn
CONVICTED: Andrew Jack Sowman tries to hide his face with an umbrella after he was sentenced in the Blenheim District Court on charges relating to the possession and distribution of child sex abuse images.


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