[DNS] domain name news - 5 May

[DNS] domain name news - 5 May

From: David Goldstein <david§goldsteinreport.com>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 18:28:10 +1000
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Congress to ICANN: No You Can?t

Who is wagging who? Same dog, new tale by Adrian Kinderis

Intellectual Property Interests Line Up to Crucify ICANN in Congress

.at-report "economic value of the .at zone"

au: Piracy dispute panel proposed

Le premier .CITY d?Australie : .SYDNEY ou .MELBOURNE ?

China sets up office for Internet information management

.jobs takes ICANN to arbitration

Kenya Says It Will Block .XXX

Here Come the Osama bin Laden Domain Names

Monte Cahn Sues Oversee.net Over $13 Million Incentive Plan [Updated]

CIRA Report Finds Internet Infrastructure, Digital Literacy and Economic Development Key to Canada?s Future
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released a report on the findings from its national consultation on how the Internet is run. The report found that it was important for Canada to develop world class internet infrastructure and that the linkages between the development and deployment of the internet, along with economic development and digital literacy are major issues of public interest in Canada.

CIRA releases report on the future of the Internet in Canada
Today the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released a report on the findings from its national consultation on how the Internet is run.

Public Comment: Proposed ICANN Process for Handling Requests for Removal of Cross-Ownership Restrictions for Existing gTLDs
On 21 April 2011, the ICANN Board resolved that ICANN develop a process for existing gTLD registry operators to transition to the new form of Registry Agreement or to request an amendment to their Registry Agreement to remove the cross-ownership restrictions.

Public Comment: ICANN FY 12 Security, Stability & Resiliency Framework
ICANN has previously published two Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) Plans, in 2009 and 2010. ICANN is today releasing the Fiscal Year 2012 version for public comment in 5 UN languages. This represents a new format for the FY 12 SSR Framework, which is being published to provide for community input prior to the ICANN 41 meeting in Singapore and publication of the FY 12 ICANN Operating Plan and Budget.

Congress to ICANN: No You Can?t
An effort to dramatically expand the number of Internet suffixes beyond those already in use?such as .com, .net, and .org?met with bipartisan resistance on Wednesday in a House Judiciary subcommittee.

Who is wagging who? Same dog, new tale by Adrian Kinderis
Today, my company AusRegistry International signed an open letter to the United States House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet as a show of support for ICANN and its new TLD program. I?m disappointed by the nature of the oversight hearing the Subcommittee has called and I believe it will only be a distraction.

Senator Wyden Warns That Domain Seizures And COICA Undermine Internet Freedom
Senator Wyden continues to be one of the few politicians actually concerned about the impact of the government's expansive view towards seizing domain names and stifling speech online. His latest is to point out that Homeland Security's strategy with these domain seizures appears to be completely in conflict with the State Department's position on internet freedom, as laid out by Hillary Clinton.

Questionable Impact for US Senate Hearing on New gTLDs by Elisa Cooper
This morning, the US House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet led by Representative Goodlatte (R - VA) conducted a hearing on New gTLDs. Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President from ICANN did his best to alleviate concerns about the risks posed to intellectual property rights and consumers as the result of the New gTLD Program and reiterated that the process to launch new gTLDs has been underway for 7 years.

Domain industry blasts Congress TLD hearing
Executives from over a dozen domain name companies have slammed a US Congressional subcommittee for its plan to hold a one-sided hearing on new TLDs.

Intellectual Property Interests Line Up to Crucify ICANN in Congress
... Kurt Pritz from ICANN has been invited to testify. Arrayed against him are a parade of intellectual property interests, some reasonable, some pur et dur lobbyists for complete corporate hegemony over all aspects of the Internet. Not invited are any existing registries, any potential candidates, anyone representing free-speech concerns or civil society. Except for Kurt, it?s all intellectual property interests, all the time.

Putting the Horse Before the Cart by Josh Bourne, CADNA
Since ICANN set an updated timeline for the new gTLD program at the close of the public meeting in San Francisco, many in the Internet community have been caught up in the fervor of preparing for the imminent introduction of potentially hundreds of new domain name extensions.

Cute infographic shows contents of the root
This ICANN infographic is a nice way to easily visualize all of the currently live and approved TLDs on the internet.

Open letter to US House Subcommittee for Oversight Hearing on gTLDs by Krista Papac
This is an open letter to the United States House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property and the Internet regarding the Oversight Hearing on new TLDs to be held on Wednesday 4 May. The intention of the open letter is to highlight the imbalance of intellectual property interests on the panel and to ensure the Subcommittee is presented with some balanced facts and benefits of the new TLD program.

Rules for registry-registrar mergers proposed
ICANN has revealed how it intends to enable incumbent domain name registries to also become registrars, ending a decade of cross-ownership restrictions.

Congress to hear from new TLD opponents
ICANN senior vice president Kurt Pritz is set to face a grilling at a Congressional hearing into new TLDs on Wednesday, judging from the just-published witness list.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.at-report "economic value of the .at zone"
The TLD .at makes a significant contribution to the Austrian economy - this is a clear conlcusion of nic.at's economic impact study conducted in 2010. Key findings from the survey include facts about the added value of .at domains, their effect on the labour market and the link between domain density and the gross regional product in Austria.

au: Piracy dispute panel proposed
A prominent intellectual property law firm has moved to establish an extrajudicial scheme to resolve piracy disputes between internet firms and copyright holders. ... Law firm Maddocks is promoting a scheme to internet service providers and content owners modelled on the trademark and domain name dispute resolution system used by .au country code regulator, auDA.

Le premier .CITY d?Australie : .SYDNEY ou .MELBOURNE ?
? l?instar de nombreuses villes dans le monde, Sydney et Melbourne envisagent de cr?er leur propre extension Internet. Mais les cit?s australiennes aspirent toutes deux ? devenir la premi?re ville d?Australie sur la toile et se livrent une v?ritable bataille.

nic.at and SBR win Bahrain domain name registry bid
>From fall 2011 the Bahrain domain name extension .bh will be operated using the same technology that powers the Austrian domain registry. nic.at and SBR Juconomy Consulting AG prevailed in the international bidding process despite stiff competition from all over the world.

bw/zm/gy: Three More Countries Select CoCCA?s Registry System
The CoCCA Registry System has been selected by the Zambia Information Communications Technology Authority (?ZICTA?) and the Botswana Telecommunications Authority (?BTA?) to manage the .ZM and .BW TLDs. Meaning one in five sovereign states now use CoCCA?s Registry System.

CoCCA Registry System Now Used By One in Seven ccTLDs
The Council of Country Code Administrators (CoCCA) is rapidly picking up new clients with the announcement that .ZM (Zambia) and .BW (Botswana) have selected the CoCCA registry system for managing their ccTLDs. With the addition of the two ccTLDs and .GY (Guyana) recently completing a migration to the CoCCA NOC, meaning that close to one in seven ccTLDs now use CoCCA registry services.

China sets up office for Internet information management
The Chinese government announced Wednesday the setting up of an office to manage Internet information in a statement of the State Council General Office. ... It will oversee telecom service providers in their efforts to improve the management of registration of domain names, distribution of IP addresses, registration of websites and Internet access.

China names chief officials for State Internet Information Office
The State Council, or China's cabinet, has approved the appointment of four senior officials for the State Internet Information Office.

China sets up office for Internet information management [IANS]
The Chinese government announced Wednesday the setting up of a department to manage Internet information. ... It will oversee telecom service providers in their efforts to improve the management of registration of domain names, distribution of IP addresses, registration of websites and Internet access.

Estonian domains to get umlaut letters in June
Starting June 13, the .ee Estonian national domain will get to use umlaut letters ?, ?, ?, ?, ? and ?, thanks to which the whole Estonian vocabulary will thus be covered

Registration of domain names containing letters with diacritical marks
The Estonian Internet Foundation in cooperation with the Association of the Estonian Patent Attorneys have introduced a period for reservation of .ee domain names containing letters with diacritical marks before commencement of general registration of such domain names on June 13 2011.

IEDR launches OPTIMISE ?100,000 E-Commerce Website Development Fund
The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the managed registry for Ireland?s official internet address .ie, today launched OPTIMISE, a new e-commerce website development fund for Irish SMEs worth ?100,000. The OPTIMISE fund is one of a number of initiatives to mark the tenth anniversary of the organisation which manages the .ie domain in the interests of the Irish internet community.

IE Domain Registry launches ?100,000 e-commerce development fund
The IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has today launched a new e-commerce website development fund aimed at Irish small and medium enterprises (SMEs) called OPTIMISE. The fund is worth ?100,000 in total and hopes to encourage Irish businesses to realise the potential of selling online.

Letter from Arif Ali, Crowell & Moring to Eric Enson, Jones Day
Initiation of Arbitration after Notice of Breach to Employ Media

Yep, .Jobs Dispute is Now Going to Cost YOU Money
On Tuesday I surmised that the .jobs dispute between Employ Media and ICANN was about to cost you ? the domain name owners that pay hefty fees to ICANN ? a lot of money.

.jobs takes ICANN to arbitration
Employ Media, manager of the .jobs TLD, has become the first registry operator to take ICANN to arbitration to fight off a shut-down threat.

War of words over .jobs ?breach? claims
Employ Media and ICANN have come to blows again over ICANN?s threat to shut down the .jobs registry for allegedly selling domain names in breach of its Charter.

Fight Over .Jobs is About to Cost Domain Name Owners
An argument between .jobs registry Employ Media and ICANN has already cost some legal dollars, and I have a feeling it?s about to get more expensive.

Employ Media Files Arbitration Request With ICANN Over .JOBS
The ongoing dispute between the .JOBS registry and ICANN has taken a further twist with Employ Media filing a Request for Arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce.

Kenya Says It Will Block .XXX
The Kenyan government has announced it will block access to the recently approved .XXX TLD with the Communications Secretary Bitange Ndemo saying Kenya will block .XXX websites from being accessible in the country.

Kenya Rejects .XXX
Kenya's government announced today that it has rejected .XXX to operate in its country.

Bin Laden death "video" used as computer scam hook
Computer hackers are exploiting the fascination with the death of Osama bin Laden to spread malicious software through scams that promise access to videos of the historic killing. ... "They always have something ready to go just in case," said Jeff Moss, chief security officer for ICANN. "There is always an earthquake or tsunami or hunger or something."

The Internet Interconnection ?ecosystem? - new report identifies top risks for resilient interconnection of IT networks [news release]
A new report on the resilience of the Internet interconnection 'ecosystem? is launched by the EU?s ?cyber security? Agency ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency). The focus of this report is the complex ?ecosystem? of the interconnected network layers that make up the Internet.

New Zealand Parliament denies DDoS attack
The New Zealand Government has denied reports of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the New Zealand Parliament website over the weekend, despite cyber activist group Anonymous claiming responsibility for outages.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 penetration crosses 0.2% mark according to Google by Peter HJ van Eijk
According to Google native IPv6 penetration has structurally crossed the 0.2% mark as a percentage of total traffic on the Internet in early 2011. This may not seem much, but it has doubled in a year, in an Internet that is still growing exponentially.

Here Come the Osama bin Laden Domain Names
Osama bin Laden domain namesWhenever there?s a major news event ? good or tragic ? domain name registrations follow.

Monte Cahn Sues Oversee.net Over $13 Million Incentive Plan [Updated]
Moniker founder Monte Cahn has sued Oversee.net along with its current CEO Jeff Kupietzky and founder Lawrence Ng over a $13 million inventive plan.

Bin Laden death sparks outburst of online activity
Word of Osama bin Laden's death has spread rapidly online, with people across the world sharing their reactions to the news with Twitter messages, Facebook updates and YouTube video clips.

Social Media Buzzes, Comes Into Its Own
The Internet surged with conversation about the death of Osama bin Laden, cementing social-media sites' growing roles as disseminators of breaking news and as public squares where people discuss it.

Internet creaks under tidal wave of bin Laden death news
President Obama's late-night announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden by Navy SEALs triggered a massive amount of real-time comments, searches, social networking and video streaming. The traffic explosion bogged down news pages and for a while even crashed CNN's mobile news site.

UK general title digital book sales soar to ?16m in 2010
Sales of digital books are soaring in the UK, figures from the Publishers Association show.

UK ebook sales rise 20% to ?180m
The growing popularity of digital readers such as Amazon's Kindle and ebook titles by authors including Stephen Fry and Stieg Larsson helped boost UK sales of digital book products by 20% to ?180m last year.

Google Takes to TV to Promote Browser
Google is once again taking up arms in the browser wars, in the belief that people who use its Chrome Web browser will be more likely to keep using Google search.

Internet addiction in teens and young adults: Is it actually a problem?
Are America's teens and young adults addicted to the Internet? There's no good way to tell, according to a paper published online Monday in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. That's in part because there's very little consistency among studies on the subject, so it's hard to pinpoint trends in the data accurately.

nz: Average Facebook user has 124 friends, survey finds
If you're checking your Facebook page today, have a look at how many friends you have - fewer than 124 and the average Facebook user in New Zealand is more popular than you.

5,5 Millionen ?sterreicher sind online
78 Prozent der ?sterreicher ab 14 Jahren nutzen das Internet. In den letzten zehn Jahren hat vor allem die Verbreitung im l?ndlichen Raum stark zugenommen.

Commission and European industry join forces to build the Internet of the Future [news release]
The first phase of a ?600 million public-private partnership on the Internet of the Future (FI-PPP) was launched today by European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes. The partnership will support innovation in Europe and help businesses and governments to develop internet solutions that will be capable of managing the exponential increase in online data. Whilst so far we have experienced the Internet of connected computers, and connected people, the Internet is now going mobile and it will connect a whole range of machines and objects.

Hollywood in turmoil as DVD sales drop and downloads steal the show
It's been a huge source of Hollywood profit but the silvery, lucrative DVD could be consigned to the pages of a history book if plunging US sales continue for the rest of the year. Sales of new titles tumbled by nearly one fifth in the first three months of this year, a decline fuelled partly by a lack of hits and the timing of Easter ? but also by the start of what appears to be an irreversible change in consumer habits.

European legislators consider net filter for Europe [IDG]
European Union plans to "create a single secure cyberspace" have come under fire from civil liberties groups, with many saying that they only serve to highlight how far the bloc still has to go in understanding the modern online world.

Facebook sued over social ads using minors as endorsers without permission [Bloomberg]
Facebook, the world?s most popular social networking site, is being sued for not getting parents? permission before displaying that minors ?like? the products of its advertisers.

au: Principals need help with cyber bullies [AAP]
Victorian school principals need more help to cope with the rising threat of cyberbullying, an Auditor-General's report has found.

au: School assaults on the rise
THE number of cases of unwanted sexual behaviour in Victorian schools jumped by almost 50 per cent in three years, according to a new report that also found minor assaults jumped by almost two-thirds. ... Cyber bullying was identified as an ''emerging or increased risk'' by three-quarters of principals.

nz: Internet filter proves its worth [news release]
Child protection agency, ECPAT Child ALERT, says an Internet filter, operated by the Department of Internal Affairs is making a valuable contribution towards reducing access to illegal child sex abuse sites.

us: Internet Safety Experts Speak at "Get Schooled, Kids and Cyber Security" Event [news release]
On May 3, the U.S. State Department?s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) hosted ?Get Schooled, Kids and Cyber Security,? an event to raise awareness about cyber security and children. Four internet safety experts spoke about important risks, mitigation strategies, and safety tips to help keep kids safe online.

Las Vegas classes teach kids ways to stave off bullying
Despite the martial arts weapons, crash pads and variations of punching bags in the makeshift classroom, T.J. Quicksilver is trying to teach kids how to deal with bullies without resorting to violence.

Studie: Kinderpornografie meist aus Tauschb?rsen [dpa]
Kinderpornografie wird einer aktuellen Studie zufolge vor allem ?ber Internet-Tauschb?rsen vertrieben. Die gr??te Rolle spielten kostenlose ?Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerke?, sagte der Direktor des Kriminalwissenschaftlichen Instituts der Leibniz Universit?t Hannover, Bernd-Dieter Meier.

Cinemas at war with studios over plan to screen films in homes
Cinema chains could refuse to show major films in a showdown with two leading studios over home viewing.

Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S.
For the first time in 20 years, the number of homes in the United States with television sets has dropped.

US TV ownership down for first time in 20 years [AFP]
The number of US homes owning television sets is falling for the first time in two decades, the Nielsen Co. said on Tuesday.

Spotify aims to 'make iTunes redundant'
Online music service Spotify is turning up the heat on Apple as it aims to create an alternative to iTunes. The company is extending many of its premium services, including an iPhone and iPod app, to non-paying members.

Spotify launches Apple iTunes 'rival'
If you hate using Apple's iTunes to synchronise songs on your iPod or iPhone, the music streaming service Spotify would like your attention. It is rolling out a new version of its desktop and mobile application for all of its users, including the ad-supported "free" users, which will synchronise tracks from their computer to iPods, iPhones and Android phones.

IT Breaks Free: Technology is bursting out from the shackles of its desk-bound past. It has the power to disrupt business like never before
You might expect a Nokia executive to tell us the mobile industry will change the world. But Rich Green, chief technology officer at Nokia, makes a compelling case. "If you can change Egypt with 140 characters written on a four inch screen," he says, "what can you do with a PC substitute in one out of every four hands?" The revolution in mobile technology is just one form of disruption that will change profoundly the way the world does business in the future. But in all its varying guises, disruption was the number one rated topic by the Tech Leader Group.

Vodafone lets customers use their mobiles to London pay taxi fares
You can navigate with it and do your shopping with it. But now you can add paying for a cab to the things you can do with your phone. Vodafone is introducing a scheme that allows customers of London black cabs who find themselves short of cash for the ride home to send a text with the vehicle's licence number to a central code and the amount owed is charged to their phone account.

au: ACMA to plug gap in wireless spectrum
Australians' love of smartphones and tablet devices has sparked a rapid increase in demand for downloading data on the run, but the spectrum needed to feed that desire is already in short supply and more will need to be found in the next 10 years, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

au: Mobile broadband traffic to soar exponentially
Mobile broadband traffic will be 1000 times higher by the end of this decade than in 2007, requiring more spectrum to be allocated to mobile companies, the communications regulator will warn today.

Towards 2020?Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released the first in a series of papers signalling its intention to develop a future spectrum management strategy to meet the longer term needs of the mobile broadband industry while ensuring that the needs of incumbent users are also taken into account. The paper seeks comment from stakeholders on a number of spectrum management issues

uk: Mobile users being 'held hostage' by providers [PA]
Mobile phone users risk being "held hostage" by their provider because of the cost of switching to other firms, according to a report today.

Android dominance of worldwide smartphone sales goes on, says Canalys
Android is the dominant smartphone platform worldwide for the second quarter in a row, in a market that has grown by 83% to 101m from 55.2m a year ago, according to new research from Canalys.

Android became clear smartphone leader in Q1 - Canalys
Google's Android platform rose to a dominant position in the smartphone market in the first quarter, research firm Canalys said on Wednesday, increasing its lead over struggling Nokia.

Android increases smart phone market leadership with 35% share [news release]
Canalys today released its worldwide country-level smart phone market data for Q1 2011, revealing that Android led the market for the second quarter running, and, with 35.7 million units shipped, increased its share to 35%. At the same time, Canalys confirmed that Asia Pacific (APAC) became the largest smart phone market region, with year-on-year growth of 98% to 37.3 million units, putting it ahead of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for the first time since Q3 2007. On a country basis, mainland China, South Korea and India delivered strong volumes and registered triple-digit growth.

uk: Information Commissioner gets new powers to fine for spam emails
Organisations that make unwanted marketing phone calls or send spam emails to consumers could face fines of up to ?500,000, the Government has warned.

Why poor countries lead the world in piracy
The developing world has plenty of problems, but few are as important as piracy. Or rather, "piracy", by which I mean: "Trade reps from rich countries complaining loudly about copyright infringement and demanding that poor countries re-organise their domestic priorities around preventing unauthorised copying at any expense, threatening trade sanctions and worse for the recalcitrant."

Europol says internet main tool for organised crime [AFP]
The Internet has become a major tool in European organised crime, which uses it for drugs and human trafficking and money laundering as well as cybercrime, Europol's top official said Wednesday.

Bin Laden death is magnet for scammers on Facebook, Google
The death of Osama bin Laden has been an unusual magnet for online scammers and spammers, with malicious links profferring pictures of a deceased Bin Laden popping up to fool Facebook and Google users.

Malicious Software Features Usama bin Laden Links to Ensnare Unsuspecting Computer Users [news release]
The FBI today warns computer users to exercise caution when they receive e-mails that purport to show photos or videos of Usama bin Laden?s recent death. This content could be a virus that could damage your computer. This malicious software, or ?malware,? can embed itself in computers and spread to users? contact lists, thereby infecting the systems of associates, friends, and family members. These viruses are often programmed to steal your personally identifiable information.

Bin Laden death "video" used as computer scam hook
Computer hackers are exploiting the fascination with the death of Osama bin Laden to spread malicious software through scams that promise access to videos of the historic killing.

Osama scams: FBI sounds alarm
The FBI is warning computer users against unsolicited emails and social network posts purporting to show photos or videos of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Online scammers use bin Laden news as bait [AFP]
Computer security experts are warning that online scammers have already started to exploit the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to spread malware.

Fake AV makers, scammers exploit Bin Laden news
Malware makers and scammers have quickly latched onto the news that U.S. military forces killed Osama Bin Laden, security researchers said today.

Malware creators capitalizing on Osama bin Laden news
Creators of malware are using the death of Osama bin Laden to fool unsuspecting users to click on malware.

Scammers Use Osama Bin Laden's Death To Spread Malware On Facebook, Google
With the news of Osama Bin Laden's death commanding the Web today, it's no surprise that spammers have been exploiting the news for hours. It's pretty much the standard scheme these days; scammers latch onto any big news events in order to get unsuspecting victims to fall for scams.

FBI warns that fake bin Laden video is a virus
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned computer users Tuesday that messages claiming to include photos and videos of Osama bin Laden's death actually contain a virus that could steal personal information.

Osama Bin Laden news spurs wave of scams, malware [CSO]
Malware creators are already using the news of Osama Bin Laden's death as a opportunity to try and dupe people into clicking on malicious links. According to cloud-security firm Zscaler, researchers were already seeing malicious sites emerge to capitalize on the news within hours of the announcement.

us: After botched child porn raid, judge sees the light on IP addresses
Several recent government raids on computer users suspected of sharing child porn online hit the wrong targets. Instead of getting the perpetrators, some of the raids nabbed a neighbor with an open WiFi network instead. One obvious takeaway: letting total strangers use your Internet connection for any purpose comes with some risk. But there's another lesson: IP addresses simply don't identify the people behind the computers.

Popular Australian e-commerce fraud suburbs revealed
New data collated from about two million Australian credit and debit cards reveals the popular suburbs in which e-commerce fraud has been attempted using internet-connected computers.

Internet fraud hits Sydney's western suburbs hardest
Fairfield is the state's e-commerce fraud capital, according to data released to the Herald by the computer security firm RSA.

Bank card numbers stolen in Sony cyberattack [AFP]
Sony says that cyber assaults on its online videogame network were broader than first thought, with intruders getting away with credit and debit card data.

New York Attorney General Subpoenas Sony
New York?s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, issued a subpoena to Sony on Tuesday requesting information about how it protects customers? personal information. The company?s servers were breached by unknown hackers last month.

Sony warns of almost 25 million extra user detail theft
Sony has warned that almost 25 million extra gaming users may have had their personal details taken in a hacker attack.

Sony suffers second data breach with theft of 25m more user details
The crisis at Sony deepened on Tuesday as it admitted that an extra 25 million customers who played games on its Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) PC games network have had their personal details stolen ? and that they were taken before the theft of 77 million peoples' details on the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Hackers Breach Second Sony Service
Sony Corp. said computer hackers breached security for a second online service, gaining access to personal information for 24.6 million customer accounts as part of a broader attack on the company that has compromised data for more than 100 million accounts.

Sony says 25 mln more users at risk in second data hack
Sony's Internet security crisis deepened on Monday with the company revealing hackers had stolen data of another 25 million users of its PC games system in a second massive breach for the consumer electronics giant.

Sony says 25 million more accounts hacked [AP]
Sony said that hackers may have taken personal information from an additional 24.6 million user accounts after a review of the recent PlayStation Network breach found an intrusion at a division that makes multiplayer online games.

Sony hires detectives after gamers lose personal data
Sony has hired investigators after a breach of security, in which the personal data of more than 100 million online game users was compromised.

au: Breach sparks security alert: call for laws to protect against Playstation-style attacks
Australia should fast-track laws protecting consumers following the hacking of 77 million gamers' accounts of Sony PlayStation Network users, says a leading international security company.

Enforcing Copyrights Online, for a Profit
When Brian Hill, a 20-year-old blogger from North Carolina, posted on his Web site last December a photograph of an airport security officer conducting a pat-down, a legal battle was the last thing he imagined.

us: Prosecuting Internet Bad Acts Using Nuisance Law
A myriad of internet-related violations of both criminal and civil statutes are not prosecuted because their novelty requires excessive effort by the moving party. When cases of internet bad acts are brought to court, the prosecution tends to be unsuccessful, as evidenced by the cases associated with internet-related obscenity. Despite the intensification of internet criminal and civil statute violations, there has been little innovation with respect to the prosecution of internet bad actors.

au: SA Police turn to distributed review system to handle cyber crime
An uptick in cyber crime in South Australia has forced the state?s police service move to adopt a distributed review system to help its investigators work on more electronic crime cases more quickly.

New Zealand Parliament denies DDoS attack
The New Zealand Government has denied reports of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the New Zealand Parliament website over the weekend, despite cyber activist group Anonymous claiming responsibility for outages.

Europe Leads in Pushing for Privacy of User Data
As pressure grows for technology companies like Apple and Google to adjust how their phones and devices gather data, Europe seems to be where the new rules are being determined.

Web Dating Going Mobile Bucks Privacy Concern Over Apple, Google
Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are trying to reassure iPhone and Android handset users they aren?t tracking their locations. Online dating companies are betting their bottom lines on doing just that.

Google Calls Location Data 'Valuable'
Google Inc.'s collection of location information from millions of mobile devices and personal computers is "extremely valuable" to the company's future business, according to an email written by a Google product manager last year.

Google's Seoul office raided over data collection claims
Google's Seoul office was raided on Tuesday on suspicion its mobile advertising unit AdMob had illegally collected location data without consent, South Korean police said ? the latest setback to the internet search firm's Korean operations.

Google's South Korean Offices Raided Over Data Collection
Google Inc's Seoul office was raided on Tuesday on suspicion the Internet search firm's mobile advertising unit AdMob had illegally collected data, South Korean police said, the latest setback to Google's Korean operations.

South Korean police raid Google offices [AFP]
South Korean police on Tuesday raided Google's local office to investigate whether the global search company used its mobile phone advertising platform to illegally collect private location data.

South Korea raids Google over illegal mobile data collection [IDG]
Police in South Korea said they had raided Google's Korea head office in Seoul on Tuesday on suspicion that the subsidiary of the search engine company had illegally collected location data from application subscribers.

Google faces it: privacy on smartphone in focus
For Google privacy director Alma Whitten, facial recognition on a smartphone is a step too far. "I don't want to leave the office and have somebody I don't know take my picture on the street and then use that to find out who I am," she says. "That is really creepy.

au: Move to tighten privacy rules
The federal government will introduce laws forcing companies to disclose privacy breaches after Sony revealed that more than 1.5 million Australian user accounts were compromised in the recent attack on its PlayStation Network.

EFA, APF call for greater access to personal information
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) and the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) have highlighted the need to strengthen the Privacy Act 1988 and make information held by a company available to end users.

China Creates New Agency for Patrolling the Internet
A powerful arm of China?s government said Wednesday that it had created a new central agency to regulate every corner of the nation?s vast Internet community, a move that appeared to complement a continuing crackdown on political dissidents and other social critics.

China sets up office for Internet information management
The Chinese government announced Wednesday the setting up of an office to manage Internet information in a statement of the State Council General Office.

China names chief officials for State Internet Information Office
The State Council, or China's cabinet, has approved the appointment of four senior officials for the State Internet Information Office.

China sets up agency to tighten grip on Internet
China announced a new State Internet Information Office on Wednesday to unify the squabbling agencies that oversee the Chinese Internet, which Beijing views as both a potential gold mine and a political threat.

China Makes Internet Censorship More Efficient
China formed a new State Internet Information Office on Wednesday, consolidating its disparate offices that oversee the Internet into a single agency.

China's new IT authority could raise censorship [IDG]
China announced on Wednesday it had established a new department to oversee information on the Internet, in a move that could lead to more effective Web censorship.

au: Piracy dispute panel proposed
A prominent intellectual property law firm has moved to establish an extrajudicial scheme to resolve piracy disputes between internet firms and copyright holders.

How Google Australia escapes the taxman with a little help from Ireland
Google Australia paid tax of $1 million last year on its market-dominating Australian online search advertising business, which is estimated to reap more than $700 million in revenue annually.

nz: Leaked US cables show lobbying on Copyright Bill
Cables released by Wikileaks over the weekend purport to show the US Embassy offered to get help from the US to redraft New Zealand?s copyright legislation following the withdrawal of the controversial Section 92A ? concerning procedures to police and punish illegal downloading of copyright works. Government withdrew the section for redrafting in the face of public protest.

WikiLeaks: US offered to bankroll New Zealand piracy crackdown
Making your country's views known is a principal function of foreign embassies, but the US goes much further. According to cables released by WikiLeaks, the US embassy in New Zealand urged Uncle Sam to fork over about half a million New Zealand dollars back in 2005 to bankroll a private intellectual property enforcement unit run by major rightsholders in the region.

nz: Copyright protestors say Parliament event sidetracked
A demonstration in Parliament grounds on May 1 was supposed to highlight objections to the amended Copyright Act and its provisions to combat illegal online file-sharing. In the event this proved a minor feature of the proceedings, with much of the time taken up by organiser and entrepreneur Christopher Wingate, advocating broader attention to government and judicial accountability.

nz: Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill passed into law
The controversial Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill passed its third reading today (14 April 2011) with the majority of its provisions to come into effect on 1 September 2011.

nz: Internet users face flood of warnings
Internet users are likely to be hit with hundreds of thousands of infringement notices each year after controversial changes to copyright law take effect in September, an Economic Development Ministry consultation document suggests.

France Telecom Scours Africa as Deutsche Telekom Keeps Plans in Europe
Deutsche Telekom AG and France Telecom SA are split over where and how to offset their declining phone businesses in Europe, even as they deepen cooperation on equipment purchasing, networks and technology.

nz: Telecom regulatory financial statements unreliable: ComCom
Access network is overvalued by $1 billion, Telecomms Commissioner says; Telecom says it abided by ComCom requirements for filing the statements

nz: ComCom releases MTAS decision
The Commerce Commission has released its decision on mobile termination rates, the charges telcos levy on one another for transferring calls between their networks.

NZ Government moves to cut mobile rates
New Zealand?s Commerce Commission has cut wholesale mobile termination rates in an effort to open up the country?s telecommunications market amid fears that current rates are hampering competition.

nz: Commerce Commission cuts mobile termination rates
The Commerce Commission today released its decision on mobile termination rates ? the cost of carrying a text or call on another network. There will be significant reductions in the wholesale termination rates for mobile calls and text messages. As a result of competitive pressure, the Commission anticipates that these reductions in the wholesale rates will flow through to the prices paid by the 4.7 million mobile subscribers in New Zealand in the coming year.

Vodafone slams mobile termination decision, 2degrees welcomes it, Telecom neutral
Vodafone has labelled the Commerce Commission?s decision on mobile termination rates ?extreme? and may seek a review of the wholesale prices set today.

Ofcom poised on BT access
Regulators are poised to intervene to set the price at which BT, the UK telecoms company, would provide access to its infrastructure so that rivals could build high-speed broadband internet networks.

au: Telecommunications complaints soar again
The federal government is under renewed pressure to tighten regulation on the telecommunications sector after another big rise in customer complaints.


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