[DNS] domain name news - 25 July

[DNS] domain name news - 25 July

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Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 15:38:00 +1000
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NTIA: Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the Internet Governance Forum--USA

Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by IANA ? Updated Background Report

WIPO Center observations on ICANN Staff "Preliminary Issue Report on the Current State of the UDRP"

Could .om become the next typo TLD?

Esther Dyson On New Top-Level Domains: ?There Are Huge Trademark Issues?

Big Content's latest antipiracy weapon: extradition

LEGO Juris A/S v. Wagner, Adam John - Case No. DAU2011-0015

NTIA: Remarks of Assistant Secretary Strickling at the Internet Governance Forum--USA
Thank you for the opportunity to speak once again at the IGF-USA. I want especially to thank Marilyn Cade for her work in pulling together the third edition of this meeting and I am glad to have had the opportunity to speak at each of these sessions.

Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by IANA ? Updated Background Report
Purpose of this document: This document provides a background report on the progress of an active Global Policy proposal, "Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by IANA". It is intended as a background briefing for the ICANN Board and the wider community.

Further Notice of Inquiry on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Functions
I. Introduction: ICANN welcomes the NTIA request for further public comment on potential enhancements to the performance of the IANA functions. ICANN supports the open and transparent manner in which NTIA has sought input from the Internet community on this topic.

WIPO Center observations on ICANN Staff "Preliminary Issue Report on the Current State of the UDRP"
The existing UDRP underpins commercial and legal stability in the DNS. It is widely acknowledged to be functioning well, and any destabilization risks regression to pre-UDRP litigation options. The ICANN Board, in approving an unprecedented expansion of the DNS, assured the GAC and trademark stakeholders of the continuing availability of the "existing, long-standing and tested [UDRP]".

Guest blog: ICANN needs to follow its own bylaws on UDRP review by Shawn Gunnarson
That ICANN too often winks at its fundamental rules is illustrated by the Preliminary GNSO Issue Report on the Current State of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (?UDRP Report?). At a basic level, the UDRP Report is untimely and unresponsive. It satisfies neither the timeline prescribed by the bylaws nor the substantive criteria of an issue report required by the bylaws. Rather than assisting the GNSO Council, the Report appears to dismiss the Council?s questions and concerns and presents a one-sided advocacy brief against conducting a Policy Development Process (PDP). This it does despite the barely acknowledged unanimous support for a PDP on the UDRP expressed by the Council, and two working groups.

ICANN fights government gTLD power grab
ICANN has opposed a US move to grant governments veto power over controversial new TLD applications.

ICANN needs an independent, paid Board!
It's not quite at News Of The World level, but expect the word "scandal" to be bandied around the ICANN community in the next few days. The news that ex Chairman of the ICANN Board Peter Dengate Thrush (PDT) has joined a new gTLD consultancy firm will no doubt cause a few teeth to grind.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Could .om become the next typo TLD?
Will Oman?s .om domain follow in the footsteps of .co? Or .cm? Or neither? The ccTLD is set to be transferred to a new manager following an ICANN vote this coming Thursday.

Esther Dyson On New Top-Level Domains: ?There Are Huge Trademark Issues?
Esther Dyson, who was the founding chairwoman of ICANN (among other things) doesn?t like the new TLDs that were recently approved by ICANN. These will allow new domains to be created for practically any word or brand someone wants to register. Instead of just .com, .org, and .tv, there could be .techcrunch, .coke, .apple, .ipad, and so on. ?I don?t really think that adds to the sum of human happiness,? Dyson tells me in the video clip above.

Minds and Machines vs COCCA ? Registry Software Still Open Source
COCCA, which runs the backend for over 30 ccTLDs, issued a clarification last week about its registry software. You can read it below, but the key takeaway is that: COCCA is 100% open source; Minds and Machines has no control over COCCA and any developments made to COCCA were done without Minds and Machines.

uk: DNSSEC Signing Service pilot
Today's systems maintenance launched a public pilot DNSSEC Signing Service. ... The service has launched today as a public pilot to allow registrars to test the system and for us to evaluate its performance. Further information about DNSSEC and the DNSSEC Signing Service is available.

FICORA's CERT-FI information security review 2/2011: Security break-ins gained lots of publicity once again
Security break-ins to different services and groups that claim to have been behind the attacks have received plenty of publicity during the spring 2011.

Alignment of Interests in DNS Blocking by Paul Vixie
I've written recently about a general purpose method called DNS Response Policy Zones (DNS RPZ) for publishing and consuming DNS reputation data to enable a market between security companies who can do the research necessary to find out where the Internet's bad stuff is and network operators who don't want their users to be victims of that bad stuff... During an extensive walking tour of the US Capitol last week to discuss a technical whitepaper with members of both parties and both houses of the legislature, I was asked several times why the DNS RPZ technology would not work for implementing something like PROTECT-IP.

DNSSEC Maintenance - Just Like Mowing the Lawn by Edward Lewis
DNSSEC is a hot topic. It's a technology newly unleashed on popular networking, which has led to countless articles and posts on the subject, including right here on CircleID. The way a lot of articles try to get your attention is to talk about a technology, like DNSSEC, in a way that makes the technology either seem really significant or really complicated. That is why a lot of articles about DNSSEC make it sound like something huge, complicated, and scary. But it's not.

Big Content's latest antipiracy weapon: extradition
As major American copyright holders continue their long war on file-sharing, the focus of the debate has increasingly shifted overseas. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun seizing the domain names of so-called rogue sites based overseas. And copyright interests are pushing for the passage of the PROTECT IP Act, which would draft various intermediaries, including DNS providers, into the fight against such sites.

Lego overtakes Microsoft in cybersquatting cases
Lego has now filed more complaints against cybersquatters than Microsoft.

LEGO Juris A/S v. Wagner, Adam John - Case No. DAU2011-0015
1. The Parties: The Complainant is LEGO Juris A/S of Denmark, represented by Melbourne IT Corporate Brand Services AB, Australia. The Respondent is Wagner, Adam John, self-represented, of St Leonards, Australia. 2. The Domain Names and Registrar: The disputed domain names <buylego.com.au>, <buylegos.com.au>, <legoaustralia.com.au>, <legoshop.com.au>, <legostarwars.com.au> and <thelegoshop.com.au> are registered with NetRegistryPty Ltd. ... 7. Decision: For all the foregoing reasons, in accordance with Paragraphs 4(i) of the Policy and 15 of the Rules, the Panel orders that the disputed domain names, <buylego.com.au>, <buylegos.com.au>, <legoaustralia.com.au>, <legoshop.com.au>, <legostarwars.com.au> and <thelegoshop.com.au>, be transferred to the Complainant.

It's Official - Domain Thief Daniel Goncalves Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison in Precedent Setting Case
Last December I told you that a convicted domain thief named Daniel Goncalves would likely be spending five years in prison after pleading guilty in a plea bargain arrangement with the 

 - IPv4/IPv6
ARIN: Please Complete the 2011 Global IPv6 Survey
On 1 July 2011, the 2011 IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey opened, and so far 142 individuals in the ARIN region have completed the survey. We thank those who have participated to date, but we need a much bigger response if we hope to achieve a comprehensive view of present IPv6 penetration and future plans for IPv6 deployment.

Budgeting for IPv6 migration
Gartner estimates the cost of migrating an enterprise to IPv6 could be as high as six per cent of the entire annual IT budget.

IPv6 course preps Singapore IT pros for efficient move
Local company, Progreso, is conducting Singapore's first IPv6 Forum-certified course to train network engineers and other IT professionals on how to make the migration a smoother, more efficient process, revealed a company executive.

Abuse Contact To Be Mandatory per Policy 2010-14
ARIN is preparing to implement Policy 2010-14: Standardize IP Reassignment Registration Requirements. Once this policy is implemented, all new Organization registration records (Org IDs) will need to include an Abuse POC (in addition to the already required Admin and Tech). ARIN Online, REST, and templates are all being modified to enforce this new policy requirement.

Social.com Sells For $2.6m Topping DOMAINfest Europe Auction
Social.com, the largest reported domain name sale of 2011, has also topped the June DOMAINfest Europe Auction, selling for $2.6 million. The sale was part of the premium domain name auction that so far has raised over $7.2 million and is expected to reach $9 million. Another big sale was data.com that sold for an officially undisclosed price that significantly exceeded its $1.5 million reserve.

Less Is More - Minus.com Takes Top Spot on This Week's Sales Chart After Changing Hands for Six Figures
Owning Minus.com turned out to be a big plus for Denver-based domain investor Brian Wick. He just banked $115,000 for the domain in a private transaction. Wick said the name was purchased by a math education business with a presence in both the U.S. and Japan. That sale leads our new weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart, easily outdistancing two names that tied for the #2 spot at $50,000 each. Those are Minsk.com (sold through Sedo) and Trippy.com

Where does Google get its money from?
We know Google's financial results were impressively stellar last week with that record-breaking $9bn revenue figure for the second quarter of the year. We know that 97% of that revenue is generated by advertising, but what kind of advertising?

The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords (And How to Target Them in Your Search Campaigns)
On the heels of Google?s blow-out Q2 2011 earnings announcement last week, we wanted to find out what keywords demand the highest costs per click and are most competitive in terms of high search volume. Since the vast majority of Google's profits come from AdWords advertising, these high CPC keyword categories are responsible for a large part of Google's profits. The results of our research are illustrated in an infographic of the most expensive keywords.

Google Bows to Web Rivals: Removes Outside Customer Reviews From Search Results
Google Inc. has made changes to the way its search engine displays information about local businesses, a move that follows the disclosure of a U.S. antitrust investigation of its business practices.

Forget Passwords and Let the Browser Remember
The Mozilla Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that makes the Firefox browser, released an experimental tool last week that could dramatically change the way people identify themselves online.

In New Zealand, Females Spend Significantly More Time Social Networking than Males
comScore ... released a study on Internet usage in New Zealand from its comScore Media Metrix service. The study found that Social Networking ranks as the leading online activity in New Zealand, accounting for 1 of every 5 minutes spent online in May. The study also found that females spent more time on social networking sites (5.4 hours per month) than males (3.7 hours per month).

Opinion: The Danger Of Making Facebook, LinkedIn, Google And Twitter Public Utilities
Are social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter ?information monopolies? that should be regulated as public utilities? Some people seem to think so. Treating these digital services like the equivalent of a local sewage company would be a disaster for consumers, however, because public utility regulation is the arch-enemy of innovation and competition.

Google+ Pulls In 20 Million in 3 Weeks
When Google Inc. launched its Google+ social-networking site three weeks ago, executives handed out sailor hats to the hundreds of employees working on the project, symbolizing their year-long journey to that point.

Facebook could become adults only in Australia
Ways to force Facebook to give parents access to their kids' profiles will be discussed today by state and federal attorneys-general in a meeting that will also examine an 18+ Facebook age limit.

de: Neo-Nazis 'friend' Facebook, YouTube: study [AFP]
German neo-Nazis are looking increasingly to social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube to propagate racial hatred and recruit new members, an official study indicated.

Sheryl Sandberg: The acceptable face of Facebook
Few corporate types can charm hardened hacks so effectively. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, the world?s biggest social network, has been glad-handing reporters with spectacular results. The New Yorker says she may ?upend Silicon Valley?s male-dominated culture?. New York magazine puts her in line for Secretary of the Treasury. Bloomberg Businessweek speculates that she might one day be the president of the United States.

ITU: Technical Symposium at ITU Telecom World 2011 to deliver unique insights into future technology trends [news release]
>From e-health and e-government to sustainable solutions, next-generation wireless standardization and deployment and more, the ITU Telecom World 2011 Technical Symposium will take an in-depth look at the cutting-edge technological developments which are defining and influencing the future of networks and services.

With a Wave of the Hand, Improvising on Kinect
... From the day it was released last fall, the Kinect captured the imagination of experimenters, starting with programmers, roboticists and tinkerers. Research scientists have long used pairs of cameras and specialized algorithms, but Microsoft?s machine handled all the hard work. The Kinect was the first relatively low-cost way to capture three-dimensional information about the world.

uk: Cyberbullying on rise, warn charities
Charities have warned of an increase in cyberbullying after an inquest this week disclosed that a teenage girl killed herself in February just hours after receiving an abusive and threatening message on a social networking site.

Pokie game Slotomania allows kids to gamble
CHILDREN as young as 13 are being allowed to gamble on poker machines with real money on Facebook, prompting calls for an urgent government crackdown.

us: Bullying and the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
... The more recent phenomenon of cyberbullying, defined as "willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices," affects about 20 percent of 11- to 18-year-olds, according to one study.5 Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying can attack anonymously; it can go viral, with many people harassing the same target at once; "the bully does not see the emotional toll his bullying creates, allowing the culprit to push further than he or she might in a face-to-face relationship"; and parents and teachers often are not sufficiently technologically savvy to monitor, much less prevent, cyberbullying.

Australia needs a new classification system: Google
Google has added to the growing number of voices arguing that Australia?s current classification system is unworkable in today?s converged environment.

au: Family holds the key to keeping children protected online
THOUSANDS of primary school children from as young as eight years old are putting themselves at risk from sexual predators by using social networking sites.

au: Facebook regulation 'simply won't work'
The use of Facebook by children is again being thrown under the spotlight, with an expert warning the Government to avoid regulating the social networking site.

au: 'Historic agreement' on R18+ video games
Australia looks set to get an adults-only rating for video games after all states and territories except NSW agreed to the classification change.

au: ACMA lesson plans on perils of ?sexting? prove popular with schools
An increasing number of schools Australia-wide are adopting the Australian Communications and Media Authority?s new comprehensive, lesson plans on ?sexting?.

au: 'Sexting' youths placed on sex offenders register
VICTORIAN teenagers caught with raunchy images of girls sent to them via ''sexting'' have been charged with child pornography offences and placed on the sex offender register, ruining their career options and branding them for years.

au: Opinion: Strong punishment is excessive for teenage folly
MEGAN, a teenage schoolgirl, takes a revealing photo of herself in the school toilets and sends it to a male friend on her mobile phone. She then looks on helplessly as the photo is texted to her classmates. The brief account of her humiliation can be seen on YouTube. It was made by ThinkUKnow, an internet safety campaign developed by the Australian Federal Police and Microsoft Australia. The idea is to educate teenagers about how little control they have over images posted on the internet.

uk: Teenager in rail suicide was sent abusive message on social networking site
A teenager was found dead on a railway line hours after receiving an abusive and threatening message on a social networking website, an inquest was told.

Lawyer denies Greek piracy 'scam'
A lawyer whose firm demanded money from alleged illegal downloaders in the United Kingdom has denied re-starting the scheme in Greece.

Is Hulu Boxed In?
Picture this: TV anyway, anywhere. Every sitcom. Every drama, documentary, reality show. All of it ? everything ? Right Here Now. This is the radical potential of the Internet. And this is the implicit promise of Hulu, the innovative Web site that drew the original borders of online television ? the TV of tomorrow.

Gartner: 141 million to use mobile payments in 2011
The number of consumers paying for items via their mobile devices will shoot past 141 million this year, says new data out today from Gartner.

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Payment Users to Reach 141 Million in 2011 - Mobile Payments in Developing Markets Growing Slower Than Expected [news release]
Worldwide mobile payment users will surpass 141.1 million in 2011, a 38.2 percent increase from 2010, when mobile payment users reached 102.1 million, according to Gartner, Inc. Worldwide mobile payment volume is forecast to total $86.1 billion, up 75.9 percent from 2010 volume of $48.9 billion.

Africa's mobile economic revolution
Half of Africa's one billion population has a mobile phone ? and not just for talking. The power of telephony is forging a new enterprise culture, from banking to agriculture to healthcare

Don't bank on your phone ? it could be hacked by Zeus 'trojan horse'
No one knows who lies behind Zeus. Security experts believe he or she is Russian, but no one is completely sure. But what they all agree is that Zeus is the most pernicious "trojan horse" ? a destructive program disguised as an application ? on the internet. During the last four years it has infected millions of PCs, taking control of the computer and stealing personal banking details.

Low internet literacy even in urban India: Report
Union Minister of State for InformationTechnology Sachin Pilot has promised that a "21st century" infrastructure would be set up for high speed broadband access; while a report that he released expresses concerns about "low internet literacy" even in urban areas.

Cyberwar Hysteria Aids Consultants and Hurts U.S. Security: Susan Crawford
On Feb. 3, President Barack Obama and the entire West Wing lost access to e-mail for more than seven hours. A tree-trimmer had accidentally cut the lines running out of the White House data center. White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer sent a bulletin via Twitter -- the only way he could get the news out, he said -- letting the world know that ?Verizon is working to solve the problem.?

us: Nation's fight against cyber intruders goes local [AP]
The next frontier in the fight to keep crucial electronic networks safe from harm will play out as close to home as Town Hall and require more involvement from private industry, which controls 85 percent of the infrastructure, experts say.

Pentagon looks to social media as new battlefield
The Pentagon is asking scientists to figure out how to detect and counter propaganda on social media networks in the aftermath of Arab uprisings driven by Twitter and Facebook.

au: Government, business battens hatches following Cyber Storm III
Major ASX-listed companies and government departments have been fine-tuning their cyber security in the months following their participation in international Cyber Storm III exercise, according to Federal Attorney General, Robert McClelland.

Cyber Storm III prompts crisis management re-think
The Australian Government will reassess its interim cyber security crisis management plan in light of findings from the third Cyber Storm international wargame.

au: Important steps to protect your identity online [news release]
The majority of Australians have been affected by identity theft in some fashion in the past six months, according to the results of an independent survey.

nz: Warnings over World Cup scams
The Department of Internal Affairs is warning people to beware of rugby World Cup scams in the lead up to the tournament.

nz: Beware of RWC scams [news release]
The Department of Internal Affairs? Anti-Spam Compliance Unit is warning the public to be vigilant when opening emails or SMS messages during the run-up to the Rugby World Cup 2011.

nz: Warning issued about Rugby World Cup internet scams
The Department of Internal Affairs is warning of a possible rise in email and text message scams and spam, during the build-up to the Rugby World Cup.

nz: Scam warning for Rugby World Cup
Email and text message scams have already started in the run-up to the Rugby World Cup.

nz: RWC scammers in overdrive
Recipients of an email notifying them that they are winners in a million dollar Rugby World Cup lottery promotion would be well advised to think again.

nz: Minister attending final justice meeting in Australia [news release]
Justice Minister Simon Power is in Australia today to attend the final meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) in Adelaide. ... ?The final meeting will address a number of challenging contemporary justice issues, including cyber crime, social media and privacy, and match-fixing in sport,? Mr Power said.

nz: Copyright Tribunal advertises for extra members
The Copyright Tribunal is on the hunt for three extra members, following the passing of the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 earlier this year. ... The current members of the Tribunal are: professor Susy Frankel (chair), Peter Dengate-Thrush and Paul Sumpter.

au: "Phone hacking": what's legal? Intercepting voicemails and recording conversations under Australian law 
After 168 years of publication, the News of the World published its last edition as a result of what has become known as the 'phone-hacking scandal'.

ch: Court finds insufficient basis for internet traffic surveillance
Facts: On September 27 2010 the state prosecutor ordered the surveillance of all internet traffic and all available ancillary traffic data for a particular mobile phone. The Surveillance Authority for Post and Telecommunications ordered the mobile service provider to implement active surveillance of the relevant internet traffic and ancillary traffic data in accordance with the Technical Requirements for Telecommunications Surveillance. In particular, the authority required the provider to duplicate all IP traffic originating from the mobile device and to relay it to the competent authority.

The Politics of Surveillance: The Erosion of Privacy in Latin America
While most Latin American countries have democratically-elected governments, many still fail to respect human rights, including the right to privacy. Across the region, there have been multiple scandals involving government officials and intelligence agencies engaged in illegal surveillance of communications. These include numerous chilling examples of how interception technologies are being misused to spy on politicians, dissidents, judges, human rights organizations and activists. Although privacy violations vary from country to country, and the full extent of government surveillance in the region remains largely unknown, newly disclosed data gathering programs hint at the architecture of surveillance lying beneath the surface of ostensibly democratic societies.

us: Genachowski Statement at House Hearing on Internet Privacy
Chairman Bono-Mack, Chairman Walden, Ranking Members Eshoo and Butterfield, Members of both subcommittees, thank you for this opportunity to discuss the issue of Internet privacy. The right to privacy is a core American value, and the Federal Communications Commission, at the direction of Congress, has worked for years to implement laws that protect the privacy of consumers when they use communications networks.

nz: Business joins the social whirl
Small businesses are scrambling to get in on the social media act with figures showing twice as many using sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the past 12 months.

eu: Telco bosses fail to break deadlock on fibre funding
As the European Commission takes the bull by the horns and asks companies to address a lack of investment in high-speed fibre optic networks, big and small telecommunications firms are failing to break a deadlock on how fibre should be financed.


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