[DNS] domain name news - 18 August

[DNS] domain name news - 18 August

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Beckstrom to Leave ICANN at End of His Term

How Should We Raise Global Awareness of New gTLDs? Engage the ICANN Community.

Accountability & Transparency ? "ATRT" ? Activities Webinar

ICANN fires its CEO

ICANN's Beckstrom To Leave At End of Term

IAB Opposes New Web Domain Program From ICANN

.ORG Continues Rapid Growth With 10% In 12 Months

FSC Urges Adult Trademark Holders to Protect Brands from .XXX with Letter of Notice for ICM Registry

Businesses in U.S. complain of .xxx shakedown

.XXX Plans to Spend $15 Million in First Year Promoting New Domain to Web Users

Beckstrom to Leave ICANN at End of His Term
Rod Beckstrom will continue to fulfill his term as ICANN?s President and CEO, which will be completed on 1 July 2012. He has held this position since 1 July 2009.

How Should We Raise Global Awareness of New gTLDs? Engage the ICANN Community.
As part of the launch of the new gTLD program, ICANN's Board of Directors mandated a communications campaign of "at least four months" to raise global awareness. Leveraging the ICANN community is a component of the draft plan to achieve that.

Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration
The GNSO approved at its meeting on 21 July 2011 the recommendations on the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Policy Development Process (PDP). The resolution, which is pending for Board action, proposes:

ICANN.ORG?s New Theme Is Just the First Step
If you?ve visited ICANN.ORG today, you might notice that the site looks different than it did last week. We?ve refreshed the look of the pages as the first step in a comprehensive overhaul of ICANN.ORG.

Accountability & Transparency ? "ATRT" ? Activities Webinar
You are invited to participate in a webinar on changes ICANN is implementing to enhance its accountability and transparency (also known as the Accountability & Transparency Review Team recommendations). The Webinar will be held Wednesday, 31 August, 2011 from 14:00 -- 15:30 UTC and is open to all.

ICANN fires its CEO
... Behind the pronouncements lies a different story. It is well known in ICANN circles that there has been significant concern over Beckstrom?s performance for some time. And we understand that Beckstrom?s ?decision? was made for him at a secret Board meeting earlier this month.

ICANN's Beckstrom To Leave At End of Term
ICANN have announced that ICANN President and CEO will leave the organisation at the end of his term on 1 July 2012. Beckstrom has been considered a somewhat controversial appointment with him not seeing eye-to-eye with many people both within the organisation and in the domain name world. It was often rumoured he had a frosty relationship with several board members and senior staff.

ICANN chief Beckstrom says he will go in July 2012
Rod Beckstrom, the president and CEO of domain name industry overseer ICANN, has announced that he will leave the job when his contract expires in July next year.

Icann CEO Beckstrom to step down
... Icann has tried to balance the interests of all sides on internet matters, with an inefficient UN-like structure that accommodates government bodies, internet businesses and citizens in the same manner. If it weakens further, China and other countries that want control moved to the UN or the International Telecommunications Union could press their advantage, which activists fear would leave ordinary internet users with less influence over critical decisions about the architecture of the world's most vital medium.

What ICANN needs now by Maria Farrell
In March, I wrote about ICANN?s current leadership, and how it is costing the organization its key people and international reputation. I publicly addressed ICANN?s Board of Directors with my concerns during its San Francisco meeting, and was astonished by the level of support for my view. My aim was to make very public an issue that was deeply damaging to the organization behind closed doors and help make it impossible for the Board to continue to publicly ignore.

So What?s Happening With ICANN?s Palo Alto Office?
Following on from the announcement last night that ICANN chief Rod Beckstrom would be stepping down next year there has been a lot of chatter going on via email, twitter, facebook and other media. One question that has been raised by a few people was very practical. What is going to happen to the Palo Alto offices?

ICANN to part company with CEO Rod Beckstrom by Nigel Roberts
According (typically) to an announcement on Twitter, ICANN Chief Executive Officer Rod Beckstrom has recently apparently decided not to renew his contract with ICANN, and he will be leaving the organisation in (just under) a year?s time.

Head of Net?s Address System to Leave
Rod Beckstrom, chief executive of ICANN plans to leave the organization next July. Mr. Beckstrom plans to complete his three-year contract with Icann, a term that has been marked by moves to expand and internationalize the Internet address system. But these efforts have also brought the organization, and Mr. Beckstrom, into conflict with governments, brand owners and others.

Web Domain Chief Announces Departure
The head of the international organization that oversees Internet domain names announced that he will leave his post when his contract ends next July.

Internet community responses to IANA statement of work [reg req'd]
The IANA functions are critical to the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). ICANN performs the IANA functions on behalf of the United States (US) government through a contract with the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). That contract is set to expire on 31 March 2012. ... The FNOI received 46 responses - all available here. We have summarized all responses and produced a summary by topic below. [We have also produced a full summary-by-sender.]

IAB Opposes New Web Domain Program From ICANN
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today called on ICANN to withdraw its controversial new domain-naming plan, saying that the program to assign hundreds of thousands of new domain names would cause incalculable financial damage to brand owners, including the hundreds of media brands in its membership.

More American Advertisers Asleep To New gTLDs
The Interactive Advertising Bureau proved that they too are asleep at the wheel belatedly complaining to ICANN about its plan for new gTLDs, saying that the programme to assign hundreds of thousands of new domain names would cause incalculable financial damage to brand owners, including the hundreds of media brands in its membership.

IAB Asks ICANN to Block .Coke Et Al
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today demanded that ICANN withdraw its plan to allow 1,000 more gTLDs.

ICANN Domain Plan: Brands Headed for Disaster?
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is speaking out against ICANN?s decision to open the domain name floodgates by lifting restrictions on gTLDs.

IAB Calls on ICANN to Withdraw Controversial Plan for New Top-Level Domains
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is today calling on ICANN to withdraw its controversial plan for new TLDs. ICANN?s plan would significantly expand TLDs, allowing companies and brands to register just about any word they want as a TLD.

Ad industry piles on ICANN
The Interactive Advertising Bureau, which represents over 500 companies including Facebook, Google, eBay and Microsoft, has told ICANN to put a stop to its new TLDs program.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
at: Anonymous breaches San Francisco's public transport site [IDG]
... Anonymous publicly posted the data. The domain for that website, which uses the ccTLD for Austria, was blank except for a message in German that read "Back soon, do not worry."

On its birthday, .co has a 66% renewal rate
Two thirds of .co domain names due to expire in July were renewed, according to the registry.

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Releases Results of Bi-Annual Domain Name Report, 'The Dashboard'
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry today released the results of its bi-annual domain name report, "The Dashboard," detailing the continued strong growth of the world's third largest gTLD. According to the report, .ORG grew by 10.1 percent compared to a year ago, and 4 percent in the first six months of 2011. The increase propelled .ORG's total domains under management (DUM) to surpass the 9 million registrations mark in March 2011.

.ORG On Track To Grow 10 Percent by Year End.
I?m happy to report that .ORG domain registrations grew by 4 percent in the first six months of 2011, and 10.1 percent in the last twelve months ? according to .ORG?s ?The Dashboard? report. The increase propelled .ORG?s total domains under management past the 9 million mark in March 2011 and is well under way to reaching a huge milestone ? 10 million domains!

.ORG Continues Rapid Growth With 10% In 12 Months
The latest Dashboard report from the Public Interest Registry shows the TLD continues rapid growth with an increase in active registrations of 10.1 per cent year on year, and four per cent or over 350,000, in the six months, to the end of June.

ISO country code for South Sudan
Essential for ccTLD, passports and financial transactions, the attribution of an ISO country code is a basic requirement for the world?s newest country, the Republic of South Sudan. The country has been allocated the following two-letter and three-letter country codes issued in accordance with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard ISO 3166-1: SS, SSD.

FSC Urges Adult Trademark Holders to Protect Brands from .XXX with Letter of Notice for ICM Registry
A letter template has been created by Free Speech Coalition (FSC) for adult online business owners to send to ICM Registry, to demand that their trademarks be protected from sale on .XXX domains to third parties.

Free Speech Coalition Urges Adult Trademark Holders to Protect Brands in .XXX TLD
The Free Speech Coalition is continuing its campaign against the new .XXX TLD with it urging adult online business owners to send ICM Registry a letter demanding that their trademarks be protected.

Free Speech Coalition Provides Template Trademark Protection Letter to Adult Sites
Free Speech Coalition, which has been fairly quiet since organizing a poorly attended protest at an ICANN meeting in San Francisco earlier this year, is making some noise again.

FSC steps up anti-.xxx campaign
The Free Speech Coalition is trying to rally its supporters into a legal nastygram campaign against ICM Registry ahead of the launch of .xxx next month.

Businesses in U.S. complain of .xxx shakedown
In preparation for a new triple-x Internet domain that will launch in December, lawyers for the most storied brands in the United States are scrambling to prevent an x-rated rip-off of an invaluable asset: corporate Web addresses.

Protect your brand, Go Daddy announces .XXX domain prices
Let's say you own a bakery in Michigan named Dutch Oven and you were forward thinking enough to launch the website dutchoven.com. Then we recommend, no, implore you to take note of the new TLD that ICANN has released.

Go Daddy confirms .xxx pricing, will host porn sites
Go Daddy has revealed its pricing scheme for .xxx domain names and confirmed that it will indeed host the porn sites that use them.

.XXX Plans to Spend $15 Million in First Year Promoting New Domain to Web Users
With the first .xxx domain names from the ?Founder?s? program coming online and the trademark sunrise period soon to get underway, .XXX backer ICM Registry has some very ambitious marketing plans.

IFFOR Announces Sponsored Community Policy Council Members
The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR), the non-profit organization tasked with policy making for the new .XXX TLD, is pleased to announce the Sponsored Community founding members of its Policy Council.

IFFOR names .xxx porn council members
The five porn industry members of the body which will set the rules for .xxx domains have been named by the International Foundation For Online Responsibility.

New gTLD conference planned for Bulgaria
Bulgaria is to get its own conference on the new gTLDs opportunity.

Africa internet domain coming soon
Within two years African internet users could have their continent's name as part of their web addresses, say the African Registry Consortium (ARC) - the organisation that aims to administer the .africa domain.

.Africa domain name plans
Africa can soon look forward to having its own online space, with plans firmly afoot to introduce a continental .africa gTLD by 2013.

North Korean hackers stole $6m in gaming scheme, claims South
One is the most wired country in the world, with 90% of its homes hooked up to the internet. The other refuses its population internet access and even restricts mobile phone usage.

Internet Explorer is best at protecting against drive-by downloads
Internet Explorer is better at defending against drive-by downloads than competitors' browsers and the contest isn't even close, according to a worldwide test of browsers by security research firm NSS Labs.

Study: Internet Explorer 9 Defends Best Against Malware Links
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 offers Web surfers the best protection against social engineering malware, according to test results released today by an independent research firm.

More cyberattacks hitting social networks
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting social networks, prompting people to take more steps to protect their online privacy, according to a new survey from security company Webroot.

UDRP Cyberbullying Hits a New Low
German company goes after three letter domain 16 years after it?s registered.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 calls for relook at spam filtering
The migration to IPv6 calls for a paradigm shift in mindset for spam protection, according to an industry expert.

IPv6 Security: 5 Things You Need to Know
The switch to IPv6 will not make networks more secure or more vulnerable to attack in and of itself, according to a panel of industry experts. But failing to test equipment and to make sure security features are functioning as planned could leave networks vulnerable during and after the transition to the new numbering plan.

IPv6-handling flaw found in Windows 7
Microsoft has confirmed a vulnerability in the way Windows 7 handles some IPv6 traffic, but says it will not fix the flaw until the next version of Windows

CoCCA: Minimising Harm in small ccTLDs - Request for comments : Best Practice Recommendations for Minimising Harm ( and increasing trust ) in small ccTLDs.
As part of its strategic review to improve security and trust among the small ccTLDs using CoCCA Registry Services, CoCCA is seeking input from interested parties on a number of draft recommendations that reflect the views of the administrators of the Christmas Island, Norfolk Island and Heard Island and McDonald Islands ccTLDs ( CX / NF / HM - external territories of Australia ) in relation to potential practices available to registry operators seeking to limit potential harm caused by domain registrants.


Latin American Law Firm Starts TLD Advisory Division
A Latin American law firm has established a division for policy advice and regulation of TLDs along with domain name issues and IP numbers in general.

Google Kills URL Forwarding as Yahoo Caps Some Non-.Com Domains
There have been two announcements from the big domain parking ad providers over the past 24 hours that may affect your domain parking company.

TrafficZ Clarifies Yahoo ?Revenue Cap? Notice
In light of yesterday?s article regarding the monetization change at Yahoo impacting .CO, .TV, .US, .INFO, and .BIZ domain names (referred to as a ?revenue cap?), I want to share an update on that I received from TrafficZ this evening.

The Psychology of Online Dating
Digital communication may be distracting and open up the opportunity for cyberbullying, but as the WSJ reports today, it also has social benefits. It could even be a boon for dating.

au: NBN the answer to disability and disadvantaged: Conroy
Communications minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, has sought to position the National Broadband Network as a means to connect those who are digitally isolated as a result of age, illness or disability.

au: Lack of income raises internet exclusion [AAP]
Income is the biggest barrier to bridging the digital divide in Australia, opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says.

uk: Study finds third of teachers have been bullied online
More than a third of teachers have been subject to online abuse, according to a survey conducted by Plymouth University.

uk: Teachers targeted by cyberbullying pupils and parents
School teachers have been subjected to online abuse and cyberbullying by pupils and parents, a study has found.

us: In a First, F.T.C. Settles With App Developer Over Children?s Privacy
The Federal Trade Commission on Monday announced a $50,000 settlement with a developer of mobile applications for children. The developer had been charged with violating the Children?s Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting information from children who used the apps without their parent?s permission.

us: FTC fine on app developer prompts calls for updated privacy policies
Several members of Congress praised the Federal Trade Commission on Monday for settling charges with a mobile app developer accused of invading the privacy of tens of thousands of children, but the lawmakers say more needs to be done to protect kids online.

us: Cops Use Device to Find Child Porn on Wireless Networks
Police are using a "one-button interface" device to detect child porn on wireless networks. The AirCheck gadget helps law enforcement locate and track down suspected child predators or suspects engaging in other "illegal Internet activity."

us: Dear Musicians: The RIAA Is About To Totally Screw You Over (Again!)
It's been two years since we first warned of the pending fight concerning musicians asserting their copyright termination rights. As you hopefully know by now, copyright law includes a "termination right," which cannot be contractually given up, which allows the original content creator to "reclaim" the copyright on their works 35 years after it was created.

Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn
Internet giant Google has announced a deal to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn. A joint statement said the boards of both companies had unanimously approved the deal, which should be completed by the end of this year, or early in 2012.

Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility: Arming Android
Shock. Bombshell. Incredible. Even seasoned observers of the technology industry could not hide their surprise when it was announced on Monday, August 15th, that Google, the online giant, would buy Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other electronic devices, for a whopping $12.5 billion. The deal not only comes as a surprise, it will have a big impact on the mobile industry, too.

A Bull Market in Tech Patents
Google was willing on Monday to pay $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility in no small part because of its stockpile of 17,000 patents. The patent portfolio, some analysts estimate, could represent more than half of the value of the deal, or more than $400,000 a patent.

Quest for Patents Brings New Focus in Tech Deals
Wall Street bankers and technology executives have been busy with their calculators in the wake of Google?s $12.5 billion offer for Motorola Mobililty.

Google plan to buy Motorola Mobility an explosive development in tech world
As far as explosive developments in the world of technology go, Google?s $12.5 billion deal for Motorola?s Mobility business is tantamount to detonating a nuclear bomb .?.?. a big one.

Google's Coup Shifts Mobile Alliances
Major telephone makers like Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG said on Monday that they supported Google?s planned purchase of Motorola. But will they still feel that way in a year?

Google looks to 'supercharge' Android with Motorola Mobility
Google is to acquire Motorola Mobility, the US mobile company's smartphone business, in a $12.5bn (?7.6bn) cash deal.

Google to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion
In a bid to strengthen its mobile business, Google announced on Monday that it would acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings, the cellphone business that was split from Motorola, for $40 a share in cash, or $12.5 billion.

Google-Motorola: It?s All About the Patents
Our first thought when Google announced a $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility: Holy cow. Google wants to be Apple.

Google Turning Into a Mobile Phone Company? No, It Says
Back in 2004, Eric E. Schmidt, then Google?s chief executive, proclaimed, ?We?re not going into the phone business, but we?re going to make sure Google is on those phones.?

Why Google Bought Motorola: Besides an impressive patent portfolio, Motorola will give Google greater control over the future of the mobile Web.
... However, as people increasingly access the Web via mobile devices, the acquisition could also help Google remain central to their Web experience in the years to come. As Apple has demonstrated with its wildly popular iPhone, this is far easier to achieve if a company can control the hardware, as well as the software, people carry in their pockets. Comments made by Google executives hint that Motorola could also play a role in shaping the future of the Web in other areas?for instance, in set-top boxes.

BlackBerry Maker RIM Again Subject of Takeover Talk
Ever since the introduction of its first BlackBerry more than a decade ago, Research in Motion has defied expectations that it would be gobbled up by a larger rival and has effectively created the market for smartphones.

German Court Partially Lifts Ban on Samsung Tablet
A German court partly lifted a preliminary injunction barring Samsung Electronics Co. from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in most of the European Union.

As Networks Speed Up, Data Hits a Wall
The newest smartphones are intended to run on speedy 4G networks that allow people to effortlessly stream music, watch Netflix movies and tune in live to a Mets game, wherever they are.

Smartphone wars: Android topples iPhone in Australia
Google's Android platform has for the first time overtaken Apple's iOS in smartphone sales in Australia.

Report: Spam is at a two-year high
Spam - particularly the kind with malicious attachments - is exploding, reaching a two-year high overall, which includes the spike last fall just before the SpamIt operation folded its doors, a security firm says.

Righthaven rocked, owes $34,000 after "fair use" loss
The wheels appear to be coming off the Righthaven trainwreck-in-progress. The litigation outfit, which generally sues small-time bloggers, forum operators, and the occasional Ars Technica writer, has just been slapped with a $34,000 bill for legal fees.

au: 'Every touch leaves a trace': how Google helped track bomb hoax suspect
Google and ISPs in Australia and the US would have surrendered information to NSW Police enabling them to track down Paul Douglas Peters, the man who allegedly strapped a fake bomb to Madeleine Pulver's neck on August 3, forensic experts say.

au: The Collar Bomber's Explosive Tech Gaffe [IDG]
The man who claimed to have attached a bomb collar to an Australian high school student two weeks ago thought it would be a good idea to leave a ransom note on a USB stick looped around her neck. What he probably didn't realize is that he also left his name, hidden deep in the device's memory.

uk: Police accessed BlackBerry messages to thwart planned riots
Scotland Yard stopped attacks by rioters on sites across London hours before they had been due to take place after managing to "break into" encrypted social messaging sites, it has emerged.

uk: Four years in jail for failed attempts to incite looting on Facebook
Two men have been handed four-year jail terms for setting up Facebook pages encouraging people to riot ? even though the riots never took place.

uk: Man jailed for Facebook incitement to riot to appeal
A Cheshire man jailed for using Facebook to incite disorder during last week's riots is to appeal against his prison sentence.

uk: Facebook riot calls earn men four-year jail terms amid sentencing outcry
Two men who posted messages on Facebook inciting other people to riot in their home towns have both been sentenced to four years in prison by a judge at Chester crown court.

The Internet's Most Wanted: In the mid-1990s, the hacker Kevin Mitnick was pursued by the FBI, then celebrated as a digital martyr.
Though law enforcement and corporate IT people might disagree, there is something heroic about a hacker. Those who first adopted the term had little to do with criminality. Back then?we're talking 50 years ago?computers were expensive, well-protected servants of the powerful. Early hackers ventured beyond the user's manual, creatively exploring the possibilities of a tool limited only by their imagination. Since computer access was precious, sometimes they had to sneak their way into the systems?but they were motivated by a hunger to learn more and to perform ever more interesting tricks. Technical acumen was valued most of all, and to be called a true hacker was a badge of honor.

North Korean hackers stole $6m in gaming scheme, claims South
One is the most wired country in the world, with 90% of its homes hooked up to the internet. The other refuses its population internet access and even restricts mobile phone usage.

Internet Explorer is best at protecting against drive-by downloads
Internet Explorer is better at defending against drive-by downloads than competitors' browsers and the contest isn't even close, according to a worldwide test of browsers by security research firm NSS Labs.

Study: Internet Explorer 9 Defends Best Against Malware Links
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 offers Web surfers the best protection against social engineering malware, according to test results released today by an independent research firm.

More cyberattacks hitting social networks
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting social networks, prompting people to take more steps to protect their online privacy, according to a new survey from security company Webroot.

uk: Google improving privacy policies, says information commissioner
Google has "taken reasonable steps" to improve its privacy policies since its Street View mapping cars unlawfully captured data last year, the information commissioner said on Tuesday.

uk: Google gets privacy 'to-do' list from watchdog
Google has been handed a list of suggestions for improving privacy on its services by the UK's Information Commissioner.

ICO audit finds improvements to Google?s privacy policies [news release]
Google Inc. has taken reasonable steps to improve its privacy policies, the Information Commissioner?s Office (ICO) said today, following an audit at the company?s London office.

uk: ICO reasonably assured by Google privacy changes
Google has improved its approach to privacy, the UK's data protection watchdog has said.

Google gets qualified praise for privacy changes
The Information Commissioner's Office has given Google a pat on the back for tightening up privacy since its Street View cars broke data protection laws, but has said the company still has work to do.

Need a warrant to unmask Internet users? Not if Canada gets its way
When Canada's Conservatives took the most votes in the May 2011 federal election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that an "omnibus" security/crime bill would be introduced within 100 days. The bill would wrap up a whole host of ideas that were previously introduced as separate bills?and make individual ideas much more difficult to debate. A key part of the omnibus bill will apparently be "lawful access" rules giving police greater access to ISP and geolocation data?often without a warrant?and privacy advocates and liberals are up in arms.

us: 53% of mobile users happy to hand over location data for discounts
Lately, mobile device users seem to be more aware than ever of privacy issues tied to sharing their location. But what do consumers love more than keeping a handle on their own privacy? Discounts. According to a report from mobile engagement firm JiWire, more than half of all consumers are willing to exchange their mobile location data for content that is relevant to them at the moment, such as coupons, promotions, directions, and product information.

uk: MI5 joins social messaging trawl for riot organisers
The security service MI5 and the electronic interception centre GCHQ have been asked by the government to join the hunt for people who organised last week's riots, the Guardian has learned.

nz: MED page highlights interesting points in 'three strikes' file sharing law
The Ministry of Economic Development has published information on its website about the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act.

Superfast broadband gets ready to go UK-wide
Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt will fire the starting gun on the race to turn Britain's internet "not spots" into hot spots this week by allocating a ?530m fund for broadband-starved communities. Cornish fishing villages, Welsh valleys and Cumbrian farmsteads will all have access to high-speed internet within four years if telecoms companies add their money to the state pot and consumers show interest.

Terms of Spectrum Auction in Greece Rankle Operators
This November, the Greek government hopes to raise as much as ?300 million by auctioning some of the best parts of its broadcast spectrum to three mobile network operators. Proceeds from the sale would help Greece weather its financial crisis.


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