[DNS] domain name news - 25 August

[DNS] domain name news - 25 August

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Domain name changes will help global users, says ICANN chief says

Washington Post: ICANN Departures After Web Suffix Vote Draws Criticism. How Damaged is ICANN? by Khaled Fattal

ICANN?s Peter Dengate Thrush Problem

Registrars Are A Registry's Best Friend, Finds Austria's Registry

Libyan Registry Hacked By Rebel Supporters

Watch the .nxt conference live online

Cybercriminal takes "Get Rich Click!" advice too far

Unsuccessful harvest for the Champagne domain

Cybersquatter Exploits Amy Winehouse Death And Father's Foundation Plans

Telstra to roll out IPv6 to all customers

New gTLDs Provide "Significant Opportunity" For Melbourne IT

Domain name changes will help global users, says ICANN chief says
Rod Beckstrom plans to step down next July as head of ICANN. In an interview after the announcement, Beckstrom talked about ICANN's accomplishments since he was named president and CEO two years ago as well as the organization's efforts to implement new gTLDs.

Washington Post: ICANN Departures After Web Suffix Vote Draws Criticism. How Damaged is ICANN? by Khaled Fattal
ICANN Chairman and other departures after the board's vote to approve the new gTLDs in Singapore draw criticism, reports The Washington Post. Shortly after the vote, Peter Dengate Thrush joined a New gTLD Group which stands to greatly benefit directly from this vote on the program he led on for nearly 3 years. This appears to have caused grave damage to ICANN's credibility internationally drawing international Press and Governments criticism over conflict of interest.

ICANN?s Peter Dengate Thrush Problem
ICANN has a problem. As criticism mounts against its approval of the new TLD program, some groups are pointing fingers at an inherent conflict of interest.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Registrars Are A Registry's Best Friend, Finds Austria's Registry
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but the latest .AT Report shows how registrars are a registry's best friend. And nic.at has 430 official registrars that look after over 95 per cent of the .AT domain names with the remaining 4.6 per cent having their domains managed by the registry directly.

The .at-report: The new information-tool of the .at zone
The world of domains is changing constantly. Even insiders can hardly track all developments in detail. Published three times a year, the .at-Report will keep you abreast of all the latest developments, trends and issues in the .at zone. The reports are structured in two parts: They open with facts and figures about the .at zone, from new registrations to geographical analysis broken down by province and statistics regarding the usage of .at-domains.. The last page in each issue will be given over to a different topical question. The summer issue 2011 deals with the Registrar World of .at.

Rebel hackers seize Libyan domain name registry
As fighting rages around Colonel Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, hackers have taken the fight online to the country's domain name registry nic.ly.

Libyan Registry Hacked By Rebel Supporters
The website for the Libyan registry, nic.ly, was defaced by hackers as rebels entered the capital city of Tripoli. The hackers left a message on the website saying "Hacked by Electr0n & ali monder" along with "bye bye Qadaffi".

Video: How to Keep Your Brand Off of .XXX - For a Low, One-Time Fee, You Can Stay Sleaze-Free
Are you a brand manager who has actually been following the proposed changes to TLDs? Are you, perhaps, one of those losing sleep at night over the myriad headaches this may cause? Do you worry, maybe, that, despite assurances from ICANN and others to the contrary, your brand name will hijacked and harnessed to Lord knows what? Say, a domain name featuring .XXX? Guess what? For a low, one-time fee -- and for a limited time only -- you can prevent this from happening.

Trademark Holders Face an Explicit Problem With .XXX Web Domain
The keepers of corporate trademarks in many a law department are going to need to have an unusual conversation in the next few weeks: "What should we do about the .xxx domain?"

Secret list of celebrity .xxx domains removed from market
Hundreds, possibly thousands of celebrities have had their names permanently banned from the new .xxx adults-only internet domain.

Want Beyonce.xxx? JustinBieber.xxx? Forget it
ICM Registry has banned a whole bunch of celebrity names from the new .xxx TLD, in order to scupper cybersquatters and opportunistic porn webmasters.

.com switch sparks corporate concerns
An investigation conducted by The Times has found that the planned expansion of internet domains to incorporated any suffix are meeting stiff resistance from governments and corporations.

Watch the .nxt conference live online
The .nxt conference on new TLDs kicks off in San Francisco later today, but fear not if you were unable to make it in person ? much of the content will be streamed live online.

Cybercriminal takes "Get Rich Click!" advice too far
Last month, cybercriminal Daniel Goncalves had the dubious honour of becoming the first person to receive a prison term for domain name theft. On 22 July 2011, he was sentenced to five years in prison by the New Jersey state Superior Court after pleading guilty in a plea bargain arrangement that spared him a possible 15 year sentence. Goncalves had stolen the domain name <p2p.com>, estimated to be worth between $160,000 and $200,000 at the time of the theft, and sold it via eBay for over $100,000 in a plot worthy of an airport novel involving multi-millionaire Internet investors, an unsuspecting Mormon NBA basket ball player and a sleuthing nurse.

Unsuccessful harvest for the Champagne domain
The Comit? Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC, the representative body of French Champagne producers), a body established by statute under the laws of France, recently lost a Complaint filed under the UDRP with the WIPO. The Complaint concerned the domain name <champagne.co> (the Domain Name), and was denied on the grounds that the CIVC (the Complainant) failed to prove that the Domain Name was identical or confusingly similar to a trade mark or service mark in which it had rights as per Paragraph 4(a)(i) of the UDRP.

Cybersquatter Exploits Amy Winehouse Death And Father's Foundation Plans
A cybersquatter has registered a domain name for a charity Amy Winehouse's father intended to set up in memory of his late daughter.

Cyber squatter foiling Winehouse charity plan [AP]
Amy Winehouse's father Mitch said his plans to set up a charity in his late daughter's name had been frustrated by a cyber squatter who had stolen the organisation's intended address on the internet.

Back to blagger: We find gloating rat who hijacked Amy Winehouse web address
A heartless internet "squatter" is sitting on a web address for a charity set up in memory of Amy Winehouse.

Cybersquatters face eviction notice
In the past, cybersquatters have pocketed millions of dollars for simply being the first to register a domain name of a famous company or its product. Thanks to a welcome international development, domain names can now be transferred back to their rightful owners through a simple online process.

Facebook Close to Settling Long Running Dispute Over ?FB?
Facebook is getting close to settling a trademark dispute with American Farm Bureau over the mark ?FB?. It all comes down to one sentence.

 - IPv4/IPv6
au: Telstra to roll out IPv6 to all customers
Telstra has confirmed that it will be set to roll out IPv6 later this year to all customers following impending IPv6 trials for its enterprise customers.

Melbourne IT Maintains Interim Dividend and Forecasts Stronger Second Half Performance After a Challenging First Half - Strong Australian Dollar continues to negatively impact results
Melbourne IT announced its half year results for the six months ending 30 June 2011, reporting an 11% year-on-year decrease in revenue to $87.6 million and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of $7.0 million, down 30% year-on-year. Net profit after tax (NPAT) for the first half declined 29% to $4.9 million year-on-year, however the first half dividend was maintained at 7? fully franked, which is unchanged from H1 2010.

New gTLDs Provide "Significant Opportunity" For Melbourne IT
Melbourne IT's half year results for the six months ending 30 June, released this week, show an 11 per cent year-on-year decreased in revenue to $87.6 million and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of $7.0 million, down 30% year-on-year. But the organisation predicts brighter days ahead with 17 companies confirming they will apply for a new gTLD in 2012.

gTLDs to become MelbourneIT's cash cow
The six months ending 30 June were a less-than-stellar first half for web services company MelbourneIT, but managing director Theo Hnarkis has revealed a new revenue stream to help get the company back in the black: premium TLDs.

Melbourne IT goes direct
Melbourne IT planned to re-train its enterprise services team in preparation for a move to direct sales after blaming poor financial results on growing competition from its partners.

High Aussie dollar blamed for Melbourne IT's 11 per cent H1 revenue drop
IT services company, Melbourne IT has blamed an 11 per cent year-on-year decrease in revenue on the impact of the strong Australian dollar and soft market conditions in the US and Europe.

Melbourne IT gears up for cloud competition
Melbourne IT has re-skilled its enterprise services team to address declining revenue and new competition from its telco partners.

The design of the Domain Name System (Part I) by John Levine
Over the past 30 years the Domain Name System has become an integral part of the operation of the Internet. Due to its ubiquity and good performance, many new applications over the years have used the DNS to publish information. But as the DNS and its applications have grown farther from its original use in publishing information about Internet hosts, questions have arisen about what applications are appropriate for publication in the DNS, and how one should design an application to work well with the DNS.


The design of the Domain Name System (Part II) - Exact and approximate name matching by John Levine
In the previous installment, we looked at the overall design of the DNS. Today we'll look at the ways it does and does not allow clients to look up data by name. The most important limitation of the DNS, compared to other databases, is that it only does exact match lookups. That is, with a few minor exceptions, the name in the query has to match the name of the desired records exactly. One exception is folding of upper and lower case characters, which has little effect, the other is DNS wildcards.

On Your Mark, Get Set GO! 5 Conferences Scheduled Over the Next 8 Weeks + Sedo Adds New Member to Management Team 
There were far fewer domain conferences in the first half of this year than we've seen in the recent past, but things are about to get busy on the show circuit with at least five industry events scheduled over the next eight weeks in the U.S. alone. DOMAINfest will get things started with their Meet-up in New York City Tuesday night (August 23). The event will run from 7-10pm at the Mad46 Rooftop Lounge (located atop the 19th floor of The Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue at 46th Street.)

Moniker/SnapNames DOMAINfest New York Auction Opens
Moniker and SnapNames have released the premium domain name auction catalogue featured at Tuesday night?s DOMAINfest meet-up at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The online auction opened at noon Tuesday (U.S. Eastern time) and will conclude Tuesday, September 20 at 15:15 (U.S. Eastern).

ISPs Could Make More Money by Offering Multiple Service Plans
A study finds that three to four tiers of service would be all that it would take to create better options for consumers and near-optimal profits for providers.

'Google needs television industry' will be message at Edinburgh
When Google's chairman Eric Schmidt gives the MacTaggart lecture to an audience of television executives in Edinburgh on Friday, the first person from outside the broadcasting sector to do so, he will deliver a positive message: "Google needs you".

Got an email marketing campaign? Send it on a Thursday
The best day to send an email marketing message is a Thursday, according to an analysis carried out technology firm Responsys.

Facebook Hits 1 Trillion Pageviews
Social networking behemoth Facebook reached 1 trillion pageviews in June, according to new data. Facebook is the most-visited website on the Internet, according to data compiled by the ad network DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google.

Japan "computer grannies" grip internet lifeline
Fifteen years ago, a growing sense of isolation due to old age prompted Kayoko Okawa, then 66, to knock on the door of a local volunteer centre and timidly ask if it was possible for someone her age to start an online community for seniors.

Facebook and Twitter to oppose calls for social media blocks during riots
Facebook and Twitter are preparing to stand firm against government ministers' calls to ban people from social networks or shut their websites down in times of civil unrest.

Facebook adds new privacy controls
The rivalry between Google and Facebook has a new front: privacy. Facebook said it would roll out new controls for sharing personal information on the social network on Thursday, giving its more than 750 million users new tools to manage who can see information about them. The company plans to move a number of privacy controls -- which previously required navigating to a separate settings page -- to users' homes pages and profile pages, next to where they view and post content.

Facebook changes privacy options
Facebook has announced a major revamp of how users control their privacy on the site. Among the changes, items posted online will each have their own sharing settings determining who can see them.

Facebook changes how photos are tagged and shared
Facebook has moved to address one of its biggest privacy challenges by finally giving users more control over photos tagged and shared on their profile.

New Control Over Privacy on Facebook
Privacy worries have bedeviled Facebook since its early days, from the introduction of the endless scroll of data known as the news feed to, most recently, the use of facial recognition technology to identify people in photographs.

Facebook Aims to Simplify Privacy Settings
Didn?t mean for your boss to see a picture of you on the beach that day you called in sick? Maybe you hadn?t meant for the police to know you were mobilizing your friends to join a public protest? Had you bargained on your high school principal seeing Facebook photographs that they considered so risqu? they kicked you off the cheerleading squad?

What Facebook?s New Privacy Settings Mean For You
Starting on Thursday, Facebook users will find a slew of new options to manage who gets to see what they share on the site.

India's social media "spring" masks forgotten protests
Irom Sharmila has been on hunger strike for 10 years to protest against military abuses, force-fed by tubes through her nose. But the tragedy for the world's longest hunger strike is that she is on the wrong side of India's digital divide.

How to tell if your child's being cyber bullied: Odds are, your teen won't tell you, so it's important to know the signs
In the past year, a million children were victims of cyberbullying on Facebook, according to a recently released Consumer Reports survey. About 20 percent of students age 11 to 18 surveyed in 2010 by the Cyberbullying Research Center said they'd been cyberbullied at some point in their lives.

BeingGirl website accused of 'exploiting' teenage girls
Critics say advice and information website selling hair removal products to young girls is 'cynical' and 'clearly a marketing tool'

us: Child Identity Theft Takes Advantage Of Kids' Unused Social Security Numbers
Every few weeks, Stephanie McManis receives a phone call from a collection agency asking for someone she never met. She recently opened a letter from a bank threatening to sue her for defaulting on a loan she never took out. She checks her credit report monthly, disputing late payments on emergency room visits she never made.

Illegal Downloads of Fox Shows on the Rise
It looks like the television studios did not learn anything from the missteps of the music industry.

Music site not responsible for copyright infringement through linked content, US court rules
A music website company is responsible for copyright infringement by users that store illegal content on their servers but is not responsible for copyright infringement by users that post links to illegal content hosted elsewhere, a US court has ruled.

3G mobile data network crowd-sourcing survey by BBC News
A BBC crowd-sourcing survey into the state of mobile Britain suggests that 3G has some way to go before it offers comprehensive coverage across the UK.

Mobile phones could soon be 'powered by walking'
Taking a stroll may soon be enough to re-charge your mobile phone, after US researchers developed a way to generate electricity from human motion.

McAfee: Malware surging on mobile platforms, especially Android
Mobile platforms are anything but safe from malware, based on the second quarter Threats Report from McAfee.

Malware targeting Android devices jumped 76 pct in Q2 - McAfee
U.S. computer security software maker McAfee said the number of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent since last quarter, making Android the most attacked mobile operating system.

McAfee Q2 2011 Threats Report Shows Significant Growth for Malware on Mobile Platforms - Report Shows Record Growth for Malware and Rootkits; Major Hacktivist Activity [news release]
McAfee today released the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2011, showing that the amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent since last quarter, to become the most attacked mobile operating system. 2011 has also resulted in the busiest ever first half-year in malware history, including a first-ever appearance of Mac fake AV and a significant uptick in rootkits, suggesting that McAfee?s comprehensive malware ?zoo? collection will reach a record 75 million samples by the year?s end.


McAfee Partners with NEC to Secure the Android Platform [news release]
McAfee Co., Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of McAfee, today announced that NEC Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuhiro Endo) will offer McAfee Mobile Security pre-installed on its ?LifeTouch?(*) series cloud communicator starting August 26, 2011. McAfee Mobile Security is the industry?s most comprehensive and powerful mobile security suite. The pre-installation of this security suite on the NEC ?LifeTouch? series represents the first service bundle of its kind to be made available in Japan.

Euro ban for Samsung Galaxy phone
Samsung has been banned from selling three models of its Galaxy smartphones in a number of European countries.

Samsung to Apple: Kubrick made first iPad
Stanley Kubrick, not Apple, designed the iPad, Samsung says in a bizarre patent defence that cites 2001: A Space Odyssey as an argument for why its copycat tablet shouldn't be pulled from sale in the US.

What Happens if Apple Wins EU Tablet Dispute?
What is the difference between an air freshener bottle and a tablet computer? Quite a lot, Apple will be hoping, when it returns to court in D?sseldorf, Germany, on Thursday 25 August trying to prove the Samsung Tab 10.1 is a copy of the iPad.

FBI fights back against cybercrime
Law enforcers have linked up with businesses and academics in the US to tackle the spread of crime on the internet

White House pledges new Net privacy approach
A White House aide today previewed the administration's forthcoming approach to Internet consumer protection, saying it will provide "privacy law without regulation."

us: Privacy charged dropped against ad network that tracked online behaviour without consent
A computer user who alleged that an advertising network breached US privacy laws did not prove she had suffered sufficient damages for those charges to be further examined, a US court has ruled.

The Battle for Tripoli's Internet
As dawn broke in Libya on the morning of Sunday 21 August, it appeared that the battle for control of Tripoli was underway. Throughout the night, a steady stream of tweets and retweets emerged from Libyan sources, painting a confusing, often contradictory picture of the evolving situation.

Libya starts to reconnect to internet
Libya's internet connections appear to be slowly coming back online after a six-month blackout.

au: Cybercrime bill on fast-track
The "seriously flawed" Cybercrime Bill has been rushed through the House of Representatives today without any changes to rectify problems identified by a cross-party inquiry.

au: A-G in call for talks on online piracy
The federal Attorney-General will meet industry stakeholders next month to discuss potential new copyright laws to combat online piracy.

When Should You Buy?
Researchers and companies are developing algorithms to predict the best time to buy new consumer tech products.

Sell Big or Die Fast
Seven weeks after it was put on sale, Hewlett-Packard killed its TouchPad tablet, the company?s competitor to Apple?s iPad.

China Overtakes U.S. as Largest Market for PCs
China probably overtook the U.S. as the largest personal-computer market last quarter, after three decades of American dominance in an industry pioneered by Apple Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM).

Africa is a hub for telecoms growth
Africa ? no longer regarded as an impassable continent. It has been suggested that 7 of the 10 fastest-growing economies will come from sub-Saharan Africa in the next 5 years. What?s more, the Secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Dr Hamadoun Tour?, believes that access to broadband and technology is the key to the continent?s advancement.


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