[DNS] domain name news - 22 September

[DNS] domain name news - 22 September

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New gTLD Applicant Guidebook

WHOIS Policy Review Team Meeting: 20-21 September 2011 Marina del Rey

How long can the ICANN Board hide its secret meeting?

ICANN and Ethics by Philip S Corwin

Domain Registrants Prefer Local Registrars, EURid Analysis Finds

Icann chief Rod Beckstrom urges organisations to 'get educated' on generic TLDs

Just a mouse click away from war by Kevin Rudd

au: Speedo in fight with 'bisexual blogger'

Market Leader Buys RealEstate.com For $8.25 Million

nz: Aucklander owns Hone, Paul and Willie 

New gTLD Applicant Guidebook
On 20 June 2011 the ICANN Board voted to approve the Applicant Guidebook for the New gTLD Program. Having concluded the detailed stakeholder discussions on policy and implementation for this program, ICANN is preparing for its launch: applications for new gTLDs are planned to be accepted 12 January ? 12 April 2012. (Note: all applicants must at least register in the online application system by 29 March 2012.)

ICANN Unveils Online Site, Applicant Guidebook for New Generic Top-Level Domains
ICANN today launched a micro website for new gTLDs, a program that heralds one of the biggest changes to the Internet in its history. The site offers a wealth of information about the new program, including the Applicant Guidebook approved by ICANN?s Board of Directors.

Supporting New gTLD Applicants, Including Those From Developing Economies
This program seeks to facilitate partnerships with those seeking assistance in launching a new gTLD with those in the community able and eager to provide assistance. These partnerships can play an important role in achieving a new gTLD Program goal of increasing global diversity and participation in the Domain Name System.

ICANN Launches New Online Information Center for New gTLDs
ICANN has just launched a new "micro-site" as the online home for information about the New gTLDs Program.

WHOIS Policy Review Team Meeting: 20-21 September 2011 Marina del Rey
With a view to issuing a draft final report by the ICANN Dakar meeting, the WHOIS Policy Review Team will hold a two-day face-to-face meeting in Marina del Rey (Los Angeles) on 20-21 September 2011.

Pre-Dakar ICANN Policy Update Webinar Invitation
Whether you plan to participate in the upcoming ICANN meeting in Dakar remotely or in person, you're invited to a quick reminder of the background and current status of each major policy issue currently under discussion in ICANN.

ICANN Names Award-Winning Broadcast News Veteran as Senior Director of Communications
ICANN has named Jim Trengrove as its Senior Director of Communications.

How long can the ICANN Board hide its secret meeting?
In the second week of August, 8-12, ICANN's Board members all joined a teleconference call where they discussed whether to extend the contract of current CEO Rod Beckstrom.

Selecting ICANN's Next CEO: A Letter to the Chair of the Board by Jean-Jacques Subrenat
Since ICANN's CEO announced (on Twitter) that he would be leaving in July 2012, the Internet has been abuzz with details on what happened and why. Rod Beckstrom's tenure so far has earned praise and criticism, much of the latter dwelling on his management style, and on the rate of turnover in ICANN's staff since his appointment. As for the praise, it was implicit in the official announcement put out by ICANN on 16 September, with a link to a list of the outgoing CEO's achievements. Many in our community have a vivid recollection of the criticism leveled at Beckstrom, during a plenary session in an ICANN international meeting, by Maria Farrell, a former staff member.

ICANN and Ethics by Philip S Corwin
On September 2nd ICANN opened a one-month public comment period asking whether its Conflict of Interest Policy and related Bylaws should be altered. In light of recent heightened scrutiny of ICANN's policies regarding permissible employment options for departing Directors and key employees this announcement might have been welcome news. Instead, it's a narrow, cart-before-the-horse initiative that seems tone-deaf to predictable stakeholder, political and public relations fallout.

As new gTLDs loom, ICANN expands
ICANN plans to upgrade its offices in California and Brussels to deal with anticipated staff growth as the new TLDs program kicks off.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Important Election in Canada This Week With Four Seats to Be Filled on the .CA Registry's Board of Directors: Candidates Include Industry Veteran Frank Michlick
An important election gets underway in Canada this week. Voting that will select four new members to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) - the body that administers Canada's official country code TLD, .CA - gets underway at 12 noon (Eastern time) on Wednesday (Sept. 21, 2011) and will conclude at the same time on week later (Wednesday, Sept. 28).

TRA launches phase to register special domain names
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) is pleased to announce the opening of registration in the Arabic domain name (DotEmarat) for special names. 

EU registrars corner .eu registration market
An overwhelming 84% of .eu domain names are registered by registrars based in the European Union, according to analysis done by the .eu registry, EURid.

Domain Registrants Prefer Local Registrars, EURid Analysis Finds
Domain name registrants like to register domain names with registrars in their own country, an analysis of .EU registrations has found.

EU registrars register 84% of .eu domain names
Nearly 84 percent of .eu domain names are registered by registrars based in the European Union, according to a report by the .eu registry EURid.

Positioning Nigeria?s .ng for economic benefits
With the discovery that the Nigerian domain name, .ng, could contribute over N250 million to government coffers yearly, there is a renewed interest by stakeholders on how to harness the initiative to boost ICT?s contributions to the economy.

NITDA to enforce compliance with govt?s domain policy
THE National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has announced plans to enforce compliance with ?.ng? as the Nigerian domain name.

Icann chief made to defend new gTLDs at London debate
Icann CEO Rod Beckstrom was grilled by a panel comprising Lesley Cowley, CEO of .uk registry Nominet, Lorna Gradden, director of the Com Laude registry, and freelance journalist Kevin Murphy.

Icann chief Rod Beckstrom urges organisations to 'get educated' on generic TLDs
Icann president and chief executive Rod Beckstrom has called on organisations to "get educated now" about new gTLDs to avoid being left behind, as one of the biggest ever changes in the internet's Domain Name System takes effect from early 2012.

There?s a new new gTLDs Applicant Guidebook and it?s quite boring
ICANN has released the eighth version of the Applicant Guidebook for the new gTLDs program as promised, and as expected it?s rather dull.

New ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook Released (and more)
ICANN has been quiet lately, very quiet. It has been making everyone nervous and leaving the field open to ICANN?s enemies, which has in turn encouraged domain industry hacks to resort to long ?think pieces? in the absence of news ? always a cause for concern.

Minds + Machines to Announce New .brand gTLD Pricing at INTA
Minds + Machines is a sponsor of the Trademarks and the Internet conference put on by the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Washington DC this coming week on Wednesday and Thursday (September 21st and 22nd).

M+M offers .brand gTLDs from $25k
Minds + Machines is promoting its gTLD registry services to brand owners at the International Trademark Association meeting in Washington DC, revealing prices as low as $25,000 a year.

The Association of National Advertisers Blinders on New TLDs by Alexa Raad
I read with interest the piece by the Chairman of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Garry Elliot, in Advertising Age, which was partly prompted by my commentary in the same publication describing why new gTLDs could be an opportunity for some brands. He says: "From all I've seen, no matter how one tries to justify ICANN's process or the benefits it speculates will occur, it is simply impossible to defend the economics of the ICANN proposal. That is the Achilles' heel of this entire exercise. To paraphrase an old saying, 'It's the economics, stupid.'"

DotBrand Solutions launches in the Middle East
DotBrand Solutions MENA has launched in the Middle East to empower Arab companies in protecting their trademarks in the era of new TLDs, acquiring and operating their own in TLDs as alternatives to .com, .net and country codes in addition to securing a leadership role in the introduction of domain names in Arabic script.

Just a mouse click away from war by Kevin Rudd
There was a time when war was begun with a shot. Now it can begin with the simple click of a mouse. A silent attack that you may never even know occurred until it all unfolds in front of you.

Japan defence firm Mitsubishi Heavy in cyber attack
Japan's top weapons maker has confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack reportedly targeting data on missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants.

U.S. Expresses Concern Over Cyberattacks in Japan
The United States gave a stern warning on Wednesday over recent cyberattacks on Japan?s top defense contractors, the latest in a series of security breaches that have fueled worries over Tokyo?s ability to handle delicate information.

US security agency opens to outsiders on cyber safety
Anthony Stramella, an official with the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center, is more aware than most of how information from computers, telephones and other devices can be tampered with or end up in the wrong hands.

au: Speedo in fight with 'bisexual blogger'
There are taut, athletic bodies clad in Speedo swimwear that the iconic Australian swim brand wants to be associated with. Think Olympians Eamon Sullivan and Leisel Jones. ... In the Federal Court yesterday, the Netherlands and British registered SPEEDO Holdings BV and SPEEDO International Ltd outlined the efforts lawyers had taken to serve legal demands on ''aussiespeedoguy'' Dave Evans, who describes himself as a ''bisexual blogger''. ... At various times Mr Evans had, under aliases, registered domain names containing the word ''Speedo''. Some featured ''images of persons wearing swimwear briefs and related offensive images''.

au: Speedo takes "bisexual blogger" to court over "sexually explicit" websites
Swimwear giant Speedo is engaged in a court fight with a "bisexual blogger" over the use of its name on "sexually explicit" websites.

Typosquatting Continues to Pose Dangers to Enterprises, Consumers by Mary Roach, MarkMonitor
While typosquatting is not a new phenomenon, recent research highlights that it is being used to collect sensitive corporate information from employees and lure consumers to interact with dubious websites. ... Security consultancy Godai Group recently uncovered the use of a specific type of typosquat - a "doppelganger domain" - to collect sensitive enterprise information via email-based attacks.

What comes after IPv6 and DNS? by Bill St. Arnaud
Yet despite the imminent termination of any new IP4 addresses, there seems to be no large scale movement to adopt IPv6. A number of networks have implemented dual stack support, but the deployment of IPv6 applications and support services by institutions such as universities and large enterprises is moving at a snail?s pace.

The US DOJ Rogue Internet Pharmacy Settlement: Implications for Registrars by John Horton
In the wake of Google's settlement with the Department of Justice for permitting advertising by illegal online pharmacies, what are the legal implications for Domain Name Registrars and ISPs in the US and elsewhere? In short, if you're a Registrar or ISP, it's a new ballgame. Here's why it's critical for you to steer clear of criminal and civil liability by making sure your registration services aren't used by rogue online pharmacy criminals. (And, here's how to do it.)

Chanel Files Internet Trademark Lawsuit In Vegas [AP]
Chanel Inc. has filed a sweeping cyberpiracy and trademark infringement lawsuit in Nevada against 399 websites the company accuses of selling counterfeit items bearing the luxury retailer's name.

Market Leader Buys RealEstate.com For $8.25 Million
Market Leader, a NASDAQ-listed provider of online marketing and technology solutions for real estate professionals, this morning announced the acquisition of RealEstate.com.

nz: Aucklander owns Hone, Paul and Willie 
What does a 24-year-old west Aucklander have in common with Paul Henry, SAS ace Willie Apiata and Hone Harawira? He has their names - in cyberspace. Jules Boven owns domain names paulhenry.co.nz, honeharawira.co.nz and willieapiata.co.nz, among many others containing well known Kiwi names.

Igal Lichtman's TrafficMedia Scores Major Coup Inking Small Business Domain Development Deal With $5 Billion Wall Street Firm
DN Journal's first ever Cover Story back in 2003 was about Igal Lichtman and his innovative new domain monetization service DomainSpa.com. Over the years Lichtman's domain empire has blossomed into TrafficMedia.com, a one stop web solutions shop that offers everything from domain registration, parking, appraisals, sales and development to hosting and brand protection.

us: In Small Towns, Gossip Moves to the Web, and Turns Vicious
In the small towns nestled throughout the Ozarks, people like to say that everybody knows everybody?s business ? and if they do not, they feel free to offer an educated guess.

Kiwis get the Googles over Scarlett
When the news broke that naked photos of Scarlet Johansson had been leaked, New Zealanders took to Google to search for them.

Updates improve Facebook and Twitter connections
Facebook members will soon be able to pipe their profile directly to a connected Twitter account.

Facebook to launch music and film 'ticker'
Facebook will on Thursday unveil a real-time stream of what its users are watching and listening to online, turning the social network into a key entertainment destination on the web.

Google Is Going Face to Facebook
Turns out Google+ knows how to add. The search giant's recently launched social network rolled out new features Tuesday while removing its velvet rope of exclusivity and opening itself up to all comers. That should keep the heat on more dominant social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Still, it remains far behind and will have to keep innovating to catch up.

Google+ Social Network Opened to Public
Google Inc. on Tuesday broadened its assault on rival Facebook Inc. by opening its Google+ online social network to the public.

Google+ opens social network to everyone
Google+ is being opened up for anyone to join after two-and-a-half months in closed testing.

Google+ public launch takes battle to Facebook and Twitter
Google has opened its ambitious social networking site Google+ to the public, having attracted more than 20 million users for aits 12-week invitation-only trial.

Google+ Opens Up to All Comers
Google on Tuesday opened its invitation-only social network, Google+, to anyone who wants to join at google.com/+.

America: Land of the Slow Broadband
Internet speeds in the United States have long trailed those in other countries like South Korea. Downloading videos, games and other big files often takes far longer for Americans than their counterparts across the globe.

Facebook deal with Diageo fuels under-age drinking fears
A multimillion-dollar deal agreed between Facebook and drinks company Diageo will fuel the under-age drinking epidemic by exposing increasing numbers of young people to alcohol marketing, health experts are warning.

Will Super Wi-Fi Live Up To Its Name? The next generation of Wi-Fi was supposed to offer a big boost in capacity and range.
It's likely that a few years from now, Americans' laptops, smart phones, and other wireless devices will be able to get online using "Super Wi-Fi," a new standard that will increase capacity in places where regular Wi-Fi networks have become overcrowded. The bad news: most people won't be able to use those airwaves to make long-range connections, which was supposed to be the major technological advance that would put the "super" in Super Wi-Fi.

Poll: Young People See Online Slurs as Just Joking [AP]
Is it ever OK to tweet that a girl's a "slut"? How about slinging offensive names for homosexuals in a post to a friend on Facebook? Or texting a racial slur? Most young people think it's all right when friends are joking around with each other, according to a new poll.

uk: Man admits to elaborate online stalking campaign against girlfriend
A woman harassed for more than three years by an online stalker who turned out to be her boyfriend has called for him to be sent to prison.

$675,000 fine for illegally downloading music: court reinstates ruling
A US appeals court reinstated a $US675,000 ($659,115) verdict against a Boston University student who illegally downloaded 30 songs and shared them on the internet, but left the door open for the trial judge to reduce the award again.

Pew Survey: A third of Americans would rather text than talk, survey says
What's your preferred means of cellphone communication: text or talk? A new survey from Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project says a slight majority of Americans -- 53 percent, to be exact -- prefer a voice call to a text message. But 31 percent of cellphone users would rather get a text.

Pew survey: Half of phone texters prefer voice calls
Three-quarters of American adults with cellphones send and receive texts, but more than half of them prefer voice calls instead. Although that changes if someone texts a lot.

Americans and Text Messaging
Overview: Some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. The Pew Research Center?s Internet & American Life Project asked those texters in a survey how they prefer to be contacted on their cell phone and 31% said they preferred texts to talking on the phone, while 53% said they preferred a voice call to a text message. Another 14% said the contact method they prefer depends on the situation.

French papers team up to break Apple stranglehold
Apple's tight control over media content on its iPad is about to fall foul of some of France's most powerful newspapers and magazines, which hope that by teaming up they can stop the technology giant from dictating the terms of their distribution.

Google Wallet mobile payments system launched to public
Google has launched its mobile payments technology, Google Wallet, opening it to members of the public.

Samsung considers legal action over Apple's new iPhone - source
Samsung Electronics Co is considering legal action to ban sales of Apple's new iPhone, a source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday, in what could be its strongest step to defend against claims by the U.S. firm that the South Korean firm had copied its product designs.

Mobile operators fail to connect with UK users - study
British consumers want more information and transparency from mobile broadband operators even though their overall satisfaction with providers has improved slightly from last year, a consumer survey showed on Monday.

Google Says Oracle Lowers Request by 66% to $2 Billion in Android Dispute
Google Inc. said Oracle Corp. lowered its damages request to at least $2 billion in a patent and copyright dispute over Android software, according to a court filing.

US targeted most by malicious mail last month: Kaspersky
Cybercriminals sending malware under the veil of business mails, says computer security company

Poker Web Site Cheated Users, U.S. Suit Says
The millions of people who signed up for a Web site called Full Tilt Poker knew they were there to gamble. But it turns out they were taking on far more risk than they realized, even when they had no chips on the virtual table.

Poker Site Fires Back Over ?Ponzi Scheme? Charge
Prosecutors are throwing the book at Full Tilt Poker. A lawyer for the embattled online poker company is throwing a book back: the dictionary.

U.S. calls online poker site a "global Ponzi scheme"
U.S. prosecutors made new allegations on Tuesday in a probe of the Full Tilt Poker website, accusing self-styled "Poker Professor" Howard Lederer and professional poker champion Christopher Ferguson and others of paying themselves more than $440 million while defrauding other players.

U.S. Alleges Poker Site Stacked Deck
As professional poker players, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Rafael Furst got rich by bluffing players out of their money in televised tournaments. Now, the U.S. government alleges that they and their colleagues used this same approach in running one of the world's largest online poker sites.

Full Tilt Poker's Lederer, Ferguson accused of $US300m global Ponzi fraud
The US Justice Department overnight accused poker celebrities Howard Lederer and Christopher Ferguson, among other executives of a major poker website, of defrauding poker players out of more than $US300 million ($292.6m).

Exposing Norton's cybercrime scare campaign
Over the last couple of weeks, some news stories have been floating about claiming cybercrime costs society US$388 billion ($471 billion) annually, with Australia alone suffering A$4.6 billion in yearly losses.

Just a mouse click away from war by Kevin Rudd
There was a time when war was begun with a shot. Now it can begin with the simple click of a mouse. A silent attack that you may never even know occurred until it all unfolds in front of you.

Japan defence firm Mitsubishi Heavy in cyber attack
Japan's top weapons maker has confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack reportedly targeting data on missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants.

U.S. Expresses Concern Over Cyberattacks in Japan
The United States gave a stern warning on Wednesday over recent cyberattacks on Japan?s top defense contractors, the latest in a series of security breaches that have fueled worries over Tokyo?s ability to handle delicate information.

US security agency opens to outsiders on cyber safety
Anthony Stramella, an official with the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center, is more aware than most of how information from computers, telephones and other devices can be tampered with or end up in the wrong hands.

Setting Boundaries for Internet Privacy
Watchful European privacy regulators are wielding increasing influence beyond the Continent?s borders. Last week, they pressed Google, as they had Apple, to change the way it collected data on cellphone locations worldwide.

Companies need consent before cookie tracking, senior European Commission official says
Website operators need to gain internet users' permission before storing information about their online activity in 'cookies', the European Commission's Vice President has said.

Russia, China, Tajikistan propose UN "code of conduct" for the 'Net
Quick show of hands: which four countries would you most trust to introduce a United Nations-backed ?international code of conduct for information security? on the Internet? If your list included China, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, then you'll love the new code of conduct introduced at the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week.

Russia and China Propose UN General Assembly Resolution on "Information Security" by Milton Mueller
On September 12 China, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan released a Resolution for the UN General Assembly [PDF] entitled "International code of conduct for information security." The resolution proposes a voluntary 12 point code of conduct based on "the need to prevent the potential use of information and communication technologies for purposes that are inconsistent with the objectives of maintaining international stability and security and may adversely affect the integrity of the infrastructure within States..." The Code seems to be intended to preserve and protect national sovereignty in information and communication. Its preambles are full of language taken from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), such as the claim that "policy authority for Internet-related public issues is the sovereign right of States."

au: Digital media prone to content influx, inquiry told
Digital media should be regulated to ensure Australian content levels do not fall, an inquiry into the future communications landscape has said.

au: New rules tipped for television content
The government's review of media rules for the digital age is looking at entirely dropping Australian quotas for television and radio, or making them apply to websites too if it decides they should be kept.

au: Aussie tech price 'rip-offs' go under the microscope
Technology companies are under pressure to reduce the yawning gaps in prices between Australia and the US, as the government has asked treasury officials and the Productivity Commission to investigate the issue.

nz: Bomb threat accused 'misdirected'
Internet copyright experts say a South Auckland high school student who allegedly made bomb threats in retaliation to a new internet copyright law is misdirected.

NZ resists Oz-style media audits
Australia is pushing ahead with reviews on media standards and looking at the convergence of the media and telecommunications markets.

nz: Skynet law still to hit offenders
Internet users are yet to feel the full sting of the Government's anti-piracy "Skynet" law, with only a few unconfirmed reports of pirates being pinged by copyright holders.

Google Says It Plays Fair
In written testimony to a Senate antitrust panel where he will testify Wednesday afternoon, Eric Schmidt, Google?s chairman, describes the search giant as a company facing fierce competition on many fronts, a relentless innovator in a dynamic industry and a creation of the open Internet so consumers can easily switch to competing services.

Google denies 'cooking' search results
Google's executive chairman has denied that the company fixes its search results to promote its own websites and services. Eric Schmidt told a congressional hearing in Washington: "May I simply say that I can assure you we're not cooking anything."

Schmidt: Google Dominant? Heck, We?re Just One Slip Away From Oblivion!
Google may be the largest provider of search services around and a sprawling Internet giant, but it?s also a company fighting for its very survival in an increasingly competitive landscape.

"Google rigs its results," say critics at Senate antitrust hearing
"Google abandoned these core principles [of fair play] when they started interfering with profits and profit growth," said Nextag CEO Jeff Katz today before a Senate antitrust hearing on the search giant. "Today, Google doesn?t play fair. Google rigs its results, biasing in favor of Google Shopping and against competitors like us."

Schmidt: Google doesn't cook search rankings
Eric Schmidt cut a confident figure today prior to his testimony before U.S. lawmakers, who later appeared determined to find out if Google abuses its supremacy on the Web.

us: Google's Eric Schmidt to challenge monopoly claims in Senate
The Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, will appear before a US Senate committee on Wednesday to argue that the internet giant is not abusing its position as the world's most popular search engine.

Google Rivals Are Readying An Antitrust Assault in D.C.
Three Internet companies?Nextag Inc., Yelp Inc. and Expedia Inc.?are gearing up to attack Google Inc. on Capitol Hill, claiming the company is taking new profits for itself by unfairly punishing them on its search engine.

The Google Problem Isn't Antitrust: Think privacy, not monopoly.
Google's critics get a chance to vent today, using the invective of antitrust. A hearing of the Senate antitrust subcommittee is also something of a swan song for its retiring chairman, the estimable Herb Kohl.

Pirate party snatches seats in Berlin state election
An upstart band of internet freedom activists are to enter Berlin's state parliament, ousting the Free Democrats, Angela Merkel's junior partner in the unpopular national government. It marks a remarkable success for the small Pirate party, which attracted 8.5% of the vote, winning its first ever seats in a state parliament, according to the first exit polls on Sunday.

Pirates? Strong Showing in Berlin Elections Surprises Even Them
With laptops open like shields against the encroaching cameramen, the young men resembled Peter Pan?s Lost Boys more than Captain Hook?s buccaneers when they were introduced Monday as Berlin?s newest legislators: They are the members of the Pirate Party.

Who Are the Pirates from Berlin?
They are handy with computers and are interested in issues relating to the Internet. Is that all? Many Berliners have been scratching their heads about the true identity of Germany's youngest political party. But the answer is simple: They're the new Greens.

'The Laptop-and-Latte Generation Has Found Its Party'
The German Pirate Party won 8.9 percent in the Berlin election to gain its first-ever seats in a state parliament. It could become a political force at the national level, say observers, arguing that the party represents a generation of Internet users who have been ignored by the web-phobic mainstream parties.

uk: Lib-Dems back repeal Digital Economy Act's copyright infringement measures
Sections of the UK's Digital Economy Act (DEA) that deal with tackling online copyright infringement should be abolished, the Liberal Democrat party has said.

au: Too many internet voices drown each other out
Google, Microsoft and Telstra's decision to withdraw financial support for Australia's peak internet body has revived concerns that the sector has become bloated with lobbyists and interest groups.

Chinese telcos planning trans-Tasman cable: report
Chinese telcos are reportedly planning to enter the transtasman cable market and build a submarine internet pipe between Auckland and Sydney.

Trans-Tasman cable competition hots up
Competition in the trans-Tasman cable market is hotting up with a Chinese-backed consortium announcing it will build a subsea telecommunications cable connecting Sydney and Auckland.

ACMA changes spectrum auctions
The communications regulator said it would use a cutting-edge new auction system to re-farm spectrum from the digital broadcasting switchover for 4G mobile broadband services.

au: ACMA pushes 4G spectrum defrag
The communications watchdog has encouraged mobile providers to negotiate privately to clean up the 1800MHz spectrum band for 4G services.

InternetNZ posts discussion document on spectrum auction
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has published a report on options and issues for the proposed ?digital dividend? spectrum auction by Government.

InternetNZ publishes digital dividend report
In New Zealand, the "digital dividend" is spectrum in the frequency range 694-806 MHz, currently used for television broadcasts, being freed up by the switchover to digital television. InternetNZ commissioned consultants Network Strategies to provide a report on the options and issues to achieve the optimal overall outcome from the perspective of the community.

InternetNZ publishes digital dividend report [news release]
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has published a report on options and issues for the proposed ?digital dividend? spectrum auction by Government. The report can be downloaded from http://internetnz.net.nz/our-work/Access/Digital-Dividend or directly as a PDF from http://is.gd/6prbih.

Moody's remains cautious on telcos
Data-hungry consumers and the explosive growth of smartphones will continue to erode the high margins of Asia-Pacific's telecommunications operators, Moody's Investors Service has warned.

Singapore firms ready to tap fiber network
Retail service providers (RSPs) of the next-generation national broadband network (NBN) say they are encouraged by enterprise adoption of fiber services, but note that the network is still not accessible to all companies.


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