[DNS] domain name news - 10 October

[DNS] domain name news - 10 October

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Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 15:49:55 +1100
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ICANN to hire conflict of interest experts

au: Removal of six month prohibition on registrant transfers

au: 2011 ANZIA Finalists Announced

What is the Real Purpose of New gTLDs? Allowing For Fully Internationalized Domains

au: NSW open to cyber attack: researcher

IPv6 gains momentum

Biggest Australian Country Code Sale Reported to Date Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart

Internet Society Welcomes Decision by the 18th Human Rights Council for the Creation of a Multi-Stakeholder Panel on Freedom of Expression on the Internet
The Internet Society welcomes the decision of the 18th Human Rights Council (12-30 September 2011, Geneva) to accept the proposal made by the Swedish Government for the creation of an Expert Panel on Freedom of Expression on the Internet to convene at the 19th Session of the Human Rights Council in March 2012. We applaud the decision to ensure multi-stakeholder participation in the discussions that will focus on the ways and means to improve protection and promotion of freedom of speech in line with international human rights law.

Experts back formation of Africa Internet forum [Xinhua]
The sixth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) ended in Nairobi recently with the formation of the Africa IGF to act as the leading platform for the continent?s ICT community.

Variant Issues Project -- Cyrillic Case Study Team Issues Report
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose: As described in earlier announcements on this topic, the benefits and risks associated with the potential delegation of Variant TLDs have been widely discussed and solutions are being pursued.

Variant Issues Project -- Greek Case Study Team Issues Report
As described in earlier announcements on this topic, the benefits and risks associated with the potential delegation of Variant TLDs have been widely discussed and solutions are being pursued.

Variant Issues Project -- Latin Case Study Team Issues Report
As described in earlier announcements on this topic, the benefits and risks associated with the potential delegation of Variant TLDs have been widely discussed and solutions are being pursued.

Variant Issues Project -- Arabic Case Study Team Issues Report
As described in earlier announcements on this topic, the benefits and risks associated with the potential delegation of Variant TLDs have been widely discussed and solutions are being pursued.

ICANN Procedure for Consideration of Proposed Amendments to gTLD Registry-Registrar Agreements
ICANN has developed the following process for consideration of proposed amendments to gTLD Registry-Registrar Agreements (RRAs) where the registry is required to obtain ICANN approval of such amendments. This process is designed to ensure registrar input (and public input where appropriate) before ICANN approves changes to an RRA.

Technology is ?crucial to growth? of ME economy
... Rod Beckstrom, president and CEO of ICANN, delivered a speech on new gTLDs, a development he said could ?mark one of the biggest changes in the Internet?s history.? In a Middle East market, he said it would be particularly relevant because the new gTLDs can be in Arabic and could lead to broad opportunities for organisations across the region and ultimately lead to increased Internet usage.

Two new TLDs to be approved next week
ICANN is set to approve two new country-code TLDs next week ? .cw and .sx ? for the year-old nations of Curacao and Sint Maarten.

ICANN to hire conflict of interest experts
ICANN is to bring in ethics experts to advise it on its conflicts of interest policy, addressing the ongoing controversy over its former chairman?s move to the domain industry.

Dengate Thrush's Post-ICANN Gig Prompts Call for Ethics Review
In asking Commerce/NTIA to institute required ethics and conflict of interest guidelines, Senator Ron Wyden references improper actions by the former ICANN Board Chair

Comments of the APTLD NTIA Further Notice of Inquiry on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Functions
... APTLD welcomes the opportunity to provide comments in response to the Further Notice of Inquiry (FNOI) issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) regarding its contract with ICANN for certain IANA functions (the IANA Functions Contract). APTLD appreciates the open spirit of consultation through which this process has been undertaken and welcomes the NTIA?s acknowledgement and adoption of a number of stakeholder comments ? particularly from ccTLD managers ? in response to the initial Notice of Inquiry issued on 25 February 2011.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
au: Removal of six month prohibition on registrant transfers
In September 2011 auDA accepted the recommendations of the Secondary Market Working Group regarding the operation of the .au secondary market.

au: 2011 ANZIA Finalists Announced
On behalf of auDA and InternetNZ I?m pleased to announce the finalists for the 2011 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs).

ca: CIRA Announces the Results of the 2011 Board of Directors Election
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is pleased to announce the results of its 2011 Board of Directors election. CIRA?s Election Returning Officer, Eric Lay, tabulated votes from 968 ballots cast by .CA Members, a 22 per cent increase in voter participation over last year.

CZ.NIC aims to protect domain holders
CZ.NIC, the administrator of the national domain, issued new versions of its Registration Rules, Business Terms and Conditions for Registrars and Pricelist on 1 October 2011.

Terms and conditions of domain names registration in domains .RU and .?? adopted
The CC?s Board held its regular meeting on 5 October 2011. The meeting adopted the new unified Terms and Conditions of domain names registration in domains .RU and .??. >>>

RU/??: Experts comment draft Terms and conditions of domain name registration
Today, Mr. Maxim Bobin, Member of the CC?s Board, answers such questions as: why does domain .?? need updated Terms and conditions; why is SMS domain activation required and whether the provisions of the law on personal data are incorporated in the new text of the Terms and conditions.

uk: Reserved domains release raises ?3m for Nominet Trust
The release of the 2831 previously reserved short domains is drawing to a close this week, having raised ?3m for Nominet Trust.

xxx: IFFOR Taps Former ICANN Exec to Lead 'Outreach'
IFFOR said Sunday it has tapped Kieren McCarthy, former ICANN general manager of public participation, to lead the organization?s ?public outreach efforts."

What is the Real Purpose of New gTLDs? Allowing For Fully Internationalized Domains
Will the majority of the estimated 4,000 new gTLD applications even be in English? The Gulf News and other leading international news outlets have issued breathless reports about the potential of IDN gTLDs. In a recent interview Rod Beckstrom, outgoing ICANN CEO, stated that he was ?surprised to hear that ICANN may see as many as 100 gLTD applications filed from India alone.?

Afilias to sponsor Columbia Business School webinar on ICANN new gTLD program and dot Brand domains [news release]
Afilias Limited ... announced that it is the Diamond sponsor of a free global webinar entitled, "Who Should Invest in a dot Brand? Evaluating the Business Case for a Top-Level Domain Name."

What New Top-Level Web Domains Will Succeeed? by Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry
In about three months, ICANN will open up the application process for new TLDs, allowing companies and other organizations alike to apply to obtain their own domain extensions. There?s been considerable buzz recently about what sorts of domain names will be approved, and how this program will change the Internet landscape. Specifically, many have speculated that, given the potential marketing value for corporations, we will see a lot of branded domain extensions.

New dotYou.biz Website Helps Determine the Best Approach to Securing new Top-Level Domains [news release]
dotYou.biz is a community website that features educational articles and information from a variety of experts who will provide case studies, industry news & trends, application deadlines, marketing opportunities, and other essential information needed to help organizations make informed decisions about securing new TLD.

What Box? Adds 3 More TLDs to Trademark List
California?s What Box? Holdings, LLC has applied for three more TLD trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The three applications are:

Arabic domain names a certainty from next year
A new dimension is unfolding online for Arab internet users with the addition of Arab domain names such as .emarat after two decades of English as the only language, said the man at the helm of the international organisation that keeps the internet working.

Piercing the veil of cyber secrecy
In my mind I was begging and pleading for the set of 1983?s movie ?War Games? and a young Ally Sheedy to be escorting me through my photo assignment. But what I unfortunately found was much less exciting, much more sterile and nowhere near as hot as Ally.


Government and Botnets by Laura Atkins
The US government is looking at telling ISPs how to deal with compromised customers and botnets. They're a bit late to the party, though. Most of the major commercial ISPs have been implementing significant botnet controls for many years now.

au: NSW open to cyber attack: researcher
The NSW Police Force has tightened up its security over the past decade, decommissioning systems that were linked to other agencies as part of the Sydney Olympics; however, one contractor who worked on the project said NSW infrastructure remains vulnerable to cyber attack.

Pirate Bay website circumvents Belgian blocking [IDG]
Following a court ruling last week that ordered two Belgian ISPs to block access to the Pirate Bay, the website has set up a new domain name to help users get around the blockade.

Pirates set up domain seizure workaround
Movie and music pirates are setting up alternative DNS services to help users work around the government seizure of domain names.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 gains momentum
INTERNET numbering authorities should soon have strong insights into how the world will cope with the transition to the new IPv6 online addressing scheme.

Who's who in IPv6: the companies and people leading the way
IPv6 is on the minds of every network professional these days, and rightly so. While some vendors and service providers are woefully behind, others are leading the charge. We asked well-known IPv6 expert Ed Horley to name these leaders. Horley is co-chairman of the California IPv6 Task Force, is involved in the North American IPv6 Task Force and earns his living as principal solutions architect at Groupware Technology in Campbell, Calif.

uk: Be Broadband revamps network for IPv6
Internet service provider Be Broadband is overhauling its 'core' network to increase bandwidth, and help prepare for the transition to IPv6.

Domain Registry of America still slamming, still scamming
Domain name slamming is alive and well in the ICANN-accredited registrar community. I?ve just received a letter in the mail offering me the chance to transfer and renew domainincite.com for the knock-down price of ?25 ($38) a year.

Netcraft October 2011 Web Server Survey
In the October 2011 survey we received responses from 504,082,040 sites, a growth of nearly 3.8% or around 18M sites on last month.

Biggest Australian Country Code Sale Reported to Date Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart
The biggest Australian ccTLD sale reported to date set the pace in the domain aftermarket this past week. InvestmentProperty.com.au went to a new owner for AUD 125,001 ($127,501) via NetFleet.com.au. In addition to being a record-setting sale this one is notable because this was a dropped domain - the previous owner lost it because they did not pay the small renewal fee. Ouch!

Go Daddy Customers Register 600 Steve Jobs Domains in 36 Hours
People registered 1,517 domain names related to Osama bin Laden being killed in the 15 hours after news of his death broke ? at GoDaddy alone.

ICM Registry Announces Record-Setting Prices for New .XXX Domains
ICM Registry, the company behind the .XXX TLD has sold the domain name, Gay.xxx at a record-setting price for any new domain as part of a special pre-Landrush sale, it was announced today by Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry.

Domain industry veteran Frank Michlick joins Sedo to work on SedoMLS
Today, leading domain name marketplace and monetization provider Sedo announced that Frank Michlick has joined their SedoMLS team. Frank, best known within the domain name industry as one of the founders of and lead contributors to Domain Name News, began working with internet technology in 1993 and registered his first domain in 1995. Frank?s entrepreneurial pursuits led him to found DomainCocoon, which continues to provide services in the areas of development, domain management, custom registrar creation, and ICANN and ccTLD accreditation consulting.

Domain Marketplaces Still Grapple with Orphaned Listings
If you?ve been buying domains on major domain name marketplaces for any number of years you?ve certainly come across a domain listed for sale that isn?t actually for sale.

Upcoming .ME Domain Auction Is "The Place To Be"
Millions of people are online every day, searching for their favorite topics? including golf scores, lottery numbers, even real estate.

Inside Domainerwiesn (Domainer Oktoberfest) in Munich: When it Comes to Combining Business and Pleasure, Germany Shows Us How It's Done!
September and October have been accompanied by quite a run of cool domain conferences this year. For me it started with DNCruise 2 in early September, then last week's inaugural GeoPublishers.com Expo in Chicago, with the granddaddy of them all, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. still to come at the Ritz Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale Beach Oct. 16-19, 2011.

The online experience for European children: stats
Some of the most interesting data to be added to the Europe edition of our Internet Statistics Compendium this month focuses on how children are using the internet across the continent.

Can Facebook Persuade Advertisers to Forget About Clicks?
With the "People Talking About This" metric, Facebook hopes advertisers will pay more attention to the "engagement" that customers have with brands on the site

Estonia worst in EU for cyber-bullying
A recent report from "EU Kids Online" has found that Estonia has the EU's largest problem with cyber-bullying.

us: Children?s Internet Privacy comes into Congress? View
House lawmakers on Wednesday debated proposed updates to the Children?s Online Private Protection rules, the government?s first effort to tweak 12-year-old laws to better apply to the proliferation of new mobile devices and Internet applications being used by children.

us: FTC Testifies on Protecting Children Online in a Fast-Changing Marketplace, and Proposed Changes to COPPA Rule
The Federal Trade Commission today told a House Subcommittee that it is committed to protecting children online, and that the agency recently proposed changes to the Children?s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA Rule) to make sure the Rule keeps pace with fast-changing technology.

Doha Film Institute and ictQATAR Partner to Tackle Cyber Safety [news release]
To inspire deeper conversations about cyber safety ictQATAR and the Doha Film Institute (DFI) hosted a film-making workshop. Sixteen young aspiring filmmakers applied their creativity to produce four videos on how to stay safe online and enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

Suing downloaders won't solve piracy: expert
A copyright law expert says there is nothing stopping film companies from suing illegal downloaders in Australia, but he does not think the approach will help them solve the problem of film piracy.

iTunes great for Apple, but was it for music biz? [AP]
When Apple rolled out iTunes for the masses in the spring of 2003, the music industry was at a point of transition - and chaos.

France acts against net pirates
Sixty French net users could have their connection turned off for a month after ignoring letters telling them to stop infringing copyright. They are the first to reach the end of the controversial process France operates as a way of tackling pirates.

au: Plot turns nasty on illegal movie downloads
Thousands of Australians who illegally downloaded a movie about an Irish-American union leader-turned-mobster could face legal action if a Queensland company is successful in its attempt to force internet providers to hand over private customer information.

au: iiNet, AFACT prepare for High Court battle
The High Court showdown this December between iiNet and the league of content owners that is the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) is expected to be a short and sharp battle, but the case will likely shape copyright law in this country for years to come.

Beyond the PC: Mobile digital gadgets overshadowing personal computer and their impact will be far-reaching
If you have a phone, these days even space is within reach. Last year Luke Geissb?hler and his son, who live in Brooklyn, popped a high-definition video camera and an Apple iPhone into a sturdy protective box with a hole for the camera?s lens. They attached the box to a weather balloon, which they released about 50 miles (80km) outside New York City, after getting the approval of the authorities. The balloon soared into the stratosphere and eventually burst. A parachute brought it to the ground. By tracking the iPhone?s inbuilt global positioning system, the Geissb?hlers were able to retrieve the box and the video of their ?mission?, which shows the curvature of the planet clearly. The results can be seen at brooklynspaceprogram.org.

Free Texts Pose Threat to Carriers
At a time when e-mail and many other forms of electronic communication are essentially free, wireless carriers are still charging as much as 20 cents to send a text message to a phone, and another 20 cents to receive it.

LTE momentum 'considerable', says industry
The availability of handsets supporting 4G or long-term evolution (LTE) networks is gaining momentum, said a Qualcomm executive who added the devices will be faster and drive innovation of new applications and services.

Samsung Wants Courts in 2 Nations to Bar iPhone
Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday that it would seek to block the sale of Apple?s iPhone 4S in France and Italy, asserting that the phone violated its patents.

Samsung threatens 'all-out war' with Apple over iPhone patents
Apple's new iPhone 4S, unveiled to great fanfare on Tuesday, may be kept from consumers in Italy, France, and maybe other countries, if its rival Samsung prevails in a bitter legal dispute.

Samsung may hit Apple with iPhone 4S ban
Apple's new iPhone 4S faces the prospect of court injunctions in France and Italy from the Korean electronics firm Samsung, which says the phones breach patents it owns on wireless communications.

India Unveils $35 Tablet for Students
India on Wednesday unveiled a much-anticipated low-cost tablet computer it aims to be sold to students for about 1,750 rupees, or roughly $35, as the government seeks to harness the Internet as a tool to spread education in the country.

Cheap tablet computer leads India's drive to tackle rural poverty
India's government has begun introducing a cheap British-built tablet computer to its schools and universities, saying its aim is to deliver modern technology to the countryside to help lift villagers out of poverty.

Legal reform needed to govern data, experts said [IDG]
Legal experts and law enforcement agents say new and updated laws are required to protect user privacy while allowing law enforcement to catch cybercriminals.

Online scammers seek to profit from the death of Steve Jobs
Online scammers are already attempting to capitalize on the death of Steve Jobs with a bogus offer to Facebook users for free iPads in his memory.

Steve Jobs' Death Exploited by Scammers
Unscrupulous scammers are aiming to take advantage of the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' death, security experts have warned.

us: Cybercrime getting easier to commit, feds say [IDG]
Committing cybercrime these days is as easy as building a fantasy football team, FBI and Secret Service agents said on Friday.

There are upsides to reporting cybercrime, authorities say [IDG]
Not only might companies have ethical, civic and legal obligations to alert authorities to cyberthreats, businesses may find that the authorities can be helpful, law enforcement agents and prosecutors said on Friday.

us: FCC goes after signal jammers, but ignores search engines advertising them
The Federal Communications Commission on Sept. 30 directed 20 small online retailers to cease marketing GPS, cellphone and Wi-Fi signal jammers or face fines of $16,000 a day. Nonetheless, the three major Internet search engine companies continue to sell and display keyword ads for the devices.

Largest ID theft ring in U.S. history cracked in NYC
The New York authorities on Friday announced the largest identity theft takedown in U.S. history that turned up more than 13 million U.S. dollars in stolen funds.

Piercing the veil of cyber secrecy
In my mind I was begging and pleading for the set of 1983?s movie ?War Games? and a young Ally Sheedy to be escorting me through my photo assignment. But what I unfortunately found was much less exciting, much more sterile and nowhere near as hot as Ally.


Government and Botnets by Laura Atkins
The US government is looking at telling ISPs how to deal with compromised customers and botnets. They're a bit late to the party, though. Most of the major commercial ISPs have been implementing significant botnet controls for many years now.

au: NSW open to cyber attack: researcher
The NSW Police Force has tightened up its security over the past decade, decommissioning systems that were linked to other agencies as part of the Sydney Olympics; however, one contractor who worked on the project said NSW infrastructure remains vulnerable to cyber attack.

Chaos Computer Club: German gov't software can spy on citizens
A well-regarded Germany-based hacker group claims a German government-created Trojan horse program is capable of secretly spying on Web users without their consent.

Wikipedia closes in Italy after Berlusconi 'gagging' bid
The Italian version of Wikipedia has closed in protest at a plan to introduce a gagging law widely seen an attempt to spare the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, further embarrassment following the publication of his wiretapped conversations in the media.

Investigative reporters and websites again threatened by proposed ?gag law?
Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the resumption of parliamentary discussion of a government bill that would curb the publication of police wiretaps in the news media and would force websites to publish corrections automatically. Approved by the senate in June 2010, the bill had been shelved because of an outcry from civil society.

uk: BT and TalkTalk to appeal Digital Economy Act
BT and TalkTalk will launch a fresh challenge against the controversial Digital Economy Act. The companies have been granted permission to appeal against a High Court ruling that upheld most of the anti-piracy law.

nz: Ministry of Economic Development says ?ISPs? not liable for copyright infringement
Liability under the new copyright law: One of the issues that we and many others have with the new copyright law is that it unfairly penalises people for the actions of others. You're either an IPAP (a very tight definition of ISP) or an account holder, and if you're an account holder you're liable for the actions of anyone using that internet account.

OPINION: Corporates and three strikes copyright law
Finally the truth outs. I?ve been rumbled by an online comment on a talk I gave on the three strikes copyright law, reported in a Computerworld article Lawyer explains how to bypass file sharing Act.

Net neutrality not possible without ISP transparency, says EU telecoms regulators
Providing consumers with transparent information about the quality and restrictiveness of their internet service is "fundamental" if net neutrality it to be achieved, European telecoms regulators have said.

Europe Approves Microsoft Purchase of Skype
The European Commission on Friday approved Microsoft?s $8.5 billion purchase of Skype, saying it had no objections to a deal that would link the world?s largest software maker with the leading Internet communications service.

Microsoft Skype deal gets green light in Europe
Microsoft's takeover of internet phone service Skype has been approved by European authorities.

Symantec Survey Reveals Organizations Concerned Yet Optimistic about Security in the Cloud
Symantec Corp. announced the results of its 2011 State of Cloud Survey, which examined how organizations are adopting cloud computing and dealing with the changes it can impose on their approach to managing IT. According to the survey, organizations have mixed feelings when it comes to security ? with a majority ranking it as both a top concern and top goal of moving to the cloud. The survey also revealed that IT organizations may not be adequately prepared for the move to the cloud, as almost half of the respondents said their IT staffs are not ready at this time.

N.Z. Adds Tablet Computers, Hard Drives to Consumers Price Index
New Zealand added tablet computers, external hard drives and flatbread in a three-yearly review of the consumers price index, its primary inflation measure.

nz: Govt asks Chorus to resubmit deed for copper network undertaking
Communications and Information Technology Minister Steven Joyce has declined to approve Chorus? open access deed of undertaking for its copper network.

us: F.C.C. Plans to Overhaul Telecom Fund to Focus on Expanding Broadband
The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday outlined a plan to transform the Universal Service Fund, an $8 billion fund that is paid for by the nation?s telephone customers and used to subsidize basic telephone service in rural areas, into one that will help expand broadband Internet service to 18 million Americans who lack high-speed access.

uk: Ofcom delays 4G mobile auctions
Telecoms watchdog Ofcom is to delay auctions that would sell chunks of radio spectrum to support future fourth-generation mobile services.

Auction of high-speed 4G spectrum set to raise ?3bn
The government's much-delayed auction of 4G spectrum, which will deliver the faster internet speeds and network capacity needed to turn mobile phones into computers-on-the-move for millions more Britons, could raise more than ?3bn.

EU Wants to Push Telcos to Ditch Copper, Lay Fiber
Large telecommunications companies must stop using copper-network pricing as a barrier to deploying fiber networks, or Europe will not meet its broadband targets, said the digital agenda commissioner on Monday.

us: Police arrest man for child pornography after tipoff from burglars
A central California man has been arrested for possession of child pornography, thanks to a tip from burglars who robbed the man's property, authorities said.


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