[DNS] domain name news - 20 February

[DNS] domain name news - 20 February

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 12:19:45 +1100
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Most Abusive Domain Registrations are Preventable by Garth Bruen

Seven ICANN directors have new gTLD conflicts

Details of new gTLD batching process revealed

Web names soon for Sydney, Melbourne

Australian Football League to apply for 'Dot AFL' Internet Domain

Australian Sporting Code Punts For Own TLD

Australia's cyber protection put to the test

The Internet at a crossroads: When will politics arrive in reality?

The Internet, a driving force: The operating system of society

Public Comment: Roadmap to a New Domain Name Registration Data Access Protocol (WHOIS)
ICANN is pleased to announce the posting of the draft roadmap to implement ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee's Report on Domain Name WHOIS Terminology and Structure (SAC 051).

Improved ICANN.ORG to Launch Ahead of Costa Rica Meeting
A nine-month project to overhaul our flagship website, ICANN.ORG, will complete another important phase soon, displaying a brand-new look to the ICANN community in time for the ICANN 43 meeting in Costa Rica.

Preliminary Report | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board
A Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors was held on 7 February 2012 at 4:30 pm local time in Los Angeles, California. Chairman Steve Crocker promptly called the meeting to order.

Most Abusive Domain Registrations are Preventable by Garth Bruen
As the WHOIS debate rages and the TLD space prepares to scale up the problem of rogue domain registration persists. These are set to be topics of discussion in Costa Rica. While the ICANN contract requires verification, in practice this has been dismissed as impossible. However, in reviewing nearly one million spammed domain registrations from 2011 KnujOn has found upwards of 90% of the purely abusive registrations could have been blocked.

Thick .com Whois policy delayed
ICANN?s GNSO Council has deferred a decision on whether Verisign should have to thicken up the Whois database for .com and its other gTLDs.

Seven ICANN directors have new gTLD conflicts
Seven members of ICANN?s board of directors have self-identified conflicts of interest when it comes to the new gTLDs program, according to a report from its last meeting.

ICANN won?t say who rejected Bulgarian IDN
ICANN has declined to name the people responsible for rejecting .??, the proposed Cyrllic country-code domain for Bulgaria.

US State department goes off the ITR reservation [subscription]
Two memos by the State Department have thrown a crucial telecoms strategy by the US government into disarray.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Domain .??? delegated to Kazakhstan
ICANN announced that domain .??? had been approved and delegated to the Kazakhstan Association of IT companies. According to ICANN, the new internationalized TLD is of some interest to the global Internet community. The Kazakhstan Association of IT companies has not yet announced terms and conditions of domain names registration in the new domain.

NIRA targets 250,000 .ng domain names... says only 40,000 have been registered
In pursuit of its vision to boost the adoption of the Nigeria's ccTLD dot ng, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, said it is stepping up measures to boost the number of registered domains to 250,000 in the next few years.

NIRA Laments Poor Domain Name Registration Targets 500,000
Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), the body managing Nigeria's ccTLD, the dot ng domain name, is shocked at the slow rate at which Nigerians are registering domain names, despite campaigns by NIRA to create awareness.

.ORG Registrations Rise 10% in 2011 Nearing 10 Million
.ORG registrations grew by 9.9 per cent in 2011, reaching 9.6 million total domains under management by the end of 2011 -- a net gain of 411,002 for the second half of the year.

My New Role as PIR?s Chief Operating Officer by Nancy Gofus
Last month, I joined the Public Interest Registry as chief operating officer, and while it?s been a busy month getting up-to-speed on all things PIR, .ORG and our key priorities, I couldn?t be more thrilled to be here. Working closely with PIR?s CEO, Brian Cute, I?ll oversee operations, marketing, sales, and product strategy to expand PIR?s global presence during what I believe will be a pivotal time in PIR?s history.

Slow start to new .anything names
Companies are not exactly beating down Icann?s door to get their hands on a new .anything domain name, it seems. One month into the application process, just 100 companies have so far registered to apply for a new TLD such as .coke or .london. It is the first indication of what the uptake will be like of the controversial expansion of internet names by Icann.

ICANN Dot-Anything: Rethinking the Scope of the New GTLD Expansion, It's Effect on Government Regulation, and It's Impact on Trademark Owners by Ukeme Awakessien
Abstract: Just like the technology world prepared for Y2K, the dot-com centric way of Internet addressing is preparing to change. Instead of typing dot.com into your web browser, you will be able to enter dot.anything. This is because the organization in charge of domain names, ICANN, has approved plans for the introduction of new gTLD extensions. This dramatically increases the number of TLDs, with familiar domain extensions like .com, .org, and .net, from the current 22 to an unlimited number of TLDs. ICANN is rewriting the nomenclature for web addressing. More importantly, the expansion is likely to place an undue burden on government regulation and negatively impact trademark owners.

gTLD: Defensive Dilemma by FairWinds Partners
As a gTLD Strategy reader, you know what?s up when it comes to ?defensive? new gTLD applications. You know they have nothing to do with protecting your trademarks or brands against cybersquatters ? there are plenty of trademark protections and objection procedures laid out in the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook that will prevent opportunists from cybersquatting at the top level, not to mention the fact that the complexity and cost of the application both act as more or less insurmountable obstacles for squatters.

How the Multilingual Web Creates ?Glocalization?
When globalization of monster brands become entangled with the multilingualization of global cyber name identities, ?glocalization? suddenly appears, and foreign name identities begin to emerge in local communities in different languages, creating massive customer touchpoints. A new trend is about to emerge: a multi-lingual approach gives a rapid boost to achieving a globalized presence.

Details of new gTLD batching process revealed
Some details about how ICANN will prioritize new gTLD applications into batches have emerged.

Web names soon for Sydney, Melbourne
Victoria and NSW are days away from naming the successful bidder in a joint tender to run the .sydney and .melbourne web domains.

Successful Tenderer For .SYDNEY, .MELBOURNE Bids Expected Soon
An announcement is expected within the next week of the successful tenderer to assist with the application and run the registry for the .SYDNEY and .MELBOURNE gTLDs, The Australian newspaper reported today.

Australian Football League to apply for 'Dot AFL' Internet Domain
In a move that reflects the growing importance of digital media, Australia's premier sporting code, the Australian Football League, confirmed it will apply for a new 'dot AFL' TLD.

AFL bids for .afl domain name
THE AFL took a step into the future yesterday by announcing it was the first major Australian brand to bid for its own bespoke internet address.

AFL applies for new domain [AAP]
The Australian Football League (AFL) is looking to establish a bigger presence on the internet and has applied for a new TLD ".afl".

AFL moves to secure internet name rights
The AFL is the first Australian organisation to confirm it will fork out a small fortune for a new top-level internet domain that will see all its website addresses eventually end in .afl.

Australian Sporting Code Punts For Own TLD
The uniquely Australian sporting code, the Australian Football League, has become the first Australian brand and about ten others globally to announce it will be applying for a TLD by applying for the .AFL TLD.

AFL 'dot com' to become 'dot afl'
COLLINGWOOD.AFL may be the banner of the Magpie army in as little as a year's time.

AFL to apply for dot-brand gTLD
The Australian Football League has just added its name to the short but growing list of companies announcing plans to apply to ICANN for a new ?dot-brand? TLD.

iiNet eyes internet slice in domain stakes
Internet service provider iiNet has confirmed it is investigating applying for a gTLD space with the international registry before the cut-off date in April this year.

Demand Media Plans On Investing $5 Million In New gTLD?s
As part of Demand Media?s earning report, it appears Demand Media has plans for applying for a number of new gTLD?s.

.Halal top level domain in the works
Halalan Tayyiban, Corp is planning to apply for the .halal TLD.

All to play for in the race for dot-music [subscription]
Nashville-based Far Further has confirmed it will definitely be applying for the Internet extension dot-music and that it expects to see competing bids including one from dotMusic which is applying for a community domain.

Green means go! DotGreen talks community [suubscription]
The DotGreen Registry has confirmed it has registered with ICANN and is in the process of making a community application for dot-green.

Bid for Welsh TLD up in the air [subscription]
DotCYM Ltd, a group established to work with the Welsh government to apply for a new TLD for the country, will no longer apply for dot-cymru after Welsh ministers stopped supporting the bid.

MarkMonitor Q4 2011 Fraud Intelligence Report
The MarkMonitor Fraud Intelligence Report for the fourth quarter of 2011 is now available. The findings are: ... Phish attack volume jumped 25% from the previous quarter to 130,065 attacks. ... The number of targeted brands reversed its decline and increased 6% from the third quarter to 517.

DNS flaw reanimates slain evil sites as ghost domains
Cyber-crooks may be able to keep malicious domains operating for longer - even after they are revoked - by manipulating the web's DNS.

Australia's cyber protection put to the test
Australia's computer emergency response teams have taken part in an online exercise designed to test Asia Pacific region's cyber protection capabilities, in the wake of several recent internet-based attacks targeting Australian companies.

CIRA takes an important step in making the Internet more secure
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority took a critical step in making the Internet more secure for Canadians. As part of CIRA?s planned implementation of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), CIRA released a DNSSEC Practice Statement (DPS) to provide this service to the Canadian Internet community.

CIRA launches DNSSEC knowledge centre
A while back, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority rolled out a tool called DNSSEC to counter the growing instances of Web spoofing.

DNSChanger malware
CERT.be, the Federal Cyber Emergency Team, warns internet users against the consequences of an international malware.

us: Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help us protect critical infrastructure [CSO]
The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 would give the Department of Homeland Security power to regulate the kind of company security protections government deems necessary to protect critical infrastructure -- such as power and phone companies, water and treatment plants, wireless providers and other companies based on DHS risk assessments. Details emerged during a formal hearing chaired by Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., yesterday.

us: Critics seek to stall Senate cybersecurity bill
Republican critics of a Senate cybersecurity bill want to slow down consideration of the measure, saying it could give government too much power over private-sector infrastructure companies.

uk: 'Typosquatting' premium rate phone firms fined ?100,000
Two companies running premium-rate phone competitions on "typosquatted" sites have been fined ?100,000.

Twitter typosquatters fined ?100,000
Two typosquatters have been fined ?100,000 ($156,000) by the UK premium rate phone services regulator.

 - IPv4/IPv6
DDoS attacks spread to vulnerable IPv6 Internet
The next-gen Internet, still immature, is now a pathway for Net attacks, a study finds. Also, ideology has become the primary reason for DDoS attacks.

DDoS attackers start targeting IPv6 networks [IDG]
Cybercriminals have started launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against networks that transmit data over IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), according to a report published recently by DDoS mitigation vendor Arbor Networks.

Hacktivism a key motivator behind DDoS attacks: Arbor
Hacktivism motivated by idealistic views has been identified as the single most readily-identified factor for increasing DDoS attacks, according to security vendor, Arbor Networks.

A whole /8 for sale by Milton Mueller
The emerging market for IPv4 addresses is about to cross a new threshold. A letter with the following words has been circulating among businesses for the past month: ?Our client is offering for sale 16,777,216 IPv4 numbers in a single, contiguous, number block commonly referred to as either a ?Class A? number block or a ?/8?. This ?legacy? IPv4 block is not subject to any Regional Internet Registry (RIR) agreement."

The Internet at a crossroads: When will politics arrive in reality?
Why does the planned international copyright convention ACTA cause a stir in the Internet community? Do we really have to fear that net communication will be increasingly controlled? Is there a risk of overregulation? And which types of access control are technically feasible already today? How does retained data affect everyday life? Which information is recorded and what can you read from it? What would be the consequences for our society?

The Internet, a driving force: The operating system of society
Which social structures will be challenged by the growing digitalization of all fields of life? How does the conception of man change and which skills will be needed in the future, in an increasingly networked world? Will it be possible to maintain the open, decentralized character of the Internet or will a top-down controlled Internet take its place? What are the ideas and innovations behind the planned new address endings, like .hamburg, .hiv or .sap, who will benefit from them, and what is awaiting the users in the extended name space of the World Wide Web?

JotForm got a raw deal: Secret Service overreach in the era of new media
This week Ars Technica reported on the surprise targeting of website JotForm.com by the Secret Service, a story illustrating what's wrong with national policy in the internet era. User-generated content is the power of the internet, but The Rules are still structured around the notion of publishing scarcity. Consequently there's a lot of unnecessary hair-on-fire panic, both in the old media and in the public policies set up to serve them.

Takedowns run amok? The strange Secret Service/GoDaddy assault on JotForm (updated)
Popular site JotForm doesn't host music or movies or child pornography, all of which have led US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to seize other Internet domain names without advance warning (sometimes making serious mistakes). JotForm also doesn't create content itself. Instead, it helps customers create online forms that can then be embedded in their websites for easy data collection.

Tucows on domain name aftermarket, SOPA, and new top level domains
Today Tucows reported record quarterly revenue of $26.4 million for the last quarter. That?s the seventh record revenue quarter in a row for the company. The company posted $97 million in revenue for the year; a record.

Call for ASO Address Council Representative Nominations for LACNIC Region
The LACNIC region has issued an open call for nominations for a representative to fill one (1) seat on the NRO Number Council / ASO Address Council to cover the vacancy generated by the position of Sebasti?n Bellagamba whose term ends on December 31st 2012.

DOMAINfest Global Presentations Now Online
For those who did not attend DOMAINfest Global 2012 conference, held just two weeks ago, or even those who just want to relive the experience, the presentations and videos from the conference are now online on the DOMAINfest site.

Presentations and Videos from the DOMAINfest Global Conference Now Available to All Online 
If you weren't able to attend the 2012 DOMAINfest Global conference that ran January 31 - February 2 at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa, Monica, California, here's the next best thing to being there. Show organizers have posted presentations and videos from the various conference sessions online for all to see.

Domain Aftermarket Catches Fire Over the Past Fortnight With Four Six-Figure Sales and 63 Reaching Five Figures 
... Garry Chernoff's $225,000 sale of BowlingBalls.com to a major bowling gear retailer set the pace with a Polish country code domain, Saturn.pl, playing the wingman role after changing hands for $189,930 in a private transaction. Saturn.pl was sold by the Polish state mining company to a multi-national electronics retailer of the same name.

.PRO auction nets big sales with Go.pro
RegistryPro?s recent premium auction of one-, two-, and three-character domain names is the most successful .PRO auction to date.

IDNX updates for January 2012 show third month of growth: Strong increases parallel the NASDAQ 100
We have just updated IDNX, the domain name price index, with new figures for the month of January. Showing the third consecutive month of growth, these numbers show a domain market that is continuing to trend upward in 2012.

Internet On, Inhibitions Off: Why We Tell All
It is now well known that people are generally accurate and (sometimes embarrassingly) honest about their personalities when profiling themselves on social-networking sites. Patients are willing to be more open about psychiatric symptoms to an automated online doctor than a real one. Pollsters find that people give more honest answers to an online survey than to one conducted by phone.

Digital tools 'to save languages'
Facebook, YouTube and even texting will be the salvation of many of the world's endangered languages, scientists believe.

Brits top internet addicts league in Europe
People in the UK spend more time online than any other country in Europe, according to figures released in a ComScore report on Thursday.

Facebook considered to treat youth mental health
This weekend Australia's mental health professionals are being urged to think about how they can use social media when treating young people.

uk: Young girls using Facebook to 'advertise' to older gang members
Girls as young as 13 are posting explicit photographs on Facebook to "advertise" themselves to older gang members, police say.

Q+A - The complex interplay of social media and privacy
Living in the world of social networking and mobile smartphones means trading away some of your personal information.

Data collection arms race feeds privacy fears
This week's revelations that Google Inc, Twitter and other popular Internet companies have been taking liberties with customer data have prompted criticism from privacy advocates and lawmakers, along with apologies from the companies.

Facebook verifying celebrity accounts, allowing pseudonyms
Facebook, following the lead of Twitter and Google+, is verifying user accounts and allowing for pseudonyms.

Pinterest's Rite of Web Passage?Huge Traffic, No Revenue
Traffic to the website?which lets users create online scrapbooks to share images of projects or coveted products?has grown tenfold over the past six months. In January, the number of visitors on Pinterest.com was almost a third of that on Twitter.com.

au: Twitter sued over Hardy tweet
Twitter is being sued for defamation for the first time under Australian law.

FTC warns enforcement action may be next for mobile apps for kids [IDG]
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which in a new survey found that the vast majority of mobile apps for kids don't clearly disclose data sharing practices, said its next step will be the potential enforcement of privacy regulations.

F.T.C. Finds Privacy Problems With Apps for Children
The Federal Trade Commission issued a report Thursday saying that makers of mobile applications aimed at children, and the app stores that sell them, are not clear about how the apps handle privacy issues and the data they collect.

FTC: Mobile apps for kids lack privacy disclosures
In a report released today, the FTC said that when it comes to mobile applications aimed at kids there is "little, if any, information in the app marketplaces about the data collection and sharing practices of these apps."

FTC Report Raises Privacy Questions About Mobile Applications for Children [news release]
Mobile Apps for Kids: Current Privacy Disclosures Are DisappointingThe Federal Trade Commission today issued a staff report showing the results of a survey of mobile apps for children. The survey shows that neither the app stores nor the app developers provide the information parents need to determine what data is being collected from their children, how it is being shared, or who will have access to it.

nz: Cyber world exposed
Workshops aimed at keeping young people safe and ensuring their use of Facebook does not jeopardise their job prospects or health are being held in Nelson over the coming months.

nz: Microsoft's man who monitors privacy
Keeping things private in an online world can be a bit a challenge, but it's one that former Paeroa man Brendon Lynch is rising to at Microsoft's international headquarters in Redmond, California. ... He praised the likes of NetSafe.org.nz, an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes safe use of the internet, for publishing guidelines online.

Europ?ischer Gerichtshof: Internet-Filtersysteme zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen sind unzul?ssig
Der Europ?ische Gerichtshof hat entschieden, dass Hosting-Provider nicht dazu verpflichtet werden d?rfen, die von ihren Kunden gespeicherten Inhalte mit einem Filter-System zu durchsuchen, um Urheberrechtsverletzungen vorzubeugen.

The ethics of internet piracy: need to find a way to maximise truly amazing potential of internet, while properly rewarding creators by Peter Singer
Last year, I told a colleague that I would include internet ethics in a course that I was teaching. She suggested that I read a recently published anthology on computer ethics - and attached the entire volume to the email.

Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France
The curtain has risen on the third act of one of the most ambitious French musical productions, one whose goal is to end digital piracy.

Online Piracy: Youth Shaping Future Of Online TV, Movies, Music [AP]
Young people want their music, TV and movies now ? even if it means they get these things illegally.

More charges for Megaupload in US case
US prosecutors have added wire fraud and additional criminal copyright infringement counts to their case against file-sharing site Megaupload.

More charges for Megaupload four [APNZ]
More charges have been filed against those involved in the international Megaupload case, including reproducing copyright material directly from third-party websites.

Megaupload faces more copyright, wire fraud charges
A U.S. grand jury added more charges against file-sharing website Megaupload and its executives, and also accused them of taking copyrighted content from sites such as YouTube for its own service, according to a new indictment released on Friday.

au: Traditional TV viewing on the rise despite new gadgets
Television viewing has increased on conventional screens as well as mobile devices and computers, bucking predictions that more smart phones and tablets would cause a decline in traditional TV watching.

Race is on to get the measure of viewers
As more of us turn to smartphones and tablets for a news fix, the industry is facing up to the fact that, when it comes to audience data, it is often flying blind.

au: iView steals a march on rivals
The ABC's iView player is on track to overtake piracy, which is illegal, as Australia's preferred source of streamed and downloaded video content, a study has found.

nz: Music to be more accessible online
... InternetNZ chief executive Vikram Kumar said Rdio established a price point in the New Zealand market and any rival that followed would not be able to charge more unless they differentiated themselves in some way. "That is a good thing."

Patents: Apple wins over Motorola in 'slide-to-unlock' ruling
Apple has won a patent dispute against Motorola Mobility regarding a "slide-to-unlock" feature on smartphones.

APAC mobile data to equal 1.1B DVDs monthly in 2016
Mobile data traffic in Asia-Pacific is predicted to reach 4.32 Exabytes or 1.08 billion DVDs per month in 2016. The region will experience the second highest mobile traffic growth from 2011 to 2016, behind the Middle East and Africa, according to Cisco Systems.

ITC hands Apple another patent win against HTC
Apple has won another victory against HTC thanks to a new ruling by the International Trade Commission. On Friday afternoon, the ITC dismissed HTC's original patent complaint against Apple, upholding its initial ruling from October that said Apple had not violated HTC's patents in its implementation of iOS.

Apple Files Competition Claim Against Motorola Mobility
Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. said Apple Inc. filed a complaint with the European Union?s competition authority accusing the company of violating a pledge to license industry-standard patents on fair terms.

Mobile web access price caps in Europe 'set too high'
The communications minister, Ed Vaizey, is being urged to fight a change to European Union rules that will mean travellers could still be charged hundreds of pounds to browse the web from their phones.

War of the cyber worm: the most destructive attack on the internet
Cyber criminals no longer target your computer ? they threaten society itself. This is the story of how a few self-selecting techno geeks fought the most devious and destructive attack ever launched on the web

European Court of Justice blocks net-filtering bid
A social network cannot be required to install an anti-piracy filtering system, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. Belgian music royalty collecting firm SABAM wanted the social network Netlog to stop users infringing copyright.

ECJ blocks bid to force social networks to monitor users
Courts in Europe cannot order social networks to filter out copyright-infringing content posted by their members, the European Court of Justice has said.

EU Court of Justice: Social Networks Can?t Be Forced to Monitor and Filter to Prevent Copyright Infringement
In another important victory for Internet users? fundamental rights and the open Internet, the highest court in Europe ruled yesterday that social networks cannot be required to monitor and filter their users? communications to prevent copyright infringement of music and movies. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) found that imposing a broad filtering obligation on social networks would require active monitoring of users? files in violation of EU law and could undermine citizens? freedom of expression.

uk: SOCA: Police can monitor file download histories
Police officers have been tracking when downloaders of copyright-infringing files have deleted their download histories, according to the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

uk: Facebook hacker jailed for eight months
A student who hacked into Facebook in "the most extensive and grave" case of social media hacking ever to come before a British court has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

uk: York Facebook hacking student Glenn Mangham jailed
A software development student from York who hacked into Facebook has been jailed for eight months.

us: Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help us protect critical infrastructure [CSO]
The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 would give the Department of Homeland Security power to regulate the kind of company security protections government deems necessary to protect critical infrastructure -- such as power and phone companies, water and treatment plants, wireless providers and other companies based on DHS risk assessments. Details emerged during a formal hearing chaired by Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., yesterday.

us: Critics seek to stall Senate cybersecurity bill
Republican critics of a Senate cybersecurity bill want to slow down consideration of the measure, saying it could give government too much power over private-sector infrastructure companies.

Disruptions: And the Privacy Gaps Just Keep On Coming
Another week. Another privacy debacle. This time, Apple is to blame. Yes, the company that has promoted itself as more private and secure than the other guys, with its stringent app approval process, has actually been handing out people?s address books as if they were sausage samples on a toothpick at the supermarket.

Google's, Others, iPhone Tracking Bypassing Apple Browser Settings for Guarding Privacy
Google Inc. and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple Inc.'s Web browser on their iPhones and computers?tracking the Web-browsing habits of people who intended for that kind of monitoring to be blocked.

Google Circumvents Safari Privacy Protections - This is Why We Need Do Not Track
Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal published evidence that Google has been circumventing the privacy settings of Safari and iPhone users, tracking them on non-Google sites despite Apple's default settings, which were intended to prevent such tracking.

Google cookies 'bypassed Safari privacy protection'
Google has been accused of bypassing the privacy settings of users of the Safari web-browser.

Google vows to quit stalking
Google Australia has moved to appease Australia's privacy watchdog after its US parent was caught tracking millions of Apple customers around the web without their knowledge.

Google admits tracking Safari users
Google has come under attack for violating users' privacy and ignoring their wishes after admitting that it intentionally circumvented security settings in Apple's Safari browser to track users on both desktop computers and iPhones.

Google Violated Apple Users? Privacy: Study
Google Inc. violated users? privacy on Apple Inc.?s Safari Web browser, Stanford University research found, adding to a drumbeat of criticism from consumer groups and lawmakers over how the search giant tracks people online.

Iran's censors wage web war against Ahmadinejad as elections loom
Iranian censors have blocked access to a number of news websites sympathetic to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, adding further fuel to a high-level power struggle at the heart of the Islamic regime.

Chinese internet censors erase news of ?3.7 million donation to Cambridge
Internet censors in China have moved to erase news of a controversial ?3.7m donation to Cambridge University after questions were raised about whether the Chinese government was buying influence at Britain's leading university.

au: Police spy on web, phone usage with no warrants
Australian law enforcement and government agencies are accessing vast quantities of phone and internet data without warrants, prompting warnings of a growing "surveillance state" and calls for tighter controls.

Fry slams 'pathetic' NZ broadband
Actor Stephen Fry has implored New Zealanders to demand better broadband, describing the service as "pathetic".

Fry calls for Kiwi broadband revolt
Visiting British actor Stephen Fry is urging Kiwis to rise up and demand better broadband.

nz: Adams on cybersecurity, skills shortage and govt procurement
In part two of our Q and A interview with ICT minister Amy Adams she talks to Stephen Bell about cybersecurity, the skills shortage, and the government's ICT procurement programme. ... Q. Will you be consulting with a range of industry organisations, both local and multinational, such as InternetNZ, ICTNZ and NZRise?

Price of the iPad Name: $55,000 to $2 Billion
What's in a name like iPad? According to a cache of documents that includes emails and a contract, Apple Inc. agreed more than two years ago to buy rights to the iPad trademark in a number of countries from Proview International Holdings Ltd. The price: ?35,000 ($55,494 at current exchange rates).

Finland has largest share of economy based on information technology ? UN [news release]
Finland has the world?s largest portion of domestic economic activities related to information and communication technology, with almost a tenth of the European country?s non-agricultural business workforce employed in the ICT sector, according to United Nations data released today.

China aims for faster, cheaper broadband Internet
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced Thursday that China aims to provide faster and cheaper Internet services during the coming four years.

us: With F.C.C. Blow, Falcone?s Top Challenge Is Time
The federal government has grounded Philip Falcone?s high-flying ambitions to run a 4G wireless network, dealing a deadly blow to his multibillion-dollar venture, LightSquared.

A dark day for LightSquared: Plans for a new national wireless network hit a regulatory wall
American telecoms firms are clamouring for more wireless spectrum. Hence the interest in LightSquared, a firm which had hoovered up a chunk of airwaves formerly used by satellite operators. It planned to build a high-speed terrestrial network and rent it out to others. But on February 14th America?s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said no.

us: Congress to Sell Public Airwaves to Pay Benefits
The need for revenue to partly cover the extension of the payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits has pushed Congress to embrace a generational shift in the country?s media landscape: the auction of public airwaves now used for television broadcasts to create more wireless Internet systems.

us: Congress passes bill that opens up TV spectrum
The U.S. Congress has passed legislation that will allow the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to set aside a piece of unlicensed spectrum before new mobile spectrum auctions, despite opposition from some lawmakers who wanted all the available spectrum to be auctioned.

uk: Lords committee to probe potentially 'out-of-date' superfast broadband plans
A Lords committee has launched an inquiry into whether government plans to build "the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015" are ambitious enough.

nz: Telcos call for Crown Fibre Holdings to be scrapped
New Zealand top telecommunications firms have written secretly to Communications Minister Amy Adams calling for the Crown-owned company overseeing the Government's $1.3billion investment in ultrafast broadband to be sidelined or scrapped.


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