[DNS] auDA Domain News - 6 May

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 6 May

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 13:11:40 +1000

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New Registry Agreement, All Good? by St?phane Van Gelder

Google Expands List of ?Generic? Top Level Domains and Makes Them Geotargetable

Three gTLDs that Google doesn?t treat as gTLDs

2013 ANZIA Awards now open for entries!

Google starts to prepare us for the world of the new gTLDs

dtrade.com launches as Australian domain market hits $474.7 million

On the Duality of Internet Domain Names: Propertization and its Discontents by Frederick M. Abbott [N.Y.U. Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law]
Abstract: Domain names may have substantial economic or social value. They are often the object of dispute, whether based on allegations of abuse, or in contests over ownership. There is a recent judicial trend, particularly in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, toward characterizing domain names as ?property? (and more specifically, ?intangible property?) subject to rules of sale and transfer typical of personal property. This judicial characterization identifies ?alienability? as a fundamental characteristic of domain names. This sets up a real or potential conflict with jurisdictions or forums where domain names have been judicially or administratively characterized as ?contract rights? based on the legal relationship between the domain name registrant and the registrar.

Cybersecurity and Internet Governance by Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies
Cybersecurity is now a leading concern for major economies. Reports indicate that hackers can target the U.S. Department of Justice or Iranian nuclear facilities just as easily as they can mine credit card data. Threats have risen as the Internet has become a critical infrastructure for the global economy, with thousands of operations migrating onto it. For example, the innocuous practice of bring-your-own-device to work presents mounting dangers due to malware attacks--software intended to corrupt computers.

Proposed Modification of GNSO Operating Procedures Concerning the Deadline for the Submission of Reports and Motions
Purpose (Brief): The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council is proposing a modification of the GNSO Operating Procedures to make the deadline for the submission of reports and motions more precise and uniform.

Beta Testing for Pre-Delegation Testing to Begin in May
In an effort to help applicants and their Registry Service Providers (RSPs) prepare for Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT), ICANN is inviting applicants to participate in a PDT practice round, known as Beta Testing.

Stephen D. Crocker to Heather Dryden
GAC Communiqu? ? Beijing, China ... "We are currently reviewing the advice and will follow up with any questions we may have as well as responses and the requested information."

Location Recommendations Now Being Accepted for ICANN's 2015 Meetings in Africa, Latin America/Caribbean Islands, Europe
ICANN is actively seeking locations for its three public meetings to be held 8-12 February 2015 in Africa, 21-25 June 2015 in Latin America/Caribbean Islands, and 18-22 October 2015 in Europe.

Next Set of Initial Evaluation Results Released. Total Number of Passing Applications Now 244.
View Them Here.

New Registry Agreement, All Good? by St?phane Van Gelder
In the run-up to the launch of new gTLDs, ICANN has been negotiating both of its main supplier contracts. The registrar contract (Registrar Accreditation Agreement or RAA) negotiations are now all but complete. A new contract draft has been posted for public comment and it now seems likely that in little over a month, this will become the official new 2013 RAA.

ICANN's Global Empire Spreads To Latin America With Engagement Centre
ICANN has announced they will be opening an engagement centre in Montevideo, Uruguay, as it opens offices in strategic locations around the globe.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Google Expands List of ?Generic? Top Level Domains and Makes Them Geotargetable
Typically, the ccTLD is just that ? a country code. For instance, example.co.uk has content for the UK, and example.com.au has content for Australia. Usually, registration of these domains is restricted.

Companies in the News: .ME Registry, Hilco IP Auctions, Afternic & NameJet
In a refreshing change from the usual registry model - where you have no chance to get one of the best domains unless you have deep enough pockets to win an auction - The .ME Registry is going to release five previously reserved generic names to applicants who come up with the best development plan for those domains.

Three gTLDs that Google doesn?t treat as gTLDs
Google this week reportedly updated its Webmaster Tools service to treat more ccTLDs as non-geography-specific, but it still seems to be overlooking two gTLDs altogether.

2013 ANZIA Awards now open for entries!
We at auDA are proud to announce that entries for the ANZIA Awards 2013 are now open! Collaborating with our Kiwi partners InternetNZ, we?re celebrating innovation, diversity and excellence in the use of the Internet for a fifth year.

.ME Announces Release Of Five Premium Domain Names
The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME Internet extension, is releasing five exclusive, previously unreleased premium domain names: Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME.

1,700 .ng domains registered since price cut, .ng domain hacks on Sedo
Yesterday I wrote about how Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), the registry for .ng domain names, had slashed the price of second level .ng domain registrations by 97%. The new price is equivalent to about $95 USD; previously it was $3,165 per year.

NIRA Makes U-Turn, Stops Sale of .ng Domain Name
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) has made a sudden change of mind in the sales of its ccTLD popularly known as the .ng domain name.

Over 30,000 .ng Domain Names Sold So Far
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) has sold over 30, 000 .ng domain names from the 9, 000 sold as at 2010, following its reduction of the price from 200,000 naira ($1,259) to 15,000 naira ($94) per due to poor patronage.

Most of Nigeria's 30,000 .ng domain names are foreign-owned
The total number of registered ccTLD Names for Nigeria has hit over 30 000, and the cost of purchasing a domain name has fallen from NGN 500,000 to NGN 15,000 to encourage proliferation of the .ng domain names, The National Mirror reported.

Directi fighting ?massive? .pw spam outbreak
Recently relaunched budget TLD .pw is being widely abused by spammers already, but registry manager Directi said it?s enforcing a ?zero tolerance? policy.

rw: RICTA to register 5,000 web domain names by 2016
The Rwanda Information Communication Technology Association (RICTA) targets to register about 5000 web domain names by 2016, following the re-delegation of Rwanda?s ccTLD, ?.rw? from Belgium a couple of months ago.

Updated conditions of registration for .se
SE will be introducing updated conditions of registration (Terms and Conditions of Registration applicable for the TLD .se from June 3, 2013) for the purpose of simplifying and clarifying the rules and regulations.

A look at .Tel?s 14 year, ?25 million journey
It?s been a long and winding road for many new TLD applicants. But most of the delays and challenges new TLD applicants have faced pale in comparison to the very long, very expensive road that .tel registry Telnic has traveled.

YouPorn owner settles lawsuit with .xxx registry over pricey domain costs
Two internet porn giants have settled a lawsuit with an agreement that will make .xxx domain names more affordable. The domain names currently retail for around $100 annually, but under the settlement, the domains will be on sale during May at significantly reduced prices, which buyers can lock in for up to 10 years.

Porn Powerhouse Settles Lawsuit over .xxx Internet Domain
Call it a truce between pornography and the Internet. On Wednesday the company that manages online content for Playboy and owns and licenses adult Web sites such as YouPorn and Pornhub announced an end to its antitrust lawsuit against the Internet registry that runs the .xxx domain.

.XXX 1st Year Renewal Rate Tops 80%
According to figures released by ICANN tonight it looks like the .XXX registry had a renewal rate for its first year of over 80%

Adult website owner settles antitrust dispute with .xxx registry
The owner of one of the largest portfolios of adult-oriented websites has agreed to settle an antitrust lawsuit it brought against the company that has exclusive authority over sales of .xxx domain names.

Unprecedented Prices for New .XXX Registrations
ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX TLD for online adult entertainment, announced that new .XXX domain registrations created from May 1 through May 31, 2013 will be available at .COM prices.

.XXX Prices Slashed To .COM Prices In May
ICM Registry, the registry for .xxx domain names, has announced the prices for TLD will be slashed to as low as $8.99 for registrations for up to ten years during the month of May.

ICM sees 20-fold increase in registrations after sharp price drop
ICM Registry says its rate of domain registrations increased 20-fold during the first day .xxx has been on sale at .com prices.

The New Urban Brand War: A Top-Level Domain for Every City on Earth
Craving a slice in Istanbul? Check out pizza.istanbul. Need a taxi in Tokyo? Try taxi.tokyo. Those URLs don't lead anywhere at the moment, but in a matter of months, they will.

ICANN to consider GAC Advice next week
ICANN?s board of directors is to discuss its response to the Governmental Advisory Committee?s sweeping new gTLDs advice at a meeting next week.

ICANN passes 31 more new gTLD bids
Another 31 new gTLD applications have passed Initial Evaluation in ICANN?s weekly batch of results.

ICANN Posts Proposed ?Final? New gTLD Registry Agreement
ICANN has posted a "Proposed Final New gTLD Registry Agreement" for public comment, and it?s no surprise many gTLD applicants are not satisfied.

Can A gTLD Be Trademarked?
With all the new GTLDs being rolled out by ICANN, the question of whether a GTLD can be trademarked has become the big issue. The answer is relatively straightforward. A GTLD cannot in and of itself be trademarked. But if the GTLD is in fact an indicator of source and origin (i.e., .google, .deloit, .aarp, .censure, .ford, .amazon, etc.) then the GTLD can be trademark protected.

ARI drops .book new gTLD bid
ARI Registry Services has withdrawn its application for the .book new gTLD.

Web.com CEO talks ?defensive? .web strategy
Number-three registrar Web.com applied for the new gTLD .web in order to protect a trademark, but it?s open to partnerships to secure and manage the string, according to its CEO.

Google starts to prepare us for the world of the new gTLDs
In a surprising move, Google appears to have been busy preparing for the launch of the new gTLDs by updating their search indexing systems (the mysterious ?algorithm?) in the past few days to start treating more TLDs on the same basis.

Nominet .cymru/.wales update
The next stage of the .wales and .cymru launch plan is well underway, with progress on our applications, as well as on the policy and reseller fronts.

Nominet Registrar Services selects Domainbox.com to run .cymru / .wales reseller platform
Domainbox.com, the cloud based wholesale domain name registration and management platform owned by the Host Europe Group, today announces its selection by Nominet Registrar Services Ltd (NRS), the subsidiary set up by Nominet to provide a reseller system for .cymru and .wales domains.

30 More gTLD Pass: .xBox, .Merck, .Thai, .Fire; .Cloud; .News; .Gripe; .Virgin; .Cars
30 more new gTLD applications passed Initial Evaluation (IE) today by ICANN. In all 245 new gTLD applications out of the first 300 reviewed have passed IE.

Has ICANN Already Taken the GAC?s Advice on ?Closed Generic? gTLDs? by Philip S. Corwin
On the afternoon of April 11, 2013, the last day of ICANN?s recent Beijing Meeting, its Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) delivered a highly detailed 12-page Communique outlining safeguards and other substantial alterations that its constituent governments want implemented before new gTLDs can launch.

Neustar second annual DDoS survey finds 35% of businesses experienced a DDoS attack in 2012
When DDoS attacks hit, organizations are thrown into crisis mode. From the IT department to call centers, to the boardroom and beyond, it?s all hands on deck until the danger passes.

Nearly Nine in Ten Websites Contain One Serious Vulnerability
For at least the third year in a row, the number of serious vulnerabilities per website has fallen. That sounds like good news until you look at the numbers and realize that the average website carried an astonishing 56 holes in 2012, according to statistics compiled by WhiteHat Security and based upon data gathered from tens of thousands of websites.

Dark web drugs site Silk Road knocked offline by hacker
An "underground" website famed for selling drugs and other illegal items has been targeted in a cyberattack.

ICS-CERT Revises Recommendations to Avoid Shamoon Infections
ICS-CERT updates a number of recommendations for critical infrastructure operators to prevent infections from the Shamoon wiper malware. Shamoon struck Saudi oil company Aramco, destroying more than 30,000 workstations.

Got Malware? Three Signs Revealed In DNS Traffic
Monitoring your network's requests for domain lookups can reveal network problems and potential malware infections

Nearly Nine in Ten Websites Contain One Serious Vulnerability
For at least the third year in a row, the number of serious vulnerabilities per website has fallen. That sounds like good news until you look at the numbers and realize that the average website carried an astonishing 56 holes in 2012, according to statistics compiled by WhiteHat Security and based upon data gathered from tens of thousands of websites.

Australia developing offensive cyber capabilities
Australia is developing controversial ?offensive? cyber warfare capabilities to disrupt and destroy adversary networks, further elevating the importance of cyber security, analysts claim.

Netcraft May 2013 Web Server Survey
In the May 2013 survey we received responses from 672,837,096 sites, which is 23.8M more than last month.

RIRs Submit Remarks to ITU WTPF-13
On 29 April 2013, the RIPE NCC, as a sector member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), formally submitted a document to the ITU Secretariat on behalf of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

BlackBerry Z10: New Products and Old Domains Don't Mix
Type z10.com into your browser and you?ll arrive at an Amazon page on which ?Global Mobiles? sells unlocked BlackBerry Z10 phones. What? Did you expect to be directed to a BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) site just because the Z10 has been touted as the phone that will help make or break the struggling company? What happened?

Keep the Change
Apparently, a dime really doesn't go that far anymore. Chinese online gaming company Tencent Holdings Limited's recent effort to recover the domain name tencentgames.com, was thwarted by a losing UDRP case.

Netcraft Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 2013
Swishmail had the most reliable hosting company site in April 2013, with no failed requests. Swishmail has a presence in three New York data centres which proved to be resilient when Swishmail stayed online in October whilst being hit by Hurricane Sandy, despite New York being in the centre of much of the damage.

dtrade.com launches as Australian domain market hits $474.7 million
A new broker, dtrade.com, has been established for selling or buying premium .AU domain names. The new aftermarket company is Australia?s newest high-end domain name broker, offering for sale some of Australia?s most premium category defining keyword domains including mate.com.au, bondibeach.com.au, creditcard.com.au and trading.com.au

dtrade.com Launches Specialising In .AU Aftermarket
A new broker, dtrade.com, has been established for selling or buying premium .AU domain names. The new aftermarket company is Australia?s newest high-end domain name broker, offering for sale some of Australia?s most premium category defining keyword domains including mate.com.au, bondibeach.com.au, creditcard.com.au and trading.com.au.

3 Tips to Making a Profit on a Domain Name Sale
The task of selling a domain is never easy, but with the proper preparation it can be done in an efficient and timely manner that still earns you a profit. As a seller, you must not only be conscious of your own expectations of the selling process, but also of the buyers, and approach the situation very open minded.

Saferinternet.at supports No Hate Speech Movement
In conjunction with this year?s Safer Internet Day slogan ?Connect with Respect!?, the Austrian Awareness Centre joined the pan-European No Hate Speech Movement which launched on 22 March 2013. The campaign is coordinated by the Council of Europe and aims to raise awareness among young people about online hate and ways to combat it.

Cyberparenting and the Risk of T.M.I.
Parents, in an attempt to keep their children safe, access social media, but at the end of the day, is it really too much information?

Why Aren't Smartphones Making Us More Productive?
... By that I mean they can't find how these mobile devices are improving worker productivity, which computers have been doing quite ruthlessly for the last 70 years. Productivity is the reason living standards rise. It's why we have more goods and services than our grandparents could imagine.

Erasing History
For a contemporary take on the subject of un-history, I take you now to a lawsuit scheduled for argument next month in a Connecticut courtroom. The case tests the proposition that in America in the Internet age, there are benign, even humane reasons that sometimes history should be erased.

New Zealand's internet bad boy wants to see top U.S. lawman
A trip to New Zealand will put America's chief prosecutor on the same soil as a flashy internet mogul who is fighting extradition to the United States on charges he assisted massive piracy of copyrighted movies and music.

Here Is the New Face of TPP and ACTA in the US
Today, the White House announced that Michael Froman is the nominee to be the new U.S. Trade Representative. The U.S. Trade Rep is the office in charge of negotiating all trade agreements including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), and the upcoming US-EU trade agreement. This office has therefore been a fundamental player in the game of international copyright policy laundering.

uk: Government sets criteria for new cyber security organisational standard
The Cabinet Office has outlined the criteria that a new organisational standard for private sector cyber security should meet.

Dutch Bill Seeks to Give Law Enforcement Hacking Powers [IDG]
The Dutch government today presented a draft bill that aims to give law enforcement the power to hack into computer systems -- including those located in foreign countires -- to do research, gather and copy evidence or block access to certain data.

Australia Mulls Data Breach Notification Law, but Details Are Secret [IDG]
Australia's government is keeping a tight hold on proposed data breach notification legislation that could become law before a federal election in September.

Tax in cyberspace: Online retailers may soon have to collect sales tax. Amazon, oddly, is gloating
Amazon, which became America?s biggest internet retailer by selling things more cheaply than anyone else, used to go to great lengths to avoid collecting sales tax from its customers. It issued a map showing employees which states to avoid lest they give the authorities a target for enforcement (some of the biggest states were coded red). In 2011 it shut down a warehouse in Texas after the state?s government demanded $270m in back taxes.

nz: Ask Me Anything: Mega CEO Vikram Kumar
Has he just made the most exciting career decision of his life, or torn his credibility to shreds?

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