[DNS] auDA domain name news - 20 May

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 20 May

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Who Controls the Internet?

Lawsuit against .SE ? a fundamentally important issue of law

se: Forcing domain names off the Internet does not help by Danny Aerts, CEO of .SE

Swedish Prosecutors Ask Court For Right To Seize Pirate Bay Domains

ICANN Interviews GAC Chair Heather Dryden on Beijing Communiqu? and New gTLD Advice

Will the GAC go away if the Board doesn?t follow its advice? by Milton Mueller

Donuts puts 63 new gTLDs to private auction, but at least 17 are dead on arrival

Ombudsman probing ?late? new gTLD objections

nz: Is your RSP ready for IPv6? (revisited)

Who Controls the Internet?
The idea that anyone is controlling the Internet runs contrary to common knowledge. The Web has a tradition of hosting free content with relatively little government or regulatory interference, and is today backed by a fervent army of supporters ready to defend a free and open platform.

Part Two: Who Controls the Internet?
In part one of our three-part series, we discussed America's attempts to regulate the Internet -- and many Americans are concerned about the Internet moving away from its current governance model, for good reason.

Part Three: Who Controls the Internet?
In part one and part two of our three-part series, we discussed attempts to regulate the Internet both nationally and globally. Though the future of internet governance is unknown, as regulatory agencies and governments clamp down, cooperation between Internet advoacy groups and regulatory agencies could help avoid increased Internet censorship or possible balkanization.

Outcomes at the World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Policy Forum
Daniel Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, led a U.S. delegation to the World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Policy Forum (WTPF) in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

ITU World Telecommunication Policy Forum Closes Focused on Continuing Open Dialogue
Today, the World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) came to a close with robust debate among all stakeholders about the role of government in Internet governance. Throughout the meeting, the Internet Society participated in dialogue that focused on several key areas, including the significant role of Internet exchange points as a means of enhancing Internet connectivity, the need for timely deployment of IPv6, and the importance of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance.

ITU adopts recommendations to guide internet public policy
The ITU held its fifth World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) in Geneva, focusing on internet public-policy issues. At the conclusion of a week of plenary meetings and working groups, members unanimously agreed that six opinions constituting the Secretary General?s report should be adopted. These are non-binding recommendations to guide internet public policy.

World Telecom Policy Forum Agrees On Six Opinions
While controversies over the role of governments in internet governance could not be avoided at the World Telecom Policy Forum this week, six prepared opinions were all passed with only minor changes. But a Brazilian proposal to ?operationalize the role of governments in the multistakeholder framework of internet governance,? discussed at some length during the concluding day of the forum, did not find consensus.

Significant progress on key issues of Internet Governance: ITU Conference gathers stakeholders from government, industry and civil society to debate international Internet public policy-related issues [news release]
"This year?s WTPF, with its focus on international Internet-related public policy matters, is especially timely ? as we stand at a ?tipping point?, with the Internet making the transition from a mass-market in industrialized countries, to strong demand and widespread usage around the world?, said Dr Tour?, as the ITU?s fifth World Telecommunication Policy Forum concluded in Geneva today.

ITU World Telecommunication Policy Forum Closes Focused on Continuing Open Dialogue
Today, the World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) came to a close with robust debate among all stakeholders about the role of government in Internet governance. Throughout the meeting, the Internet Society participated in dialogue that focused on several key areas, including the significant role of Internet exchange points as a means of enhancing Internet connectivity, the need for timely deployment of IPv6, and the importance of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance.

Objections to new gTLD Applications: ICANN Ombudsman Blog
I have had a number of complaints about the action of the dispute resolution providers in accepting some objections past the deadline. It appears that these come into two categories, some with very large attachments to emails which were sent before the deadline, but which took some time to transmit, meaning the final parts were sent late. In addition some were sent minutes after the deadline due to technical difficulties.

New gTLD Contracting Webinar
Join ICANN staff for a New gTLD Contracting Webinar. This webinar session is intended to focus on the Contracting process and identify what information must be provided by the applicant prior to executing a Registry Agreement.

Next Set of Initial Evaluation Results Released. Total Number of Passing Applications Now 341.
View Them Here.

?Whistleblower? claims cronyism and fear at ICANN
An anonymous individual claiming to be an ICANN staffer has warned the organization?s board of directors about senior-level cronyism and a ?climate of fear? among employees.

ICANN headcount exploding 50% this fiscal year
ICANN expects to end FY 2013 this June with nearly 50% more employees than it began the year with.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Dot Award 2013 - European winners for Best Web Sites Revealed
An International Jury selected the winners and awarded prices for the Best Content, the Best Design and the Best use of ICT tools.

How much is a .cm domain worth in 2013?
.Cm, the country code for Cameroon, has been on an interesting ride. It previously struck a deal with Kevin Ham to wildcard the DNS and monetize the traffic. Then it sold .cm domains to all comers, brazenly marketing the domain as a typo of .com.

PushDo Attackers Adjust Algorithm to Generate .KZ Domains
Researchers at Seculert discover that the PushDo malware gang has counter-punched a research report by Dell SecureWorks and Damballa outing its use of a domain generation algorithm and has adjusted the DGA to generate just .KZ domains.

pl: ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for NASK extended for next 3 years
It is the fourth time NASK has been granted with the certificate confirming the compliance of the implemented quality management system with the requirements of the international standard, ISO 9001. The certificate was issued for a following three year period, i.e. to 14 March 2016.

DNS.PT Association is formally constituted
DNS.PT Association, which will assume the responsibility for the management and operation of ccTLD.PT, has just been formally constituted, starting duties from the 1st of June 2013.

Lawsuit against .SE ? a fundamentally important issue of law
Over the past few days, .SE has made the headlines as a result of a blog entry by our CEO in which he explains why he believes it is the wrong path to take to issue a lawsuit against a TLD administer ? in this case .SE ? for the purpose of removing a service from the Internet.

se: Forcing domain names off the Internet does not help by Danny Aerts, CEO of .SE
Around May Day, we received advance notice that the Swedish Prosecution Authority had filed a petition with the Stockholm District Court requesting the seizure of two domain names, thepiratebay.se and piratebay.se.

Swedish Prosecutors Ask Court For Right To Seize Pirate Bay Domains
Swedish prosecutors are attempting to close down The Pirate Bay through having the domain names piratebay.se and thepiratebay.se deregistered.

Swedish domain admin comes out against Piratebay.se seizure [IDG]
Swedish TLD administrator .SE has to its surprise become directly involved in the local Prosecution Authority's court case to seize thepiratebay.se and piratebay.se, but it hopes to explain to the court that forcing domain names off the Internet does not help.

ICANN Interviews GAC Chair Heather Dryden on Beijing Communiqu? and New gTLD Advice
In the wake of recent widespread criticism for the Governmental Advisory Committee?s (GAC) Beijing Communiqu?, the ICANN crisis management team sprang into action. Posted prominently on the ICANN website is a new, one-on-one video interview with GAC Chair Heather Dryden in which she addresses, and tries to explain the thinking behind, the Communiqu? and New gTLD Advice.

Will the GAC go away if the Board doesn?t follow its advice? by Milton Mueller
A video was posted of an ICANN staff member interviewing the Chair of ICANN?s Governmental Advisory Committee, Heather Dryden of Canada. The interview appeared on the ICANN website one day before the deadline for public comments about the Beijing advice issued by the GAC.

Two failures among latest 44 new gTLD results
ICANN has released its weekly batch of new gTLD Initial Evaluation results and it includes the program?s second and third failures.

Donuts puts 63 new gTLDs to private auction, but at least 17 are dead on arrival
Donuts has committed 63 of its 307 new gTLD applications to a private auction next month, but at least 17 of them are doomed already because rival Uniregistry won?t take part.

Donuts Commits 63 gTLDs To Private Auction
Donuts Inc. have committed to a private auction for 63 of the 307 new gTLDs it has applied for.

Ombudsman probing ?late? new gTLD objections
ICANN?s Ombudsman Chris LaHatte has received complaints about some new gTLD objections that were apparently filed after the submission deadline but are being processed anyway.

What they?re saying about the GAC?s safeguard advice
The ICANN New gTLD Board Committee request for comment on the GAC?s safeguard advice has closed, and the reply period will open soon. Here are some select comments, along with links to the full comments.

Donuts hires the face of the new gTLD program
Portfolio gTLD applicant Donuts has hired Michele Jourdan, who until last week was head of new gTLD communications at ICANN.

Mixed IP reaction to government gTLD advice
IP owners have provided a mixed response to government calls for tougher safety measures applying to new gTLDs.

ICANN expects 646 new TLD applications to be withdrawn
66 applications for new TLDs have been withdrawn as of today. For budgeting purposes, ICANN projects that number will explode to 646 before everything is said and done.

Donuts offers to participate in private auction for 63 new TLDs
Donuts, the company that applied for the most TLDs, announced today that it will commit to private auctions for 63 of the 307 strings that it applied for in the first auction to be held by Applicant Auction.

Donuts Applicant Auction Release
Donuts Inc, a registry for new gTLDs, has committed to participate in the first online applicant auction for 63 of the 307 total gTLDs for which it has applied. The announcement is made in advance of next week?s commitment date for participation in the auction, which will be held on June 3 and is the first of a planned series of applicant auctions.

ANA: ?ICANN Fails to Address Key Concerns About New gTLD?s?
On a post on its blog, The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) rips ICANN for failing to ?address Key COncerns About New gTLD?s

40 New gTLD?s Apps Pass IE: .Chrome; .BBC; .AmericanExpress; .BMW; .Ads
ICANN just released 40 more new gTLD?s that passed Initial Evaluation today.

ICANN Still Has Virtually No Revenue Coming In From Last Resort Auctions
If two or more applicants applied for the same new gTLD unless the parties can resolve their contention between themselves the parties go to an ICANN last resort auction.

Now At 66 ICANN Expects 105 New gTLD Applications To Be Withdrawn Before End of IE
In its 2014 budget ICANN expects a total of 646 new gTLD applications will be withdrawn up from its estimate of 545.

ICANN Is Planning On New gTLD To Generating Less Than 10% Of Existing TLD in 2014
According to ICANN 2014 budget it is expecting revenue coming in from New gTLD? to be less than 10% of existing TLD?s.

NetNames: 33% Have No Idea What A New gTLD is; 62% Have No Plans To Register One
NetNames, a online brand protection and domain name management specialist, released the results of a poll of 100 business directors in UK enterprises (minimum turnover of ?5 million) on domain names and the new gTLD?s.

Healthcare dot-brand drops out of gTLD race
WellPoint, a major North American health insurance provider, has dropped its application for .anthem, a proposed dot-brand gTLD.

Are you dialing back domain investments as you wait for new TLDs?
Tucows filed its 10-Q yesterday. In the report, Tucows suggested that domain name investors may be proceeding cautiously with aftermarket domain purchases this year as they wait for new TLD names:

WIthdrawn Applications Are Reflected On The ICANN Website The Same Day
Earlier today Straat Investments let us know they had withdrawn their application for .Book today, we now know that once a site is withdrawn with ICANN it is reflected on the ICANN site the same day.

Straat Withdraws Application For .Book In Favor Of Deal With Another Applicant
NU DOTCO LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of STRAAT Investments, has withdrawn its application for the new gTLD .Book which had a prioritization number of 357.

RIPE: Attacks on domain name systems are on the increase
30 million open resolvers in the domain name system and a 200 per cent increase in the number of attacks in 2012 ? these alarming figures were discussed by administrators at the 66th meeting of the RIPE IP address registry in Dublin this week. A panel discussion revolved around how to motivate the black sheep to implement long overdue security measures before large-scale attacks call the regulators to action.

Measuring DNSSEC Performance by Geoff Huston & George Michaelson
In February and March of 2013 we conducted a set of measurement tests to understand the extent to which today's Internet-connected end systems are capable of performing validation of DNS responses.

Cybersecurity on global agenda at information society forum
Cybersecurity took centre stage at the WSIS Forum ? the follow up process of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that is currently taking place in Geneva, 13-17 May 2013.

At Microsoft, a Sharpened Focus on Cybercrime
Cybercrime has developed in the last few years into a major concern, not just for the consumers and businesses that are victims, but also for governments around the world. Obama administration officials have called it one of the larger threats to the United States economy. While law enforcement agencies handle the investigative and prosecutorial piece of things, they are increasingly being aided by experts at companies such as Microsoft, Google and others that have unique insights into attackers? activities and the capability to make life more difficult for them.

Large Attacks Hide More Subtle Threats In DDoS Data
While distributed denial-of-service attacks topping 100Gbps garner the headlines, they are not the threat that should worry most companies

Cyber attacks against banks more severe than most realize
The series of cyber attacks that repeatedly knocked major U.S. banking websites offline in the past nine months has been more powerful than the general public realizes, government officials and security experts told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit.

Ragebooter: ?Legit? DDoS Service, or Fed Backdoor?
On Monday, I profiled asylumbooter.com, one of several increasingly public DDoS-for-hire services posing as Web site ?stress testing? services. Today, we?ll look at ragebooter.net, yet another attack service except for one secret feature which sets it apart from the competition: According the site?s proprietor, ragebooter.net includes a hidden backdoor that lets the FBI monitor customer activity.

DDoS-for-hire service works with blessing of FBI, operator says
A website that accepts payment in exchange for knocking other sites offline is perfectly legal, the proprietor of the DDoS-for-hire service says. Oh, it also contains a backdoor that's actively monitored by the FBI.

Large Attacks Hide More Subtle Threats In DDoS Data
In March, the massive avalanche of data that crashed down on Spamhaus, the maintainer of a number of spam blacklists, made headlines as the largest distributed denial-of-service attack witnessed to date.

Trademark owner rapped for hijacking domain names
A trademark owner has been slammed for reverse domain name hijacking, an act rarely seen in cybersquatting disputes.

 - IPv4/IPv6
nz: Is your RSP ready for IPv6? (revisited)
The internet?s regional registries are running out of IPv4 addresses, so have New Zealand retail service providers made the shift to the new internet protocol IPv6?

But That's Impossible! by Geoff Huston
For some time now at APNIC Labs we?ve been running an experiment that is intended to measure the state of IPv6 capability across the Internet. To do this we use a number of experimental data sources. A number of web site administrators have kindly put our Javascript test code on their web page, so that visitors to their web page contribute to the measurement exercise.

Africa Domain Name System Forum to be held in Durban, South Africa, 12-13 July 2013
The Africa Domain Name System (DNS) Forum will be held on 12 - 13 July 2013 in Durban, South Africa. The event aims to establish a platform for the DNS community across Africa and to advance the domain name industry and domain name registrations on the continent.

Google?s Matt Cutts: Domain Clustering To Change Again; Fewer Results From Same Domain
Google?s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a new video about a new change coming to Google?s search results related to the diversity of the results being displayed.

A Royal Opinion on Carrier Grade NATs by Geoff Huston
There are still a number of countries who have Queen Elizabeth as their titular head of state. My country, Australia, is one of those countries. It?s difficult to understand what exactly her role is these days in the context of Australian governmental matters, and I suspect even in the United Kingdom many folk share my constitutional uncertainty. Nevertheless, it?s all great theatre and rich pageantry, with great press coverage thrown in as well.

APNIC LEA workshop in New Zealand
APNIC recently participated in a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) workshop in Wellington, New Zealand as part of an ongoing effort to support and collaborate with LEAs in the Asia Pacific region.

Trio of Six-Figure Sales Including the Year's Biggest ccTLD Deal Fueled Another Strong Week for the Domain Aftermarket 
... Setting the pace was Sedo's $252,000 sale of Moms.com. They also took the runner up spot with Fotograf.de at $117,810. That is the biggest country code sale so far this year and is also 2013's first six-figure ccTLD sale.

Google Introduces New Search Tools to Try to Read Our Minds
Google keeps trying to read our minds. The company revealed some new search tools on Wednesday at I/O, its annual developers conference. Taken together, they are another step toward Google?s trying to become the omnipotent, human-like ?Star Trek? search engine that its executives say they want it to be.

FTC Warns Companies of Children's Privacy Violations
Don't say they didn't warn you. The Federal Trade Commission today sent letters to more than 90 businesses, informing them that they could potentially be in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act when changes to the law go into effect on July 1.

Fears rise over Australian government web censorship
Greens senator Scott Ludlam says the federal government has revived internet censorship concerns with revelations its agencies are using legislative powers to block Australian users from accessing suspect websites more widely than first thought.

au: Call for transparency after ASIC accidentally blocks 1,000 websites
There are calls for greater oversight and transparency after the corporate regulator accidentally blocked more than 1,000 websites.

au: Internet chiefs call for checks, balances in censorship battle
Telecommunications executives have urged the federal government to be more transparent in attempts to block Australian access to websites under existing legislative powers.

Australian government to educate agencies on internet filter notices
The Australian government has said it will work with government agencies to ensure Section 313 requests to block websites are "properly targeted".

British LulzSec 'hactivists' caused websites to crash across the world for their own amusement
Four "modern day pirates" launched cyber-attacks on the CIA and global corporations stealing huge amounts of sensitive data and causing websites to crash across the world for their own amusement, a court heard today.

uk: Lulzsec hacker group handed jail sentences
British hackers who were behind a series of high profile cyber-attacks in 2011 have been sentenced.

LulzSec trial: sentence handed down for UK hackers
On Thursday, after a two day trial, a British court sentenced four hackers with ties to the LulzSec hacker group. Three of them were given jail time while one was given a suspended sentence. LulzSec made waves in 2011 with several major hacking campaigns.

us: IC3 2012 Internet Crime Report Released - More Than 280,000 Complaints of Online Criminal Activity Reported in 2012 [news release]
Today the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released the 2012 Internet Crime Report?a summary of reported fraudulent activity, including data and statistics. In 2012, the IC3 received and processed 289,874 complaints, averaging more than 24,000 complaints per month. Unverified losses reported to IC3 rose 8.3 percent over the previous year.

us: Copyright owners can't sue Google's YouTube as a group - judge
A U.S. judge on Wednesday denied class-action status to copyright owners suing Google Inc over the use of material posted on YouTube without their permission.

German case on embedding YouTube videos referred to EU court [IDG]
Embedded YouTube videos don't infringe copyright under current German law, but they could violate European rules, the German Federal Court of Justice said on Thursday.

nz: Dotcom granted leave for Crown appeal
Kim Dotcom has been granted leave to appeal his case against the Crown in the Supreme Court.

us: EFF to Appeals Court: Stop the Porn Troll Shakedown Scheme
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged a federal appeals court today to stop a copyright troll's shakedown scheme in a case linked to the notorious Prenda Law firm.

Will giving the internet eyes and ears mean the end of privacy?
Corporations and governments are turning the internet into a colossal, always-on surveillance tool. Once passive objects are able to report what's happening, where is the power balance?

us: Congress Wants Answers From Google on Privacy Impact of Glass
A group of Congress members has sent a letter to Google seeking answers to a range of questions about the privacy implications raised by its Google Glass project.

Google Glass spurs privacy questions from Congress
Several members of Congress sent a letter to Google to ask about privacy concerns related to Google Glass, including how the company will prevent Glass from unintentionally collecting data without user consent.

US politicians quiz Google on Glass privacy
US politicians are seeking reassurances from Google that its smart spectacles will respect personal privacy.

uk: Google boss Eric Schmidt may snub David Cameron over company's House of Commons grilling
The internet giant Google has thrown a veil of corporate secrecy around its billionaire executive chairman, putting in doubt his scheduled attendance at a meeting in Downing St tomorrow with the Prime Minister.

Google insider exposes ?immoral? tax scam [subscription]
A former Google executive has blown the whistle on a massive and ?immoral? tax avoidance scheme that has ?cheated? British taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of pounds over the past decade.

One tax law for us and another for Amazon
On the edge of Rugeley stands Amazon's largest distribution centre in Britain. Life for the workers who trudge around the 800,000 sq ft warehouse is not as bad as it was for the men who once worked in the pits of the Staffordshire coalfield, but that is not saying much. They must carry satnavs, which direct their movements round the stacks and flash warnings from managers to stop dawdling or chatting with colleagues. Britain being the way it is, they have no job security.

Amazon's tax arrangements are nothing short of a work of art. Bravo! by David Mitchell
Amazon has come in for plenty of stick for paying so little tax in the UK. But its actions display such impish wit that it's hard not to revel in the majesty of a terrible thing well done

uk: MP on Google tax avoidance scheme: 'I think that you do evil'
Google and Amazon came under fierce attack from MPs and tax campaigners after fresh whistleblower allegations put further strain on claims by the internet giants that their multibillion-pound UK-facing businesses should not be taxed by Revenue & Customs.

uk: Google chief Eric Schmidt to meet David Cameron after tax row
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will meet David Cameron next week, just days after the internet giant was mauled by a Commons committee over its tax affairs, it has emerged.

Eric Schmidt of Google to Meet With British Prime Minister
Given the grilling that Google has gotten this week in Parliament, you might think that Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of the company, would be persona non grata in London these days.

uk: HMRC are being 'bamboozled' by Google: MPs confront search giant over 'devious' attempt to avoid paying UK tax
Google was branded ?devious, calculating and unethical? by MPs who accused the internet giant of deliberately subverting its motto, ?don't be evil?, in order to pay less tax.

MPs challenge Google over UK tax reporting
Google has been challenged by MPs over the way it reports its income for tax.

Amazon faces whistleblower's claims over UK business tax practices
Amazon is facing mounting questions over the extent of the business activities conducted out of Patriot Court, its headquarters in Slough, threatening to throw the group's controversial UK tax structure into disarray.

uk: Revealed: Amazon earns more through government grants than it pays in tax
Amazon paid less in UK corporation tax last year than it received in government grants, its official company accounts have revealed ? sparking condemnation from MPs around the country.

Fresh questions for Amazon over pittance it pays in tax
MPs are ready to haul Amazon back to parliament to answer new questions about its tax status in Britain after a Guardian investigation's findings suggest the online retailer is pushing the tax rulebook to its limits to minimise its tax bill.

Tax: how Amazon passed the Slough test and prospered
The way companies are taxed has changed with the way corporations have developed in the last 100 years, expanding beyond national borders. The emergence of substantial international trade in the 1920s prompted countries to agree tax treaties in an attempt to ensure profits were appropriately taxed where they were generated.

Amazon paid ?3m tax on ?4bn UK sales
Amazon's main UK subsidiary paid just ?3.2m in tax last year, according to accounts filed on Wednesday, despite overall UK sales of ?4.2bn.

HMRC has questions to answer over Amazon and Google's tax bills
Surely when a company employs staff in the UK to conduct trade with UK customers it is doing business in the UK ? if HMRC thinks its hands are tied it had better explain why

Concerns Arise on U.S. Effort to Allow Internet ?Wiretaps?
Surveillance can be a tricky affair in the Internet age. A federal law called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act allows law enforcement officials to tap a traditional phone, as long as they get approval from a judge. But if communication is through voice over Internet Protocol technology ? Skype, for instance ? it?s not as simple.

German online copyright law to take effect in August [IDG]
A German online copyright law that will give publishers the exclusive right to the commercial use of their publications on the Internet will come into effect on Aug. 1.

New coalition to TPP negotiators: This is what a Fair Deal looks like [news release]
Today, APC along with a coalition of organisations representing a diversity of interests have come together from around the world to ask for A Fair Deal on intellectual property (IP) in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

nz: Trans-Pacific Partnership protest movement expands
The Fair Deal Coalition, formed to tackle concerns with the intellectual property provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), is launching a global publicity and education campaign. Fair Deal Coalition members include InternetNZ.

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