[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 May

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 May

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Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 15:55:09 +1000

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gTLDs' Analytics and Big Data Impact on Brands' Marketing Strategies

Australia more likely attacked by accident than nation-state: Kaspersky

AusCERT 2013: Companies unaware of IPv6 security risk even if they?re not using it

Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction

Guardian Newspaper Rebrands Itself Online Under .COM

A Panel Discussion on the Geopolitics of Internet Governance
The Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society recently co-hosted a panel discussion on the dicey topic of ?The Geopolitics of Internet Governance.?

Applicant Responses to GAC Advice from the Beijing Communiqu? are Available for Review
In the GAC Beijing Communiqu?, the Governmental Advisory Committee issued advice to the ICANN Board of Directors regarding New gTLD applications. ICANN notified applicants and the community about the GAC?s advice on 18 April 2013, thus opening a 21-day applicant response period. Applicant responses have been made public.

Applicant Responses to GAC Advice from the Beijing Communiqu? are Available for Review
In the GAC Beijing Communiqu?, the Governmental Advisory Committee issued advice to the ICANN Board of Directors regarding New gTLD applications. ICANN notified applicants and the community about the GAC?s advice on 18 April 2013, thus opening a 21-day applicant response period. Applicant responses have been made public.

Pre-Delegation Testing: Beta Testing & Resources Update
ICANN has extended Beta Testing invites to over 200 applicants and published an updated set of resource documents as part of our continuing effort to help applicants prepare for Pre-Delegation Testing.

Next Set of Initial Evaluation Results Released. Number of results ramped up to batches of 100 prioritized applications per week. Total number of passing applications now 433
View Them Here.

Reflections on Geneva by Nigel Hickson
I had the privilege to attend the ITU?s World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) last week in Geneva alongside Fadi, Tarek Kamel, Steve Crocker and other Board members. Apart from the rain, it was a very good week!

Andrew Gardner to ICANN
IDN 2LD Migration from Legacy gTLD to IDN newGTLD

Ben Hammer, FairSearch.org, to Fadi Chehad? and Christine Willett
New gTLD Application for .SEARCH

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Small Business Can't Get Domains They Want
Many small business owners cannot get their preferred domain names, a study commissioned by the .co registry has found in what appears to be a plug for .co and is probably only relevant to the United States.

co: Half of Small Business Owners are Dissatisfied With Their Web Presence, According to National Survey
Majority of small business owners lack critical knowledge necessary to make informed domain name buying decisions

cz: Ond?ej Filip re-appointed to UN secretary-general?s advisory group
The Czech Republic has a nearly stable representative in the UN secretary-general?s advisory group. Ond?ej Filip, CEO of the CZ.NIC association ? the administrator of the Czech national domain ? will enter his fourth year as a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), an advisory body of the UN general-secretary for the organisation of the Internet Governance Forum.

EURid 2012 Annual Report Reveals 5.4% Growth in 2012
2012 saw registrations of .eu domain names rise by 5.4 per cent to a total of 3.7 million domains, EURid?s 2012 annual report revealed.

mx: Modification of Akky Domain Names Policies on June 8th, 2013
Dear Customer: Akky are going to make some ??changes to the Akky Domain Name Policies and the Online Presence Service Policies, these will take effect from June 8th, 2013.

nl: SIDN presents 2012 Annual Report
Growth in the number of .nl domain names slowed considerably in 2012. A net increase of 6.6% was recorded, compared with 14.5% the year before. The slowdown was therefore 48%, the biggest in ten years. Although the number of new registrations was broadly unchanged at 1.1 million, far more domain names were cancelled in 2012 than in previous years. Those are the headlines of SIDN's annual report, which was published on line today.

?Defending an open and inclusive Internet is part of .SE?s DNA?
The Stockholm Internet Forum is now under way. For the second consecutive year, .SE ? in partnership with the Swedish Foreign Ministry and Sida ? is hosting people from all over the world at a conference about freedom on the Internet and how this is advantageous to global development.

Singapore To Require Verification Of Owners For .Sg ccTLD Domains
Beginning May 2013, the Singapore domain registry will require verification of domain name owners. This comes as a result of previous cases of identity theft and fake identities being used when registering .SG domain names.

I want my .TV ? until I forget what a TV is.
TBS and TNT announced this week that they?ll be streaming online, and ABC announced that it?s offering unaired episodes online of the sitcom ??Don?t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23?. Which lead me to wonder? why aren?t these channels streaming on .TV?

Porn.com Strikes a Deal for Porn.xxx
ICM Registry ... announced today that they have struck a deal with one of the most recognized companies in the online adult content industry, PimpRoll, for the coveted Porn.xxx domain.

gTLDs' Analytics and Big Data Impact on Brands' Marketing Strategies
Big data is abuzz today when it comes to ongoing market strategy with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, among others offering staple tools by selling ads, analytics, maps, discount strategies, and more to big brands. Using data to drive new products, content, and track consumers' behaviors as well as needs before they happen are ever-changing in response to new scientific, data-driven technologies and methodologies.

Applicants file 722 responses to GAC advice
ICANN has published applicant responses to the Governmental Advisory Committees ?Advice? on new TLDs. 722 responses were filed in total.

Is the .home new gTLD doomed? ICANN poses study of security risks
ICANN has set up a study into whether certain applied-for new gTLD strings pose a security risk to the internet, admitting that some gTLDs may be rejected as a result.

.Home and .Corp are not the only invalid TLDs that currently get queried
ICANN is investigating internal names used by corporations and how they might conflict with applied-for TLDs.

FairWinds Submits Public Comment on Proposed Registry Agreement Draft
In response to ICANN?s recent release of a proposed final draft of the New gTLD Registry Agreement (RA), FairWinds Partners submitted a public comment Monday arguing the agreement lacks adequate trademark protections for brand owners.

Google takes another giant step for new gTLD mankind
Last month, when we commented on a change to the mystical Google Algorithm that would pave the way for new gTLDs to receive the same search index score as a regular com, net and org, people raised an eyebrow or two over their motives. However, it was clear that the changes would be in line with Google?s their universal mission to provide the most relevant search results to every single user. Well now they appear to be ready to take another step that will make the adoption of the new gTLDs more and more attractive to brand and trademark owners.

New TLD withdrawal update: Who?s ditching the application process, and why?
In the last month, seven applications have been withdrawn from the new TLD process, rounding out the to-date withdrawal number at 62. (For a full list, click here.) It may not seem like it in the face of 1,900+ applications, but 62 withdrawals is kind of a big deal and accounts for an $8 million loss for ICANN, and a loss of more than $3 million for these companies collectively (not including the legal costs involved in presenting and updating their applications, or the cost of time and manpower keeping up with a process that has dragged on much longer than expected).

GAC Recommendations May Slow New gTLD Process
Remember when you were a kid and you had to do all your chores before going outside? So you'd finish putting away the dishes, or whatever, and ask your parents to go outside, and they'd keep adding chores. "Clean the cat litter," they'd say. Hours later, the sun would be setting, and you'd be crying at your window, like Cinderella. Okay, so maybe that was Cinderella. The point is, that's precisely what seems to be happening with the new gTLD process -- we want the new gTLDs to come out to play, but now the GAC (Governmental Advisory Committee) has a few more things they need new TLDs to do before they can leave the house.

Now we?re getting serious: 92 new gTLD bids pass
ICANN has stepped up the pace of its Initial Evaluation results schedule, this evening publishing the results of 92 new gTLD applications.

Demand Media commits five TLDs to private auctions, but three are dead on arrival
Demand Media subsidiary United TLD has committed five of its applied-for TLDs to the first private domain auctions to be handled by Peter Cramton.

Making Sense of GAC Advice?
On the final day of the recent ICANN meeting in Beijing the GAC, which includes representatives from many countries? governments, issued their communique as they do at all ICANN meetings.

FairSearch Tells ICANN They Still Don?t Like Google Application For .Search
In a letter sent by FairSearch.org (FairSearch) to ICANN they urge ICANN to reject the new gTLD application for .Search filed by Google even after Google changes their application to make it an opened extension.

Famous Four?s DotHealth Creates Governance Council To Provide Imput On .Health
Dot Health Limited which is a Famous Four?s application to operate the new .Health gTLD, today announced the creation of a Governance Council that will allow the world health community to provide input on the .Health TLD.

How the U.S. Government Hacks the World
Obscured by trees and grassy berms, the campus of the National Security Agency sits 15 miles north of Washington?s traffic-clogged Beltway, its 6 million square feet of blast-resistant buildings punctuated by clusters of satellite dishes. Created in 1952 to intercept radio and other electronic transmissions?known as signals intelligence?the NSA now focuses much of its espionage resources on stealing what spies euphemistically call ?electronic data at rest.? These are the secrets that lay inside the computer networks and hard drives of terrorists, rogue nations, and even nominally friendly governments. When President Obama receives his daily intelligence briefing, most of the information comes from government cyberspies, says Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence under President George W. Bush. ?It?s at least 75 percent, and going up,? he says.

U.S. urged to let companies 'hack-back' at IP cyber thieves
U.S. companies should be allowed to take aggressive countermeasures against hackers seeking to steal their intellectual property, contends the private Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property.

A Cyberattack Campaign for Syria
Last week Syrians lost access to the Internet for the second time in a month. While the Assad regime claims the lapses were the result of a faulty network link, the evidence suggests that they were deliberate efforts by the government to hamper the opposition?s ability to communicate inside the country and with the outside world.

New Computer Attacks Traced to Iran, Officials Say
American officials and corporate security experts examining a new wave of potentially destructive computer attacks striking American corporations, especially energy firms, say they have tracked the attacks back to Iran.

Report Says Active Recovery Efforts Could Deter IP Theft By Foreign Attackers
An independent commission focused on the threat of intellectual property from U.S. companies says that between 50 percent and 80 percent of all IP theft originates in China and, in a new report, urges the government to take stronger action against government-sanctioned IP theft.

Australia more likely attacked by accident than nation-state: Kaspersky
Australia remains an unlikely target of a nation-state attack, according to Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky, but the country could get caught up in the collateral damage from other warring nations.

Encouraging domain name decision ? all about a burger
A ruling recently issued in Moscow adds to the encouraging decisions against domain name squatters in Russia. The appeal in the Burger King domain name disputes has recently been resolved by the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals.

Facebook status update (Part 2): does that domain name say ffacebook.com?
We previously posted about another legal issue that was keeping Facebook busy, namely, a dispute over its use of the term ?timeline? which it settled out of Court.

Bed, Bath, and Bam!
Bed, Bath and Beyond recently won a major victory in the fight against cybersquatting by successfully recovering 59 domain names in a single decision (yes, you did read that right). The household goods retailer?s recent haul included domain names such as bbedbathandbeyond.com and bedbatgbeyond.com.

Some Observations on the Latest Cybersquatting Trend - Typosquatting and its Impact on Indian Cyberspace by Neelabh Rai [CYBER COPS India]
Abstract: .. This paper intends to report latest type of Cybersquatting called Typosquatting and discusses its likely impact through traffic diversion and false association leading to considerable loss of revenue as well as customers.

United Nations Tells Ron Paul To Shove His Lawsuit Right Up His Ass
Last we checked, Ron Paul had filed a lawsuit with the World Intellectual Property Organization (an agency of the UN, which he HATES) in an attempt to expropriate both RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org from his supporters. So how'd that all turn out for Paul? Not so well.

Ron Paul found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking
Earlier today I wrote about how Ron Paul lost both of his domain disputes brought before WIPO.

 - IPv4/IPv6
AusCERT 2013: Companies unaware of IPv6 security risk even if they?re not using it
Software vendors? proactive approach to IPv6 has created a glaring security hole for companies that think they haven?t activated the next-generation Internet addressing protocol yet, Cisco Systems consulting security engineer Stefan Avgoustakis has warned.

RIPE NCC Launches New 'IPv6 in the RIPE Database' Webinar
The RIPE NCC has launched a fourth webinar as part of its online training services: IPv6 in the RIPE Database. 

Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction
They say that success has many parents but failure is an orphan. Judged by that standard?or any other?the Internet is a success. Al Gore invented it. Tim Berners-Lee got a knighthood out of it. Everyone was using it before it was cool. But only two men have ever borne the title "Father of the Internet." One is the late computer scientist Bob Kahn. The other is Vint Cerf.

The RIPE NCC Survey 2013 is Now Online
The RIPE NCC asks all members and any other interested parties to take this very important survey for the RIPE NCC and the RIPE community.

Removing Need at RIPE by Chris Grundemann
I recently attended RIPE 66 where Tore Anderson presented his suggested policy change 2013-03, "No Need -- Post-Depletion Reality Adjustment and Cleanup." In his presentation, Tore suggested that this policy proposal was primarily aimed at removing the requirement to complete the form(s) used to document need. There was a significant amount of discussion around bureaucracy, convenience, and "liking" (or not) the process of demonstrating need. Laziness has never been a compelling argument for me and this is no exception.

APTLD has appointed China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) as the new secretariat

APNIC 36 Fellowships open now
APNIC is committed to supporting Internet growth in developing Asia Pacific economies. APNIC provides several Fellowship awards to enable people to attend and participate in the APNIC Conference free of charge.

Bill Sweetman goes ?ninja? with new consulting firm
Bill Sweetman, who recently resigned as head of Tucows? domain portfolio business, has reemerged with his own ?boutique? consulting firm, Name Ninja.

Is Singapore Asia?s Hosting Hub?
In the last few years, Asia has become a hotbed for many tech startups. With a population of 4.1 billion, it is clearly a lucrative market for companies. Take for example the battle of the chat apps. Having conquered their respective domestic markets, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk and WeChat are expanding aggressively into South East Asia. Korea-based KakaoTalk recently launched in Indonesia and received around 100,000 downloads every day.

The Guardian aims for global brand 'consistency' with single URL move
The Guardian is looking to reposition itself as a global brand, with the decision to consolidate its digital presence around a single international URL, TheGuardian.com.

Going global on our digital journey
Guardian News & Media's chief digital officer, Tanya Cordrey, on the Guardian's planned move to a brand new global domain later this year

Guardian to launch new platform to streamline access to web content
The Guardian is to launch a new global web presence, theguardian.com, in recognition of the newspaper's increasingly international digital appeal.

Guardian Newspaper Rebrands Itself Online Under .COM
The Guardian newspaper, one of the world's most popular online, and the only non-.com domain suffix in the top ten Google News list of digital news outlets, has announced this week it is moving its global branding online from a .co.uk domain to .com. The move reinforces the importance of a .com domain for global brands.

Guardian Newspaper Acquires TheGuardian.com from Guardian Life
According to an article on Media Week this morning, ?The Guardian is set to change its numerous domain names including guardian.co.uk to theguardian.com as part of a shift to a global digital newsbrand and ongoing expansion in the US and Asia-Pacific.? This is a wise move for the company, and I am sure the acquisition of TheGuardian.com wasn?t cheap.

Aftermarket.com to combine parking and selling
Thought Convergence?s domain marketplace will integrate domain parking and the company has switched ad feed providers.

New Digital Influencers: The Coming Youthquake
Blame it on the youth they say. Indeed, there?s a great assumption that the future of technology falls in the hands of emergent generations. The youth of today will someday represent the majority of consumers, employees and citizens. That?s always the case, but what we don?t yet fully appreciate is just how different young adults think today. We don?t yet understand what it is they value and why. We?ve not yet assimilated how they make decisions and what factors influence their daily activities and journeys.

These 12 technologies will drive our economic future
Most of the writing you see about the economy speaks to narrow questions: What will growth be this year? When will the unemployment rate get back to normal? And so on. But the things that will determine standards of living a generation from now have almost nothing to do with this month?s jobs report or the Federal Reserve?s latest policy meeting. Those determinants, instead, depend on companies? innovations ? in particular, whether those innovations turn out to have major economic consequences.

Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction
They say that success has many parents but failure is an orphan. Judged by that standard?or any other?the Internet is a success. Al Gore invented it. Tim Berners-Lee got a knighthood out of it. Everyone was using it before it was cool. But only two men have ever borne the title "Father of the Internet." One is the late computer scientist Bob Kahn. The other is Vint Cerf.

Peering at bright screens after dark could harm health, doctor claims
Watching TV or using computers, tablets or smartphones after dark may cause sleep loss and resultant health problems, a leading doctor has warned.

George Soros invests in 'hyperfast' internet firm
Financier George Soros has led a ?50m investment in fibre-optic company Hyperoptic, which lays high-speed lines direct to UK homes.

uk: Children raised 'on diet of porn' more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour, warns report
Children who access pornography are more likely to have sex at a younger age and engage in ?risky behaviours?, a report by the Office of the Children's Commissioner has warned.

uk: Protect children from internet pornography, report demands
Children are exposed to violent and sadistic imagery which risks distorting their attitudes towards relationships and sex, according to the children's commissioner for England.

We need to talk to children about porn: Parents are worried about what their children view online, but we should talk to young people about that as part of sex education
Porn is now so easily accessible online, and so prevalent, that it is understandable that parents, teachers and policymakers are worried. What we aren't teaching about sex and relationships (at home or school) is brought into sharp focus when we think about what young people might be learning from porn.

Google to Fund, Develop Wireless Networks in Emerging Markets
Google Inc. is deep into a multipronged effort to build and help run wireless networks in emerging markets as part of a plan to connect a billion or more new people to the Internet.

Fear of fraud stifles Nigerian dotcom growth
In Nigeria, internet shopping is not all that it might seem. Take Sheffy Bello-Osagie's recent purchase of a hair product. Instead of punching in her card details online, she emailed the seller for account details. Then she went to the bank to deposit the sum in cash.

AusCERT 2013: What's it like to be a 'Nigerian scam' victim?
Feelings of shame and despair at being conned out of $300,000 by a convincing Nigerian-based email scam led Queensland interior decorator Jill Ambrose to attempt suicide twice.

Mega responds to security concerns; promises some changes
Representatives of newly launched file-storage and sharing service Mega addressed some of the concerns raised by security researchers in recent days about the site's architecture and the implementation of its cryptographic features.

nz: Cyber experts: NZ computers lack basic security
Cyber experts say half of home computers in New Zealand lack even basic security measures and it's leaving the country vulnerable to cyber terrorism or espionage.

nz: SMEs at risk from Ransomware attacks
Ransomware attacks show no sign of abating, as people continue to find their computer blocked with fraudulent messages demanding payment to unlock it.

au: Cyber crime fears on the rise
Fears about the consequences of cyber attacks, internet hacking and identity fraud are at their highest level in five years, with Australians ranking as among some of most concerned people in the world.

Disruptions: At Odds Over Privacy Challenges of Wearable Computing
Perhaps the best way to predict how society will react to so-called wearable computing devices is to read the Dr. Seuss children?s story ?The Butter Battle Book.?

Google defends listing extremist websites in its search results
Google's indexing of extremist websites helps police track their activity and will continue, the company's chief told an audience at the Hay festival.

uk: 'Snooper's charter' powers 'essential' to counter terror threat says Theresa May in wake of Woolwich killing of soldier Drummer Lee Rigby
Theresa May has said the failed so-called 'snooper's charter' would be revived in the wake of the Woolwich attack as she claimed the bill was ?essential? to assist security services in countering the terror threat.

An increasingly unchecked surveillance state
The most egregious rights violations tend to happen against the voiceless; those who have neither the platform nor resources to articulate their grievances to the broader world.

Google faces new FTC probe over display ads
Federal investigators have begun probing whether Google is using its increasingly potent position in the online advertising market to undermine competition, an issue officials have monitored since its acquisition of digital ad company DoubleClick in 2008, said people familiar with the inquiry.

Online appeal unearths historic web page
A search to recover the very first web page has unearthed a relic from 1991.

us: Researchers uncover way to boost Australia's global internet links
American scientists have discovered a way to dramatically increase the speed of Australia's internet links with the world.

au: Local child porn case leads to US rescue
It was a story that gripped Victorians for weeks: a young couple left a note for family and friends saying they were heading to central Victoria to pan for gold, loaded their gear into a rental car and vanished.

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