[DNS] auDA domain name news - 27 June

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 27 June

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ICANN's Expert Working Group Recommends WHOIS Replacement [ICANN news release]

Whois headed for the scrap heap in ?paradigm shift?

eco publishes the largest international study of the Domain Industry

New TLDs Not Seen As A Threat To .DE: eco Survey

nz: 'Maori bashing' websites on the rise, researcher says

au: Telstra switches on IPv6 for business ADSL

au: Telstra's business broadband now IPv6 compatible

IGF-D: Basic Right to Internet, Better Co-Operation, and Multi Stakeholder Approach
The Internet Governance Forum Deutschland (IGF-D) took place 3 June 2013 with about 110 participants representing the economy, politics, science and the civil society. The meeting?s goal was to prepare Germany?s contribution to the International Internet Governance Forum held by the United Nations in Bali in October, as well as the European Dialogue on Internet Governance held in Portugal in June.

EuroDIG 2013 Begins ? eco Plays Host in 2014
This year?s European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) opened in Lisbon today. It is the most important event at the European level, where stakeholders from industry, governments, research and civil society share ideas on the future shaping of the Internet.

Special Report: European Dialogue On Internet Governance: Regulating Cyberspace After Prism? Available for IP-Watch Subscribers [subscription]
The surveillance affair around the US Prism programme left its mark on the 2013 European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) in Lisbon last week.

ICANN's Expert Working Group Recommends WHOIS Replacement [news release]
ICANN?s Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services (EWG) is recommending major changes to the way registrant data is provided to users.

Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs
Purpose (Brief): The joint ccNSO-GNSO IDN working Group (JIG) seeks input from the community on its draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs. The draft includes recommendations to the ccNSO and GNSO Councils for further action to resolve policy and other relating to the universal acceptance of IDN TLDs The Working expects to finalize and publish its Final Report, and submit their report, after taking into account the comments received.

Explore the Draft Next Generation gTLD Directory Services Model
ICANN has embarked on an effort to reinvent today's WHOIS system. Be part of the solution and join the discussion...online and at ICANN's Durban meeting.

Consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests
Purpose (Brief): A consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests

ICANN Launches Strategic Planning Portal
ICANN has launched a Strategic Planning Portal. Community input is a vital element of ICANN and the new Portal further integrates the community's feedback in shaping the future direction of ICANN and its work. This new website will allow interested individuals and organizations from around the globe to suggest what ICANN's new, overarching vision and five-year plan should contain, and then to review and provide comments on a proposed strategic plan.

ASO AC Re-Elects Kuo Wei Wu to ICANN Board
The ASO Address Council (AC) is pleased to announce that Mr Kuo Wei Wu has been re-elected to fill Seat 10 on the ICANN Board.

Ombudsman Recommendation on Late Objection: This is a letter which I sent to the Board on 31 May 2013:- Objections for String .gay by GOProud
I have received a complaint in relation to the rejection of an objection to the string .gay lodged by the community group called GOProud. The objection was filed within time but then rejected because it exceeded the prescribed word length, by approximately 500 words.

Letter from Robin Gross, Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, to ICANN Board of Directors
Issue: Impact on Multi-??Stakeholder Internet Governance Model from Rationale Provided in BGC Response to NCSG Reconsideration Request 13-??3

An Interview with Akram Atallah on the Generic Domains Division | 14 June 2013

Whois headed for the scrap heap in ?paradigm shift?
An ?Expert Working Group? assembled by ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade has proposed that the old Whois service we all love to hate be scrapped entirely and replaced with something (possibly) better.

ICANN working group seeks to kill WHOIS
An ICANN working group is seeking input on a replacement for the current WHOIS system for retrieving details of domain name registrations

What the provocative WHOIS report means for domain investors
ICANN?s working group on gTLD Directory Services released its initial report overnight. If I were to use one word to describe the report, it would be ?provocative?.

WHOIS revamp proposals aim to balance privacy and enforcement concerns [subscription]
ICANN?s Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services has proposed a WHOIS overhaul and is calling for comment on its ?paradigm-shifting? plans. Designed to fix a broken system, its report aims to balance privacy and enforcement concerns and, if implemented, would impact on brand owners? online enforcement strategies.

US and EU could be victims of ICANN power shift
Europe and North America could see an influx of new nations under changes to the way ICANN defines geographic regions, potentially diluting the influence of EU states and the USA.

ICANN CEO: Registrants Rule! by Philip Corwin
ICANN held a briefing in Brussels on Tuesday, June 25th and ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade was the leadoff speaker. We?ve reviewed some detailed reports from those in attendance, and the most startling and refreshing statement made by CEO Chehade was that new gTLD applicants will be managed as ICANN?s licensees ? that he regards the registrant/user as ICANN?s ?customer? and that is the party that ICANN primarily serves.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
eco publishes the largest international study of the Domain Industry
The Association of the German Internet Industry, eco, is releasing its Registrar Atlas 2013 just in time for the start of the new gTLDs. In the third edition of the largest international study of the Domain Industry, eco has investigated the chances of success the domain providers of the new gTLDs like .web, .blog or .mail will have. Lawyer Thomas Rickert, Director of the Competence Group Names and Numbers in the eco Association, is convinced: ?Good domains are already like an address on Park Avenue. With the introduction of the new gTLDs, a lot of new virtual properties in top locations will be created.?

New TLDs Not Seen As A Threat To .DE: eco Survey
DENIC have commented on the release of the latest Registrar Atlas report from eco, the German internet industry association. The annual report has this year expanded to cover 300 registrars in eight countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Russia).

DENIC doesn?t see much threat from new TLDs
eco ? the Association of the German Internet Industry released its third Registrar Atlas this week. The Registrar Atlas is a survey of businesses that offer domain names. The non-scientific survey targets mostly Germany, but includes respondents from eight countries primarily in Europe.

Fact Book 2013: Everything You Wanted to Know About Canada's .CA ccTLD
I've always thought that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the administrator of Canada's .ca country code domain, did an excellent job of promoting their nation's 26-year-old TLD. The latest example of that is a new electronic Fact Book that CIRA has released to tell the .CA story (while also covering current domain trends in other TLDs and discussing the potential impact of new gTLDs).

New .org contract could make registrars sign up to 2013 RAA
Registrars risk losing their right to sell .org domain names unless they sign up to the new 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

nl: The.nlyst 11 now out: the state of the hosting industry
The eleventh edition of The.nlyst is out this week. The.nlyst is SIDN's quarterly magazine for everyone with a professional or personal interest in the .nl domain and the internet. In the latest edition, Michiel Steltman of DHPA, Simon Besteman of ISPConnect and Gerben van Leeuwen of Argeweb set out their visions of the hosting industry today. There is also information about secure domain name transfers and Ram Mohan, a member of ICANN's board of directors, shares his thoughts on internet security.

nz: Domain names denigrate Maori
Auckland University of Technology lecturer Steve Elers says there is a growing trend of "online Maori bashing" after finding a number of suspicious maori.co.nz domain names.

nz: 'Racist' domain names not easily removed
Domain names considered racist toward Maori can not be removed by the body that manages them unless they are ordered to by a court.

nz: 'Maori bashing' websites on the rise, researcher says
There is a growing trend of websites being created for the sole purpose of "Maori bashing," a researcher says.

.PW case study: Maximizing TLD Launch Potential
Launching a TLD is a significant investment, and registries are increasingly tapping into premium domain revenue to improve ROI early in the launch process. As the new gTLD program gets closer to launch, we will see more TLDs follow in the footsteps of .MENU and .BUILD, which have partnered with Afternic to define and distribute the most valuable names in their namespaces through Afternic?s global distribution network. Expansion of Afternic?s inventory through addition of new gTLDs should help registrars choose to promote those TLDs that would bring them the most revenue through premium domain sales.

us: Another domain scam, and this one is sent via fax
There are a number of scams that try to trick unsuspecting domain name owners into paying hefty prices to renew their domains or register new domains.

Afternic picked to handle .buzz premium names
Afternic and NameJet have been selected by the applicant for .buzz, dotStrategy, to manage premium domain name allocation in the new gTLD.

Afternic and NameJet to Offer Auctions and Premium Domain Sales for New Top Level Domain .BUZZ
Afternic and NameJet have been selected by dotStrategy to launch the .BUZZ TLD, having just passed ICANN Initial Evaluation.

TLDH and Famous Four ink new gTLD revenue sharing deal
New gTLD portfolio applicants Top Level Domain Holdings and Famous Four Media did in fact make a deal to resolve three contention sets, as suspected.

gTLD portfolio update: Uncontested applications increase to 23
The Directors of Top Level Domain Holdings are pleased to announce that the Company has resolved the contention for three of its gTLD applications ? .fit, .science, and .review -following an agreement with gTLD investor Domain Venture Partners PCC Limited and its associates Platinum Registry Limited, dot Science Limited, dot Review Limited and Famous Four Media Limited.

Famous Four wins three new gTLD contention sets
Four new gTLD applications were withdrawn overnight, resolving three contention sets.

Do We Have Our 1st New gTLD Application Trade? 4 More Applications Withdrawn
Do we have our first new gTLD application trade? Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH) withdrew two applications tonight one for .Review which had a prioritization number of 492 and its application for .Science which had a prioritization number of 924, leaving Famous Four as the sole remaining applicant for each of those extensions.

FAIL: DomainIndex.com Releases 8 Million Appraisals For New gTLD?s Domain Names
DomainIndex.com has released 8 Million Appraisals for new gTLD domain names those including trademarks and those with just generic terms and the results are pretty interesting.

Introduction: New gTLD Security and Stability Considerations (Part 1 of 5 ) by Danny McPherson
Verisign recently published a technical report on new gTLD security and stability considerations. The initial objective of the report was to assess for Verisign's senior management our own operational preparedness for new gTLDs, as both a Registry Service Provider for approximately 200 strings, as well as a direct applicant for 14 new gTLDs... However, in cataloging internal and external risks related to the new gTLD program, we found several far-reaching and long-standing issues that need to be further explored and/or resolved with varying levels of urgency.

Internet Infrastructure: Stability at the Core, Innovation at the Edge (Part 2 of 5) by Danny McPherson
For nearly all communications on today's Internet, domain names play a crucial role in providing stable navigation anchors for accessing information in a predictable and safe manner, irrespective of where you're located or the type of device or network connection you're using. Over the past 15 years hundreds of millions of domain names have been added to the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS), and well over two billion (that's Billion!) new users, some ~34 percent of the global population, have become connected.

Google Transparency Report now maps malware, phishing hotspots
Google has announced new measures aimed at better identifying spots around the world where hackers are laying traps or baiting internet users.

Google Adds Malware Statistics to Transparency Report
In an effort to draw awareness to just how unsafe the Internet has become, Google will be adding statistics about malware to its transparency report.

Google adds malware, phishing numbers to its transparency report to make the Web 'safer' [IDG]
Google is revealing some new numbers around malware and phishing attempts in an effort to get more people thinking about online security and to make the Web safer.

Mobile malware grows by 614 percent in last year
Mobile malware creators and smartphone makers seem to be in a neck-and-neck software race, but new data shows that the malware creators could be taking the lead.

Spate of Cyberattacks Points to Inside India
For the past three years, organizations around the globe have been hit by computer strikes that seem to originate in a country rarely associated with targeted hacking?India.

Hackers Target South Korea
Hackers disabled South Korean government websites Tuesday, the latest cyberattack to hit the nation after a large-scale disruption of commercial websites earlier this year attributed to North Korea.

Cyberattacks Disrupt Leading Korean Sites
Major government and news media Web sites in South and North Korea were shut down on Tuesday after anonymous hackers claimed to have attacked them on the 63rd anniversary of the start of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Current Account: Cyberattacks Are Banks? Latest ?Existential Risk?
?Wanted: ethical hackers willing to launch repeated cyberattacks on a major U.S. bank to test its defenses. Competitive pay and discretion assured.?

Cyber-retaliation: How security is becoming a priority for the Middle East
While web threats may not have been high on the agenda for the region's businesses, a series of high-profile security incidents looks like it could be about to change all that.

Data Security Is a Classroom Worry, Too
LIKE many privacy-minded parents of elementary students, Tony Porterfield tries to keep close tabs on the personal information collected about his two sons. So when he heard that their school district in Los Altos, Calif., had adopted Edmodo, an online learning network connecting more than 20 million teachers and students around the world, he decided to check out the program.

au: Plotting likely plan of cyber attack at QUT
THE systems that run large, critical infrastructure such as electricity, water treatment and traffic control are high-risk targets for cyber attack in Australia, according to industry expert Ernest Foo.

Cyber attack hits South Korea websites
South Korea has issued a cyber alert after an apparent hacking attack on government websites.

Web developer ordered to give domain name back to client
It?s something we see time and time again... a business lets a web developer register their domain name, and then refuses to give it back.

 - IPv4/IPv6
au: Telstra switches on IPv6 for business ADSL
The slow march away from the dwindling supply of Internet Protocol (IP) version 4 addresses to IPv6 addresses continues, with Telstra announcing that its business ADSL products are capable of supporting IPv6.

au: Telstra's business broadband now IPv6 compatible
Telstra has begun offering IPv6 support for its business ADSL services.

Internet pioneers to collect first Queen Elizabeth Prizes
The queen of England will award the trophies Wednesday for a new million-pound prize to encourage engineering to Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Vint Cerf, Marc Andreessen, and Louis Pouzin.

SnapNames gets Japan Registry, Afternic and NameJet get .buzz business
There were a couple unrelated ?client win? announcements this morning coming from major domain name marketplaces. First, SnapNames announced that it has inked Japan Registry to an expired domain deal. Japan Registry, part of GMO Internet Group, will send its expired domain stream to SnapNames in an exclusive deal. GMO holds a 90% share of the gTLD market in Japan.

Congratulations to 2013 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees by Steve Crocker
Dear 2013 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees, On behalf of ICANN, I would like to extend my deepest congratulations for your induction into the Internet Hall of Fame. Your contributions to the Internet have been profound and we thank you for your dedication. It is your hard work that has built the Internet and ensures that it continues to be the vibrant tool for communication and collaboration that it is today.

Sedo updates privacy policy due to Google changes
Sedo sent a notice to its parking customers today to inform them that it has updated its privacy policy.

Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Launches for Merchants
Good news for Google advertisers looking to expand their advertising performance with dynamic remarketing for their products.

This Week's Top Domain Sales Included One of the Year's 10 Biggest Non .Com gTLD Transactions
A trio of .coms and a non .com gTLD sale fill the first four slots on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. Sedo claimed the top two positions with WBM.com at $35,877 and Forks.com at $32,500. MostWantedDomains.com rounded out the .com threesome at the top with Wepop.com at $25,000 before Flippa interrupted the .com party with #4 Games.info at $20,300.

It?s the latest social media phenomenon and has just been valued at $800m. But how long will Snapchat last?
It was hatched as a Stanford University design project barely two years ago. But now Snapchat, the photo-sharing app which allows users to send images which ?self-destruct? within ten seconds, is taking a bite out of Facebook after its valuation soared to $800 million (?517 million).

European Commission: Fight Against Child Pornography Not An Important Goal Anymore
The European Internet complaint sites fighting online child pornography are facing termination. The EU?s funding expires in June 2014, and it is not clear if sufficient funds will be available to continue thereafter. The latest programmes published by Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, make no reference to the complaint sites.

Microsoft to send Bing to school this year
A special version of Bing will be offered to schools later this year -- one that promises no ads, no adult content, and special learning features.

au: Indigenous cyber safety issues need addressing: report
A House of Representatives committee has urged parliament to begin a far reaching inquiry into cyber safety, cultural, policy and literacy issues for Indigenous Australians.

BitTorrent: We don't deal in pirated content
It's pretty well established that torrent files can be used for downloading pirated music, movies, games, and more. But, the company BitTorrent wants it to be known that it has nothing to do with such piracy.

Pink Floyd members reunite to slam Pandora [IDG]
Call it another brick in the wall. The surviving members of Pink Floyd have gotten together to slam Pandora for its support of an Internet radio bill that the rockers say would lead to an 85 percent pay cut for musicians.

LTE-Advanced 4G network launches in South Korea
South Korea has started offering what are billed as the fastest ever 4G data speeds made available to consumers.

New specific rules for consumers when telecoms personal data is lost or stolen in EU
The European Commission is putting into place new rules on what exactly telecoms operators and ISPs should do if their customers' personal data is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. The purpose of these "technical implementing measures" is to ensure all customers receive equivalent treatment across the EU in case of a data breach, and to ensure businesses can take a pan-EU approach to these problems if they operate in more than one country.

UK mobile advertising market set to grow by 90% in 2013
The UK mobile advertising market is forecast to almost double in 2013 to ?1bn, as Google, Facebook and Twitter increasingly successfully mine the smartphone, tablet and app revolution.

Downloading apps outside Google Play is risky for Android users
... But when downloading applications from somewhere other than the Google Play store, Android device users must be more cautious than ever, according to Juniper Networks third annual Mobile Threats Report.

What?s Next in the Mobile Browser War? Actual Revenue.
The 20-year war for control of the browser has spurred huge advances in desktop, and now mobile, technologies. Yet Web giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple still haven?t figured out how to make the browser a profit center. Sure, Chrome plays a key role in Google?s overall multibillion-dollar search ad business, and Microsoft and Yahoo have monetized their browsers through ad-supported portals, to varying degrees of success, for over a decade. But the browser itself has mostly been treated as a free software tool.

F.T.C. Member Starts 'Reclaim Your Name' Campaign for Personal Data
The revelations this month about government surveillance programs that collect the phone logs of people in the United States and can monitor e-mail traffic abroad are provoking a larger debate on the rights of consumers to control the collection and sharing of data about them.

FTC?s ?Reclaim Your Name? Would Regulate Big Data
Big data is big. So big in fact, Science Daily claimed in May that 90 percent of all the world?s data have been generated in the last two years. In early 2012, the New York Times? Steve Lohr reported that the total amount of data in the entire world would double every two years from that point on. Much of these data are personal information.

FTC commissioner calls for way to 'reclaim your name' [IDG]
U.S. consumers should be able to reclaim control of their personal data from data brokers, websites, and other companies, a member of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday.

F.T.C. Tells Search Engines to Label Advertising as Such
Search engine companies should more clearly distinguish on their Web pages between advertising, paid content and the results of an Internet search, the Federal Trade Commission told two dozen search engine providers on Tuesday.

FTC Advises Google, Yahoo, Others to Be Clearer in Labeling Paid Search Results [IDG]
Searching online for something like "diet plans," or "Caribbean vacation," or of course "iPhone," is bound to present a slew of results, including ads. Now, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission wants search engines to display those ads more clearly.

Google, Yahoo and Bing warned by FTC over advert labelling
The Federal Trade Commission has written to search engines operating in the US warning them to "clearly and prominently" distinguish advertising from "natural" search results, saying that over the past decade it has seen companies beginning to mix the two.

FTC to search engines: Make it clear which results are ads
Search engines need to be careful to make it clear what results are actually ads, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission warned Tuesday.

us: FTC Consumer Protection Staff Updates Agency's Guidance to Search Engine Industry on the Need to Distinguish Between Advertisements and Search Results [news release]
In an ongoing effort to ensure that its guidance for online advertisers stays current with changes in digital media, the Federal Trade Commission?s consumer protection staff sent letters to search engine companies to update guidance published in 2002 on distinguishing paid search results and other forms of advertising from natural search results. The letters note that in recent years, paid search results have become less distinguishable as advertising, and the FTC is urging the search industry to make sure the distinction is clear.

Google Rivals Urge EU Regulators to Reject Antitrust Settlement
Google Inc. rivals urged the European Union to reject the company?s bid to settle an antitrust probe, saying the proposed changes to its Internet search services are ?totally inadequate.?

Rivals Oppose Proposed Google Concessions on Displaying Search Results
A group of technology and media companies on Tuesday ratcheted up pressure on the European antitrust authorities to reject a preliminary deal with Google and subject the search giant to far tougher terms involving search and advertising.

FTC wants to let Internet users see the data that the NSA can get
In light of the quiet data transfers happening between technology companies and the government, the Federal Trade Commission is proposing an ?industrywide initiative? that would give customers access to the information a company has on them, according to a report from the New York Times. The initiative, called ?Reclaim Your Name,? would increase the transparency of what data is not only held by companies, but what is shared between them.

Fact Finder to European Court Backs Google in a Spanish Privacy Battle
In a victory for Google, the European Union?s highest court received a recommendation on Tuesday to strike down a Spanish regulator?s demand that the search engine grant citizens a broad digital ?right to be forgotten,? including the ability to delete arrest records and other negative publicity from Google?s online search results.

Google says tighter EU search regulations would ?hurt? innovation
Tightening the proposed regulations on Google to resolve competition concerns in Europe would risk stunting advances in online search just as a wave of innovation is set to transform the industry, the US company?s top search engineer has warned.

Google vindicated by EU court opinion on search index privacy
Google is subject to EU privacy law but is not obliged to delete sensitive information from its search index, an adviser to the highest European Union court said, in a case that tests whether people can erase harmful content from the Web.

Google does not have to delete sensitive information, says European court
Google is not obliged to delete personal information from its search results, even when that information damages an individual's reputation, an adviser to the European court of justice has decided.

Google not obliged to delete data, rules EU lawyer
Google cannot be obliged to delete sensitive information from its search index, a key adviser to the European Court of Justice has said.

EU court says Google does not have to delete content
Google is subject to EU privacy law but is not obliged to delete sensitive information from its search index, an adviser to the EU's highest court said on Tuesday in a case that tests whether people can erase harmful content from the web.

Global Surveillance: The Public Must Fight for its Right to Privacy
The British-American surveillance program Tempora marks a historic turning point. Unnoticed by the public, intelligence agencies have pursued total surveillance. Governments have deliberately concealed from the public the extent to which we are being watched.

Tim Berners-Lee: internet freedom must be safeguarded
Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said his invention of the world wide web should be safeguarded from being controlled by governments or large corporations.

de: Petition For Net Neutrality Reaches Bundestag
A petition brought to life by a 19-year-old student wanting all data to be treated equally online has achieved its first major goal. The petition committee of the German Bundestag, the first chamber of parliament, will hold a public hearing dedicated to the topic. The petition aims to pass a law guaranteeing net neutrality: Internet providers should be obliged to treat all users? data the same, regardless of their origin or content. So far, more than 73,000 individuals have supported the petition.

GCHQ surveillance: Germany blasts UK over mass monitoring
The German government has expressed the growing public anger of its citizens over Britain's mass programme of monitoring global phone and internet traffic and directly challenged UK ministers over the whole basis of GCHQ's Project Tempora surveillance operation.

Germany challenges UK over legal basis of GCHQ mass monitoring of global internet traffic
Germany has directly challenged British ministers over GCHQ's reported programme of the mass monitoring of global phone and internet traffic.

New data breach rules for EU telecoms companies can be viewed as test of data protection proposals, says expert
ISPs and telecoms companies will generally have to make regulators aware of all personal data breaches they experience within 24 hours of becoming aware of the breach, under new EU rules.

Google-Waze acquisition will be investigated by the FTC
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating Google's $1.3bn acquisition of the crowdsourced traffic-mapping and navigation company Waze, the search company has confirmed to the Guardian.

au: Data retention plan useful for security but could threaten privacy: parliamentary committee
A federal parliamentary committee has issued a critical report on Government plans to store data on Australians' phone and internet use for up to two years.

Australia shelves plans to store phone, Internet metadata
Australia's government on Monday shelved plans to force phone and Internet companies to hold two years of phone call and email data following concerns raised by a parliamentary inquiry into telecommunications interception laws.

Australian government shelves data retention plans
Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has said that the government will not pursue a proposal to require internet service providers (ISPs) to retain customer data for up to two years.

Pacific spy agency bill labelled unnecessary
Proposed new legislation that would give the spy agency which illegally monitored Kim Dotcom wider powers to intercept communications of New Zealanders and others is being roundly opposed as unwarranted.

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