[DNS] auDA Domain News - 12 September

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 12 September

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Trademark Clearinghouse: Trademark Claims Functionality Live

uk: Government forces Nominet into ludicrous porn review

What's the Impact of gTLDs on Social Media?

Trademark+50 coming in October

APNIC warns members of phone scam

Global rules to govern Net sought [Xinhua]
All nations should work together to build a multilateral, democratic and transparent international order for Internet governance within the United Nations framework, the top official of China's regulatory body on Internet information said on Monday.

Trademark Clearinghouse: Trademark Claims Functionality Live
Trademark Claims support services for the Trademark Clearinghouse launched today. These services include:

Consultation on ccTLD Delegation and Redelegation User Instructions and Source of Policy and Procedures
Purpose (Brief): A consultation on User Instructions and Source of Policy for Delegation and Redelegation of a ccTLD.

Implementing a Two-Panel String Similarity Review Process in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track
On 27 June 2013, the ICANN Board approved the proposed amendments of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Final Implementation Plan (FIP). The amendment implements a two-panel process for string similarity review in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process, and was proposed following the conclusion of the IDN Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) Policy Development Process (PDP) and the request from the ccNSO to implement the string similarity review process in the Fast Track Process as recommended in the PDP.

China Internet Network Information Center and CORE Association Officially Join the EBERO Program
ICANN is pleased to announce that China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and CORE Association recently signed agreements to act as Emergency Back-End Registry Operators (EBERO) for new gTLDs.

Consultation on gTLD Delegation and Redelegation User Instructions and Source of Policy and Procedures
Purpose (Brief): A consultation on User Instructions and Source of Policy for Delegation and Redelegation of a gTLD.

Heather Dryden, Chair | Governmental Advisory Committee, to Dr. Stephen Crocker
GAC Potential Safeguard Advice Regarding .wine and .vin

Ashley Roberts, Client Project Manager | Valideus, to Cherine Chalaby
GAC Advice Related to the .KINDER New gTLD Application

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary | Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India, to Ms. Heather Dryden and Dr. Steve Crocker
Follow up regarding the new gTLD application for .INDIANS from M/s. Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) and for .RAM from M/s. Chryler LLC, USA

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
uk: Nominet announces registration policy review
Further to our announcement of 8 August 2013, Nominet is today launching a review of its registration policy for .uk domain names. The scope of the review focuses on whether there should be restrictions on the words and expressions permitted in .uk domain name registrations.

uk: Government forces Nominet into ludicrous porn review
Obviously not, but that?s nevertheless the subject of a formal policy review announced by Nominet today, forced by pressure from the British government and the Murdoch press.

uk: Nominet Reviews Whether Naughty Words OK For Domains
Nominet has launched a review of registration policies for .uk domain names to see whether there should be restrictions on the words and expressions permitted.

Should Nominet ban .uk domains that use paedo and crim-friendly words?
Nominet - currently pushing its plan to let people shell out for .uk web domains without the .co, .org and other second-level labels - now wants to know if certain words should be banned from any .uk registrations.

UK gov't wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #$&#167;* off
Tony sez, "The UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport is supporting a review of the .uk domain name registration process, suggesting that restricting offensive words in .uk domain names will help to prevent abusive behaviour on the internet. Nominet has already done a great job of debunking why this is not an effective solution and is now seeking comments from the public."

What's the Impact of gTLDs on Social Media?
As 1,400 new gTLDs launch in 2014, digital marketers should pay attention to how gTLDs will impact consumer use of the Internet, particularly in social media. Big digital companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft made bold moves in the gTLD space with numerous applications, but social media titans like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pandora, eBay, and others did not apply. Apple was on the gTLD applicant list, but only with its stalwart main brand, Apple.

Donuts signs three more new gTLD contracts
Donuts today signed Registry Agreements covering the new gTLDs .land, .plumbing and .contractors, according to ICANN.

Trademark+50 coming in October
The controversial ?Trademark+50? anti-cybersquatting service for new gTLDs is set to go live October 11 or thereabouts, ICANN announced last night.

New gTLD security implications
The new gTLDs that are being implemented have a few security concerns already. One of the major concerns is Name Collision, which results from a single domain name being used in different places.

Donuts signs three more new gTLD contracts
Donuts today signed Registry Agreements covering the new gTLDs .land, .plumbing and .contractors, according to ICANN.

Whoops! New TLD auction lawyers also representing Name.space in suit to halt program
Morrison & Foerster has worked on private TLD auctions while also representing name.space in its lawsuit against the new TLD program.

Name.space files Opening Brief in appeal of new TLD lawsuit
Company claims new TLD program is a conspiracy to enrich a select few and that ICANN is violating antitrust laws.

First three Community Objections decided: DotGay and Google win but Donuts loses
The International Chamber of Commerce has delivered the first three Community Objection decisions in the new gTLD program, killing off one application and saving two others.

ICANN's Amazon problem
Domain name issues continue to make the news. We recently wrote an article about the new gTLDs that people have been speaking about for some time, and that are likely to start making an appearance later this year. This new system, of course, allows for the registration of generic words, geographic names and brand names as top level names, so you can expect to see just about anything in months to come - .lawyer, .africa, .zulu, .google.

Generic top domain name approvals take a step forward
Look at any internet address right now and you?ll find just a handful of categories into which the owner falls: .com for commercial, .edu for education, .gov for government, .org for organization, and .mil for military.

Key takeaways from .Architect community objection decision
The .Architect objection had some unique characteristics, but the panelist?s decision may concern other applicants.

First community objection decisions: .Architect objection prevails, .Fly and .Gay fail
More controversy about new TLDs is coming as the first community objection decisions have been released by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

dotShabaka Diary ? Day 9, Unwelcome and Uninformed?
The ninth installment of dotShabaka Registry?s journal, charting its progress towards becoming one of the first new gTLDs to go live, written by general manager Yasmin Omer.

Angry Birds backing two Chinese-language gTLDs
The Finnish/Irish new gTLD applicant TLD Registry Ltd has signed two ICANN Registry Agreements, covering the Chinese strings .?? (.online) and .??? (a phrase meaning ?Chinese language website?).

Amazon.com appeals silly IDN string confusion objection
Amazon.com logoAmazon.com has appealed to ICANN?s board to overrule a decision in a string confusion objection that placed its new TLD application for .?? in a contention set with .shop.

Merck KGaA sues Merk & Co. over .merck top level domain name
Merck KGaA, one of the applicants for the .merck TLDs, has filed two lawsuits against competing applicant Merck & Co.

za: New domains get launch date
The ZA Central Registry (ZACR), which administers the .co.za domain and will soon oversee four new geographic gTLDs, says the general public should be able to register these new domains from mid-July next year.

Keep an eye on top level domain name chancers
Did you know that 50% of SMEs still don?t have a web presence? And of the other half, most of them have a site that?s effectively useless, as it?s a static affair that?s little more than an online brochure.

TechRadar Confuses A Pre-Reservation With An Actual Registration; Telling People new gTLD?s Can Be Registered Today
TechRadar.com covered the new gTLD program telling people that new gTLD are available to be registered now.

More than 85% of Top 500 Most Highly-Trafficked Websites Vulnerable
Over the last 5 years, hacktivists have continued the practice of redirecting well-known domain names to politically motivated websites utilizing tactics such as SQL injection attacks and social engineering schemes to gain access to domain management accounts ? and that, in and of itself, is not surprising. But what IS surprising is the fact that less than 15% of the 500 most highly trafficked domains in the world are utilizing Registry Locking.

How do you protect DNS from hacktivists like SEA?
The Domain Name System has emerged as the soft underbelly of the Internet in recent attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army, offering multiple avenues for interrupting services that are essential to online activities.

Details Behind Today's Internet Hacks
At 1:19pm (PDT) today, a researcher noticed that the New York Times' website wasn't loading. We know the New York Times tech team, so we sent an email to check in. A few minutes later, the CTO of the NYT called us back. Since then, a handful of the CloudFlare team has been holed up in a conference room playing a small part in cleaning up this hack.

The Mouse Click that Roared by Joseph S. Nye
Until recently, cyber security has primarily interested computer geeks and cloak-and-dagger types. The Internet?s creators, part of a small, enclosed community, were very comfortable with an open system in which security was not a primary concern. But, with some three billion or so users on the Web nowadays, that very openness has become a serious vulnerability; indeed, it is endangering the vast economic opportunities that the Internet has opened for the world.

More should be done to implement cyber security strategy in NZ: Netsafe
The New Zealand government should spend more money on cyber security and building awareness around it than it is doing currently. However, such spend should be validated only after an accurate assessment of the costs of security lapses to the New Zealand economy.

Security and Pervasive Monitoring
The Internet community and the IETF care deeply about how much we can trust commonly used Internet services and the protocols that these services use. So the reports about large-scale monitoring of Internet traffic and users disturbs us greatly. We knew of interception of targeted individuals and other monitoring activities, but the scale of recently reported monitoring is surprising. Such scale was not envisaged during the design of many Internet protocols, but we are considering the consequence of these kinds of attacks.

IETF Chair's Statement On Security, Privacy And Widespread Internet Monitoring by Dan York
This weekend Jari Arkko, Chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and Stephen Farrell, IETF Security Area Director, published a joint statement on the IETF blog titled: "Security and Pervasive Monitoring"... They go on to outline some of the IETF's general principles around security and privacy as well as some of the new developments. They also point out a vigorous (and still ongoing) discussion within the IETF around how to improve the security of the Internet in light of recent disclosures.

Tackling Enterprise Threats From The Internet Of Things
With all of the sensational stories about baby monitors being taken over by remote intruders and SCADA systems perennially vulnerable to potentially disastrous flaws, it's easy to forget that insecurity of the Internet of Things isn't just relegated to consumer devices and critical infrastructure.

Online security: it?s in your interest! 1st European Cyber Security Month coming up in October [news release]
The campaign is under intensive planning with more than 40 partners and, currently, stakeholders in 25 countries across Europe participating. The EU?s ?cyber security? agency ENISA is, together with the European Commission Vice President and Commissioner, Neelie Kroes and the Commission Directorate General DG CONNECT, supporting this first full scale European Cyber Security Month, with more than 50 activities.

How The Massive Tor Botnet 'Failed'
The Tor-based 'LazyAlienBiker' -- a.k.a. Mevade -- botnet's attempt to evade detection using the anonymous Tor network ultimately exposed it

National Cybersecurity Hall of Fame Inducting Five
The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame has announced five security pioneers will be inducted next month for their work on such fronts as intrusion detection and trusted computing.

Typosquatting domain recovery firm CitizenHawk acquired
Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services (CLS) has acquired CitizenHawk, Inc., a company that helps companies protect their brands in domain names.

Trademark Loses UDRP On Direct Match Domain Bongrille.com Used As A ?Sucks? Site
... The domain bongrille.com is basically a ?sucks? type of site and the panel engaged in a very interesting discussion of free speech and the use of a domain containing a trademark and is worth a read.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Did the NSA Subvert the Security of IPv6?
Following the Snowden leaks revealing Bullrun ? the NSA program to crack the world's encryption ? there is an emerging consensus that users can no longer automatically trust any security.

APNIC warns members of phone scam
The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) has issued a warning to members about phone scammers who pretend to represent APNIC and request Whois database login details.

Reminder to be careful about sharing registration information
Recently, individuals claiming to represent APNIC have contacted some Members, requesting to speak to senior staff regarding non-APNIC matters. This is fraudulent behaviour and of concern as address holders may be convinced to provide details that might facilitate hijacking of registration database records, through theft of authentication or personal identity information.

Domain.com owner files for $400m IPO, to spend $110m buying Directi
Endurance International, owner of Domain.com and HostGator, plans to raise up to $400 million in a Nasdaq IPO, and said it will spend up to $110 million of that buying Directi, India?s largest domain registrar.

Majority of pharmacy websites are non-compliant
Only 3 per cent of internet pharmacy websites are legitimate, meaning those who buy medicines online could be putting themselves at huge risk, a conference in Dublin has heard.

Rick Schwartz's Hall of Shame - The New York Times Does Domains & Jim Grace Joins Team Internet
Over the next couple of days I want to bring you up to date on some significant news and information that came out while I was away on vacation last week. A good place to start is with Rick Schwartz's new website at HallOfShame.com, devoted to exposing companies and individuals that have been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in UDRP proceedings.

Sedo & Go Daddy Auctions Team Up to Produce Six-Figure Sale That Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart
Aftermarket powerhouses Sedo and Go Daddy Auctions joined forces to sell OPS.com for $100,000 to take the top spot on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart this week. Sedo's Dave Evanson co-brokered the deal for the seller, domain pioneer Garry Chernoff, with the name going to a buyer in Japan. Sedo has several other nice sales in the pipeline (including another one at six figures) that they are expected to be released on their next weekly completed sales list.

IG.com domain name part of ?4.0 million spending spree
In May Domain Name Wire reported that financial firm and new TLD applicant IG Group had purchased the domain name IG.com.

Two-Letter .Com Domain Sold for $4.7 Million in the Year's Largest Domain Sale to Date - Deal Handled by Veteran Brokers Tessa Holcomb and Marcus Kocak
I just returned from vacation and this is the kind of news I like to come back to. Veteran domain brokers Tessa Holcomb and Marcus Kocak teamed up to negotiate the year's biggest domain sale to date, acquiring IG.com on behalf of the London, England based IG Group for $4.7 million. We will officially chart the sale in our next weekly domain sales report that will be out Wednesday evening (Sept. 11). At $4.7 million, the IG.com sale is more than double the price paid for the previous leader - 114.com, a domain that was sold for $2.1 million in July. Mr. Kocak, a Danish businessman and former Director of Domain Acquisitions at NetNames, and Ms. Holcomb, CEO & Co-Founder of Igloo.com (domain name sales and acquisitions experts), told me they worked together complete the acquisition of IG.com last March but due to a non disclosure agreement the price could not be revealed until the IG Group published it in the company's annual report.

Archeo formally launches domain name marketplace
Archeo, which is being spun off from Marchex, formally launched its domain name marketplace to the public today. The site went live last month.

Mapping the 'Geography' of the Internet
In case you didn?t know, muscle-car lovers have a thriving Internet community. Twitter users like &#167;HookupMyRide and @CorvetteBlogger are among the chattiest sports-car enthusiasts, tweeting links and striking up conversations with other fans of fast cars. The influential drivers of the muscle-car blogosphere stick to what they like; they mostly share links and thoughts about cars. For that reason, it?s unlikely that they?d ever interact with Twitter users who focus on environmental issues ? in fact, the two groups live in entirely separate neighborhoods of the Internet.

Facebook Privacy Change Is Subject of F.T.C. Inquiry
Facebook, which has repeatedly tripped over its own feet when changing its privacy practices, has stumbled yet again.

au: ACCC cracks down on 'free' apps that trick kids
The competition watchdog is cracking down on potentially misleading "free" computer games and apps that trick children into spending their parents' money on in-game purchases, such as gem stones, tickets and doughnuts.

ACCC targets in-app purchases for children
The Australian consumer watchdog has joined an international effort to target children's apps that require in-app purchasing.

uk: Ofcom: Piracy accounts for one in four downloads
Almost a quarter of downloads in the UK infringe copyright, according to a study prepared for regulators.

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom reveals details of new music service
Dotcom is currently residing in New Zealand awaiting court rulings which will determine if he will be extradited to the US to face a copyright battle over his site Megaupload, which was shut down by the US Department of Justice in January 2012.

Telstra trials super-fast mobile technology
Telstra has begun trials of a new mobile technology that can reach download speeds up to nine times faster than what the Coalition?s national broadband network will deliver to most homes and businesses.

Samsung handsets top iPhone for global Internet usage
Samsung is still tops worldwide when it comes to mobile users hitting the Internet. Samsung devices accounted for 25.7 percent of all mobile Web browsing worldwide in August, beating out the iPhone's 23.4 percent market share, according to research firm StatCounter. Nokia came in third place with 21.7 percent market share.

Court Says Privacy Case Can Proceed vs. Google
In a major legal setback for Google, a federal appeals court here said on Tuesday that a lawsuit accusing the Internet giant of illegal wiretapping could proceed.

us: Google's unwitting Wi-Fi spying not exempt under Wiretap Act
Google is still facing civil damages for accidentally spying on Wi-Fi users with its Street View cars after a federal appeals court Tuesday rejected the company's latest appeal in a class action suit alleging it violated the Wiretap Act.

Imagining a Cyberattack on the Power Grid
Iran and Venezuela want to destroy the United States, so they conspire with a rogue Russian spy to launch a cyberattack on the North American power grid, beginning by electrocuting a lineman in North Dakota. Their main obstacle is a small-town sheriff in the state?s badlands, Nate Osborne, a former Marine Corps lieutenant in Afghanistan whose titanium leg ultimately saves the day.

How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data
The US intelligence agency NSA has been taking advantage of the smartphone boom. It has developed the ability to hack into iPhones, android devices and even the BlackBerry, previously believed to be particularly secure.

NSA violations led judge to consider viability of surveillance program
A judge on the secret surveillance court was so disturbed by the National Security Agency's repeated violations of privacy restrictions that he questioned the viability of its bulk collection of Americans' phone records, according to newly declassified surveillance documents.

Court Upbraided N.S.A. on Its Use of Call-Log Data
Intelligence officials released secret documents on Tuesday showing that a judge reprimanded the National Security Agency in 2009 for violating its own procedures and misleading the nation?s intelligence court about how it used the telephone call logs it gathers in the hunt for terrorists.

us: Government Announces Steps to Restore Confidence on Encryption Standards
The federal agency charged with recommending cybersecurity standards said Tuesday that it would reopen the public vetting process for an encryption standard, after reports that the National Security Agency had written the standard and could break it.

NSA 'altered random-number generator'
US intelligence agency the NSA subverted a standards process to be able to break encryption more easily, according to leaked documents.

Declassified court documents highlight NSA violations in data collection for surveillance
The National Security Agency for almost three years searched a massive database of Americans? phone call records attempting to identify potential terrorists in violation of court-approved privacy rules, and the problem went unfixed because no one at the agency had a full technical understanding of how its system worked, according to new documents and senior government officials.

N.S.A. Spied on Brazilian Oil Company, Report Says
The National Security Agency spied on Petrobras, Brazil?s giant national oil company, according to a report here on Sunday night by the Globo television network, in the latest revelation of the agency?s surveillance methods that have raised tension between Brazil and the United States.

Tech Companies Escalate Pressure on Government to Publish National Security Request Data
As more details emerge about how the government spies on online data, technology companies are escalating their efforts to publicly disclose information about government data requests.

EU politicians want suspension of data-sharing deal amid new NSA spying allegations [IDG]
European politicians on Monday called for the immediate suspension of a data-sharing agreement between the U.S. and the European Union following more revelations of spying by the U.S. National Security Agency.

Revealed: The NSA?s Secret Campaign to Crack, Undermine Internet Security
The National Security Agency is winning its long-running secret war on encryption, using supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders and behind-the-scenes persuasion to undermine the major tools protecting the privacy of everyday communications in the Internet age, according to newly disclosed documents.

Latest NSA Crypto Revelations Could Spur Internet Makeover
Documents taken from the NSA showing that the spy agency has systematically been cracking encryption and establishing a foothold in secure communications technology could provide the strongest impetus yet to spur a long overdue update of the underlying protocols of the Internet.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft petition US over surveillance requests [IDG]
Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all filed petitions Monday with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, as part of a renewed effort to reveal more information about government data requests.

Internet companies in new effort to disclose more on NSA requests
Some of the world's biggest Internet companies on Monday increased efforts to disclose more about their forced cooperation with U.S. spy agencies, and Google Inc asked a court to hold what would be unprecedented public oral arguments.

NSA's Big Data Efforts Need Transparency, Privacy Advocates Say [IDG]
Recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency's massive data collection programs illustrates the need for a new privacy debate about the implications of big data, some privacy advocates said Tuesday.

NIST Denies NSA Tampering with Encryption Standards
The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has vigorously denied that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) tampered with NIST's process of vetting and choosing encryption algorithms.

EU antitrust regulators receive new plan from Google in search results row
European Union antitrust regulators have received new proposals from Google as it tries to avoid a huge fine and to settle a three-year row over how it presents search results.

Google Makes New Offer to Settle Its European Union Antitrust Case
Google made a second try last week to settle a three-year-old antitrust case with the European Union, officials said. Neither side released details of the offer, however, and rivals continued to call for the American technology company to cede more control of its Internet search and advertising business.

Kim Dotcom is still wanted by the FBI. But that isn?t slowing him down.
If you aren?t familiar with Kim Dotcom yet, you soon will be. He?s the guy behind the now-defunct service known as MegaUpload and is wanted by the FBI on charges of copyright infringement. He?s free on bail in New Zealand while awaiting trial on extradition to the United States. But Dotcom is still keeping busy with a number of other projects.

PNG's 'transformative' internet warmly welcomed
Papua New Guinea is pushing ahead with plans for a national broadband network that will improve internet speeds and prices, marking a "transformative leap" for the country.

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