[DNS] Catch-up time for .au

[DNS] Catch-up time for .au

From: Doug Robb <doug>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 23:55:16 +0800
Err this is madness!


>From the article:

?In the small proportion of instances where there could be competition ? e.g. where one person holds example.co.uk and another holds example.org.uk ? the shorter domain will be offered to the .co.uk registrant.?


So the domain space is collapsed by a mass migration of .co.uk to .uk for what purpose? What utter confusion for the .org?s and the like. Perhaps the .co is meaningless in people?s minds ? a mistake of the past. We should be so lucky to be .com.au and get the best of both worlds ? a recognized brand and a regional separation with the potential for further discrimination between logical groups. 


Leave me out of destroying this in favor of a once off land grab by existing .com owners or companies with deep pockets ?..





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So, .uk are doing it. And .nz is doing it (opening up registrations at the second-level). And as they're both currently 'co.', they don't even suffer from the same brand confusion that we get from being 'com.'.


I call on auDA to urgently convene a new Names Panel to consider the issue of opening up second-level registrations in .au.


Sorry Chris, but the 'let's see how the dust settles on the new gTLDs first' line is, in my opinion, naive, and I believe puts the long-term success of .au at genuine risk.


Who's with me?



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