[DNS] auDA domain name news - 25 November

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 25 November

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Booting Up Brazil by Milton Mueller

Brazil is finding its voice in the Internet governance debate.

The de-Americanization of the Internet

GAC Communiqu? ? Buenos Aires, Argentina

ICANN Internet Governance Initiatives Sanctioned by Secret September Board Resolution by Philip Corwin

ICA on the Record at ICANN Buenos Aires by Philip Corwin

Icann chief: shift away from US 'is the way forward'

auDA reviewing WHOIS Policy, open for public consultation

Part 4 of 4 ? Conclusion: SLD Blocking Is Too Risky without TLD Rollback by Burt Kaliski

GAC gives ICANN a way out on IGO acronyms

Booting Up Brazil by Milton Mueller
The improvised alliance between ICANN and the government of Brazil is now beginning to take shape. The "summit" that President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil announced last month now has a name: the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance. It's no longer a summit, it's a GMMFIG. (Shall we pronounce it gum-fig?) The meeting will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 23 and 24. Don't book your tickets yet, though -- we are still debating how open this meeting will be.

195 UNESCO Member States endorse the Final Statement of the first WSIS+10 Review Event
This week, at its 37th session, the General Conference of UNESCO endorsed the Final Statement of the UNESCO-hosted WSIS+10 Review Event, asking the Organization to further reinforce its leading role in the WSIS process and ensuring that UNESCO?s mandate and priorities figure prominently in the lead-up to 2015 and beyond.

EC Consultation on Internet Governance - CENTR Board Comment
The CENTR Board commented on the EC Consultation on Internet Governance. The comment endorses ?cooperation and partnership among all stakeholders? as a key principle of Internet governance, reiterates the deep involvement of the European ccTLD registries as a stakeholder on the national and international level and emphasizes the necessity of paying attention to the needs of the local Internet community.

Brazil is finding its voice in the Internet governance debate.
Over the past several months, Brazil: Objected to a new TLD ? .AMAZON ? applied for by the world?s largest online retailer Amazon.com, claiming sovereignty over the region and the river.

The de-Americanization of the Internet
America?s creation of the Internet, and the phenomenal innovation and benefits it has spawned, has changed the world. However, now that the Internet is maturing, the world is changing the Internet.

GAC Communiqu? ? Buenos Aires, Argentina
GAC Communiqu?

New Contracting Statistics Released
Below are the key Contracting statistics, as of 22 November 2013:

Peter Young, Famous Four Media, to ICANN
Comments on Community Priority Evaluation in respect of Tennis Australia Limited's application for .TENNIS

Donuts Inc. to ICANN
Community Priority Evaluation for the .TENNIS String

Saeed Mahdioun, Representative | Ministry of ICT, Islamic Republic of Iran, to Fadi Chehad?, Steve Crocker, and Cherine Chalaby
New gTLD applications for .ISLAM and .HALAL

Peter Young, Chief Legal Officer | Famous Four Media Limited, to Cherine Chalaby
String Confusion Objections

ICANN Internet Governance Initiatives Sanctioned by Secret September Board Resolution by Philip Corwin
ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade told members of its GNSO Council in Buenos Aires this morning that his recent initiatives resulting in the recent Montevideo Statement on Internet governance and the spring 2014 meeting on this subject to be held in Brazil were sanctioned by a September 15th ICANN Board resolution that has been withheld from the public, but will published shortly.

ICA on the Record at ICANN Buenos Aires by Philip Corwin
The following remarks were delivered to ICANN?s Board and senior staff by ICA Counsel Philip Corwin during the Public Forum held on the afternoon of Thursday, November 21st at the 48th ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Icann chief: shift away from US 'is the way forward'
The internet's main governing body for the control of domain names has indicated a further shift away from its US roots as it gears up for a London meeting in December to discuss internet governance.

Nov 25th Deadline To Nominate Technical Community Reps for IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) by Dan York
Would you (or someone you know) be interested in representing the "technical community" on the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)? If so, the deadline to nominate someone (including yourself) is Monday, November 25, 2013. Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo of UNDESA has issued a statement on the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) renewal process for 2014 with the stated aim of rotating one third of the MAG members.

CENTR Report on ICANN48 Buenos Aires
CENTR has published a comprehensive report from the recent 48th ICANN Meeting held in Buenos Aires. The report covers the ccNSO, the GNSO and GAC sessions as well as detailing special sessoins relating to Internet Governance which was a common theme to the conference.

Why ICANN should stop taking the ?Malvinas? issue seriously [RANT]
... So it really boils my piss when I have to listen to Argentinians take to the mic at ICANN meetings to demand ? demand ? that ICANN transfers the Falklands ccTLD, .fk, to Argentina?s ccTLD operator, Nic.ar.

The ICANN Quilombo by Steve DelBianco
Argentines use the word "quilombo" to describe "a real mess", which is what I feared was awaiting us at the outset of ICANN's meeting in Buenos Aires this week. Since then, ICANN President Fadi Chehade has done a good job cleaning-up the internal process quilombo he and the board created. But ICANN's leadership has left the ICANN community struggling to answer deep and ongoing questions about the future of the Internet and the multistakeholder model.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
auDA reviewing WHOIS Policy, open for public consultation
auDA is currently reviewing the WHOIS Policy (2010-06) and has released an Issues Paper for public comment.

CM.com was deleted and is unregistered?but you can?t have it
If you pop on over to DomainTools and type in the domain name CM.com, you might be surprised to see that it is not registered:

EC report: The .eu TLD model is operating effectively
The European Commission has published the fourth, bi-annual report to the European Parliament and the Council on the functioning of the .eu TLD.

.eu registry launches iPad app
.eu Identity is the new iPad app proudly brought to you by EURid, the registry for the .eu TLD.

ICANN & Public Interest Registry Renew .ORG Contract
Yesterday, on November 19, 2013, we renewed our .ORG agreement with ICANN. Watch the video below to see ICANN GDD President Akram Atallah joined by our own Brian Cute (CEO) and David Maher (Senior VP) in the signing ceremony.

DNS.PT and DECO launched a contest in partnership with IGAC, GDA, INPI and SPA
As part of its activities for the promotion and development of the national Internet, the DNS.PT launches its first initiative and expects a massive accession among the School community.

Andrei Kolesnikov: ".RU, .?? and .SU are the base of the Russian Internet brand"
10th Runet Award ceremony was held in RIA Novosti Center. The Runet Award is an annual event; the awards are given for achievements in expanding and promoting the Internet in Russia. The event was hosted by the RAEC (Russian Association for Electronic Communications) and the Coordination Center for TLD RU/??, and sponsored by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications.

?Swedes and the Internet 2013? released
Today .SE releases Swedes and the Internet 2013. The report is Sweden's most important study on individuals? internet use and has been published since 2000.

Veteran British Domain Investor Edwin Hayward Sounds Off on Nominet's Decision to Offer New .UK Domains 
Nominet, the administrator of Great Britain's popular .uk ccTLD, set off a firestorm last year when they announced they wanted to allow people to register names in the top level .uk extension (historically, .uk registrations have been available only in second level extensions, most notably the universally recognized .co.uk.

Dot VN, Inc. signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the Journal of Labor and Social Affairs of Vietnam [pdf]

Part 4 of 4 ? Conclusion: SLD Blocking Is Too Risky without TLD Rollback by Burt Kaliski
ICANN?s second level domain (SLD) blocking proposal includes a provision that a party may demonstrate that an SLD not in the initial sample set could cause ?severe harm,? and that SLD can potentially be blocked for a certain period of time.

GAC gives ICANN a way out on IGO acronyms
The ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee has reiterated its call for the protection of intergovernmental organization acronyms in the new gTLD program, but seems to have given ICANN a way to avoid a nasty confrontation.

Companies aren?t communities for new TLDs, panelist rules
An International Chamber of Commerce panelist has issued his rulings in three cases involving the Merck brand. In doing so, he has ruled that companies don?t qualify as communities, at least for new TLD community objections.

Domains that were subject to string confusion objections could be on hold for a while...
The results of new TLD string confusion objections handled by International Dispute Resolution Centre were a mess. They were completely unpredictable and results were mostly dependent on who the panelist was, not the merits of the case.

After The Gold Rush: Domain Names Have Lost Their Glitter
When it comes to investing, I?m what financial advisers somewhat derisively call ?risk averse.? But in all modesty, I just have this knack for woulda coulda shoulda. My latest involves the subject of buying domain names. Specifically, I shoulda registered the domain name VacationRentals.com, not too long ago, because I coulda sold it to HomeAway in 2007 for $35 million.

Sedo Seals Deals With Donuts, .UNO And Famous Four Media Over New gTLDs
Sedo is signing deals with several new gTLD applicants. In the past week the leading domain name aftermarket has announced a partnership to bring Donuts? new domains to market, a partnership with Dot Latin LLC to introduce .uno and a partnership with Famous Four Media to bring at least some of the gTLDs they applied for to market.

Sedo Inks Deal with Donuts for New Domain Sales
Sedo ... and Donuts ... today announced a partnership to bring Donuts? new domains to market.

Dot Latin LLC Partners with Sedo to make .UNO Domain Extension the Number One
Sedo has partnered with Dot Latin LLC to introduce the new gTLD .UNO onto the Internet.

Famous Four Media Selects Sedo to Help Market its Premium Name Portfolio of Internet...
Sedo ... and Famous Four Media (FFM), one of the largest applicants for new gTLDs, today announced a partnership to bring some of the most exciting new domain names to market.

Sedo gets exclusive deal with Famous Four Media for new TLDs
Famous Four MediaSedo has announced its second big new TLD deal this week.

gTLDs set to make social networks redundant for brands?
New research from registry services provider Afilias has suggested that the launch of branded gTLDs may start a decline in the number of brands relying on external social networks. However, the policing challenge will remain the same, if not increase.

Architelos Launches NameSentry Lite for Domain Abuse Monitoring and Compliance Reporting
Architelos, Inc. the premier provider of automated domain name abuse detection and mitigation services, announced today the availability of NameSentrysm Lite. NameSentry Lite is designed for new gTLD operators who expect limited security threats such as phishing, malware, pharming and spam (collectively known as ?domain abuse?), but who still require monitoring and notification of such abuses for compliance purposes.

Architelos offers entry-level NameSentry
New gTLD software provider Architelos has released a cheaper version of its flagship NameSentry security compliance tool.

Donuts disses Independent Objector. Panelist disses Donuts. .Medical is dead.
Prof. Alain Pellet, the independent objector for the new TLD program, has won a community objection against Donuts? application for .medical.

GAC Communique?: Wants To Look At ?Public Policy Implications of Holding Auctions to Resolve String Contention?
The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN just issued its Buenos Aires Communique? from the ICANN Meeting and ?requests a briefing on the public policy implications of holding auctions to resolve string contention (including community applications)?.

The Only Thing Forbes.com Missed About The Domain Name Industry Is The Billion+ Dollars Coming Into It
After spending a week at the ICANN Meeting with 2,000 + people which are pouring over a Billion dollars into the domain name industry, I read the piece in Forbes.com by Deborah L. Jacobs, who is a self proclaimed ?woulda coulda shoulda? kind of girl who still dreams about all the money that was sitting on the table in 1995, 2005 which she missed and is still missing today, trying to figure out how to fit all of her ?worldly possessions into a carry-on bag?.

New gTLD .UNO Selects Sedo For Sunrise & Landrush Auctions & Broker Premium Domains
Dot Latin LLC who is the registry for the new gTLD .Uno has selected Sedo, to conduct sunrise and landrush auctions, define a premium list of the extension?s most valuable assets and provide brokerage and additional auctions for its premium domains.

The Fine ?Wine? Between Aggressive and Hijacking
A recent UDRP case highlights the fine line between aggressive trademark enforcement and reverse domain name hijacking. J Vineyard & Winery, L.P. (complainant) filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against David Perelman/Perloff inc. (respondent) over the domain name jwines.com.

CENTR opinion - draft NIS Directive
CENTR has published its opinion on the Draft Directive concerning measures to ensure a high common level of network and information security across the Union (NIS Directive):

DDoS threats: The disruption your organization can?t afford to ignore
About two years ago, I witnessed an Anonymous operation unfold, in which a commercial company was targeted. The threat, in the form of a solemn YouTube production, was of course taken very seriously. The entire hosting infrastructure was upgraded, various security solutions were put in place, and an all-hands-on-deck policy was implemented.

Banks and governments 'hit by net traffic hijacks'
Repeated attacks on the way the net routes data have resulted in huge amounts of traffic being hijacked, a net monitoring company has said.

The problem with trust-based Internet routing
BGP routing stitches the Internet together. And it has some pretty glaring security flaws.

Cybersecurity draws attention at ITU Telecom World 2013
ITU Telecom World 2013, held in Bangkok, 19-22 November, focused attention on ?Embracing Change in a Digital World?, with cybersecurity a key area of interest.

Paris Hilton ATTACKS SLOVENIA! Get Your Hands Off My Porn!
Paris Hilton is going after a Slovenian porn site that's illegally profiting off her good name and legendary sex tape. ... Paris has now taken legal action trying to shut the website down. She also wants the domain name transferred to her ... because if anyone's gonna make money off of Paris' naked body it will be her ... and Rick Salomon.

Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton Launches Sex Tape Battle
Socialite Paris Hilton is battling to shut down a website hosting clips of her infamous sex tape. ... She is demanding the closure of the site and also wants its domain name transferred to her ownership.

Paris Hilton Is NOT Happy That A Slovenian Porn Site Is Making Money Off Her Sex Tape! Tries To Shut Them Down!
A not very creative Slovenian website, called ParisHiltonPornVideos.com, is showing Paris Hilton?s sex tape 1 Night in Paris and she?s not happy about it! The star is trying to shut them down AND have the domain name transferred to her, because she wants the moolah from it!

 - IPv4/IPv6
APNIC and the ITU support IP-based infrastructure development in the AP
APNIC and the ITU will conduct a two-year capacity building project, "Support for IP-based Infrastructure development in Asia Pacific", designed to foster the implementation of IPv6 and assist in the further deployment of IP-based networks in the Asia Pacific region.

EURid selects Easynet to become IPv6 ready
EURid has selected managed network services provider Easynet to make its services IPv6 ready.

Former ICANN Executive Kurt Pritz Takes on Role as DNA Executive Director
The board of the Domain Name Association announced today that Kurt Pritz has assumed the role as interim Executive Director for the newly created organization.

Neustar Aggregate Knowledge Releases Q3 Media Intelligence Report
Neustar, Inc ... released its Q3 Global Media Intelligence Report. The report delivers key insights for advertisers and agencies to make data-driven decisions on media spend. Leveraging Neustar?s Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence PlatformTM to gain cross-channel and cross-device visibility, the latest report identifies trends and insights for Fortune 500 CMOs to extend reach, increase sales and drive efficiency across media budgets.

Celebrating Ten Years of the NRO
The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is celebrating its first decade as the coordinating body for the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding on 24 October 2003, the NRO was created by the four existing RIRs at the time: APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and the RIPE NCC, and later AFRINIC in 2005.

DE-CIX wins renowned Capacity Award
DE-CIX, provider of premium Internet exchange (IX) services and operator of several carrier-neutral and independent Internet exchanges, has won the Capacity Award 2013 for Best Global Product/Service.

DE-CIX International: New York City Internet Exchange Now Open for Peering
DE-CIX, the world leader in the operation of platforms for exchanging Internet data traffic, has founded an American subsidiary which has opened the Internet Exchange DE-CIX New York for business. DE-CIX North America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DE-CIX International AG.

Mystery bidder gobbles up Sandwich.com from Yahoo
Businesses were hungry for the domain name sandwich.com, which Yahoo sold Thursday for $137,500 to an unnamed bidder as part of its week-long Domainapalooza sale.

A Right to Free Internet? On Internet Access and Social Rights by Ivar Alberto Hartmann [Suffolk University Journal of High Technology Law]
Abstract: An analysis of how the positive, rather than the negative, dimension of a right to internet access can be enforced by the Judiciary further evidences the extent to which the recognition of this as an autonomous right is viable and indeed required.

The Free Web Has Economists Puzzled
Since completing a master?s degree in electrical engineering in 2009, Ti Zhao, a self-described education junkie, has continued to take classes. The price for the last eight: $0. ?It?s hard for me to imagine ever paying for a class again,? says Zhao, who?s taken free courses from online education services EdX and Coursera. Before, the San Francisco resident spent about $500 per class at a local university?s continuing education program.

One out of seven people use social networks, study shows
About one in seven people around the globe use a social networking site at least once a month, and that number is expected to see grow significantly over the next several years.

Bosses May Use Social Media to Discriminate Against Job Seekers - Firms Use Data They Find Early in Job Process, New Study Finds
Many companies regularly look up job applicants online as part of the hiring process. A new study suggests they may also use what they find to discriminate.

Virtual-Currency Craze Spawns Bitcoin Wannabes
... A "cryptocurrency" craze has spawned more than 80 entrants, from peercoin and namecoin, to worldcoin and hobonickels. In October and November alone, developers launched gridcoin, fireflycoin and zeuscoin. Bbqcoin has enjoyed a renaissance after a false start in 2012. Litecoin, launched in 2011, has turned into the strongest bitcoin alternative.

Getting up to speed on the Internet of Things ? fast!
The Internet of Things (IoT) technology trend is moving faster forward than anyone anticipated. This was evident at the IoT World Forum held in Barcelona, October 29th through 31st. Thought leaders from around the globe converged to discuss wide ranging topics on the IoT, including: standards development, technology ecosystems, connecting the unconnected, data analytics, and a number of different concept-to-reality, real world implementations of the IoT in action.

Don?t Like Spam? Complain About It.
Cynical security experts often dismiss anti-spam activists as grumpy idealists with a singular, Sisyphean obsession. The cynics question if it?s really worth all that time and effort to complain to ISPs and hosting providers about customers that are sending junk email? Well, according to at least one underground service designed for spammers seeking to avoid anti-spam activists, the answer is a resounding ?yes!?

UN launches first interactive information superhighway to help bridge digital divide [news release]
The United Nations launched today an interactive map of the information superhighway to show policy makers and investors the location of the missing links in the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region.

Survey: Most Europeans fear cybercrime but fewer take security measures [IDG]
According to a Eurobarometer survey published on Friday, only 48 percent of Internet users have changed any of their online passwords during the past year.

Google v Authors Guild: a victory for readers' right to choose
On 14 November, after eight years of wrangling, Judge Denny Chin of the Manhattan district court finally ruled in the case of Google versus the Authors Guild. At issue was Google's scanning and digitisation of more than 20m books from libraries across the world, but at the heart of the case was question of what constitutes fair use in the age of the internet.

Tim Berners-Lee says 'surveillance threatens web'
Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned that the democratic nature of the net is threatened by a "growing tide of surveillance and censorship".

Father of Web says China will dismantle 'great firewall'
China's rulers will ultimately take it upon themselves to dismantle the "great firewall" that limits its people's access to the Internet because doing so will boost China's economy, the inventor of the World Wide Web said.

'Excessive' surveillance knocks UK down table for 'free and open web'
A lack of privacy from online state surveillance has caused the United Kingdom to fall beneath Chile, Uruguay and South Africa in its reputation for a "free and open" Web, according to a new global index.

Tim Berners-Lee: UK and US must do more to protect internet users' privacy
The UK and US must do more to protect internet users' privacy, the inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned as a survey of online freedoms is released.

Editorial: Surveillance Goes on Trial
There was a lot that was ordinary about the hearing in Courtroom 20B of the Manhattan federal courthouse on Friday morning: a team of lawyers at the plaintiff?s table, spectators in the gallery. What was extraordinary was the defendant, the United States government, and the lawsuit it is facing over the National Security Agency?s seven-year-old, once top-secret phone-surveillance program, which until this week it never had to defend in open court.

N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power
Officials at the National Security Agency, intent on maintaining its dominance in intelligence collection, pledged last year to push to expand its surveillance powers, according to a top-secret strategy document.

United States Can Spy on Britons Despite Pact, N.S.A. Memo Says
The National Security Agency is authorized to spy on the citizens of America?s closest allies, including Britain, even though those English-speaking countries have long had an official non-spying pact, according to a newly disclosed memorandum.

Listening Sector: Berlin Makes Easy Target for Spies
The center of Berlin has become a playground for spies. Phone calls in the dense German government district can be monitored with basic equipment and even by allies. German counter-espionage agents are alarmed.

NSA malware infected over 50,000 computer networks worldwide
A new slide leaked by Edward Snowden shows where the NSA infected more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide with malware, according to Dutch media outlet NRC.

Twitter Toughening Its Security to Thwart Government Snoops
A year ago, hardly anyone, save for cryptographers, had heard of Perfect Forward Secrecy. Now, some customers are demanding it, and technology companies are adding it, one by one, in large part to make government eavesdropping more difficult.

Twitter tightens security against NSA snooping [IDG]
Twitter has implemented new security measures that should make it much more difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on communications between its servers and users, and is calling on other Internet companies to follow its lead.

Privacy groups urge UN to adopt digital surveillance resolution [IDG]
Five human rights groups urged the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to adopt a new resolution against indiscriminate mass surveillance.

Civil Society Groups Demand Transparency and User Protections in TPP
Civil society groups are coming out in force against the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, following Wikileaks' publication of the ?Intellectual Property? chapter. The leaked chapter confirmed our worst fears that TPP carries Hollywood's wishlist of policies, including provisions to encourage ISPs to police user activities and liability for users for simply bypassing digital locks on content and devices for legal purposes.

Secret TPP Negotiations Resume in Salt Lake City
The newest round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations begin today in Salt Lake City, Utah, where trade representatives will work towards finalizing the text of this sprawling secret agreement.

Internet Society Expresses Concern over Impact of Intellectual Property Rights Provisions in Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Draft
The Internet Society is concerned that the global Internet may be harmed if countries adopt Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provisions contained in the recently leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) draft. We do not believe that these provisions are consistent with basic principles of transparency, due process, accountability, proportionality and the rule of law.

RIP, Winamp
If you listened to MP3s before the age of the iPod, then it?s highly likely that one of the first pieces of music-playing software you ever used is approaching its end: Winamp will be no more as of December 20, according to its website. The software will still work, but ?Winamp.com and associated web services will no longer be available,? the company says, and the software will no longer be available to download.

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