[DNS] auDA Domain News - 19 December

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 19 December

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:35:09 +1100

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ICANN Publishes Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013

ICANN publishes accelerated gTLD auction timeline

The plurals debate is over as ICANN delegates 17 more new gTLDs

Donuts explains its premium pricing strategy

au: 'Kiss Off ARN' - the battle for the name is on

Pirate Bay Moves to Guyana After Domain Suspension, 70 Domains to Go

After the UN Internet resolution: A long way to rebuilding trust
Surveillance and spying on world leaders and the general public across the globe have crushed people?s trust in the Internet and other high-tech equipment.

Cobweb of Controlling the Web
... While attempts at a global deal aimed at giving control of ICANN to the UN was flatly refused by US late last year, India has begun to add its own weight behind serious attempts to make the internet walk on its own without holding Uncle Sam's finger. However, first a sneak peek into history.

ICANN Publishes Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013
The 2013 Annual Report for ICANN has been published online today.

Delegated Strings: Overview
ICANN's New gTLD Program will result in the expansion of available gTLDs, such as .COM, .NET or .ORG, from 22 to possibly 1,400 new names or "strings".

Global Domains Division Holiday Schedule
After a busy November and a productive meeting in Buenos Aires at ICANN 48, we are gearing up for the holiday season here at ICANN. As in previous years, our global offices will be closed from 25 December 2013 through 1 January 2014.

The At-Large Community Seeks Expressions of Interest for Candidates for Post of ICANN Board Seat
A call for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) is now open through December 26, 2013. This Call for EoIs is part of the process through which the user community within ICANN will appoint one voting member of the ICANN Board.

New gTLD Auction Rules
Purpose (Brief): To gather community input regarding the detailed rules and processes for Auctions to resolve string contention sets in the New gTLD Program.

Ralf Ganser, City and State of Berlin, to Stephen D. Crocker
New gTLD Application for .BERLIN

Letter from Christine Willett, Vice President, gTLD Operations | ICANN, to Godefroy Jordan
Donuts' Tentative to Circumvent the CPE Rules

Letter from Christine Willett, Vice President, gTLD Operations | ICANN, to Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Dr. Avrom Pollak, Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Rabbi Ari Senter, and Rabbi S. Adler
Equal Treatment of .halal and .kosher gTLD Applications

Letter from Akram Atallah, President, Global Domains Division | ICANN, to Greg Aaron and Associates
Registry Reports for gTLDs, with Respect to E-Crime

Rewiring Internet Governance: U.S. Government Will Likely Be Forced to Jettison ICANN (Part 3) by Frederick Harris
The survival thesis mentioned in Part 2 goes like this. ICANN's imaginary mandate is global. But the mind set is provincial. The latter is defensive; focused on keeping power and therefore control over internet policy. But the evidence points to policy actions that contradict policy rhetoric. Discrepancies disclose the delusion. Here's ICANN "core value" from Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 6 (amended April, 2013): "Introducing and promoting competition in the registration of domain names where practicable and beneficial in the public interest."

Finally, domain-slamming registrar gets ICANN breach notice
Domain ?slamming? registrar Brandon Gray Internet Services, which does business as NameJuice.com, has finally received its first ICANN compliance notice.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
New and shorter ?.id? domain will be available in Indonesia next year
Next year, Indonesians will have to get used to a brand-new ending to web addresses that sounds really short and sweet. It?ll be ?.id?. The new domain ending will go on sale as early as January 20. The domain name was approved a couple days ago by the highest internet domain name authority in Indonesia, the Forum Nama Domain Indonesia.

supremecourt.uk, jcpc.uk, royal.uk and princeofwales.uk domains delegated
Nominet has delegated the new second-level .uk domain names royal.uk, princeofwales.uk, supremecourt.uk and jcpc.uk to the Royal Household, the Household of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council respectively.

Prince Charles first to get a second-level .uk name
The household of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has become one of the first bodies to receive a second-level .uk domain name, Nominet announced this morning.

Courts, Royal Family Gain Second Level .UK Domains
Nominet announced yesterday it has delegated a number of new second-level .uk domain names to various arms of the Royal Family and the courts.

Nominet seeks royal approval for pisspoor .uk domain name push
Dot-UK registry Nominet has been repeatedly attacked by some online businesses in Britain that have accused the company of trying to cash in on the seemingly unpopular arrival of second-level namespaces.

vn: Domain name traders still cannot do their trade
Vietnam has abrogated the regulation on prohibiting the domain name trade and transfer. However, domain name trade activities still cannot be carried out because of the lack of a legal framework.

ICANN publishes accelerated gTLD auction timeline
ICANN has cut the anticipated length of its ?last resort? new gTLD auctions in half, last night publishing a schedule that would take 10 months and end in early 2015.

The plurals debate is over as ICANN delegates 17 more new gTLDs
Another 17 new gTLDs were delegated to the DNS root last night, most of them belonging to Donuts.

Donuts explains its premium pricing strategy
Add Donuts to the list of registries planning to use .tv-style variable pricing after their new gTLDs start to go to general availability next year.

Name Collisions II - A Call for Research by Mike O'Connor
This post is a heads up to all uber-geeks about a terrific research initiative to try to figure out causes and mitigation of name-collision risk. There's a $50,000 prize for the first-place paper, a $25,000 prize for the second place paper and up to five $10,000 prizes for third-place papers. That kind of money could buy a lot of toys, my peepul. And the presentation of those papers will be in London -- my favorite town for curry this side of India. Interested? Read on.

Bing already recognizes new gTLDs (Google doesn?t)
Microsoft seems to be ahead of its rival Google when it comes to recognizing new gTLDs in their respective search engines.

The latest new gTLD passes and signings
Five new gTLD applications passed Extended Evaluation late Friday, while one more contract was signed.

Seven registrars sign up to M+M pre-reg platform
Top Level Domain Holdings has signed up 12 registrars to sell its forthcoming gTLDs, seven of which are to also use its recently announced OPEN pre-registration platform.

New TLD conference finalizes agenda for March event
The 3rd Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress is coming to New York City March 3-4 at the Dream Hotel.

Is there such a thing as a brandable generic TLD?
Over a thousand new TLDs are headed to the web, and hundreds of them will be open to the general public for registration.

ICANN updates new TLD auction plans, still no resolution for indirect contention
ICANN has published new rules for upcoming auctions which will resolve TLD strings with more than one applicant.

People are already frontrunning on the next round of new TLDs
Before the application period for the current round of new TLDs opened, many people and companies filed trademark applications to try to claim superior rights to strings. They applied for trademarks on .app, .wedding?you name it. The practice was known as new TLD trademark fronrunning.

This company might be willing to pay $12,500 for a new second level domain name
A lot of people were in shock last week when GoDaddy unveiled its pricing for Donuts? Early Access Program registrations.

Identify DDoS Attacks with External Performance Monitoring (Part 2 of 3) by Donald Lee
In Part One of this series, we examined internal server, network and infrastructure monitoring applications. Now let's take a look at another way to capture DDoS information: external performance monitoring... Unlike network/infrastructure tools - which are usually installed inside a customer's network - external performance monitoring solutions are typically provided by a third party and leverage monitoring locations from around the world.

Pact sets limits on cyber weapons
Western states to curb sales of ?weaponised? software

New DDoS Malware Targets Linux and Windows Systems [IDG]
Attackers use brute-force methods to guess SSH passwords and install the malware on Linux servers

Vietnam, China and India gamers among most prone to cyberattacks
The number of attacks could spike as millions are expected to receive games as presents in the holiday season, especially with the launch of newer consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, says Kaspersky Lab.

au: 'Kiss Off ARN' - the battle for the name is on
A battle has begun for the rights over the name KIIS/KISS in Australia. ... At this stage ARN say the KIIS brand is only going to be used in Sydney but, as we reported a month ago, ARN have registered a bunch of domain names in Australia under the Kiss or Kiis brand.

Pirate Bay Moves to Guyana After Domain Suspension, 70 Domains to Go
The Pirate Bay has set sail to a new domain for the third time in a week. After just a few days Peru decided to suspend the site?s .PE domain forcing the torrent site to move to the Guyana-based .GY ccTLD. The Pirate Bay team is not too worried about the domain whack-a-mole and says they have some 70 domain names in reserve, and plenty of other options for people to access the site.

Pirate Bay ccTLD World Tour Moves On Again
The Pirate Bay's world tour has moved to another ccTLD after the Peruvian option was cut off after only a few days. This time TPB has moved to Guyana (.gy).

Domain name company Tucows headed to the NASDAQ
If you?ve watched Tucows? stock over the fast few years, you?ve seen it go from under $1 to almost $3, and its market cap hit $125 million:

Freenom Closes $3 Million Funding Round
A Dutch startup that provides free domain names has closed a $3 million Series A funding round led by Kima Ventures, one of the world?s most active angel-investment companies.

Freenom Raises $3m To Expand Free Domains Model
Freenom, registry operator for .tk (Tokelau), .ga (Gabon), .cf (Central African Republic) and .ml (Mali), most of whose domains are provided for free with some having reputations of being some of the spammiest TLDs, has announced it has been successful in raising $3 million to expand its AnyCast cloud network and to develop commercial initiatives combining ccTLDs with local communities.

Freenom Closes $3m In Series A Funding
Freenom, the free domain name provider, announced today that it has closed $3M in Series A funding from a group of investors led by Kima Ventures (KIMA), the most active angel investor in the world. Freenom will use the funds to expand its TLD management operations, to expand its AnyCast cloud network and the development of commercial initiatives combining country TLDs with local communities.

HomeAway gets 161 domain names with Stayz acquisition
Earlier this month vacation rental company HomeAway bought Australian competitor Stayz for a little over $200 million.

Schilling sets the stage for 2014. More domain parking revenue?
Will Google pay more to domain name owners in 2014? Frank Schilling thinks it?s possible.

Domainers are going to love and hate the QLP.com UDRP decision
Complaint fails, by why did only one panelist find Quality Logo Products guilty of reverse domain name hijacking?

Heritage Auctions Debut in the Domain Business Continues to Pay Dividends Well After Their Inaugural Sale Ended
When Heritage Auctions (HA.com) became the first of the world's three biggest auction houses to offer aftermarket domain names last summer, people throughout the industry were understandably elated. In one fell swoop, HA placed domain names and other intellectual property on the same top shelf occupied by traditional investment quality assets and collectibles like fine art, sports memorabilia, rare coins, wine, movie posters and more.

Trio of 6-Figure Sales Totaling Over $1 Million Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart 
Several domain owners got very nice early Christmas presents this past week when they sold names that soared into the six-figure stratosphere. The largest of those - a blockbuster $850,000 sale of Fix.com brokered by WebsiteProperties.com, ranks among the five biggest sales reported so far this year.

Internet of Things leads Cisco forecast, priorities for 2014
Next year will see demonstrable evidence of the Internet of Things, real-time communications on the Web, and software-defined networking platforms with killer applications for them.

EFF warns of Android 'Stygian hole' as update kills access to privacy settings
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has criticised Google for removing code from the newest version of Android that gave users detailed control of privacy settings in apps.

Tech executives to Obama: NSA spying revelations are hurting business
Leaders of the nation?s biggest technology firms warned President Obama during a lengthy meeting at the White House on Tuesday that National Security Agency spying programs are damaging their reputations and could harm the broader economy.

NSA phone surveillance program likely unconstitutional, federal judge rules
A federal judge in Washington ruled on Monday that the bulk collection of Americans? telephone records by the National Security Agency is likely to violate the US constitution, in the most significant legal setback for the agency since the publication of the first surveillance disclosures by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Judge Questions Legality of N.S.A. Phone Records
A federal district judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency program that is systematically keeping records of all Americans? phone calls most likely violates the Constitution, describing its technology as ?almost Orwellian? and suggesting that James Madison would be ?aghast? to learn that the government was encroaching on liberty in such a way.

In Historic Ruling, Federal Judge Declares NSA Mass Phone Surveillance is Likely Unconstitutional
In a historic decision, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. today declared that the NSA?s mass phone records surveillance is likely unconstitutional, ruling that the plaintiff?s data should be purged from the system and prohibiting the NSA from collecting further phone records from the plaintiffs.

Tim Berners-Lee leads call for more transparency over mass surveillance
The inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has collaborated with more than 100 free speech groups and leading activists in an open letter to protest against the routine interception of data by governments around the world.

Obama Panel Recommends New Limits on N.S.A. Spying
A panel of outside advisers urged President Obama on Wednesday to impose major oversight and some restrictions on the National Security Agency, arguing that in the past dozen years its powers had been enhanced at the expense of personal privacy.

Surveillance review board recommends U.S. shift to cyber defence
The task force appointed by the White House to review controversial surveillance programmes and other operations by the National Security Agency has recommended policy shifts that emphasise cybersecurity defence.

United Nations calls for end to excessive electronic spying
The U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday called for an end to excessive electronic surveillance and expressed concern at the harm such scrutiny, including spying in foreign states and the mass collection of personal data, may have on human rights.

Mass Surveillance Prompts IETF Work on SSL Deployment Guidelines [IDG]
A newly created working group within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has set out to develop best practices for deploying SSL encryption for Internet communications.

Increasing Anti-Surveillance Momentum and the Necessary and Proportionate Principles
Last Monday, eight of the largest Internet companies took the unprecedented step of publicly calling for an end to bulk collection of communications data. Then on Tuesday, a coalition of over 550 of the world?s leading authors (including 5 Nobel prize winners) issued a statement calling for a reassertion of our digital privacy. In the next few days, the United Nations General Assembly is expected to pass a key privacy resolution.

UN votes to protect privacy in digital age [AP]
The UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at protecting the right to privacy against unlawful surveillance in the digital age on Wednesday in the most vocal global criticism of US eavesdropping.

Value your privacy? Few Australian websites do
In 2014, the way Australian organisations will have to handle online privacy is going to change significantly - but are they ready?

Tech Firms Push to Control Web's Pipes: Google, Facebook Raise Tensions With Telecoms in Power Struggle for Internet's Backbone
Technology giants like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. are expanding efforts to control more of the world's Internet backbone, raising tensions with telecom companies over who runs the Web.

Canada's competition watchdog challenges Google's search dominance
Canada's Competition Bureau has filed a legal motion against Google Inc alleging that the company is abusing its dominant position in online search, joining U.S. and European anti-trust authorities in challenging the practices of the web giant.

au: Apple misled customers about their consumer rights, watchdog finds
Apple has come to a court-enforceable agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after investigations by the watchdog found the computer giant was misleading some consumers about their rights to refunds, replacements, and repairs.

Apple Slapped By Australia Consumer Watchdog
Apple Inc. had its wrist slapped by Australia?s consumer watchdog after claims it misled consumers about its obligation to replace or repair faulty products such as iPhones and iPads.

Bitcoin sinks after China restricts yuan exchanges
Bitcoin has fallen to less than half the value it recently traded for, following reports of fresh action by Beijing to restrict trade in the virtual currency.

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