[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 March

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 March

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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 04:19:50 +1100

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Laying the Groundwork for the IANA Transition by Theresa Swinehart

Fox News Distorts Bill Clinton's Comments On Internet Oversight Authority To Attack Obama

auDA reveals timing for DNSSEC rollout

auDA to trial DNSsec in .au

Over half a million Trademark Claims notices served

The deterrent effect of the Clearinghouse

.wine is a go

Singapore talks on Internet?s future hear plea for freedom [AFP]
Control of the Internet should be handed from US supervision to a diverse group of stakeholders, and not to governments that could limit freedoms, a meeting held in Singapore on the Web's future heard Monday.

S?pore supports initiative to let global group decide on Internet governance
Singapore has thrown its support behind an initiative to let multiple stakeholders decide how the Internet's technical operations should be governed in the future.

Who runs the internet? An ICANN 49 primer
The ICANN 49 public meeting is kicking off here in Singapore right now, and control of the domain name system is going to be the hottest of hot topics for the next four days.

Frustration expressed over trademark counsel gTLD engagement
In the programme update session at ICANN?s Singapore meeting, the organisation announced that 182 new gTLDs have been delegated (as of this morning). While the rollout continues, a number of domain industry voices have expressed frustration at both the level of brand owner engagement with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and the advice some lawyers are giving their clients.

Consultation Over IANA Stewardship To Be Accessible To All
The process of determining how best to transfer stewardship of key internet technical functions from the US Government to the international community began Monday during ICANN's 49th public meeting in Singapore and be accessible to as many as possible. ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehad? said information will be available in all six United Nations languages plus Portuguese as well as for people with accessibility issues.

175+ New gTLDs Delegated
ICANN today announced at ICANN 49 in Singapore that the number of new gTLDs that have been delegated now tops 175.

Introducing a New ICANN.org Site by Chris Gift
Every now and again, an organisation relaunches its website. There?s often nothing dramatic about it, it?s to make minor adjustments and make everything look fresh again. And now ICANN is about to do the same. We?re due to migrate to the new site in April ? but for us it?s something more than just another website.

Walk Through New ICANN.org with Anil Podduturi
Welcome to the new.icann.org demonstration, I am Anil Podduturi from Neo. I will walk you through the new ICANN.org site. My team and I worked closely with the ICANN team and community to develop a site that is the product of your feedback. Hope you enjoy the demonstration!

Laying the Groundwork for the IANA Transition by Theresa Swinehart
We started dialogue this week at ICANN?s 49th meeting in Singapore on the next steps to take following the United States government?s announcement on 14 March that it would transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community.

Applicant Advisories on GAC Category 1 and GAC Category 2 Advice Implementation Published

Cyrus Namazi, Vice President, Domain Name Services, Global Domains Division | ICANN, to Jacob Kohnstamm
Data Retention Waiver Request Process

Akram Atallah, President, Global Domains Division | ICANN, to Qing Song
Name Collision Issue for Blocked Second-Level Domains

Dr. Martine Berger, Garance Upham, Patti Rundall, Alan Leather, and Dr. Frederique Carrie, Director | Health Innovation in Practice; President | Safe Observer International; Policy Director | Baby Milk Action/IBFAN UK; President | NGO Forum for Health, Beziers Hospital (France), to Steve Crocker, Fadi Chehad?, and Cherine Chalaby
Safeguards for Health Domains

Martin Schulz, President | European Parliament, to Stephen Crocker, Fadi Chehad?, and Cherine Chalaby
New gTLD Applications for .WINE and .VIN

Jonathan L. Nevett, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President | Donuts Inc., to Stephen Crocker
New gTLD Application for .SPA

Patrick Weber, President | European Federation of Medical Information, to Steve Crocker, Fadi Chehad?, and Cherine Chalaby
Public Interest Concerns regarding .HEALTH

Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary | Medicus Mundi International Network, to Stephen Crocker, Fadi Chehad?, and Cherine Chalaby
Safeguards for Health Domains

Stephen D. Crocker, Chair | ICANN Board of Directors, to Heather Dryden
Proposal for implementing GAC advice concerning IGO acronyms

Will the US really relinquish control of the Internet?
The U.S. government announced recently that it planned to give up its control of a group whose control over domain names for the Internet has been a longstanding cause of worldwide concern.

Fox News Distorts Bill Clinton's Comments On Internet Oversight Authority To Attack Obama
Fox News cherry-picked comments made by former President Bill Clinton on his questions regarding the Commerce Department's plan to transition internet domain name management to an international body. But the plan is based on principles that echo Clinton's remarks.

US should 'keep control of net' says Clinton
Net freedom could suffer after the US steps back from its role as ultimate overseer of the global network, former US President Bill Clinton has said.

... US to take control of ICANN
The US Department of Commerce plans to relinquish control of ICANN, the body that runs the Internet's Domain Name System, by the Fall of 2015. What will the Internet look like in countries with historically conservative Internet freedom? Spectrum hears from Dr. J?rg Schweiger, the CEO of DENIC.

Defining Success for the ICANN Transition by Paul Rosenzweig
Last week, the Administration announced its plan to devolve governance of the Internet?s naming function (which goes by the acronym IANA) to a non-profit organization, ICANN. If implemented, the Administration?s plan will remove the last vestiges of direct American legal control over the Internet. This is, as I have said, a pretty big deal.

NTIA & You: NTIA's Intention to Transfer IANA Functions to the Global Community Is Welcome, But... by Katim S. Touray
It is no secret that both the US government, ICANN, and the global Internet community have argued and worked tirelessly for the past 15 odd years on the vexing issue of globalizing the US government's role in the IANA function. Despite the desire, long-held by many, for the US to relinquish its control of the IANA function, it is clear that getting to full multistakeholder control of the function is not going to be easy.

The Path Forward: Accountability Through the IANA Transition by Steve DelBianco
It's clear that the US government is intent on dropping its legacy contractual role for the IANA functions. Whatever your views on the wisdom or timing of that decision, the challenge now is to ensure that the transition leaves ICANN in the best possible position to succeed. Arriving yesterday to the island nation of Singapore felt strangely appropriate. Over the past week I've been one of the lonely people in the ICANN community to express concern about the US government's decision.

U.S. Giving Up Control of the Internet is a Bad Idea
The Obama Administration has proposed that the U.S. Department of Commerce give up its control over the Internet, in order to resolve questions about the National Security Agency spying on Internet traffic.

If You Like Your Internet, You May Not Be Able To Keep it
The Internet, created and managed by the U.S. government from the 1960s to the 1990s, is clearly the most dramatic and successful example of technology transfer from government to private sector.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
auDA reveals timing for DNSSEC rollout
.au Domain Administration (auDA) has revealed that it is finally ready to begin the roll out of DNSSEC.

auDA to trial DNSsec in .au
The .au Domain Administration will kick off a trial of Domain Name System Security (DNSsec) to cryptographically sign and secure the .au domain zone.

Final policies approved for .nz registrations at the second level
On Friday, March 21 2014 the DNCL Board approved the final versions of the Registering, Managing and Cancelling (RMC) and Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) policies, in addition to some minor policy changes, in relation to registrations at the second level.

Final date for Second Level Domain applications
Following the DNCL Board?s approval of the changes to the Second Level Domains policy, all applications for new second levels must be received by Wednesday 30 April 2014.

New domain names, same old trademark problems
As Net addresses like .pink, .flights, and .coffee arrive, trademark holders have some new versions of old headaches. Canyon Bicycle prevailed to claim canyon.bike, though.

ICANN?s ability to clamp down on budget-busting sunrise fees questioned
It was inevitable that the issue of gTLD registries charging trademark owners excessive sunrise fees to register names in gTLD sunrise periods would be high on the agenda of the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC). At today?s ICANN meeting in Singapore, however, ICANN?s ability to clamp down and prevent brand owners from being held to ransom was in doubt.

Despite IRP, .africa gets a new gTLD contract
ICANN has signed a Registry Agreement with ZA Central Registry for the new gTLD .africa, despite the string being subject to a legal dispute.

Over half a million Trademark Claims notices served
The Trademark Clearinghouse has delivered over 500,000 Trademark Claims notices and prevented over 475,000 trademarked names from being registered, according to the TMCH.

The deterrent effect of the Clearinghouse
As key stakeholders in the domain name world turn their attention to the ICANN Singapore meeting this week, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) can reveal that over 500,000 Claims Notices (CNIS) have been delivered, of which 95% of the queries for trademark terms are not being followed through to a live registration. Notices issued by the TMCH are sent as a warning to anyone attempting to register a domain name which matches a trademark term recorded in the TMCH and this metric clearly shows the deterrent is working.

Trademark Clearinghouse claims that notices deter 95% of potentially infringing registrations
According to figures released today, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) has delivered 500,000 Claims Notices to date. Of particular interest to trademark counsel will be the news that 95% of the queries for trademark terms triggering Claims Notices are not being followed through to a live registration.

TMCH brags about numbers, but what do they mean?
The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) announced today that it has issued 500,000 claims notices to prospective registrants of domains under new TLDs. The notices are shown when someone tries to register a domain that matches a trademark or trademark string submitted to the database.

TMCH Has Caused More People Not To Register 450K Domains, As New gTLD?s Pass 350K
The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) said today that is has delivered 500,000 Claims Notices (CNIS) of which 95% of the queries for trademark terms are not being followed through to a live registration.

.wine is a go
ICANN has approved the new gTLDs .wine and .vin, despite objections from the European Union.

Web domain name revolution could hit trademark defence: WIPO
The mass expansion of Internet domain names could cause havoc for the defence of trademarks in cyberspace, the UN's intellectual property body warned on March 16. "We have this extraordinary expansion that is going on," said Francis Gurry, head of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), which oversees global rules against cybersquatting.

OMG! gTLD applicant actually wins objection appeal
Medistry has become the first new gTLD applicant to win an appeal to ICANN over an objection decision that went against it.

Frustration expressed over trademark counsel gTLD engagement
In the programme update session at ICANN?s Singapore meeting, the organisation announced that 182 new gTLDs have been delegated (as of this morning). While the rollout continues, a number of domain industry voices have expressed frustration at both the level of brand owner engagement with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and the advice some lawyers are giving their clients.

.hotels applicant files IRP on ICANN
New gTLD applicant Booking.com has filed an Independent Review Process complaint against ICANN.

CentralNic kicks out ARI as back-end for four new Radix gTLDs
CentralNic has replaced ARI Registry Services as the exclusive back-end registry services provider for four new gTLDs.

Radix boots ARI in favor of CentralNic
New TLD applicant Radix has selected CentralNic to be the backend registry provider for its .website, .host, .space and .press TLDs.

ca: CIRA part of new security agency
Canada?s Internet domain registry is one of a number of organizations banding together in a non-profit group to try to put a dent in the number of criminals abusing the domain name system.

MH 370-Related Phishing Attacks Spotted Against Government Targets
Hold off on the notion that watering hole attacks may supplant phishing as the initial means of compromise in advanced attacks. A number of recent targeted campaigns have used the crash of Malaysia Airlines 370 as a lure to infect government officials in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific.

NCC Group launching Domain Assured To Provide Domain Abuse Monitoring [news release]
Global information assurance firm NCC Group is launching Domain Assured, a new service which monitors the abuse, health and reputation of internet domains.

Foundation to fight cybercrime by offering free advice on domain-name security
A newly formed non-profit called the Secure Domain Foundation (SDF) says its mission will be to provide free advice on security practices to protect the Internet's core infrastructure related to the Domain Name System.

New non-profit against cyber crime launches
Experts and companies in the information security industry formed the Secure Domain Foundation (SDF), a non-profit, community-driven organization devoted to the identification and prevention of Internet cyber crime utilizing the DNS.

Famous Four alleges link between panelist and opponent for .Sport
Last fall Famous Four Media saw its plans to run a .sport TLD dashed after a panelist found in favor of rival applicant SportAccord in a community objection.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Finally, IPv6?s killer app: The Internet of Things
IPv6, with its glorious address space, is just what?s needed to connect all those billions of things, or is it?

Hogan Lovells? IP team named as Europe Domain/Internet Team of the Year
Hogan Lovells? intellectual property (IP) team has been named as Europe Domain/Internet Team of the Year at the Global Managing Intellectual Property Awards.

Instagram reaches 200m users
It?s a very good week to work in the Facebook press office - not only has the company bought the virtual reality Oculus Rift platform for $2bn, but Instagram has reached 200 million users.

au: Cybercrime could be 'next black swan event': ASIC chief
Australian Securities and Investment Commission chairperson Greg Medcraft has used the ASIC Annual Forum to issue a warning about the potential for poor information security to destabilise financial markets.

au: Companies not prepared enough for web attacks
Cybercrime is a systemic risk and could be the next ''black swan'' event, the head of Australia's corporate regulator says, as senior business executives warned companies were not sufficiently prepared for such dangers.

Obama: US must 'win back the trust of ordinary citizens' over data collection
Barack Obama confirmed on Tuesday that the US plans to end the National Security Agency's systematic collection of Americans? telephone data, admitting that trust in country?s intelligence services had been shaken and pledging to address the concerns of privacy advocates.

Internet groups face global tax crackdown
A looming global crackdown on aggressive tax avoidance is set to stop internet companies slashing bills by routing profits to havens.

au: Financial woes cause shut down of Internet Industry Association
The Internet Industry Association will shut down, leaving the Communications Alliance to take responsibility for the collection of industry codes, such as the icode, that were developed and overseen by the industry body.

nz: New Zealander Tony Lentino revealed as largest Mega investor
Watching the preparations for Mega, Kim Dotcom seems in full control, as always. But on paper, at least, he is neither a manager nor shareholder in the new venture. Dotcom has named Wellsford man Tony Lentino as the largest of three outside investors in his new file sharing service, Mega.

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