[DNS] auDA Domain News - 10 April

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 10 April

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Republicans Push Legislation to Block Internet Domain Organization Transition

ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance's Submission to NETMundial

IANA in Transition: Update by Theresa Swinehart

Global Domain Registrations Grow 7.3 Percent In 2013 To 271 Million

Four governments file ICANN appeals over .wine

Seriousness of OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Sets In

Which sites have patched the Heartbleed bug

More Than A Half-Million Servers Exposed To Heartbleed Flaw

Users? Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure

Q. and A. on Heartbleed: A Flaw Missed by the Masses

Internet security: Cyber-criminals more cunning in attacks

Republicans Push Legislation to Block Internet Domain Organization Transition
Republicans opposed to the Obama administration's plan to relinquish oversight of the body that manages the architecture of the Internet are starting to push legislation to prevent or slow down the move.

India to Play Major Role in Forming Internet Governance Principles
India, along with 11 other countries, is selected to formulate internet governance principles and roadmap for the future evolution of its ecosystem.

House panel to consider Internet governance bill
The House Commerce subcommittee on Technology will mark up a Republican bill that would prevent the Obama administration from going through with plans to step out of its oversight role of the Internet?s Web address system.

How Russia and China could take over the internet!
Do governments have too much potential power over ICANN, and do they need reining in before the US cuts itself loose?

ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance's Submission to NETMundial
Purpose (Brief): To obtain feedback from the wider ICANN Community on the Contribution to NETMundial from the ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance

The IANA Functions Explained ? New ICANN Infographic
Click here to download the new IANA Functions Infographic. This new guide explains how these core functions allow you and everyone around the globe to utilize the Internet.

IANA in Transition: Update by Theresa Swinehart
We received an overwhelming response to our call for feedback in the design of a community-driven process toward achieving transition of NTIA?s Stewardship of the IANA Functions. From the launch of the public comment process in Singapore two weeks ago through last Thursday, we received numerous ideas on principles and mechanisms and are now incorporating them into our consultation materials. We also are taking into account feedback received from our I* partners.

Call for Public Input: Draft Proposal, Based on Initial Community Feedback, of the Principles and Mechanisms and the Process to Develop a Proposal to Transition NTIA's Stewardship of the IANA Functions
Posted 8 April, 2014 "Call for Public Input: Draft Proposal, Based on Initial Community Feedback, of the Principles and Mechanisms and the Process to Develop a Proposal to Transition NTIA's Stewardship of the IANA Functions."

New gTLD Auction Bidder Agreement Improved
ICANN has published an updated version of the Bidder Agreement, which applicants must execute prior to participating in a New gTLD Program Auction. The improvements address concerns raised by the New TLD Applicants Group (NTAG) during ICANN 49 in Singapore. Of primary concern was the indemnification clause (section 4.2) of the Bidder Agreement version 2014.02.26.

ICANN Draft Five-Year Strategic Plan (FY16 ? FY20)
Purpose (Brief): Join us in creating ICANN's new, overarching vision and long-term strategic plan. Your input and perspectives are critical to our process. Public comment is invited on the Draft ICANN Five?Year Strategic Plan (FY16 ? FY20) through May 2014. Built on community input received throughout an extensive, public strategy conversation, the Draft Strategic Plan proposes a new Vision, reiterates ICANN's existing Mission, and describes five focus areas with Strategic Objectives and Goals. Each goal includes proposed, strategic outcomes, risks, measures and phasing over five years. ICANN is seeking general feedback, as well as input on the proposed measurable outcomes for the Focus Area Goals. Your comments will help inform the final ICANN Five?Year Strategic Plan.

Introducing the Beta Launch of the New ICANN WHOIS Lookup Tool by Margie Milam
Five months ago, ICANN launched the new WHOIS website, a one-stop shop for questions and information about everything WHOIS, the Internet?s record system of domain registration data. This new portal was just the first part of ICANN?s goal of implementing substantial improvements to the current system, based on the recommendations outlined in the Action Plan, a series of recommendations from the WHOIS Policy Review Team on how to move forward with improving WHOIS.

Valuable Workshop in Benin on Domain Names, Trademarks and User Rights Protections by Yaovi Atohoun
Our main role at ICANN is to coordinate and manage those unique identifiers that make the Domain Name System work. It?s probably fair to say most Internet users in Africa, like elsewhere, don?t really care about the IP addresses assigned to their machines or the domain names under which their website or email systems operate. There?s even less understanding of trademark protection issues and dispute resolution systems.

Cherine Chalaby, Chair | ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee, to Ms. Lorna Jean Gradden
Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Advice ? .AMAZON (and related IDNs)

Stephen D. Crocker, Chair | ICANN Board of Directors, to Heather Dryden
Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Advice ? .AMAZON (and related IDNs)

ICANN sets ball rolling on IANA transition
ICANN has put the wheels in motion towards the ultimate transition of the IANA functions from the stewardship of the US government.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Global Domain Registrations Grow 7.3 Percent In 2013 To 271 Million
The number of registered domain names keeps growing, with five million domain names added in the final quarter of 2013, reports Verisign in their latest Domain Name Industry Brief. The number of registered domains was 271 million globally at the end of 2013. For the full year, registrations grew by 18.5 million, or 7.3 percent, year over year.

Internet Grows to 271 Million Domain Names in the Fourth Quarter of 2013
VeriSign, Inc. ... announced five million domain names were added to the Internet in the fourth quarter of 2013, bringing the total number of registered domain names to 271 million worldwide across all TLDs as of Dec. 31, 2013, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief.

Landrush For .CO.COM Launching 8 April
Harking back to 1985, the year the first domain name was registered, Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his second term in office and New Coke was launched, the registry behind .co.com are saying now is the time, again, you can register short, memorable domain names.

First Come First Served .CO.COM Land Rush Begins Tomorrow - Second Heritage Auctions Domain Sale Happens Wednesday
A couple of notable domain sales events will be happening over the next 48 hours. First up, the new .CO.COM registry opens their 90-day Land Rush period at 12 noon (U.S. Eastern time) tomorrow (Tuesday, April 8, 2014).

Final call for new second levels paves the way for a .nz domain name space with more choice
Due to a recent decision that will offer more choice in .nz domain names, the Domain Name Commission is making a final call to any specific community of interest that wants to apply for the creation of a new second level.

Nominet bins Optical Express' appeal against 'It ruined my life' website
Optical Express has failed to silence an outspoken critic of the High Street optician, after Nominet chucked out an appeal against the owner of a website that attacks the company's laser eye surgery business.

uk: Nominet critic calls for governance transparency
Emily Taylor, ex Nominet employee and outspoken critic of the UK's national registry, has published an open letter calling on Nominet's top registrars to ensure the registry's Board is operating in a way that protects the public interest.

Four governments file ICANN appeals over .wine
France, Spain, the UK and the European Commission have formally appealed ICANN?s decision to allow the .wine and .vin new gTLD applications to proceed.

Battle heats up over wine gTLD GI protections
This week the battle for protection for geographical indications in the ?.wine? and ?.vin? strings heated up, with the European Federation of Origin Wines threatening an ongoing campaign should the strings be delegated without mechanisms in place.

ICANN delays uncorking of wine-related domains [IDG]
ICANN decided on Monday to delay granting new .wine and .vin TLDs, a move welcomed by European lawmakers concerned that cybersquatting could undermine the entire wine industry.

Euro winemakers talk .wine boycott, EU block
European wineries are threatening to boycott .wine and .vin and may lobby for the two new gTLDs to be ?blocked? in the EU.

?.tokyo? domain now available
The Yomiuri Shimbun The registration for ?.tokyo? domain names started Monday.

Capital gets .tokyo domain
The nation?s capital has joined ?.com,? ?.gov? and a few other select naming categories on the Internet?s list of TLDs.

Battle heats up over wine gTLD GI protections
This week the battle for protection for geographical indications (GIs) in the ?.wine? and ?.vin? strings heated up, with the European Federation of Origin Wines (EFOW) threatening an ongoing campaign should the strings be delegated without mechanisms in place.

The GOP Is Hip to the Internet Domain Haps
The Republican Party has received approval from ICANN for a .gop TLD. The domain comes as part of an effort to unify the party's online resources and make it easier for people to identify official websites.

Another 0-for-18 with new TLDs
Five more of Donuts? new TLDs revert to standard pricing today ? .florist, .solar, .coffee, .house, and .international. I came up with 18 domains that I thought might be worth registering in these new extensions. Regrettably, I went 0-for-18.

Uniregistry: About Pre-Registrations
Over the next year, Uniregistry will be rolling out new TLDs at a steady pace. We are truly excited by the interest in our domain names, and we know that many of our current and future customers share this excitement. Many times, however, the excitement over new domains leads to disappointment, as registrants who have "pre-registered" their favorite new domain names fail to get the names they had requested.

Who Are the Major New gTLD Applicants and? (Part Six: Starting Dot) by Jean Guillon
Starting Dot ("SD") is a French new gTLD applicant which applied for five strings: .ARCHI, .BIO, .DESIGN, (which has been withdrawn) .IMMO and .SKI. It is the only French applicant to have applied for several open new gTLDs. Some French brands have applied too but as closed TLDs. While Starting Dot may be one of the smaller portfolio applicants, there is a considerable difference here in the way their projects are handled when compared to some of the larger applicants.

Sd urged to reserve significant names
African Union Commission has endorsed the TLD Reservation Project which will allow African governments and stakeholders on the continent to have names that are special to them reserved.

The Heartbleed Bug: Are you at risk? by Dave Piscitello
Researchers have uncovered a vulnerability in OpenSSL, a software that provides secure (encrypted) communications for electronic commerce, banking, and secure remote access (SSL VPN). This vulnerability has been termed the Heartbleed Bug. An attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability can read data from the memory of an attacked server. If the attacker is able to obtain the server?s private encryption keys from server memory, the vulnerability would allow attackers to decrypt and eavesdrop secure transactions or communications.

U.S. Tries Candor to Assure China on Cyberattacks
In the months before Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel?s arrival in Beijing on Monday, the Obama administration quietly held an extraordinary briefing for the Chinese military leadership on a subject officials have rarely discussed in public: the Pentagon?s emerging doctrine for defending against cyberattacks against the United States ? and for using its cybertechnology against adversaries, including the Chinese.

Connecting the Dots Between Cookies and Identities
A team of Princeton computer scientists published a paper that explains how an attacker or intelligence agency could passively sniff traffic and learn a connect a user?s web traffic to their identity via leaked data in cookies.

18 million email addresses and passwords stolen in Germany
The new case comes just months after another report of the widespread theft of email credentials.

Hackers Lurking in Vents and Soda Machines
They came in through the Chinese takeout menu. Unable to breach the computer network at a big oil company, hackers infected with malware the online menu of a Chinese restaurant that was popular with employees. When the workers browsed the menu, they inadvertently downloaded code that gave the attackers a foothold in the business?s vast computer network.

Real-Time, Interactive Map Tracks Global Cyber Threats
Information security has become a global problem, and getting a handle on the scope of the threats to users is a difficult task. A new interactive infographic illustrates a variety of cyber threats in real time, as detected by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

'Heartbleed' bug puts encryption at risk for hundreds of thousands of servers
Hundreds of thousands of web and email servers worldwide have a software flaw that lets attackers steal the cryptographic keys used to secure online commerce and web connections, experts say.

Seriousness of OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Sets In
Site operators and software vendors are scrambling to fix the OpenSSL heartbleed bug revealed Monday, a vulnerability that enables an attacker to extract 64 KB of memory per request from a server. Attacks can leak private keys, usernames and passwords and other sensitive data, and some large sites, including Yahoo Mail and others, are vulnerable right now.

Scramble to fix huge 'heartbleed' security bug
A bug in software used by millions of web servers could have exposed anyone visiting sites they hosted to spying and eavesdropping, say researchers.

Experts Find a Door Ajar in an Internet Security Method Thought Safe
A flaw has been discovered in one of the Internet?s key security methods, potentially forcing a wide swath of websites to make changes to protect the security of consumers.

Which sites have patched the Heartbleed bug
The Heartbleed bug is serious. Disclosed less than two days ago, the Heartbleed bug has sent sites and services across the Internet into patch mode.

More Than A Half-Million Servers Exposed To Heartbleed Flaw
The newly exposed Heartbleed bug plaguing some 17 percent of SSL-secured websites as well as various VPN products has caused a massive case of Internet heartburn over the past 48 hours as companies rushed to confirm their exposure and lock down their SSL/TLS software. But just how bad is it?

Flaw Calls for Altering Passwords, Experts Say
A programming mistake from two years ago has forced countless websites to make fixes to protect the sensitive personal information of consumers.

Difficulty of Detecting OpenSSL Heartbleed Attacks Adds to Problem
The list of products and sites affected by the OpenSSL heartbleed vulnerability continues to grow, and as security teams implement the patch and dig into the thornier work of revoking certificates, a new problem is emerging: It?s difficult to know whether an attacker has exploited the vulnerability on a given system.

Users? Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure
It was the computer programming equivalent of misspelling Mississippi ? an error at once careless, inevitable and hard for most human eyes to spot.

Q. and A. on Heartbleed: A Flaw Missed by the Masses
This week, security researchers publicized a significant security flaw, named Heartbleed, which could expose the personal information that people plug into websites, like passwords and credit card numbers.

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know
Millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information may be at risk as a result of a major breakdown in Internet security revealed earlier this week.

Half a million widely trusted websites vulnerable to Heartbleed bug
A serious overrun vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library affects around 17% of SSL web servers which use certificates issued by trusted certificate authorities. Already commonly known as the Heartbleed bug, a missing bounds check in the handling of the TLS heartbeat extension can allow remote attackers to view up to 64 kilobytes of memory on an affected server. This could allow attackers to retrieve private keys and ultimately decrypt the server's encrypted traffic or even impersonate the server.

Heartbleed vulnerability major issue for website owners
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) and the New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) are today warning website owners that their site?s security may have been breached and private information, including logons and passwords, may have been stolen after the HeartBleed vulnerability was identified in the last 24 hours.

Internet security: Cyber-criminals more cunning in attacks
Cyber-criminals are planning their "hits" more carefully and the attacks are lasting longer than ever - and many New Zealanders are leaving themselves exposed to cyber threats on their computers, mobiles and social networks.

nz: Heartbleed a major threat for website owners - how to tell if your site is vulnerable
InternetNZ and the New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) are today warning website owners that their site?s security may have been breached and private information, including logons and passwords, may have been stolen after the "HeartBleed" vulnerability was identified in the last 24 hours.

Heartbleed Bug opens internet for hackers
InternetNZ has advised website owners urgently check whether people?s usernames and passwords may have been stolen following a major global security scare.

nz: 'Heartbleed' bug targets web user info
InternetNZ is warning web users about a cyber bug detected in the past 24 hours that can steal private information.

New cyber security guidelines and certification scheme proposed by UK government
Businesses that meet specified basic standards of cyber security will be able to obtain an independent certification of compliance with those standards under a new scheme proposed by the UK government.

Company Loses Battle to Get Critical Website Taken Down
There has been a lot of discussion about the coming .sucks new gtld and some of the potential pricing that could potentially come with it. Other extensions coming down the pipeline have gotten less publicity but certainly fall in a similar camp.

UDRP decision highlights importance of providing sufficient evidence for panel to examine [subscription]
IndiaMART InterMESH Limited has obtained the transfer of the domain name ?infoindiamart.com? under the UDRP. The decision highlights several essential UDRP principles and rules, and underlines the importance of providing sufficient evidence for the panel to examine.

JustBelieve.com saved in UDRP, no RDNH thanks to ?idiot defense?
Arbitrator decides that the case was so weak that the complainant just didn?t know any better.

UDRP complainant shoots self in foot with supplemental filing
Company effectively admits its original complaint was destined to fail when it makes supplemental filing.

Busted: UDRP panelist contradicts his earlier decisions
National Arbitration Forum panelist H?ctor A. Manoff has found against Restomod, Inc. in a UDRP it filed for the domain name restomod.com.

Irishman is inducted into ?Internet Hall of Fame?
Physicist Dr Dennis Jennings has become the first Irish person to be inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Can VeriSign Move Higher In 2014?
VeriSign is the world?s largest provider of registry services for .com and .net domain names. The company has a market capitalization of $6.74 billion and generated revenues of approximately $965 million in FY13.

1 year of Moot: growth, investment, and rebranding to Muut
As awareness of our service kept growing it became clear to us we needed to shift from our .it domain to a .com domain. With Muut we have our 4 letter .com as well as a new distinctive brand. We have already started the process of migrating everything over to the new domain, but no need to worry ? your old embeds pointing to moot.it will continue to work so you won?t need to do anything!

GoDaddy Supports Women in Technology: Sexist Image Changing?
GoDaddy announced a partnership with the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) on Monday. The Anita Borg Institute was founded in an effort to support and increase the impact of women in technology and to inspire and guide women in the technology field.

Microsoft Gains Most Sites in April: Netcraft Web Server Survey
Microsoft gained the most websites in April 2014, according to the monthly Netcraft Web Server survey released on Monday, bringing it that much closer to Apache?s market share lead.

DomainNameSales Sets a New Record for a .Net Sale Banking $500,000 for Mobile.net and Booking Two Additional Six-Figure Sales
DomainNameSales.com Vice President of Sales Jeff Gabriel has confirmed the company has sold Mobile.net for $500,000 in the highest .net sale on record. Gabriel credited DNS broker Andrew Mathias for making the landmark sale of a domain that was owned by DNS Founder Frank Schilling. The public Whois record now shows Steven Renner of Minneapolis as the owner of the domain. The previous .net leader was Sex.net, sold for $454,500 in 2006.

Blacklist.com Attracts a Lot of Greenbacks to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
After hitting the second half of last week's all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with EnergyStock.com at $10,000, Bilal Kapadia is back with a much bigger sale this week. In fact this time he went straight to the head of the class with his $85,000 sale of Blacklist.com in a private transaction. 

Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say
Claire Handscombe has a commitment problem online. Like a lot of Web surfers, she clicks on links posted on social networks, reads a few sentences, looks for exciting words, and then grows restless, scampering off to the next page she probably won?t commit to.

Survey finds teens still tiring of Facebook, prefer Instagram
Internet analysts at Piper Jaffray have both good news and bad news for the world's largest social network: Teens continue to lose interest in Facebook but are showing an increasing appetite for Instagram, a Facebook property.

Facebook wipes page saying soldiers should be murdered
Facebook has removed a page entitled "Soldiers deserve to be raped and murdered" - but not because of its subject matter.

Facebook implementing ?privacy checkup? for users sharing publicly
Facebook is to roll out a ?privacy checkup? service to make sure users know when they are publicly sharing data.

Facebook prepares trio of new privacy tweaks
Social network readies small interface changes to make it easier to customize per-post privacy settings, while acknowledging past privacy errors.

Facebook Tests New Privacy Tweaks
Facebook knows it?s bad for Facebook when its users freak out at privacy changes. It wants to stop making that happen.

New USB plug promises to turn frustrated users? world upside-down
After almost two decades of trying and failing to plug in USB connectors the right way up first time round, computer users? difficulties may be coming to an end.

Take tablet computers off children at bedtime, says teachers' leader
Parents should consider taking tablet computers off their children to ensure they get a good night's sleep and are ready for school, it has been suggested.

YouTube Hurts Music Album Sales, Research Finds
The music industry has often cited piracy as the main reason for the decline in music sales over the past decade, but new research suggests that YouTube may have played a role as well. Based on Warner Music's YouTube blackout, researchers conclude that the video streaming portal cost the label up to $40 million in lost album sales per year.

U.S. movie studios sue Megaupload, founder Dotcom
Several major U.S. studios filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Monday against the file-sharing website Megaupload and its ebullient founder, Kim Dotcom.

New Era of ?Mega Breaches? Signals Bigger Payouts and Shifting Behavior for Cybercriminals [news release]
After lurking in the shadows for the first ten months of 2013, cybercriminals unleashed the most damaging series of cyberattacks in history. Symantec?s Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume 19, shows a significant shift in cybercriminal behavior, revealing the bad guys are plotting for months before pulling off huge heists ? instead of executing quick hits with smaller rewards.

Email From Steve Jobs Hints at How Apple Ticks
When technology companies like Apple and Samsung Electronics go to trial, one significant price they must pay is giving up some corporate secrets.

Apple chiefs feared that smartphone buyers ?want what we don't have?
Apple's executives expressed concern in April 2013 that ?consumers want what we don?t have? in smartphones ? specifically, larger screens or significantly cheaper phones ? according to documents released in its patent trial with Samsung in California.

As undersea internet cables get repaired, web speeds in Asia mostly back to normal
Internet users in Asia were suffering sluggish speeds following breaks in two sea cables of the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) that were discovered last week. Thankfully, it looks like everything is back to normal for most telcos as the cables were repaired this week.

One big reason we lack Internet competition: Starting an ISP is really hard
There are probably many reasons that US households have so few choices for Internet service, but not least among them is the fact that starting a new ISP is really difficult, and expensive to boot.

More Australians enjoying faster internet: new figures [AAP]
AUSTRALIA?s internet appears to be speeding up, new figures show. The number of Australians accessing download speeds of 24 megabits-per-second (Mbps) passed two million for the first time in the three months to December, according to the Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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