[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 November

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 27 November

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 15:59:28 +1100


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How Long Will the Good Feelings Last in Internet Governance Discussions?

< <http://blogs.cfr.org/cyber/2014/11/24/how-long-will-the-good-feelings-last-in-internet-governance-discussions/> http://blogs.cfr.org/cyber/2014/11/24/how-long-will-the-good-feelings-last-in-internet-governance-discussions/>


Global Commission on Internet Governance concludes Ottawa summit with statement on IANA transition

< <http://koreaittimes.com/story/42839/global-commission-internet-governance-concludes-ottawa-summit-statement-iana-transition> http://koreaittimes.com/story/42839/global-commission-internet-governance-concludes-ottawa-summit-statement-iana-transition>


New 'Internet Security Council' struggling to get off the ground

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/25/netmundial_initiative_struggling/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/25/netmundial_initiative_struggling/>


au: Third Sector Expo 2015 reveals online strategies to promote growth

< <http://thirdsectormagazine.com.au/news/third_sector_expo_2015_reveals_strategies_to_grow_online/090115/> http://thirdsectormagazine.com.au/news/third_sector_expo_2015_reveals_strategies_to_grow_online/090115/>


Google turns on shiny new .google TLD ? but WHY?

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/26/google_turns_on_google_internet_extension/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/26/google_turns_on_google_internet_extension/>


Australian government reviews cybersecurity

< <http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-government-reviews-cybersecurity-7000036200/> http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-government-reviews-cybersecurity-7000036200/>


Melbourne IT eyes social media market with Tiger Pistol

< <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/560590/melbourne-it-eyes-social-media-market-tiger-pistol/> http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/560590/melbourne-it-eyes-social-media-market-tiger-pistol/>


au: Bitcoin.com.au sells for $31,200 as owner loses the domain due to bad registrant info

< <http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/bitcoin-com-au-sells-for-31200-as-owner-loses-the-domain-due-to-bad-registrant-info/> http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/bitcoin-com-au-sells-for-31200-as-owner-loses-the-domain-due-to-bad-registrant-info/>






How Long Will the Good Feelings Last in Internet Governance Discussions?

What a difference two years make. In 2012, the World Conference on Information Technology meeting ended with a high degree of acrimony, with the United States and fifty-four others refusing to sign new International Telecommunication Regulations. Press reports focused on what was characterized as an effort by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to seize control over the Internet, the beginning of a new digital cold war, or both.

< <http://blogs.cfr.org/cyber/2014/11/24/how-long-will-the-good-feelings-last-in-internet-governance-discussions/> http://blogs.cfr.org/cyber/2014/11/24/how-long-will-the-good-feelings-last-in-internet-governance-discussions/>


Global Commission on Internet Governance concludes Ottawa summit with statement on IANA transition

The Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG) has concluded its meeting, in Ottawa, Canada, and issued a statement in support of the transition of the United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration?s (NTIA) stewardship role for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions to the global multi-stakeholder community.

< <http://koreaittimes.com/story/42839/global-commission-internet-governance-concludes-ottawa-summit-statement-iana-transition> http://koreaittimes.com/story/42839/global-commission-internet-governance-concludes-ottawa-summit-statement-iana-transition>


New 'Internet Security Council' struggling to get off the ground

Plans for a new internet governance body are struggling to get off the ground after blowback from the internet community itself.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/25/netmundial_initiative_struggling/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/25/netmundial_initiative_struggling/>


Uncivil Society: The NETmund*al *n*t*at*ve's Missing I's by Philip S. Corwin

When I last wrote about the NETmundial Initiative (NMI) project developed by the World Economic Forum in conjunction with ICANN it was noted that its August 28th announcement event "ended with significant dissent from the broad groups comprising "civil society", and only lukewarm support from the business sector". Indeed, during the concluding session on that late summer day, "NTIA head Larry Strickling appeared to startle the participants when he intervened to observe that perhaps the event was over-engineered.

< <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20141124_uncivil_society_the_netmundal_ntatves_missing_is/> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20141124_uncivil_society_the_netmundal_ntatves_missing_is/>


At China online coming-out party, Beijing spells out Internet control ambition

China showed governments and the planet's biggest tech firms last week its vision for global Internet governance - clean, controlled and choreographed.

< <http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/11/25/uk-china-internet-wuzhen-idUKKCN0J90UR20141125> http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/11/25/uk-china-internet-wuzhen-idUKKCN0J90UR20141125>








A Successful First Edition of Turkey?s Domain Name System Forum by Baher Esmat, VP, Stakeholder Engagement, Middle East

Last week, we concluded our first DNS Forum in Istanbul. The forum attracted over 70 participants representing a variety of local stakeholders, from government and academia to technology and business. The discussions were vibrant and stimulated the start of what will be an ongoing dialogue. And a special thanks goes to our interpreters, who made it possible for participants to engage in the language of their choice.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/a-successful-first-edition-of-turkey-s-domain-name-system-forum> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/a-successful-first-edition-of-turkey-s-domain-name-system-forum>


Increasing Stakeholder Engagement in Beirut by Dave Piscitello ? VP, Security and ICT Coordinator; Patrick L. Jones - Senior Director,Global Stakeholder Engagement; Fahd A. Batayneh ? Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Middle East

>From 5-6 November 2014, my colleagues Dave Piscitello, Patrick Jones and I travelled to Beirut to engage with local stakeholders. Our first stop was the American University of Science and Technology (AUST), where we conducted a workshop for Lebanese Law Enforcement Agencies on DNS abuse. The participants included the students of AUST along with senior officials from the Cyber Crime Bureau of the Lebanese Armed Forces, Internal Security Forces, and the Lebanese Police Academy.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/increasing-stakeholder-engagement-in-beirut> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/increasing-stakeholder-engagement-in-beirut>


Steve Crocker to Adrian Kinderis

IDN ccTLD Delegations

< <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/crocker-to-kinderis-25nov14-en.pdf> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/crocker-to-kinderis-25nov14-en.pdf>


Everyone Can Participate in ICANN Decisions ? Come On... by Jean Guillon

I participated in the French RINDD last week in Paris: RINDD stands for "Rencontres Internationales des Noms de Domaine". The translation would be "The International Domain Name Conference". This event is organized once a year by SafeBrands, a French Registrar. Many participants were there: the ICANN, Law Firms, Donuts, other new gTLD applicants, back-end Registries and many experts.

< <http://www.gtld.club/2014/11/everyone-can-participate-in-icann.html> http://www.gtld.club/2014/11/everyone-can-participate-in-icann.html>


Fadi Chehad? - President and Chief Executive Officer, ICANN

Interview with Mr. Fadi Chehad?, Chief Executive Officer, ICANN for the opening of the Geneva Internet Conference

< <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LhZR_7wamY> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LhZR_7wamY>


ICANN meetings in for big shake-up, more dancing

Could you tolerate an eight-day ICANN meeting? Could you get all your work done in just four days? Would you be happy to wait up to nine months between Public Forums? Do you want to see more regional dancing during ICANN opening ceremonies?

< <http://domainincite.com/17716-icann-meetings-in-for-big-shake-up-more-dancing> http://domainincite.com/17716-icann-meetings-in-for-big-shake-up-more-dancing>





au: Third Sector Expo 2015 reveals online strategies to promote growth

Third Sector Expo 2015 brings you an all-encompassing session on how to make the most out of online channels to connect with your community and grow your organisation. ... auDA, the NFP organisation which manages the .au domain space, regularly conducts research on the growth of the .au domain space. It also provides annual awards through the Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA), and grants through the auDA Foundation to NFPs who harness the power of the internet for better social outcomes in unique ways.

< <http://thirdsectormagazine.com.au/news/third_sector_expo_2015_reveals_strategies_to_grow_online/090115/> http://thirdsectormagazine.com.au/news/third_sector_expo_2015_reveals_strategies_to_grow_online/090115/>


fr: New registration rules as of December 8, 2014

Afnic has published the new naming policy for domain names under the .fr, .pm, .re, .tf, .wf and .yt ccTLDs which comes into force on December 8, 2014.

< <http://www.afnic.fr/en/about-afnic/news/general-news/8500/show/new-registration-rules-as-of-december-8-2014-1.html> http://www.afnic.fr/en/about-afnic/news/general-news/8500/show/new-registration-rules-as-of-december-8-2014-1.html>





Google turns on shiny new .google TLD ? but WHY?

Google has turned on its namesake TLD with the creation of 'nic.google' representing the internet giant's entry into the domain name market.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/26/google_turns_on_google_internet_extension/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/26/google_turns_on_google_internet_extension/>


The Rise of .pharmacy

In the continuation of new gTLDs, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NAPB) is set to start accepting applications for .pharmacy domain names. Applicants must be trademark holders who are registered in the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). NAPB?s sunrise application period, which opens on December 19th of this year, precedes the Sunrise TMCH registration period, slated to start on January 15, 2015.

< <http://www.ipbrief.net/2014/11/20/the-rise-of-pharmacy/> http://www.ipbrief.net/2014/11/20/the-rise-of-pharmacy/>


gTLD registrations rise, trademark community engagement slows [subscription]

With new gTLDs hitting the market on a regular basis, one would expect community engagement with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to rise. However, the latest figures suggest otherwise. According to the latest figures from the TMCH (reflecting the data as of November 18), 33,902 marks have been submitted to date.

< <http://www.worldtrademarkreview.com/blog/Detail.aspx?g=6ae0b1f8-5ffd-4cbb-b67e-5f98593d9489> http://www.worldtrademarkreview.com/blog/Detail.aspx?g=6ae0b1f8-5ffd-4cbb-b67e-5f98593d9489>


ICANN, .nyc, and Multistakeholder Innovation (Video) by Joly MacFie

On Monday November 24 2014 ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehad? met with NYC community at the office of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. Present were representatives of ISOC-NY, Connecting .nyc, New York Tech Meetup, Meetup, NameSpace, Access, and Google. The discussions were partly about NYC's own new TLD and partly about general ICANN issues.

< <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20141126_icann_nyc_and_multistakeholder_innovation_video/> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20141126_icann_nyc_and_multistakeholder_innovation_video/>


GTLDs - Current Sunrise Periods Open--December 2014 Update

As first reported in our December 2013 newsletter, the first new gTLDs have launched their "Sunrise" registration periods.

< <http://www.natlawreview.com/article/generic-top-level-domains-current-sunrise-periods-open-december-2014-update> http://www.natlawreview.com/article/generic-top-level-domains-current-sunrise-periods-open-december-2014-update>


What I think about Donuts? bold 80% renewal forecast

Last Friday, Donuts CEO Paul Stahura posted on CircleID an argument for strong renewal rates in new TLDs.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/26/what-i-think-about-donuts-bold-80-renewal-forecast/> http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/26/what-i-think-about-donuts-bold-80-renewal-forecast/>


.Click?s 3,800 domains: Good or bad?

Here?s a riddle: how many domains will domainers register on the first day of a new TLD launch for a semi-decent generic domain during Thanksgiving week with super low registration fees and basically no domains held back?

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/26/clicks-3800-domains-good-or-bad/> http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/26/clicks-3800-domains-good-or-bad/>


.Green Release Launch Time Table: Founders Program Closes Dec 1; GA Set For March 24, 2015

The .Green registry released its launch time table for the new gTLD. The Founders Program is now open but only to December 1, 2014 "The Founders Program is Limited to Friends & Supporters of DotGreen, and attendees of San Francisco Green Festival

< <http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/26/green-release-launch-time-table-founders-program-closes-dec-1-ga-set-for-march-24-2015/> http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/26/green-release-launch-time-table-founders-program-closes-dec-1-ga-set-for-march-24-2015/>


Almost 20,000 .XYZ Collision Domains To Be Released On Dec 2nd: Here Is The List

On December 2, 2014 at 2pm (London Time), .XYZ will be releasing thousands of domain names to the public to register which were held back due to ICANN's name collision list.

< <http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/almost-20000-xyz-collision-domains-to-be-released-on-dec-2nd-here-is-the-list/> http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/almost-20000-xyz-collision-domains-to-be-released-on-dec-2nd-here-is-the-list/>


LogicBoxes Schedules Webinar to Unveil Automated System that Helps ccTLD Registries Sell More Domains - Also Today, a Stolen Domain Alert

While new gTLDs are getting the lion's share of attention since they started going live earlier this year, LogicBoxes believes there is also a great growth opportunity for ccTLD registry operators thanks to a new automated system designed to help them sell more domains. Clifford deSouza, the Senior Business Development Specialist at LogicBoxes said the company's ccTLD Automation Solution gives registries a dedicated retail storefront and a complete end-to-end automation platform to seamlessly run their business.

< <http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2014/dailyposts/20141124.htm> http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2014/dailyposts/20141124.htm>





Craigslist Back Online Following DNS Hijack

The popular classifieds website Craigslist is back online today following a DNS attack that forced it offline for several hours Sunday evening.

< <http://threatpost.com/craigslist-back-online-following-dns-hijack/109559> http://threatpost.com/craigslist-back-online-following-dns-hijack/109559>


Craigslist DNS hijacked, redirected at infamous ?prank? site for hours

Around 5:00pm PST on November 23, the Domain Name Service records for at least some of the sites hosted by the online classified ad and discussion service Craigslist were hijacked. At least some Craigslist visitors found their Web requests redirected toward an underground Web forum previously associated with selling stolen celebrity photos and other malicious activities.

< <http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/11/craigslist-dns-hijacked-redirected-at-infamous-prank-site-for-hours/> http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/11/craigslist-dns-hijacked-redirected-at-infamous-prank-site-for-hours/>


'Regin' malware comes from western intelligence agency, say experts

Regin is the latest malicious software to be uncovered by security researchers, though its purpose is unknown, as are its operators. But experts have told the Guardian it was likely spawned in the labs of a western intelligence agency.

< <http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/24/regin-malware-western-surveillance-technology> http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/24/regin-malware-western-surveillance-technology>


Symantec Discovers ?Regin? Spy Code Lurking on Computer Networks

Security researchers say they have discovered a sophisticated piece of malicious code spying on researchers, governments, businesses, and critical telecommunications infrastructure since 2008.

< <http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/11/24/symantec-discovers-spy-code-lurking-on-computer-networks/> http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/11/24/symantec-discovers-spy-code-lurking-on-computer-networks/>


Regin Cyberespionage Platform Also Spies on GSM Networks

Researchers have uncovered a complex espionage platform reminiscent of Duqu that has been used since at least 2008 not only to spy on and extract email and documents from government agencies, research institutions and banks, but also one that targets GSM network operators in order to launch additional attacks.

< <http://threatpost.com/regin-cyberespionage-platform-also-spies-on-gsm-networks/109539> http://threatpost.com/regin-cyberespionage-platform-also-spies-on-gsm-networks/109539>


Security firms uncover 'sophisticated' Regin spyware

An "extremely complex" and "stealthy" spying program has been stealing data from ISPs, energy companies, airlines and research-and-development labs, a security company has said.

< <http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30145265> http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30145265>


Experts Question Legality of Use of Regin Malware by Intel Agencies

The disclosure of the Regin APT malware campaign this week has spurred much speculation about the source of the attack, with many experts pointing the finger at either the NSA or GCHQ, the British spy agency. Though security researchers involved in uncovering the attack have remained mum on the attribution of Regin, privacy experts say that if one of the intelligence agencies is involved, there?s no legal basis for the operation.

< <http://threatpost.com/experts-question-legality-of-use-of-regin-malware-by-intel-agencies/109566> http://threatpost.com/experts-question-legality-of-use-of-regin-malware-by-intel-agencies/109566>


Hacker Disrupts Government Websites in Canada

Since Friday, people turning to the websites of Canada?s Parliament, its Supreme Court, the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa and Toronto police forces have been occasionally greeted by a gyrating, anthropomorphic banana or, more frequently, an error message.

< <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/25/world/americas/hacker-disrupts-government-websites-in-canada.html> http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/25/world/americas/hacker-disrupts-government-websites-in-canada.html>


Australian government reviews cybersecurity

Over five years since the last review, the Australian government has announced a new wide-ranging review into cybersecurity.

< <http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-government-reviews-cybersecurity-7000036200/> http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-government-reviews-cybersecurity-7000036200/>





Five Domain Name Battles of the Early Web

At the dawn of the World Wide Web early adopters were scooping up domain names like crazy, which led to quite a few battles over everything from MTV.com to McDonalds.com.

< <http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2014/11/five-domain-name-battles-of-the-early-web/> http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2014/11/five-domain-name-battles-of-the-early-web/>


Blocking piracy websites is bad for Australia?s digital future by Dan Hunter, Dean, Swinburne Law School at Swinburne University of Technology

Rumours are flying that the government will introduce legislation before Christmas aimed at blocking certain websites, such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, as part of a range of efforts to reduce copyright infringement in Australia.

< <https://theconversation.com/blocking-piracy-websites-is-bad-for-australias-digital-future-34418> https://theconversation.com/blocking-piracy-websites-is-bad-for-australias-digital-future-34418>





The Resolvers We Use

The Internet's Domain Name System is a modern day miracle. It may not represent the largest database that has ever been built, but nevertheless it's truly massive. The DNS is consulted every time we head to a web page, every time we send an email message, or in fact every time we initiate almost any transaction on the Internet.

< <http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2014-11/resolvers.html> http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2014-11/resolvers.html>


Headliners added to NamesCon: Atallah, Alexander

NamesCon, taking place in Las Vegas January 11-14, has added a couple big names to its agenda for the first full day of the conference.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/25/headliners-added-to-namescon-atallah-alexander/> http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/25/headliners-added-to-namescon-atallah-alexander/>


Crazy Country Code Domains with Daniel Greenberg ? DNW Podcast #8

Can you imagine having to send a Western Union payment in order to register a domain name? How about hand delivering an application for a domain name? Or spending $4,000+ per year for registration?

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/24/crazy-country-code-domains-with-daniel-greenberg-dnw-podcast-8/> http://domainnamewire.com/2014/11/24/crazy-country-code-domains-with-daniel-greenberg-dnw-podcast-8/>


ITU releases annual global ICT data & ICT Development Index country rankings: Denmark ranks in first place in global ICT Development Index

Over three billion people are now online and information and communication technology (ICT) growth remains buoyant in just about every country worldwide, according to ITU?s flagship annual Measuring the Information Society Report. ... Developed countries dominate Internet content production, with domain-name registrations from the developed world accounting for 80% of all new registrations in 2013, and registrations from Africa accounting for less than 1%.

< <http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/press_releases/2014/68.aspx> http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/press_releases/2014/68.aspx>


Melbourne IT eyes social media market with Tiger Pistol

Melbourne IT has invested $1.25 million in Melbourne-based social media marketing platform provider Tiger Pistol as the IT services firm looks to provide social media management services to customers.

< <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/560590/melbourne-it-eyes-social-media-market-tiger-pistol/> http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/560590/melbourne-it-eyes-social-media-market-tiger-pistol/>





au: Bitcoin.com.au sells for $31,200 as owner loses the domain due to bad registrant info

DnTrade.com.au and a few others have been buzzing about Bitcoin.com.au being auctioned off on Netfleet. Cazalla at Qntra.net wrote the best explanation of what happened, this was the second time Bitcoin.com.au sold this year. Apparently it is a popular tactic to report domains with bad info in Australia, the author explains, ?Australian domainers employ in order to secure premium domains is to look for ones which contain outdated or expired registrant details before lodging a complaint with auDA.?

< <http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/bitcoin-com-au-sells-for-31200-as-owner-loses-the-domain-due-to-bad-registrant-info/> http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/25/bitcoin-com-au-sells-for-31200-as-owner-loses-the-domain-due-to-bad-registrant-info/>


A New gTLD Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart and 3 ccTLDs Hit the Top 10

They say variety is the spice of life. If that's true you will love this week's all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. With no sales higher than $35,000 reported, several non .com domains found themselves at the VIP table alongside the .coms on the top half of the leader aboard. In fact that biggest sale of all was a new gTLD - World.estate - a domain that was sold by NoktaDomains for $35,000. Nokta actually closed the deal in April but the sale agreement prevented them from disclosing it until now.

< <http://dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2014/20141126.htm> http://dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2014/20141126.htm>




Social networks - how popular are they with each gender?

This graphic visualises the gender balance on some of the world?s most popular social networks. While blogging service Tumblr has a 72% female userbase, males are in the majority on business site LinkedIn.

< <http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/nov/25/social-networks-how-popular-are-they-with-each-gender> http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/nov/25/social-networks-how-popular-are-they-with-each-gender>





Internet Society of Australia gets first ever CEO

The Internet Society of Australia has hired its first chief executive, former Seven Network executive Laurie Patton, after an internal review dubbed ?Helping Shape Our Internet Future."

< <https://www.businessspectator.com.au/news/2014/11/25/technology/internet-society-australia-gets-first-ever-ceo> https://www.businessspectator.com.au/news/2014/11/25/technology/internet-society-australia-gets-first-ever-ceo>




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