[DNS] auDA domain news - 14 December

[DNS] auDA domain news - 14 December

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 15:21:57 +1100

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Post-2015 WSIS Agenda Must Be Forward-Looking, Multistakeholder and
Development Focused


The Future Of The Internet Will Be Discussed In New York, Next Week. But
Nobody Seems To Care


Answers to Common Questions About New Domain Name Endings





Post-2015 WSIS Agenda Must Be Forward-Looking, Multistakeholder and
Development Focused

The WSIS review process is in its final stages. The multistakeholder
component of the review came to a close in early November and the process is
now in the hands of governments alone. The final outcomes document will be
agreed at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York next


The Future Of The Internet Will Be Discussed In New York, Next Week. But
Nobody Seems To Care

Government officials from more than 190 counties will meet next Tuesday in
New York for a two-day discussion (the United Nations? 10 Year Review of
the World Summit on the Information Society, or WSIS+10 Review) that could,
in principle, have a huge influence on how the Internet is governed for the
next decade.


A billion reasons why the Internet Governance Forum matters

After its tenth edition took place in Brazil in November, the U.N.-supported
IGF continues to act as a bridge between rich and poor countries by
providing an equalizing dialogue platform. Dealing with a range of
sub-themes from Internet resources to cybersecurity, the forum enhances
multi-stakeholder cooperation on Internet governance and its potential can
be improved with sustainable funding





The Cyrillic Script Community Forms Generation Panel for Developing the Root
Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR)

ICANN is pleased to announce the formation of the Generation Panel to
develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) for the Cyrillic script.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-3-2015-12-10-en>

Launch of Supplementary Registration Proxy Service for gTLDs Operated by

Purpose: This public comment period is to gather community input on the
proposed amendments to .XYZ, .COLLEGE, .RENT, .THEATRE, .PROTECTION, and
.SECURITY Registry Agreements to allow XYZ.COM LLC, the Registry Operator of
these six TLDs, to offer a new registry service, which is a proxy service
that will provide secondary gateway access to SRS/EPP, RDDS (via Whois -
port 43 -, web-based Directory Service, RDAP, or any combination of the
three), or both for the purposes of operating these TLDs in local domain
name markets.


ICANN's Response to RSSAC001 for its L-Root Service by Terry Manderson & Leo

ICANN's Root Server System Advisory Committee advises the Board on the
operational requirements for the root nameserver system. Like all ICANN
structures, it is regularly reviewed for its effectiveness and improvements
to its operations are implemented.


Nomination Period Opens For ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award | Award
Targeted for ICANN 56 | Nominations Close 12 March 2016

ICANN is pleased to announce the opening of the nomination period for
ICANN's Multistakeholder Ethos Award. This award program, launched in June
2014 in London, seeks to recognize long-standing community members who have
served in leadership roles in multiple ICANN working groups or committees,
and demonstrated collaboration with different Supporting Organizations
and/or Advisory Committees.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-12-10-en> https://www.icann.

Fellowship Program Brings Global Voices Together at ICANN | Fellows
Announced for ICANN55 in Marrakech

45 fellows from 35 countries have been selected to participate in ICANN's
Fellowship program at the 55th Public Meeting in Marrakech, 5-10 March 2016.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-12-11-en> https://www.icann.

Root Server Operators: Diversity is the Key by Terry Manderson

Over the past week, we?ve seen some buzz over a set of events that occurred
last week, which impacted a small proportion of the Root Server Operators.
While ICANN does operate L-Root, we do not speak for the collective of Root
Server Operators. In the spirit of transparency, the Operators have a
published a collective statement regarding the events.


Letter from Jarvee Hutcherson, National President | American Society of
Young Musicians, to ICANN

New gTLD Application for .MUSIC


Featured Attendee Profile: Chris LaHatte, ICANN

Q&A: Describe your company and how long you have been there? I have been
with ICANN since 2011.

< <http://namescon.com/featured-attendee-profile-chris-lahatte-icann/> http:




This is what .com looks like in different languages

As the Internet's population continues to become more global, language
barriers are beginning to come down. This week, Verisign, the registry for
domains ending in .com and .net, launched the first internationalized
version of .com. It's in Japanese script, and it looks like this: .??.


EURid publishes its 2015 World Report on Internationalised Domain Names

EURid is delighted to announce the release of the much anticipated 2015
EURid-UNESCO World Report on Internationalised Domain Names! This year?s
World Report has a number of distinct focuses beginning with an analysis of
why IDNs are drivers of multilingualism and going on to consider universal
acceptance of IDNs, in a chapter by Mark McFadden.


is: Domain Registration made even easier

ISNIC's Domain Registration has now been made easier than before. The Sign
Up process and Domain Registration for beginners (new customers) is in one
seamless 4 step path (was 5 before).

< <http://www.isnic.is/en/news/view?id=420>

nl: The.nlyst #20 out now

In 2008, SIDN made a covenant with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs,
in which both sides committed themselves to assuring the continuous
availability of the .nl domain. On September 30 this agreement was extended.
Read more about it in the new edition of The.nlyst.

< <https://www.sidn.nl/a/knowledge-and-development/thenlyst-20-out-now>

uk: Introducing turing 1.1: Iterating the best DNS forensic insights
platform on the web - Chris Griffiths

turing by Nominet has had a very busy six months, and we?ve had some
fantastic traction and conversations since we launched 1.0 in June.
Initially developed to help us track and protect our own DNS infrastructure
and already capable of producing amazing levels of real-time insight into
the activity and performance of business-critical networks, the first
chapter of turing?s formal existence has seen its continued success in a
production environment in a major service provider network, and has seen
half a dozen major trials and proof of concept deployments rolled out.


uk: Nominet?s IoT Tools: breaking down the silos

Today sees the Oxford Flood Network map going public. We?ve been working on
this community-based project for over a year now and thought it was a good
time to explain the technology that is behind it.

< <http://www.nominet.uk/nominets-iot-tools-breaking-down-the-silos/>

More than 106,000 ".vn" domain names developed in 11 months

More than 106,300 new ".vn" domain names were registered in the first 11
months of this year, bringing the total number of ".vn" domain names to 343,
370, a year-on-year increase of 16.4 per cent, according to the Viet Nam
Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC).





Answers to Common Questions About New Domain Name Endings

Creating a website or getting a custom email address with Google Domains
starts with a search for a domain name. With hundreds of new domain name
endings like .guru, .company, and .fitness, you have more choice than ever
before to find a meaningful and memorable name for your business as you tell
the world who you are and what you do. As you begin to explore these new
domain name endings, we wanted to provide answers to some frequently asked


Donuts: We are not Going To Delete New gTLD Extensions

Donuts has responded to last Friday's cybersecurity consulting firm Internet
Identity report predicting "the eventual demise of any number of new gTLDs
and the websites populated within them-primarily due to financial


Not-Coms End the Year on a High

The ?not-com? movement has made it to prime time. Hundreds of new domain
name extensions-the part to the right of the dot-are available to the
general public, with hundreds more on the way.


Are The New gTLDs Performing Better In Search Than The Traditional Ones? So
It Seems!

Since the new gTLDs started being released last year, there has been an
inevitable question in many brand managers and marketeers heads: will they
have an impact upon Search?


SEO and new TLDs by Paul Stahura

We know: 1) As we all know each domain name is different. stahura.club is
different than stahura.photography. Each domain name being ?globally
unique" is the main benefit of the domain name system.

< <https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/seo-new-tlds-paul-stahura>

Latest podcast available: a new dawn for brands online

For World Trademark Review?s latest podcast we decided to delve further
into the landscape of branded TLDs (or ?.brands?), following our
infographic earlier this week.





Companies Accuse their Competitors of Staging DDoS Attacks Against them

According to recent research from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International,
nearly half (48%[EE1] ) of the companies surveyed believe they know the
identity and motivation of those behind recent DDoS attacks against them,
with many naming competitors as key culprits.


Kaspersky Lab on business threats: 2015 saw the number of cryptolocker
attacks double

Cyberattack tools used against businesses in 2015 were different to those
used against consumers, according to Kaspersky Lab?s review of corporate
threats in the last 12 months. They included greater exploitation of
legitimate software programs and malware being signed with valid digital
signatures to keep malicious files hidden for longer. Kaspersky Lab?s
experts also observed a steady rise in the number of corporate users
attacked by ransomware.


Kaspersky Lab?s New Malware Count Falls by 15,000 a Day in 2015, as
Cybercriminals Look to Save Money

According to Kaspersky Lab, 2015 marked the moment when demand for new
malicious programs reached saturation point, as the number of new malware
files detected every day by its products fell by 15,000, from 325,000 in
2014 to 310,000. Kaspersky Lab?s experts believe this is mainly due to the
fact that coding new malware is expensive and cybercriminals have realized
that they can get equally good results using intrusive advertising programs
or legitimate digital signatures in their attacks. This approach appears to
be working, as results show that despite the cost-cutting in malware
creation, in 2015 the number of users attacked by cybercriminals increased
by 5%.


New SWITCH Security Report available - Invitation to take part in a Reader

A new issue of our monthly SWITCH Security Report has just been released.
The topics covered in this report are: Pavlov in Paris - how the conditioned
response to terrorist attacks links the real and online worlds, ?added
value? as standard - new devices delivered complete with malware and extra
vulnerabilities, silent profilers - audio beacons allow advertisers to
operate extensive tracking, ads, adblockers, anti-adblockers, anti-adblock
killers - the arms race continues and the Clipboard: interesting
presentations, articles and videos


Internet Root Name Servers Survive Unusual DDoS Attack

An unusual DDoS amplification attack was carried out 10 days ago against
many of the Internet?s 13 root name servers, the authoritative servers used
to resolve IP addresses.


Attack floods Internet root servers with 5 million queries a second

Early last week, one of the most vital organs of the Internet anatomy came
under an unusual attack. On two separate occasions lasting an hour or more
each, a flood of as many as many as five million queries per second hit
multiple domain name system root servers that act as the final and
authoritative reference for determining which IP address is returned when a
user types a domain name into a browser.


Someone Just Tried to Take Down Internet's Backbone with 5 Million

Someone just DDoSed one of the most critical organs of the Internet anatomy
- The Internet's DNS Root Servers. Early last week, a flood of as many as 5
Million queries per second hit many of the Internet's DNS Root Servers that
act as the authoritative reference for mapping domain names to IP addresses
and are a total of 13 in numbers.

< <http://thehackernews.com/2015/12/dns-root-servers-ddos-attack.html> http:

ENISA fostering exchanges at #hub15 for enhanced cyber security

ENISA organised discussions around cyber security topics at #hub15
conference in Berlin. The objective was to raise awareness on current cyber
security efforts and challenges.


ENISA welcomes the agreement of EU Institutions on the first EU wide
cybersecurity Directive and Agency?s extended role

Following extensive negotiations the EU institutions have reached an
agreement, which will support Member States in achieving a high level of
network & information security that is coherent across the EU and which will
pave the way for more collaboration among them.


Advancing a model of cyber security education through PPPs and cooperation

The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an EU advocacy campaign that
promotes cyber security among citizens and advocates seeking to change the
perception of cyber-threats by promoting education, sharing of good
practices and competitions in data and information security. The European
Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the European
Commission DG Connect and Partners have been deploying the ECSM each October
for the last 4 years.


Can Cyber Warfare Be Deterred?

Fear of a ?cyber Pearl Harbor? first appeared in the 1990s, and for the
past two decades, policymakers have worried that hackers could blow up oil
pipelines, contaminate the water supply, open floodgates and send airplanes
on collision courses by hacking air traffic control systems. In 2012,
then-US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that hackers could ?shut
down the power grid across large parts of the country.?


EU?s Proposed Cybersecurity Law Could Affect US Companies, Too

In recent years, lawmakers in countries around the globe have been working
to catch up with the problem of exponentially increasing cyberattacks. One
region where legislators have been working hard is the European Union, which
announced its first-ever set of cybersecurity rules this week.


The Web Became More Secure with Let?s Encrypt

The implications are staggering: anyone can have an encrypted website up and
running in no time and very cheaply. What HTML and HTTP did for allowing
regular people to start putting content on the Web, Let?s Encrypt will do
for allowing people to put up encrypted pages that are safe, secure,
private, and not subject to hijacking.

< <https://cdt.org/blog/the-web-became-more-secure-with-lets-encrypt/>

Now Available: Q3 State of the Internet Security Report

The Q3 2015 State of the Internet Security Report is now available for
download at stateoftheinternet.com/security-report. Among the highlights: a
continued upward trend in DDoS attacks, and attacks fueled by the easy
availability of DDoS-for-hire sites that identify and abuse exposed Internet
services, such as SSDP, NTP, DNS, CHARGEN, and even Quote of the Day.


Combatting Cyber Threats: CSIRTs and Fostering International Cooperation on

The increasing visibility and sophistication of cyber attacks, coupled with
the global interconnection and dependence of the Internet, has created a
need not only for specialized skills in the prevention of and response to
cyber attacks but also for cooperation on a global scale. A ?cyber regime
complex? is emerging as governments, the private sector, the technical
community and non-governmental organizations cooperate to secure cyberspace.


Mutual Security in the Asia-Pacific: Roles for Australia, Canada and South

Myriad challenges to regional stability and security threaten East Asia?s
burgeoning growth and prosperity. Mutual Security in the Asia-Pacific: Roles
for Australia, Canada and South Korea addresses the economic and security
challenges that loom in the region and the role that these three countries
can play to ensure a stable, predictable political environment.


When kids start getting hacked, it?s time to wake up about cybersecurity

It was not an auspicious beginning to the holiday season. On Black Friday,
we learned that a hacker had broken into the servers of Chinese toymaker
VTech and lifted the personal information of nearly five million parents and
more than 200,000 children.  The data haul included home addresses, names,
birth dates, email addresses, and passwords.  Worse still, it had
photographs and chat logs of parents with their children.


au: Opinion: Time for an updated approach to cyber security

The "massive? cyber attack on the Bureau of Meteorology computers served as
a timely reminder for corporates and government agencies to dump the ageing
approach use to protect their IT infrastructure.


nz: $2 billion UFB investment triggers Govt cyber security strategy refresh

The Government has refreshed its national Cyber Security Strategy, as it
ramps up investment across its Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband
Initiative programmes.


nz: Govt unveils cyber security credentials scheme for Kiwi SMEs

New Zealand businesses with good cyber security practices could receive a
?cyber security tick?, as part of a suite of initiatives to help protect
small businesses against cyber attacks.





Ruling means UK courts will not overturn decisions by domain name dispute
resolution panels, says expert

A UK court ruling that it did not have the jurisdiction to hear and
determine an appeal against a decision taken by domain name dispute
resolution panel will be welcomed by brand owners, an expert has said.


'internet.in' domain name cancelled based on registration for INTERNET in
Class 34 [registration]

In a significant decision, the division bench of the Delhi High Court in
Koeing v Arbitrator NIXI (FAO(OS) 42/2012, November 2 2015) has held that
Purohit?s registration for the mark INTERNET in Class 34 for
tobacco-related products was sufficient to sustain an action for the
cancellation of Koeing?s domain name registration for ?internet.in?,
which was proposed...





For spontaneous people: Colocation Special until the end of the year.

The SKYWAY DataCenter GmbH offers an exclusive colocation special until
December 31, 2015. The colocation special includes a 19" rack with 42 height
units, a 2 x 1 Gbit/s ports Internet connectivity and 100 Mbit/s bandwidth
per customer for monthly only 760.41 EUR incl. 19% VAT.


Key-Systems' customers participate in Christmas fundraising campaign

This year, the Key-Systems GmbH, an international domain registrar located
in Germany, will donate the previously used amount for the production and
shipping of Christmas cards and gifts to charitable organizations.





What's ahead for business technology in 2016

... New device addressing system: Next year will also be remembered as the
one when the internet's new device addressing system IPv6 finally took root.
Remember when Australian landline phone numbers were extended from six
digits to seven, and later to eight, to accommodate the explosion in phone
use? They're gradually doing the same thing with internet addresses.





Pirate Bay?s .org Domain Back Online After Registrar Switch

The Pirate Bay's original .org domain is back online after the TPB team
moved it to a new registrar. Earlier this week EuroDNS suspended the domain
name because the registrant failed to verify the contact details.





NetNames confirms easily.co.uk whacked by cyber crims

The UK?s number two website hosting business, Easily.co.uk, has confirmed
to customers it has fallen prey to cyber crims.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/12/11/easily_hacked/>

Peak Data Traffic at DE-CIX Breaks 5 Terabit per Second Record

For the second time in its 20th anniversary year, DE-CIX has broken traffic
records at its Frankfurt Internet exchange. On December 8, 2015, DE-CIX
measured the new active data traffic peak of 5 Terabit per second (Tbps).
The milestone 4 Tbps-mark was first cracked in April of this year.





China Is Making Domain Name History

Short domains have always been valuable, but if you?re a company today and
want to own a short domain name, your price just became a lot higher. And I
mean a lot.

< <http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/12/china-making-domain-name-history/> http:

Premium .SKI web addresses such as water.ski, jet.ski, resort.ski and
shop.ski offered for sale

Some of the most valuable snow skiing and water skiing related virtual
real-estate is being made available as part of an exclusive agreement
between .ski operator StartingDot and premium domain name specialist


Garry Chernoff Chalks Up a Half-Million Dollar Sale to Lead This Week's Top
20 Chart

Garry Chernoff, one of the pioneers of the domain investment business, has
booked another blockbuster sale. Just after we started putting this week's
column together this morning Garry let us know he had sold Drink.com for
$500,000 in a deal brokered by Darryl Lopes and Jason White through the
DomainNameSales.com platform.

< <http://dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2015/20151209.htm>

fr: Trends on the Secondary Market for Domain Names in the New gTLD Age

Following on from its first white paper on the Secondary Market for Domain
Names published in 2010, Afnic has focusing in the latest edition on current
issues and trends


An Inside Look at eName's 10th Anniversary Event Where Top Chinese Domain
Investors Met Last Weekend

2015 has been "The Year of the Chinese Domain Investor." If you follow our
weekly sales charts and other industry news you know that buyers from China
have been the dominant force in driving aftermarket sales this year.

< <http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2015/dailyposts/20151210.htm>




How the TPP Will Affect You and Your Digital Rights

The Internet is a diverse ecosystem of private and public stakeholders. By
excluding a large sector of communities-like security researchers, artists,
libraries, and user rights groups-trade negotiators skewed the priorities of
the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards major tech companies and
copyright industries that have a strong interest in maintaining and
expanding their monopolies of digital services and content.





Tasmania weighs up $20m underwater digital cable network investment

The Tasmanian Government is poised to make a decision on whether to pay up
to $20 million to tap into a global underwater digital cable network.



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