DNS: Melbourne IT Billing

DNS: Melbourne IT Billing

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§skeeve.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 00:42:00 +1100 (EST)
I have a few concerns about Melbourne IT and the way Billing currently occurs.

The current method goes as follows:

1. User fills in domain name form at aunic.net
2. Domain name sits onhold until a fax is received with credit card details.

This is unacceptable.

I do many domain name registrations, and have recently suspended most of mine
as the girlfriend went mad with them.

I also do not have a spare thousand dollars to give to Melbourne IT... I would
rather money sitting in my accounts to collect interest than theirs.

I suspect many people are in this position.

I like Internic model which sends out invoices and if in 3 months the domain
is not paid, it is deleted. This may mean an extra cost to Melbourne IT
but I am afraid I dont care... what are we paying them the $100 odd for.

They need a decent remittance system in place where people can also pay
by cheque, and NOT have to wait the 5 working days for it to clear... (for
premium regos) and in the case of Standard (10 days) it is pretty much

This is something i think we need to pressure Melbourne IT into doing... and

Currently their form requires the signature of the card holder... which if we
use the clients card (with their permission) we have to fax them the form, 
they have the fill it out and sign it.. and fax it back to us.. we inturn refax
it to M.IT. Why doesn't the customer just send it? well what are we here for?
We are hear to take all the complicated garbage out of the system for the 
clients... and I would prefer to do all the works... Clients most of the time
have trouble filling out application forms from day one ;)

I am unclear from the documents at M.IT if the domain registration process
even BEGINS before they receive the fax.. or isn't activated till they get the
fax.... does that mean 10days from receipt of the fax or the domain rego?

Do domain entries have a BILLING CONTACT like InterNIC?

Who in 2 years time is going to "Get a bill" for the domain... what if the
email address has changed.. or company has moved premises. Does it go to the
ISP? which may have also changed? Or one fo the contacts?

There are a LOT of questions that need to be answered.. and I'm SURE the people
on these mailing lists can think of more.

last question... say 50 ISP's give M.IT $1000 each... $50,000... what is 
M.IT doing with it? playing on the ASX with it? sitting in a bank account?
sitting in the bottom draw of someone's desk? Id be offended to find they were
making extra profits on the money they held for the ISP's.

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