Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

From: MacroTec Computer Systems <daniel§>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 09:55:04 +1100
At 06:13 PM 12-11-96 +1100, you wrote:
>As you can see stated above.. we MUST make a stand against Melbourne IT on
>this issue. 
>When Internet started charging for domains, any domains registered before the
>day they started, werent charged until the aniversary, 1 year later.
>We MUST insits Melbourne IT follow this policy.
>This means.. any domains registered in september or october, or currently
>in the backlog... you will have to pay $125 on 1st February 1997...
>I am going to have a hard time telling customers that they now have to pay
>and extra $125. When we were selling our services... as im sure many other
>isps were.. and the client asks 'Do I have to pay any more' and we honestly
>answered 'Nope.. thats it'.... we are going to be accused of lying for a start,
>Melbourne IT is going to generate a LOT of animosity against themselves
>from clients, and many people will elect I think to DUMP and go to
>the USA and register a .com or .net domain.
>Peter, I have nothing against you.. but you HAVE to see it from our side..
>I spent hundreds of $$ registering business names, and securing domain names
>in which to operate under in the future... I do NOT wish to have a $1000+ bill
>in February... 
>I was NOT at that October meeting, as I am sure MANY of the people here were
>also not... I have been STRONGLY objecting to you charging in February, and
>have made myself vocal on these groups... incase you havent been watching.
>Will you relent and not do it if there is significant opposition? I do NOT
>the people at that meeting represented the entire industries view otherwise
>it would NOT have been approved.
>People.. PLEASE be motivated to post to these lists so we can see how
>you feel... use GROUP reply ('g' in elm)......

Correct, many ISP's have up to 50 or more domains registered for there
customers, and well I don't feel like ringing them all up and telling them
that all of a sudden that they have a extra $125 P.A. to pay, and well
basically we can not afford to just wear the cost of over $6500 per year to
maintain our customers domain names.  

.com and .net domains are looking very promising.

Daniel Clarke
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