DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§skeeve.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 18:13:21 +1100 (EST)
You, Peter Gerrand, shaped the electrons to say:
+Skeeve Stevens wrote: 
+> There WILL NOT be any mandatory re-registration in January or Feburary according
+> to Robert Elz. What is to happen hasnt been sorted out as far as I am aware.
+You seem to be seriously misinformed.  The Pricing Policy under which
+COM.AU DNA operates, which includes the renewal fees, was endorsed by
+the DNS Industry Forum at  meetings in October, before Melbourne IT
+commenced its commercial bureau DNA service. The timing of
+re-registration is an operational matter under the delegation of the
+COM.AU DNA. We placed Public Notices in the national newpapers on 1 and
+2 November, giving three months' notice of the need to renew
+registrations for COM.AU DNs by 1 February 1997.

As you can see stated above.. we MUST make a stand against Melbourne IT on
this issue. 

When Internet started charging for domains, any domains registered before the
day they started, werent charged until the aniversary, 1 year later.

We MUST insits Melbourne IT follow this policy.

This means.. any domains registered in september or october, or currently
in the backlog... you will have to pay $125 on 1st February 1997...

I am going to have a hard time telling customers that they now have to pay
and extra $125. When we were selling our services... as im sure many other
isps were.. and the client asks 'Do I have to pay any more' and we honestly
answered 'Nope.. thats it'.... we are going to be accused of lying for a start,
Melbourne IT is going to generate a LOT of animosity against themselves
from clients, and many people will elect I think to DUMP .com.au and go to
the USA and register a .com or .net domain.

Peter, I have nothing against you.. but you HAVE to see it from our side..
I spent hundreds of $$ registering business names, and securing domain names
in which to operate under in the future... I do NOT wish to have a $1000+ bill
in February... 

I was NOT at that October meeting, as I am sure MANY of the people here were
also not... I have been STRONGLY objecting to you charging in February, and
have made myself vocal on these groups... incase you havent been watching.

Will you relent and not do it if there is significant opposition? I do NOT think
the people at that meeting represented the entire industries view otherwise
it would NOT have been approved.

People.. PLEASE be motivated to post to these lists so we can see how
you feel... use GROUP reply ('g' in elm)......


+Melbourne IT will accept cheques (made out to Melbourne Information
+Technologies Australia Pty Ltd), but will only start processing an
+application when the relevant credit is established. Personal cheques
+are therefore not recommended, because they can take up to seven working
+days to be cleared by the banks. However if you send Melbourne IT a bank
+cheque to cover your registration request(s), we will start processing
+the relevant application from the time that both the bank cheque and the
+registration requests are received. After 22 November, we will also be
+in a position to accept direct bank transfers into a nominated COM.AU
+DNA bank account.

excellent.. one good thing.

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