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Re: DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:31:29 +1000
Skeeve Stevens wrote: 
> There WILL NOT be any mandatory re-registration in January or Feburary according
> to Robert Elz. What is to happen hasnt been sorted out as far as I am aware.

You seem to be seriously misinformed.  The Pricing Policy under which
COM.AU DNA operates, which includes the renewal fees, was endorsed by
the DNS Industry Forum at  meetings in October, before Melbourne IT
commenced its commercial bureau DNA service. The timing of
re-registration is an operational matter under the delegation of the
COM.AU DNA. We placed Public Notices in the national newpapers on 1 and
2 November, giving three months' notice of the need to renew
registrations for COM.AU DNs by 1 February 1997.
> Also... not many people responded to my Billing questions.... as in why do they
> do only Credit Card Transactions....

Melbourne IT will accept cheques (made out to Melbourne Information
Technologies Australia Pty Ltd), but will only start processing an
application when the relevant credit is established. Personal cheques
are therefore not recommended, because they can take up to seven working
days to be cleared by the banks. However if you send Melbourne IT a bank
cheque to cover your registration request(s), we will start processing
the relevant application from the time that both the bank cheque and the
registration requests are received. After 22 November, we will also be
in a position to accept direct bank transfers into a nominated COM.AU
DNA bank account.

> How are they going to charge for renewals? I dont have a credit card.. I deal
> with my domains directly.. not through any isp... I certinaly hope I get an
> invoice... NOT a demand for a credit card number.

See the options for payment mentioned above, which include cheques. We
plan to send an advance notice by email for renewals of registration,
with a form that you can print out and use as an invoice.
> Also.. what happens if NIC info is out of date... who are you going to send
> the invoice to?
That is a very good point. Allocatees of COM.AU DNS can update their
Administrative and Technical Contact information free at the AUNIC
registry, and are encouraged to do so; however almost certainly some
will have have neglected to do so. 
Melbourne IT will make best efforts to locate the Administrative and
Technical Contacts, firstly by e-mail, and if that fails, by phone or
fax to their company or registered business if it still exists. 


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