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Re: DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 01:59:12 +1100 (EST)
You, Peter Lees, shaped the electrons to say:
+On Mon, 11 Nov 1996 19:24:49 +1000 ceo&#167; (Peter
+Gerrand) wrote:
+>> o Is Melbourne IT prepared to withhold charging until further
+>>   discussion of these papers has occurred.
+>Of course not. We have five full-time staff working on the bureau
+>service, and considerable equipment, office and networking expenses,
+>we don't propose to go broke.  However we have committed ourselves to
+>processing, at no fee, the more than 2,400 back-logged applications
+>inherited from the previous voluntary part-time regime; and I am
+>to report that we have cleared more than 1,200 of these already.
+"at no fee"...?
+it is my understanding that all of these "freely processed" domain
+will require re-registration, WITH fee, by 1 feb 97. the same applies
+all of the domains registered prior to melbIT's bureau even
+the twinkle in some accountant's eye.

There WILL NOT be any mandatory re-registration in January or Feburary according
to Robert Elz. What is to happen hasnt been sorted out as far as I am aware.

I personally suggest all domains become up for renewal on the 1st November 1997.
This is only fair. If they attempt to do it at any time before that I will kick
up a stink.. as they have no idea to accuratly figure out when the actual
aniversary is.

Also... not many people responded to my Billing questions.... as in why do they
do only Credit Card Transactions....

How are they going to charge for renewals? I dont have a credit card.. I deal 
with my domains directly.. not through any isp... I certinaly hope I get an
invoice... NOT a demand for a credit card number.

Also.. what happens if NIC info is out of date... who are you going to send
the invoice to?

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