Re: DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

Re: DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

From: Scott Howard <scott§>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 09:03:19 +1100 (EST)
> You, Peter Lees, shaped the electrons to say:
> Also... not many people responded to my Billing questions.... as in why do they
> do only Credit Card Transactions....
> How are they going to charge for renewals? I dont have a credit card.. I deal 
> with my domains directly.. not through any isp... I certinaly hope I get an
> invoice... NOT a demand for a credit card number.

It is illegal to allow for payment of something by credit card only.

> Also.. what happens if NIC info is out of date... who are you going to send
> the invoice to?

Or even if it's not out of date, who is going to be charged?? The Tech
contact??  The Admin Contact??  Anyone who offers to??

Even new registerations have no concept of a "Billing contact", which is
obviously what is needed... :(

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