Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 18:04:21 +1100

At 19:45 17/11/96, David Keegel wrote:

>Richard Archer wrote:
>] Some policies which MelbourneIT could improve upon:
>] The need to fax your credit card details or post a cheque before the
>] request is put into the queue.
>] The requirement for a personal/company cheque to have cleared before the
>] request is put into the queue.
>I thought I explained why this should not be a problem once most ISPs
>become PISPs.  Then the end-user can let the PISP deal with that stuff
>with Melbourne IT and end-user only has to deal with their chosen PISP's
>payment terms.

I was simply raising some points to illustrate why so many people were
unhappy with MelbourneIT's approach to their new role. And the reason
people are upset is that MelbourneIT appears on the surface to be a
cash-cow, milking domain name holders for all they can. I am sure
the real MelbourneIT is different... it's just going to take a little work
to get them to show their true nature.

I agree that eventually MelbourneIT will deal mainly with PISPs, at which
time none of this will matter.

>Once there is at least one well-known PISP who will forward registrations
>from anyone, funded from a margin on registrations rather than being cross-
>subsidised by an ISP business, then the whole issue of Melbourne IT's
>payment terms has very little importance.

I doubt whether $25 is going to be sufficient reward for handling
registrations in the manner you suggest.

>] Requiring renewal of domain names in such a short time frame.
>I'm more concerned about the ratio of renewal price to initial rego price.
>I would have thought the renewal price should be significantly less than
>the initial registration (which includes 2 years renewal).

Good point. Perhaps the initial registration takes a lot less work than
anyone is letting on. I imagine kre had it all set up so that he had to do
very little work to approve/reject a request. And the DNS entries must be
maintained by scripts, otherwise the whole system would have come crashing
down by now!

>] Requiring a minimum of $1000 to start a PISP account.
>The point of PISP accounts is that transactions are in bulk.

But on the one hand MelbourneIT wants to encourage PISP agreements, yet
they have this massive disincentive. I guess they are trying to weed out
people who just want to save $25 on a single registration.

>I seem to remember the words "non-exclusive delegation", but I'm not sure
>what this means in practice.  It seems pretty exclusive so far, but maybe
>we haven't seen the whole picture.

I think more than one agency should have been delegated at the one time.


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