DNS: subversive thought...

DNS: subversive thought...

From: Peter Lees <peter§next.com.au>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 14:21:37 +1100 (EDT)
i just had a thought on the topic of melbourne it's "re-registration"

what happens if no-one pays?

how much work is involved for melbourne IT to *remove* entries
from the DNS ?

once you have answered that question - how much is involved in
*adding* similar entries?

would it be unreasonable to say that deleting an entry would be 
half as difficult as adding a new one?  if that's the case, and
melbourne it isn't making a truly obscene profit, then mass 
refusal to reregister should cause melbourne it to drop the com.au
bureau as non-profitable.

if melbourne it _IS_ making an obscene profit, then i guess all 
we can do is sit & watch as prof. gerrand and other directors 
jet about the world on expensive holidays...


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