Re: DNS: COM.AU DNA's Progress Report after Week 2

Re: DNS: COM.AU DNA's Progress Report after Week 2

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 18:34:27 +1100 (EST)
You, Peter Gerrand, shaped the electrons to say:
+Subject: COM.AU DNA Progress Report after Week 2
+During the Reporting Period (1 - 15 November), 915   new applications
+were received, of which 325 were received with payments. Of these, 91
+new applications were processed to completion.  All paid applications
+(100%) have been processed within their Service Performance Targets to
+date.   The Bureau's webpages have been amended to draw greater
+attention to the need to provide a payment in connection with a new
+direct application, and the mechanisms for payment have been expanded
+(see 5(3) below). 

out of 915 registrations... only 325 with payments... maybe thats because
the websites give hardly any info on how to make the payement. I consider 
myself an expert in domain regos around the world... and it took me
2 hours of surfing and URL guessing to find the webpage for submitting the
page... which is pathetic in itself.

You fill it out... dont you know forms dont print very well with netscape?

Make it a submit-able page, which then formats it properly.. so it is printable.

+So far, eighteen ISPs and Internet Access Providers have signed
+contracts with Melbourne IT as Participating ISPs, to whom Melbourne IT
+provides benefits of a wholesale relationship achieved through economies
+of scale.  The list of Participating ISPs (PISPs)  is now advertised on
+our website, with hyperlinks to their own Websites.  (At the time of
+issuing this report, not all are listed since we require explicit
+approval from each PISP before advertising their name on our website.)

hmmmm this is from your website......

   This is the alphabetical current list of participating ISPs, which we
   update frequently. We recommend using one of these ISPs if you require
   a very fast (less than three days) turnaround for your application or
   if you an ISP to host your site. By clicking on the ISP name, you can
   go to their web site.

Interesting... if they give you $1,000 you will give them some publicity/
advertising and recommend them......

I thought the $1,000 was a advance payment on domain names... not a payment
to receive special treatment and recommendation.

I am highly against this... Im afraid I dont have the spare $1,000 to "BUY"
some recommendation from Melbourne IT... and even if I did.. I wouldnt.
+During this two-week period, Melbourne IT staff responded to over 250
+email enquiries,  300 telephone enquiries and 100 faxed enquiries.  


   You can also contact the Bureau:
     * by phone on (03) 9344-9366 from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm

Wow... really normal business hours guys... get a clue.

Set up	* a 1.800 number... we aren't all in Melbourne
	* get another receptionist to work the lunch hours.
	* extend your support to 7pm.... otherwise west coast companies
	  have to call you before 9am just to get you before lunch.. and
	  before 2pm before you close...
For a commercial entity... you guys aren't presenting a very good image. You
telling me Melbourne uni cant afford a 1.800 for you?
+(2) A FREE REGISTRATION PERIOD OF ONE YEAR for not-for-profit and
+charitable associations inappropriately registered under COM.AU :  these
+organisations, which are entitled to be registered under either ORG.AU
+or (in the case of an association) with ASN.AU,  will be offered free
+renewal of registration under COM.AU until1 November 1997,  to give them
+ample time to arrange registration under a more appropriate Second Level

how nice.
+Melbourne IT  is not prepared to relax its policy of demanding evidence
+of credit or payment in advance of processing new DN applications, 
+because by doing so - and thereby avoiding the management of bad debts -
+it can keep the costs of the bureau service to a minimum.   However we
+are now actively considering an option of invoicing for renewal of
+existing allocated COM.AU Domain Names.  I hope to make a policy
+announcement on this within a week.

I hope so.
+      (a)  test if the delegated name server is functioning
+      (b)  test if its SOA (Start of Authority) field is consistent with
+the Primary            Name Server Zone Files.
+      (c)  If (a) or (b) fail, notify the contact e-mail address
+specified in the SOA. 

Why? your not giving us anything AUNIC doesn't already do. 

+It is recommended that the DNS Industry Forum be reconvened in December
+(or no later than January) to deal with many of the issues raised, and
+that at least three weeks' notice be given to ensure that industry wide
+participation is possible, including sending invitations to INTIAA,
+AUUG, AIIA, ECA, ACCC, AUSTEL and  to the lists of known ISPs and IAPS
+operating in Australia.

That would be good.... but. Where are you going to hold it? I dont have the
time to fly to Melbourne.

I think you should spend a little of your profits and old meetings in sydney,
Melbourne, Adelaide, berth, Brisbane and Canberra. It is only fair.. LET the
ISP's have their say.... If you dont... I will support NO result of a meeting
in Melbourne.. and especially nothing from a puppet organisation such as
INTIAA, which not many of us care about or respect anyway, and are certainly
not members of.

I think it is your DUTY to come to us... we let you know our feelings via
these mailing lists, and its obvious we are not happy.

In addition to the meetings, I think you should prepare, print and sent out
a survey to EVERY isp you can find out about, AS WELL as having a webpage
other interested parties can request to participate.

What do others think?

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