DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Michael Malone <pariah§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 13:35:34 +0800
> 1. In an environment where product cycles are measured in weeks, waiting
> up to 4 months for COM.AU domain registrations in the past has been
> disasterous. Whilst I am certain that iiNet and Internode will not allow
> such delays to occur in their service, it is essential from a commercial
> standpoint to know an exact upper bound on processing times for
> registration requests.

I agree 100%, but I believe that this should be the "policy"
of each registry. For instance, we may say "guaranteed one business
day registrations" and charge $200, while Internode may say "21 days"
and charge $100.

I agree that the service levels should have to be spelled out though,
and will include a clause to this effect.

> 2. Competition/disaster. The introduction of competition into the
> maintenance of a single namespace is an excellent idea and deserves to
> be protected. Certainly offering protection to clients of one
> organisation should disaster befall the other is appropriate, but it
> would be desirable for a facility whereby another organisation could
> become competitively involved should should a disaster occur (or,
> perhaps, if either of iiNet or Internode acquires the other) during the
> initial 18 month period. Regrettably I don't have a complete proposal
> for how this might be achieved.

Neither did Simon or myself. One possibility is to simply
say that Robert (or a commercially independant organisation
such as AUUG?) will delegate another authority within eight
weeks of any registry disappearing or being consumed?

> 3. Transferability. I'm not sufficiently clear on the legal territory
> here, but it seems that there may be a need for a name to be
> transferable in the event that one organisation acquires and dissolves
> another, but takes up its name as a trading name. Clearly this could be
> overcome by turning the acquired entity into a shelf company, but it
> seems that a complete refusal to transfer may unneccessarily constrain
> the activities of organisations using the regisration service.


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