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Re: DNS: or

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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 21:49:34 +1000
Glen Turner wrote:

>Regarding company name dispute resolution:
>Given Australia has a small number of states (unlike the US),
>and thus a small number company name registers, perhaps
>the DNS name should include a company register identifier?

We have precisely one company register, run by the Australian
Securities Commission, who issue an ACN for the company.

There are separate *business name* registers in each state, but this
is not at all the same thing. Many state-registered business names
are owned by ASC-registered companies.

In general, people don't know or care whether a business is
registered by the ASC or the state business name registration body,
so using this as the basis for a domain name will make it harder
for people to find you on the 'Net.


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