Re: DNS: or

Re: DNS: or

From: Glen Turner <glen.turner§>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 09:31:26 +1030
Paul Foxworthy <coherent&#167;> wrote:
> In general, people don't know or care whether a business is
> registered by the ASC or the state business name registration body,
> so using this as the basis for a domain name will make it harder
> for people to find you on the 'Net.

I think whatever happens it will be harder to find
companies on the net.  Is Widgets (NSW) Pty Ltd:

 - or under the current rules ( is generic, and thus not

 - or (by definition, under
   the alternative 2LD structure there will be two places
   to look).

 - under a company name register

I see the best structure for DNS names as one that
side-steps the conflict of name issue and allows
a search engine to be constructed simply.

In my mind the problem is that the people applying
for domain names are willing to sacrifice
a good structure for short-term PR advantage (the
supposed benefit of a name like


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