Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Gary Oliver <gary.oliver§>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 13:30:04 +1100
Simon Hackett wrote:
> >
> >Sorry Gary - what is the question? If it is how do we proceed from here, I
> >would suggest that something like, with a completely different mode of
> >operation would be an interesting first step. As Simon has already said, the
> >advantage of this particular domain (and I realise that it doesn't solve all
> >problems) is that there can be *no* argument or discussion about entries
> >therein, and an extremely effective search tool can be implemented directly by
> >the ASC (or at least from their public information). As I have said before,
> >this is not a complete solution to the problem, however I would suggest that
> >there is *no* single solution and this would be a useful alternative approach
> >that is worth exploring.
> >
> ... and just to underscore this, we (Hugh and I) stand ready to provide the
> resources to implement if we can get it approved by Robert Elz. I
> don't think there is any actual objection from Robert to our ideas here,
> other than a probable belief that noone would use it. No loss there if we
> try and fail - that's what the Internet is about - *doing* things.
> It would form a decent example of a domain that "just plain worked", and if
> nobody cared - well, there would be no damaging effects from this either.
> Consider that most business cards in Australia already contain the ACN (I
> think they might have to as a legal requirement for that matter). Consider
> being able to derive a domain name for that company directly from that ACN.
> Consider that in ADDITION to whatever other domains the company has, as a
> backstop which "always works" based on the business card in your drawer.
> We (Hugh and I) suspect we could full automate a lot of this by using
> electronic copies of the ASC database, which are likely to be obtainable
> from the ASC as they are effectively a public register.
> Simon
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Hi Simon

Personally I don't support the pproach for the reason that you
indicate, the likely lack of interest. Like it or not the current word
based approach has acceptance and that acceptance acts as a shining
example for others to follow.

Warm regards
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