Re: DNS: Trading domain names

Re: DNS: Trading domain names

From: Stewart Carter <edireport§>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 09:34:51 +0000
As well as social costs, I see the trading of domain names as involving some 
considerable benefits. I also believe that trading is inevitable, and needs 
not just to be recognised as such, but accomodated by our registration 

After all the supply of unique domain names is limited, and so there 
will inevitably be competing demands for particular names. 

Trading resolves the competing demands by awarding a name to those willing to 
pay the highest price for it. 

Increasing the supply of unique names, by removing the current 
prohibitions on generic/dictionary names will not obviate the need for 
trading, but may help to alleviate unsatisifed demand pressure for names in 

The creation of alternative sources of supply of domain names for businesses, 
such as the proposed would also help in that regard. But the advent of 
new second level domains is also problematic in many respects, a goodly number
of which have already been outlined in discussions on this list. 

My inclination is to think that it would be better to encourage less 
restrictive policies and to accomodate and facilitate trading in
names, rather than to encourage the establishment of new second level domains,
such as 

Similarly, where existing domain name holders of Melbourne IT have 
difficulties/disagreements with their administrative policies ( such as in the
anniversary versus common renewal debate) I thought the current framework 
encouraged/allowed for alternative and competing registration bodies to
be established. 

This might be academic, of course if is already up and running. So what
is the current status of 

Stewart Carter,
ECA Messaging Group,

Disclaimer: I'd be disappointed if someone, somewhere didn't share my views, 
but I'm not actually claiming anyone does.
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