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Re: [Oz-ISP] Re: DNS: Re: [Fwd: Domain Name Policies: ]

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 16:07:00 +1000
Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> You, Andrew Heath, shaped the electrons to say:
> +
> +> I see how Melbourne-IT will be avoiding bounced email from non-deliverable
> +> email.
> +>
> +> XAA26934: XAA26935: return to sender:
> +>      Host unknown (Name server: host not found)
> +>                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> +
> +
> +I have temporarily added 2 MX records to the zone file which will
> +ensure that mail send to DOES get through to us.
> does anyone else have a problem with melbourne it just adding things to the
> zone file when they feel like it....

In response to Skeeve Stevens, Kim Davies, Ross Wheeler,
markd&#167; and any others who feel aggrieved on this matter: 

The addition of the additional MX records is, as Andrew indicated,
temporary, and will expire on the March 17 deadline for renewals.
It was a practical, administrative solution to avoid the greater evil of
inconveniencing several thousand registered Administrative Contacts for domain names with follow-up email messages.  Given an absence of
applications for the temporarily allocated "" (sic)
domain name from any other parties, we are scratching our heads to see
how this action could possibly have had any downside for the

Of course Melbourne IT short-circuited the normal registration process
to achieve this administrative solution. It is a privilege, and a
responsibility, of being the DNA to take this kind of action, and it is
not an action that we enter into either lightly or frequently, for
obvious reasons. We have only had to take this kind of expedient action
once in the three months since taking on the DNA responsibilities for   Hopefully it will be the last for this year - touch wood.

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