DNS: Agenda for DNS forum meeting on January 17

DNS: Agenda for DNS forum meeting on January 17

From: Luke Carruthers <luke§magna.com.au>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:25:53 +1100
The agenda for the public meeting of the DNS forum, to be held on
January 17 at the Sydney offices of Phillips Fox, 255 Elizabeth St
Sydney 2000, is as follows :

(Please note that all attendees should RSVP to Angela Williams at 
Phillips Fox, williams_angela&#167;sydney.phillipsfox.com.au, so that an
accurate idea of numbers can be gauged).

11:00 am      Welcome from the Chair
              including overview of progress to date

11:10 am      Summary of DNS Governance Draft
              (This document is available at the intiaa
              Web site, www.intiaa.asn.au)

11:20 am      Discussion of DNS Governance Proposal
              It is intended that this discussion formulate
              a proposal based upon previous efforts, and
              satisfactory to all parties

1:00 pm       Break for lunch

2:00 pm       Consideration of mechanics for additional
              Delegated Authorities in existing domains

3:00 pm       General Business
              This will include a number of ancillary issues
              including the proposal from IINet and Internode 
              Systems to establish the BIZ.AU domain, and 
              Melbourne IT's proposed modifications to the 
              COM.AU Policies :

              A. That the Domain Name Rules within the General 
              (Naming) Policy for COM.AU [ref. 
              be amended as follows:
              A1: that Rule 5, that excludes any word 'that is 
              a common English dictionary word, such as "infinity"',
              be amended to except (i.e. to allow to be registered) 
              common words that are distinctive words within the 
              registered company names or registered business names 
              or trademarks belonging to the applicant organisation. 
              In each case the company name or business name or 
              trademark must be registered in Australia.          

              A2: that Rule 6, that excludes any 'generic English 
              dictionary word indicating a class or type, such as 
              "photography"', be deleted - on the grounds that 
              (i) making a decision on what is "generic" is 
              intrinsically subjective and therefore vulnerable to 
              arbitrary decision making, and (ii) Rule 6 it is covered 
              by Rule 5 anyway.                             

              A3: that Rule 7, that excludes any word 'that is not 
              an unqualified Australian place name such as "Melbourne"',
              be made more precise, by only excluding those Australian 
              place names appearing in the list of Australian Post 
              Codes listed in the back of the White Pages directories.
              (That is the way that the COM.AU DNA is currently 
              interpreting this rule anyway.)

              B. That to encourage fair competition between the 
              DN Administrators for COM.AU, NET.AU and BIZ.AU, that 
              the General (Naming) Policies under which they operate 
              be identical, so that they can then cover the same 
              market, namely that of commercial users of the Internet 
              in Australia. (Pricing Policies should obviously be 

4:00 pm       Close of meeting

This agenda is a guideline only - it is expected that discussion times
will vary somewhat.

Luke Carruthers
Magna Data
Internet Solutions Provider
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