Re: DNS: anyone? :) some global context...:

Re: DNS: anyone? :) some global context...:

From: Antony <antony§>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 11:17:05 +1100 (GMT+1100)
>              Internet users will have 7 new generic Top Level
> Domains (gTLDs), in addition to the existing ones (.com, .net,
> and .org), under which they may register Internet names, when
> the plan is implemented.  The new gTLDs and the intended fields
> of use are: 
>      .firm     for businesses, or firms
>      .store    for businesses offering goods to purchase
>      .web      for entities emphasizing activities
>                related to the WWW
>      .arts     for entities emphasizing cultural and
>                entertainment activities
>      .rec      for entities emphasizing
>                recreation/entertainment activities
>      .info     for entities providing information
>                services
>      .nom      for those wishing individual or personal
>                nomenclature

Ok, it's not April 1st, which means... this is sheer madness!

Everything is already covered by .com .net and .org

Apart from my belief that and should be set
up and used for all future US domains, the idea of adding in these domains
is ludicrous.

I simply cannot believe that ISOC would support this. We can't the yanks
follow their own two letter code system is beyong me.


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