Re: DNS: anyone? :) some global context...:

Re: DNS: anyone? :) some global context...:

From: Douglas Simpson <Douglas_Simpson§>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 12:05:18 +1000
what about :-)

.cornershop     for small local businesses
.caravan           for mobile businesses
.yank                 for Northern Americans
.confederate     for Southern Americans
.trivia                 for politicians


>      .firm     for businesses, or firms
>      .store    for businesses offering goods to purchase
>      .web      for entities emphasizing activities
>                related to the WWW
>      .arts     for entities emphasizing cultural and
>                entertainment activities
>      .rec      for entities emphasizing
>                recreation/entertainment activities
>      .info     for entities providing information
>                services
>      .nom      for those wishing individual or personal
>                nomenclature

I Agree that for e.t.c
  (see   ) that the
Americans should decide on their own as they wish, but surely on
the global  .net and .com e.t.c this should be more input, the
whole idea is getting out of hand, what ever happened to the
concept URL "Universal Resource Locator" seem like it is far from
a universal standard anymore !!!!!

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