Re: DNS: Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: Melbourne IT

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 19:06:24 +1000
George Michaelson wrote:
>   We have received info from our ISP informing that Melbourne IT require =
>   us to pay some extortion or they will deregister our domain name.
> Wilson, I understand your ire, but this is a travesty of what Melbourne IT
> will have said, or what lies behind their action. I really suggest we try
> to avoid imputing motive.
> I think their costpoints are wrong, and their model of fee collection is
> wrong, but I do *not* think that your name is viable and active in perpetuity
> without some maintenance costs. If you haven't been paying any, doesn't this
> suggest you too have been rorting the system?
> If you go out and examine the issues, I suspect you will find that registration
> and ongoing re-registration is very common. Of course we all need to know what
> the money gets spent on, but that doesn't invalidate the requirement to pay
> towards the costs of making names (and in this internet case) addresses work.
> cheers
>         -George


Thank you for injecting some sanity into this debate.  

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