Re: DNS: Code of Practice desirable for ISPs

Re: DNS: Code of Practice desirable for ISPs

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 19:43:58 +1000
Michael Malone wrote:
> A number of ISPs are in the process of preparing a complaint
> for the ACCC and the Minister. As you say, there are a lot of
> questionable issues, and legal clarity would assist all involved.
> MM


You are perfectly entitled to register such a complaint. I would ask you
to bear in mind that any enquiry by the ACCC is bound to raise the issue
of the retail fees charged to end users by ISPs for the domain
names received at no charge from the DNA in the past. 

We at Melbourne IT have received several complaints from end users about
fees charged at levels which truly deserve the description
"extortionate". The record so far is $1,200 (yes, one thousand two
hundred dollars for simply reserving a domain name, received at
no charge from the DNA,  for a client) - and this happened during 1996.
The minimum retail charge by ISPs for reserving a domain name would seem
to be typically $200, and it would not be unreasonable for the ISP to at
least pay $75 for one year's renewal on behalf of the client out of that

May I suggest there is scope in the DNS Working Group you are currently
convening,  for establishing an Industry Code of Practice for ISPs? I am
sure that the many responsible ISPs in the industry would welcome some
industry self-regulation in this area.


Professor Peter Gerrand
CEO Melbourne IT
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