DNS: Re: Pride and Prejudice

DNS: Re: Pride and Prejudice

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:54:18 +0800
In a note to this mailing list on Monday 17 Feb 1997,
extracts of which are attached below, I made comments
that could imply that Melbourne IT were engaging in
criminal activity.

I apologise for any personal embarrassment to Peter
Gerrand or Melbourne IT that these remarks may have
caused, and retract any accusation of such criminal

This apology should have been sent earlier this week,
and has only been delayed till now due to unavoidable
personal matters.


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Subject: Re: INET: Re: Pride and Prejudice 
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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 20:43:01 +0800
From: Michael Malone <mmalone&#167;creole.iinet.net.au>

> Since October we have had a de facto monopoly for registering domain
> names in the com.au name space alone. Given that the market we are
> operating in is the supply of domain names to Australian businesses, we
> of course are in intense competition with the administrators of net.au,
> .com, .net, .nf etc and of course with many ISPs that offer Third Level
> Domain Names below their own XXX.com domain. 

I don't believe that anyone (credible) has argued against your ability
to compete in this market.  The provision of new domains is not currently
a true monopoly position.  Organisations may choose where they wish to
register when they connect to the Internet, and if they choose to connect
to COM.AU, then that is their choice.

The application of fees to previously existing domain names is a monopoly
position, and it is being abused by Melbourne IT.

Organisations that had their domain registered before Melbourne IT's time
do not have a practical choice.  They need to keep their existing domain
name.  Melbourne IT knows this, and is using their current monopoly to
extort money from these bodies.

The partial rebate when a competitor is established is spurious. Inertia
is a strong force, and Melbourne IT is quite aware that any new competitor
will be at a most serious advantage. In any case, Melbourne IT will still
steal $25 as an "administrative charge", plus a pro rata fee.

[ remainder deleted ]
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