Re: DNS: Domain Administrator Structure

Re: DNS: Domain Administrator Structure

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 09:09:13 +1100
>1.	Name - I agree that the name should be  Australian Domain Name
>Administration Limited ("ADNA" or "ADNAL");
>2.	Objects -	The objects of the Company might be to:
>          *Administer the allocation of domain names in Australia ensuring the
>operation of a uniform addressing system, competition between domain name
>          *to develop an approve policies for the administration of individual
>domains and reducing and the management and efficient resolutions legal
>disputes which may arise in relation to name allocation

(I'm no lawyer but) I appears to me that making a corporate entity
be responsible for administration and policy would tie it up in
endless litgation and associated injunctions forever and a day.

What mechanisms would allow this body to operate, rather than simply
spend its entire time defending its actions on court hearings?

What would be the liability of members and directors of this entity?

>It might also say that the company must e facilitate the creation of new
>domains as "reasonably required" or "in relation to is no objection on the
>basis of
>unlawfulness" - it depends how wide we want to go. 

errk - I would suggest that this need far more thought.

I also am totally unsure why this route of incorporation is the chosen
route. Can anyone explain to me why this the case?


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