Re: DNS: Unqualified placenames

Re: DNS: Unqualified placenames

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 00:25:49 +1100 (EST)
] A domain application for was rejected,
] with the following explanation:
] unqualified placenames are not accepted 4570, GLENWOOD, QLD 
] QUESTION 1: What is the DNA's reference or guideline
]   for what constitutes a placename?

The following email was sent to dns&#167; :-

} From: ceo&#167; (Peter Gerrand)
} Subject: DNS: Implementation of Changes to COM.AU Naming Policy and Renewals Policy
} Date: 23 Jan 1997 15:57:57 +1100
} The Domain Name System (DNS)Industry Forum met in Sydney on 17.1.97 and
} accepted, with some refinements, the amendments proposed by Melbourne IT
} to Rules 5, 6 and 7 of the General (Naming) Policy for
} Rule 7 (excluding Australian place names) has been defined more exactly;
} it explicitly excludes Australian placenames found in the the list of
} Australian Postcodes, plus of
} course Australia itself and the names of Australian States and
} Territories (and their standard abbreviations).
} 2.  Timing
} The newly clarified Rule 7 will apply straight away, as it is simply a
} clarification of current policy.

Unfortunately this does not yet seem to be documented in

] QUESTION 2: How can an applicant determine if a domain name would be
]   rejected on grounds of placename mimcry wihtout knowing the DNA's
]   placename reference?

] QUESTION 3: If a domain name is rejected for this (or any )
]   reason, and the rejection took more than TEN working days
]   to be sent, is a partial refund due to the applicant? says :-

} Classes of COM.AU DNA Services
}   Definitions of Levels of Service Performance
}    Standard Service Performance: Completion of processing of request
}    (notification of acceptance, or rejection with reasons) within ten
}    working days.


}    If the Standard Service performance target is [also] not met, 100% of
}    the residual fee will then be refunded, and the application will still
}    be processed at the expense of the Bureau.

As an alternative, says :-

}       If our submission cannot be accepted, will our money be refunded?
}    The re-submission process has been put in place to give serious
}    applicants the opportunity for re-submission without being
}    over-penalized for non-conformance to the policy. The first
}    re-submission is free-of-charge. Second and subsequent re-submissions
}    are levied at $25 to handle administrative costs. No refund is
}    available to applicants who choose not to re-submit rejected
}    applications.

Whereas the Pricing Policy just says :-
}      * when an application for a particular Domain Name from a particular
}        organization is rejected for the first time, a second (revised)
}        application from that organization will be processed at no
}        additional fee if received within two weeks from sending the
}        original rejection message. If this application is also rejected,
}        the DNA will charge an additional $25 fee for excess processing
}        before reprocessing the application.

So given it took more than 10 working days for the rejection, it seems
to me that you have two options :-
(A) Ask for a 100% refund because the Standard Service performance target
    was not met (back to square one); or
(B) Request a new domain name (eg: for no extra
    charge, if you do it with two weeks of the rejection, and the name is
    accepted the second time around.  (It's not very clear whether $25 is
    charged after an unsuccessful second attempt, or if that only applies
    if there is a third attempt.) 
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