DNS: Unqualified placenames

DNS: Unqualified placenames

From: Richard Welykochy <rick§dot.net.au>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 14:25:38 +1000
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Dear DNA Policy:

A domain application for glenwood.com.au was rejected,
with the following explanation:

unqualified placenames are not accepted 4570, GLENWOOD, QLD 

My investgations were two-fold:

1. the Telstra White Pages: no such placename
2. an on-line list of all postcodes in Australia:

Australian Postcodes for "4570"

 place    state          postcode
 Amamoor     QLD          4570
 Corella     QLD          4570
 Gunalda     QLD          4570
 Gympie      QLD          4570
 Imbil       QLD          4570
 Jones Hill  QLD          4570
 Kandanga    QLD          4570
 Monkland    QLD          4570
 South Side  QLD          4570
 Tandur      QLD          4570
 Theebine    QLD          4570
 Traveston   QLD          4570
 Woolooga    QLD          4570
 Woondum     QLD          4570

Once again - no such placename under 4570

QUESTION 1: What is the DNA's reference or guideline
  for what constitutes a placename?

QUESTION 2: How can an applicant determine if a domain name would be
  rejected on grounds of placename mimcry wihtout knowing the DNA's
  placename reference?

QUESTION 3: If a domain name is rejected for this (or any )
  reason, and the rejection took more than TEN working days
  to be sent, is a partial refund due to the applicant?

I await your reply.


Richard Welykochy

Dot Communications Ltd           tel: (02) 9281 1111
Level 19, 323 Castlereagh St     fax: (02) 9281 2219
Sydney NSW 2000
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