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Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 13:54:36 +0800
Since things have been quiet on the working party
mailing list lately, I've thrown together a proposed
timeline and statement of purpose below. This is
produced from my notes at the January 17 public meeting,
Patrick Fair's recent proposal and the emails that
have been sent to the DNS and DNA mailing lists.

However, at the end of the day, it is my interpretation;
not a formal statement by the working group. It is only
intended to encourage further discussion, and actually
get things moving again. We have about a fortnight (max)
in order to finalise this document.


Proposed Timeline

09/03/97:  Proposed structure and aims forwarded to DNS forum
           mailing list for discussion.

17/03/97:  Engage the services of Philips Fox to create the
           ADNA, on the understanding that fees will be paid
           by the company once it is in existence.

24/03/97:  Working Party to forward copies (or references to
           copies) to the DNS Forum List for any final changes.

04/04/97:  Public Meeting at 11AM at the offices of Philips Fox
           in Sydney (11th Floor, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney).

05/04/97:  First meeting of founding board. It is intended
           that existing DNA's be included on the board as
           invited members, at least for the first year.

07/04/97:  Finalise changes as determined at the public meeting.
           Outsource the secretariat initially in order to 
           minimise costs.

05/05/97:  ADNA commences operations.  Applications for new
           Domain Name Administrators accepted and considered.

02/06/97:  First appointments announced by the ADNA.

08/05/98:  Annual General Meeting in Melbourne.

Proposed Statement of Struction and Function


Australian Domain Name Authority
Structure and Function

March 9, 1997

1.   The Organisation

1.1  The organisation is named "The Australian Domain
     Name Authority", and may be referred to as the ADNA.

1.2  The ADNA is a company limited by guarantee.

1.3  The ADNA is and must remain the result of a public
     consultation processes, so that its final policies
     will be accepted by the industry and by the relevant
     regulators as being the proper outcomes of industry

2.   Objects

2.1  The objects of the ADNA are to:

     a)  administer the allocation of domain names in

     b)  ensure the operation of a functional and uniform
         national addressing scheme;

     c)  appoint domain name administrators to manage second
         level domains;

     d)  encourage fair competition between domain
         name administrators;

     e)  develop and approve policies for the administration
         of second level domains;

     f)  create new second level domains as determined to
         be required by the membership or the board;

     g)  establish and manage efficient responses to legal
         disputes which may arise in relation to domain name

3.   Membership

3.1  Voting Membership of the ADNA is available to not for
     profit incorporates associations which have specific
     objects dedicating their organisation to the development
     and furtherment of the Internet or an aspect of the

3.2  Non voting Membership will be available to other persons
     and individuals, with benefits as determined by the board.

3.3  Applications for membership are decided upon by the board,
     or on the board's behalf by a Committee set up for the
     purpose of vetting membership applications, with appeal
     to a General Meeting.

3.4  The fee for voting membership by an organisation will
     be $1000 (one thousand Australian dollars) per year,
     which amount may be varied as reasonably required by
     the board.

3.5  The fee for non voting membership will be determined by
     the board, and may be varied from year to year.

3.6  The founding members of the ADNA will be:

     a) The Australian Unix Users Group
     b) The Internet Industry Association of Australia
     c) The Internet Society of Australia
     d) The South Australian Internet Association
     e) The Western Australian Internet Association

4.   The Board

4.1  The board will consist of up to eight elected delegates
     from member organisations and an independant chairman
     elected by the membership.

4.2  Board Members are elected in Annual General meeting. Each
     voting member organisation may nominate a single delegate.
     Each member organisation will then casts a total of three
     votes for three separate nominees, with available board
     places being filled by those delegates having the highest
     number of votes. In the event of a tie for a final position,
     the result will be decided by lot.

4.3  Any delegate to the board may be replaced by the delegating
     organisation immediately by agreement with the board member,
     or by the giving of thirty days written notice to the board

4.4  The Chairman will have no vote in general meeting and
     may exercise only a deciding vote in meetings of the board.

4.5  The founding board will be composed of one delegate
     from each of the founding members.

4.6  The Chairman and one half of the founding board (rounded up)
     will stand down after one year, with selection by lot before
     the AGM in the event of insufficient numbers wishing to stand
     down voluntarily.

4.7  With the exclusion of those members standing down under 4.6,
     other elected and founding delegates will hold their position
     for two years.

4.8  Any delegate standing down may immediately renominate for

4.9  The board may invite up to five individuals as voting
     members of the board.  These invited individuals are
     not required to be members.  Any invited member may
     be removed from the board at any time by a majority vote
     of the elected members of the board.

5.   Funding

5.1  The ADNA will derive some considerable income from
     membership dues.

5.2  The ADNA is empowered to further fund its activities
     by any reasonable means.

5.3  The ADNA may levy a reasonable percentage of gross income
     derived from the issuing of domain names by domain name

5.4  The ADNA may levy a reasonable annual license fee from
     organisations wishing to be domain name administrators.

5.5  Fees on domain name administrators must be applied evenly
     to administrators within a particular second level domain,
     but may be varied between each second level domain names.

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