From: Stewart Carter <edireport§>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:01:54 +0000

thanks for getting the ball rolling. I think it would help if we can decide 
whether or not ADNA is going to be a regulatory body. If it is in fact to 
regulate the allocation of Domain Names in Australia, then it will need the 
ability to enforce its decisions, or in other words, real enforcement powers.

So the following questions stand out, for me, from your proposal.

1, What is there, either in law or otherwise, that will empower the ADNA to 
direct organisations like yours, or Melbourne IT, or anyone else involved in 
allocating domain names? 

Surely the ADNA needs to establish that power, first, by way of a formal 
agreement with you, Melbourne IT,  and the other DNA's here in Australia. 
Otherwise there is no guarantee that ADNA will be able to enforce anything.  
This is particularly the case because 

2, I don't see where organisations like yours, or Melbourne IT etc fit into 
the ADNA management structure - surely its not proposed that they just be 
members like anyone else who pays their $1000. 

3, I don't see any relationship specified between ADNA and international 
authorities - doesn't this venture needs at least some sort of gong from ISOC 
or IANA?. 

Stewart Carter 
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