From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 10:24:05 +0800
> 1, What is there, either in law or otherwise, that will empower the ADNA to 
> direct organisations like yours, or Melbourne IT, or anyone else involved in 
> allocating domain names? 

I would suspect that the only "real" power of the ADNA will be
to revoke the rights of an organisation to administer a second
level domain.

> 2, I don't see where organisations like yours, or Melbourne IT etc fit into 
> the ADNA management structure - surely its not proposed that they just be 
> members like anyone else who pays their $1000. 

We don't meet the requirements to become voting members. eg: we are
for profit organisations, and our goals are to make a profit.  Under
my proposed document, applicants need to be not for profit associations
whose primary objectives are Internet related.

We could become non voting members of course, which will probably
carry some benefits (possibly a newsletter describing all the
recent decisions, minutes etc of the board and full membership).

> 3, I don't see any relationship specified between ADNA and international 
> authorities - doesn't this venture needs at least some sort of gong from ISOC 
> or IANA?. 

Robert Elz can presumably delegate his authority to whomsoever he
pleases.  IANA will happily allow Australia to do as Australia
pleases, -provided- that there is community concensus. This is
why we need anyone that objects to this idea to come forward now
and let us see how we can achieve a solution that everyone is happy
with (well, at least not totally opposed to anyway).

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