Re: DNS: Legal Action by iiNet Techologies

Re: DNS: Legal Action by iiNet Techologies

From: Brett Caird <brettc§>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 08:48:24 +1000

>However I want to express my disappointment that Michael Malone has
>sought to achieve through court action what he has not been able to
>achieve through the DNS Forum, which is the Internet industry's
>self-regulating forum.

This is the first I have heard that this was happening, so I will restrict
comment for now to the one point which glares at me from above...

Suggesting the "he" has not been able to achieve this end through the self
regulating forum implies that they are _his_ own self serving objectives.
That is most definitely not true.  Indeed, on this mailing list I have not
seen one shred of support for an arbitrary renewal date come from anyone
outside of Melbourne IT, on the contrary the majority have been crying for a
more fair method - the best we have heard so far being the anniversary method.


>By contrast, ISOC-AU and INTIAA through their relevant Directors have
>been making constructive suggestions through discussions with Melbourne
>IT over the past week on how the current dead-lines for renewals might
>be extended for certain classes of 'historical' domain names, and
>Melbourne IT is likely to agree to these proposals. 

All indications I had seen previously pointed to Melbourne IT steaming ahead
with the arbitrary renewal date in spite of all objections.   I'm glad to
hear that sanity may yet prevail...



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