Re: DNS: Legal Action by iiNet Techologies

Re: DNS: Legal Action by iiNet Techologies

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 12:36:17 +1000
  Peter Gerrand wrote:
  > Tactics of litigation will only add to the costs of the Domain Name
  > System, and will ultimately be reflected in higher fees to end users.
  So are you saying that if a singular entity litigates, and it costs you
  money, you are going to punish the rest of us?  Even though they may, or
  may not, win their case?

Its a fact of life that commercial concerns look to total business costs
and factor that into the price they charge to secure an adequate nett margin.

If M-IT face lawsuit and associated legal costs, where else but their revenue
raising side are they going to fund their defence?

Sure, *YOU* might like the persons to be personally liable, but that isn't
how it works unless you can prove personal liability and since we're talking
about company policy and a company officer, I don't think that applies.

[This says nothing of the merits of Michael Malones suit. I just think the
 associated discussion is getting out of hand]

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